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D Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated

Herr Walter Hermann Von DECHEND, German Lecturer at Melbourne University 1915' see below


Ernst Johannes Carl Von DAACKE
Ernst Johannes Carl Von DAACKE was born about 1852 at Osterode, Königreich Hannover, Deustchland, so he would have com to his maturity just a year of Hannover's integration into the Unified militarised Deutsch Reich. Von Daacke emigrated out of Deutschland on the steamship "SORRENTO" to arrive in Port Adelaide, South Australia in about May 1883. After twenty days in Australia, at the age of 31, he declared himself to be a Carpeneter, living at North Adelaide when he took the Oath of his aliens memorial and was naturalied on the 4th June 1883.

Josef DABIS - Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Januar 1897 age 9, with mutter Frau Sabat DABIS, 25, and siblings: - Viktoria Dabis 6, & Wadir DABIS 3.

Wilhelm DABELLE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 20

Carl A DAFGORD -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 25

Anton DAHLGREN -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov. 1893 age 28

Gustav Reinhold Heinrich DAHLHELM,b.1875 Berlin, Master Builder,
Gustav Reinhold Heinrich DAHLHELM was born on 22 July 1875 in the City of Berlin, Brandeburg, Prüßen (Prussia). He emigrated to Australia after his Interim sojourn in the United States of America, voyaging to Australia on the ship "JEANETTE FRANCOIS" to arrive on the 13th September 1897 at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria. Dalhhelm was by occupation a Master Builder. After embarkation he worked while residing in Melbourne for about three years, and then immigrated to Western Australia for five years before settling for the halfway state of South Australia where he settled in about 1906.- After 15 years in Australia, at age 37, at "Swan Terrace, Exeter" Adelaide, South Australia Dahlhelmtook the oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on 14th April 1913. By then he was married with two Australian daughters as well as two Australian sons.

Hugo Oscar DAHMS- Inventor, Entrepreneurof Frozen meat Export. Naturales NSW 1891 > England > Germany >

Ulbrich Hans Gunther Von DALLWITZ
Ulbrich Hans Gunther Von DALLWITZ, son of August Von Dallwitz, was born on the 23rd Dezember 1863 at Breslau, Silesia, Prussia. Von DALLWITZ went to sea as a merchant seaman and spent six years on vessels trading between England and Antwerp. So he emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich by way of the sea, and finding the interim hub of refuge and peace in Great Britain to his liking, embarked at the port of London on the Blue Anchor Line steamship "S.S.MARAMBITCHER" to arrive in Australia at Port Jackson, Sydney in 1891. Upon disembarking Von Dallwitz resided in Sydney for six months and then immigrated to Adelaide, South Australia. At her father Karl Henrich Klingner's residence, in Beaufort, Clare Valley, South Australia, at the age of 31, Ulbrich Hans Gunther Von Dallwits was married on the 5th November 1895 to 20-year-old Luise Emilie KLINGNER who was born in Liegnitz, Silesia, Prussia. Their daughter Emmy Mari Johanne Von Dallwaitz wa sborn at Port Wakefield, SA on the 24 February. But by 1923 they had no children surviving. In about 1912 he crossed the eastern borders of South Australia and settled as a farmer in the Mallee of Victoria. Ulbrich Von Dallwitz was registered as an Enemy Alien in Certificate 1 at Ouyen Victoria in about 1916. As a Working Farmer in the town of Speed, near Ouyen, The Mallee, Victoria, at the age of 59 Ulbrich Hans Gunther Von Dallwitz took the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens memorial of the 19th July 1923. His wife Emilie Louise Von Dallwitz died at age 8 in Bendigo in 1956.


Johannes John DAMES born Germany, married Mary Ann BRUMBY 1887
Johannes John DAMES was born 2nd Dezember 1858 in the Rhineland village of Irlich, which was then a detached part of Bavaria known as the Bavarian Palatinate and ruled by the king as an annex of Bavaria. Irlich is now in Neuwied district in the Westerwold of the Rhineland state of Rheinland-Pfalz. Dames left Deutschland after Prussia took control of the whole Rhineland after the Deutsch Federation of 1871. Dames seems to have followed an elder family member from the same home town, maybe an uncle, Anton Dames, who came some years before and settled at Snake Valley, west of Ballarat. Johannes 'John' Dames arrived in Australia in Sydney, New South Wales on the ship "OTTERSPOLL' on the 20th May 1885, having previously made his way to England whence the ship departed. He appears to have made his way to the Ballarat area where his kinsman had forged a life as a miner. He was in Ballarat for 5 months after arrival, then in Melbourne for 6 months. He returned to the Ballarat hinterland living at Skipton for the next two years. He was married in Ballarat to Mary Ann BRUMBY in 1887. The Dames had two daughters. After Skipton the young Dames family were at Bungaree for 2 more years before settling at Miners Rest for the next 14 years. Later they lived at Snake Valley for five years before taking up farming in Brown Hill, Ballarat East where tehy had been for five years by 1914 when he took out his Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised. He was then aged 55 years, married and both daughter s appear to be married also, one living in Colac, and the other at Glen Park, Ballarat North.

Heinrich Friedrich DAMMERT - born Germany, married Rose Elizabeth HEFFERNAN 1890 Vic.

Johann DAMMERT - born Germany, married Clara May NEWTON 1895 Vic.

Ernst Hermann DANGERS - from Hamburg, married Isabella SMITH 1889 Vic.

Jakob James DANI born Austria, married Mary Ann Frances HEALEY 1888


Andreas DAPPELER -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 22

Carl Ferdinand Johann DARGATZ
Carl Ferdinand Johann DARGATZ snr was born in about 1835 at Gross Söldenow, Deutschland. Dargatz emigrated with his family via the Port of Hamburgh and arrived in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 10th August 1885. As a working farmer at age 65, after 12 years in Australia, he swore the oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 13th October 1897 at Locksley, near LOngwood, Euroa, Victoria.
Carl Emil Adolph DARGATZ Jnr
Carl Emil Adolph DARGATZ, grandson of the above born 26 March 1887 at Stolp, Pomerania, Prüßen (Prussia) - Prisoner of War at the Liverpool Internment Camp, New South Wales. His uncle, Luis Wilhelm Dargatz, of Euroa Victoria, wrote on 25th July 1916 to Captain H. E. Jones of the Intelligence Section, of Military General Staff in Melbourne, Saying: Sir, If Carl Dargatz Interned at Liverpool, N.S.W. is let out on parole I will undertake to find him work. I am a loyal British subject, have three sons which have answered the country's call. Louis S. the eldest got wounds in the landing at Gallipoli, and returned last week as Acting Sergeant in Charge of a Troopdeck; Norman F, the second, sailed the previous week for the Front, while Charles E., was put back owing to youth and an operation he had undergone. INTERNEE, who is a nephew of mine, has never caused any disturbance, and only used to go to town when reporting himself.

Luis Wilhelm DARGATZ - born Germany, married Mary HENDERSON 1893 Vic. NAT. 1897
Otto Traugott DARGATZ - married Emma Therwell MEIER 1900 - NAT. 1897

Herr DARRENTRAPP -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 28

Emil Carl Christian DARSOW - Lutheran Pastor & Missionary. Geelong, Hamilton
Emil Carl Christian DARSOW – born 19 Januar 1856 Potsdam, Brandenburg, Prüßen (Prussia), Deutschland. Trained at Hermmansburg Free Church Seminary, Ülzen, Deutschland & the at Univeristy of Leipzig. Ordained 1882. Served Grovedale (Germantown) Vic, Melbourne, Castlemaine, Echuca, Euroa, Gippsland 1883-1893. Hochkirch 1893-1909. Darsow was Married 1. to Dorothea Louise Elisabeth SULTMANN in Victoria in 1883. Their children were: Elisabeth Pauline Luise Darsow born 1885 Geelong (Mrs MATUSCHKA), and Margarette Adelheide Darsow born 1888 Geelong. Their mother Dorothea Louise Elisabeth Sultmann Darsow died at age 25 in 1895 in Geelong, Victoria. Emil Darsow was remarried in Victoria in 1891 to Jessie E. Woolrych. Their children were: Nathaniel Emil Eduard Darsow born 1892 Geelong; Franzesca Maria Darsow - (1894-1894) Hamilton; Marcus Ernst Johann Darsow - born 1895 Hamilton; Lucas Hermann Philipp Darsow - born 1898 Hamilton; and Matthias Darsow - born 1904 Hamilton, Victoria. Darsow took the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at Hamilton, Victoria in 1902. He then went to Sydney, and served at Greenwood & Ropeley 1910-1912. He was then itinerant missionary in Queensland. Darsow was district President 1910-1923 and Editor of Kirchenbote. He recieved his Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) at Concordia, Adelaide in 1932. Emil Carl Christian Darsow died 15 July 1934. Nathaniel DARSOW died on 1954 at 61 years at Upwey, Victoria.

Julius DARSTHOFF -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 22

Franz Frank DAULT -born France, married Ellen MOLONY 1908

Hermann DAUS -
Hermann DAUS - b. 10 February 1974 Mainz, Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1014-1923 - Wife. Ida KEMPF b.15 Oktober 1879


J. DAWARTZ - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1909 assist

Wilhelm DAZ -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 28

Auguste Xavier De BAVEY Chief brewer, - Carlton - Abottsford Brewery
August Xavier De BAVEY b. 9th June 1856 Belgium. Married Anna HEINZLE : Children: 1. Marie Therese De BAVEY 1886 Melbourne; 2. Xavier Jean De BAVEY b.1887 Melbourne; 3. August Johan Carl De BAVEY 1891. Res. No.188 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne, Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1886-1891.

Cyril Ernst DEAN - von Prüßen (Prussia)

Willes Muller Richard DEBBEN - born Friebergh, married Cordelia Guard/Gerard FLINN 1902

Henrie DE BAERE - born Belgium, married Jewel Victoria AXTILL 1904

DE BEER - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein honory member

Walter Hermann VON DECHEND, lecturer, South Yarra
Walter Hermann Von DECHEND was born on the 5th September 1867 at Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia, just three years or so before his city became the Kapital of the Deustch Reich. Von Dechend emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich on the steam vessel 'S.S.SALIER' to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 23rd September 1893. Upon disembarking he stayed in Melbourne working as a Lecturer in German Languages at the University of Melbourne for 15 years. Von Dechend was married to New Zealand-born Margaret Peyton CURRAN and their daughter Adelgunde Margater Beatrice von Dechend was born 22 October 1911 in South Yarra, Melbourne. Walter von Dechend was Registered as an Enemy Alien at South Yarra, on the 16th October 1916. After years in Australia, at age 54, Walter Dechend was a lecturer and Teacher living at No.1 Howksburn Road, South Yarra when he swore the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of the 4th March 1921 at South Yarrra. Walter Hermann Von DECHEND, sohn of Alexander Hermann Von DECHEND & Adelgunde WILKE died at age 62 in Armadale, Prahran district in 1931

Solomon DE BEER - born Germany, married Beatrice Alice VAUGHAN 1901 Vic.

Paul August Friedrich DE BRANCAS - born Germany, married Margaret Amy McMAHON 1903

Ferdinand Carl DE LEMON - from Hamburg, married Lily JAMES 1896 Vic.

Eduard DE MARBAIX - born Belgium, married Catherine O'CONNOR 1911

I F DEPPELER Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ October 1908 age 14

Guy DE PITARD born Leipzig, married Helene Julie Jennu KALBE 1909

Johann Johnson DE VRIES - born Germany, married Phillip MORRISON 1904

Jurgen DE VRIES - born Germany, married Charlotte WILLIAMS 1890 Vic.

R. Georg DECENOSKI (aka George Doyle)
R. Georg DECENOSKI (aka George Doyle), miner, died at age 32 on the 1st August 1910 the Granites? Tanami, Northern Territory.

Emil Maximilian DECKER - Arr.Feb 1891 'ELBERFELDT at Pt Adelaide > broken Hill > Western Australia > Wide Bay district, Bundaberg hinterland, Gayndah, Farmer

Heinrich DEDLEFS - born Germany, married Phoebe FOX 1895 Vic.

Georg Savin DECHAREET born Germany, married Martha Mathilde ORAMS 1887

Carl Hermann August DECKERT born Germany, married Karoline FRANK 1887

Franz / Frank DE CLERCQ -born France, married Catherine VARENHALTZ

Joseph Valentine Ludwig DEDERICH,b.1864 Bonn Arr.1888 Melb.>NSW >WA

Wilhelm DEETZ -born Germany, m.1886 Clara SLATREE

Johann August DEGEN born Germany, married Margaret Izitt WICK 1888

G. B. DEGENER - b. 1850 Shopkeeper's assistant - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1877

Gustav Julius Wilhelm DEGENHARDT - from Hannover, married Margaret Kennedy 1901 Vic.

E. DEGERING - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1900 asist

Luis Eduard DEGERING - born Germany, married Agnes Julia WATTS 1891 Vic.

August Carl DEGNER - born Germany, married Ruby Evangeline NISS / KISS 1909

Friedrich DE HEID -born France, married Amelia STURNI 1908

Gustav Adolpf DEHLE - born Germany, married Marguerite A;exandra FINCHAM 1898 Vic.

Georg Paul Heinrich 'Henry' DEHN -born Germany, m.1886 Alice Barbara Wether DIXEY

Heinrich DEHN -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 21

Oscar Paul Otto DEHNERT- born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Marion WILLIAMS 1893 Vic.
Reinhold DEHNERT - Naturalised 1895

Wilhelm DEHNKAMP -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 21

Hugo Seraphim DEHRENDORF - See Hugo RYAN
Hugo RYAN, employed as a Letter Carrier of Robinson Street, Subiaco, in Perth, Western Australia, formerly known as Hugo Seraphim DEHRENDORF. He was born on the 14th February 1884 at Bonn, in the State of Prüßen (Prussia), Deutschland. When he made his Statutory Declaration on srd of October 1907 in Perth, he had already been Australia for fifteen years. He arrived from Deutschland, at the Port of Largs Bay, Adelaide, South Australia, on the ship "KARLSRUHE" in November 1892. After just the one week in Adelaide, he was in Tarrawingee, New South Wales for several months, then at Mylor, South Australia for four years, after which he immigrated in November 1896, first to the Goldfields in Western Australia at Boulder where he was for another four years, and from there he settled back to the city of Perth, in Subiaco. With his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation dated 1st October 1907, Hugo Seraphim Dehrendorf also made formal declarations to change his name by Deed Poll to that of Hugo Ryan. The Solicitor he used for the business was the Brisbane-born German-Australian, Alfred G. Unmack, then of Perth, Western Australia.

Friedrich DEIMLING,
Friedrich DEIMLING born 29 June 1839. Musician. Res. Palmer St, Fitzroy. Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1881-1882. Wife.

Richard DEISENREITER - afterward Nat. known as REITER
b. 1886 Rosenberg, Ar. 1911 > Pastrycook, Prahran

Wilhelm Emil DIETERICI born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1881 Emily GREIVE

Arthur Richard DEITZ (DIETZ) b. 1870 Dresden,
Saxony Arr. 1895 Port Pirie, SA >Sydney,NSW > Wodonga VIC > Rockhampton QLD - Engineer

Herbert DEL COT - Born Raisbach, Jarmola, Austria . arr. 27tg June 1908 per SS SEDLITZ at Melbourne - Merchant - Royal Parade, Royal Park, Melbourne

Johann Matthias Wilhelm DELFS - from Hamburg, married Elizabeth BIRMINGHAM 1889 Vic.

Johann Christian DELL - born Germany, married Mary JACKA 1893 Vic.

C DELMAR Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 25

F. DELZER - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1904 assist

Wilhelm Carl Luis DEMEL - from Hannover, married Marion BLAKE 1892 Vic.

Eduard DEMLER - Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Januar 1897 age 27

Franz Francis Robert DEMMLER -Shoemaker, - born 20 June 1855, Germany, married Sarah Jane BARRY 1900 Vic. Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1995-1893

Friedrich DENECKER - born Germany, married Susanna Ida WALTON 1896 Vic.

Hermann DENKEL -born Germany, married 1880 Hannah Therese O'LEARY

Franz Andreas DENKES -b. 21 August 1845, Othfresen, Hannover. Arri. 1 Sept 1864 per 'LIGHTNING" Wife. Emily SOUTTER. Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein

Friedrich August DENNERT - born Germany, married Edith SKIPWORTH 1895 Vic.

Andreas DENTE - Cabinet Maker,
The Andreas DENTE family EMIGRATED on the German mail steamship "S.S. SEYDLITZ" arriving in Melbourne, Australia on the 23 August 1909. Those arriving were: Andreas DENTE, age 33, Maria DENTE, age 29, master Andreas DENTE the younger, age 8, miss Erna, age 5, and master Walter DENTE, one year old.

THE DENTE FAMILY: Andreas DENTE the elder- born 24 May 1876 at Maden, Cassel, Hessen Darmstadt. Wife. Marie nee KRÜGER b. 21 Dec 1879: Children: - Andrew (Andreas the younger) b.10 Jan 1901; - Erna b.14 July 1904 London, England; - and Walter b. 21 Feb 1908. Upon Disembarking from the SEYDLITZ the DENTE family went to reside at No. 728 Lygon Street, Carlton, in Melbourne, for three months and then removed to Burnley.

The Dente's became members of the Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1910.

It was at Burnley that Andreas DENTE took the oath for his Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised when living with his wife and three children, two boys and a girl, at No.14 Kimber Street, Burnley, East Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria on the 14th May 1912. He was then working as a cabinetmaker.

Though his Naturalisation application of 1912 was then granted and though the DENTE family intended to settle in Australia, they were obviously persecuted as Aliens and Enemies and treated badly by their fellow Australians to the point of coming to rue their decision to emigrate, as is shown this letter from Andreas DENTE dated 29th April 1919, written from No.4 Kimber Street Burnley:
" To the Secretary of Home and Territories, SIR, May I beg to appeal against my naturalisation. I was naturalised in 1912. (At) That time I though of making this country my home, but times have changed since then, the treatment the last five years having made it impossible for me to feel homely; therefore I would like to be back in my native land. Now I appeal to you to be denaturalised, in view of being repatriated with my wife anad three children. - I remain, Yours, Andreas Dente."

- The Dente family then left Australia for Brooklyn, New York, USA.

In February 2013 Sabine Pfeffer Malobid wrote: "Erna Dente was my grand-mother. She was born in London, then went to Australia, then Brooklyn in the USA. In 1939 she met my grand-father Dr Heinrich Dülks in Berlin in the Olympic games. They had 2 girls in Germany : my mother Ruth was born in 1947. She married my father Martin Pfeffer in 1966 and they had three children. I'm the eldest, a girl and I'm living until 1984 in France. My two children Agathe and Marcel are French!-

The Dente family story is an Australian tragedy and illustrates the shameful side, and the negative face of an unwelcoming Australia.

Hermann DENTE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 59 & Hannah -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 52

Julius DENTE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 27 & sister Dorathea DENTE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 19

Heinrich DEPPE
Heinrich "Henry" DEPPE son of Wilhelm DEIPPE, or DEPPE, and Luise JOHANNSEN, was born 28 November 1848 in Bremen Stadt, in the Hannover Reich, which soon became part of the Nord-Deutscher Bund, and after 1871, the 'Nord See' reaches of the Deutsch Reich Empire. After that conflicted eventuality, Heinrich Deppe left Bremenhaven for Australia, arriving from the interim port of Liverpool, England, on the ship "COMARIA' at the Port of Melbourne in November 1875. He was married to Janet Jessie HARRIS in 1877 at Collingwood, Melbourne and after a couple of years in Melbourne, immigrated in 1878 to Warrnambool in the west of Victoria, after which his Religious affiliation was Church of England. Heinrich & Jessie had twelve Deppe children, of whom, sadly, eight of died before maturity, and of which eight three were stillborn. He had worked in Europe as a Sailor, and then as a Carpenter. 'Henry' was Naturalised as labourer at the age of 65, having by then spent 38 years in Victoria, at Mailors Flat, Bushfield, near Warrnambool, Victoria, on the 21st February 1914, more or less on the eve of the European Maelstrom in which Australia was caught. He died in 1923 at Bushfield, and is buried with his wife Jessie Janet (1859-1928) in the Warrnambool Cemetery.


M. L. D. DEREMBERG -b.14 January 1859, Marienburg, Prussia. Bookkeeper. Res: No.46 Falconer Terrace, Napier Street, Fitzroy. Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1887-1903

Adolph Heinrich Theodor DETERS - Cigar Maker,
Adolph Heinrich Theodor DETERS Cigar Maker, b.25 August 1846 Hamburg, Arrived 16 Bovemebr 1886 per CATANIA". Wife: Amanda DANCKERS b.24 Sept 1846; Child: Siegried Deters b. 27 Janaury 1884 - see below. Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1886-1913.

Siegfried DETERS - born b. 27 Janaury 1884 Germany, married Amelie Johanne Elise LUDWIG 1912 Victoria. - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1911-1911

Adolph Heinrich DETLEFSEN - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Anna Ernstine Alwina Xylander 1894 Vic.

Otto Heinrich Maximilian DETTMANN- born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Agnes Auguste THIELE 1891 Vic.

F DETTMER -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 36

August DEUMER - Carriage Builder - b. 22 Sept 1863. - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein

Joseph DEUTSCH -born Germany, m.1886 Annie Margaretta HENDLON

Andreas DEUTSCHER -born Germany, married 1880 Marie Ernstine HERTWIG

Theodor DEVAQUE - Cabinet Maker -
Theodor DEVAQUE Cabinet Maker- b. 10 October 1847, Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia. Res. No.10 Leichhardt St, Melbourne. - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1884-1887 - returned to Germany

Albert de VERS - - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1904 assist

Christian DEVERS - butcher - married. Born 12 Janaury 1851 at Liebenburg, Salzgitter, Hannover. Res. Northcote, Vic. Arrived per "MARPESIA" - Wife: Anna Katarina WESSEL. Children: 1. Christian Rudolph Dever b.2 april 1884; 2.Sophie Henriette Devers b.17 october 1887; 3. Dora Doroteha Ida Devers b. 15 October 1893; 4. Elsie May Devers b. 1 March 1896; 5. Georg Friedrich Devers b. 4 June 1898. - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein joined 11 april 1885 - 22 July 1922.

H. H. DEVERS - - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1904 assist

Willes Muller Richard DIBBIN - born Friebergh, married Cordelia Guard/Gerard FLINN 1902

Georges Eugene DIDIER from Strasburg, Germany, married Martha Sophia FORRESTER 1891 - died at Colac 1904 age 36
L. V. Paul DIDIER - born Germany, married Catherine Sarah BELSEY 1898 Vic.
The situation for Louis Valentine Paul DIDIER in his birth and upbringing would have been confusing for any sense of identity. Even his birthplace and nationality was problematic given the wars and shifting borders occurring just before his arrival. On the first page of his Naturalisation of 17th August 1911 at Truganina out west of Melbourne where he was a farmer, he describes himself as a Frenchman, yet on page four he admits to being born at Strasburg in Germany, which it then was, just, for his birthdate of 24 November 1871 occurred soon after the Deutsche Reich had been declared as an Empire including semi-Germanic Strasburg in the Alsace and Lorraine area on the Western side of the Rhineland. The Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871 took place in those very districts in and around Strasburg. But he never really knew Strasburg. By the time Paul Didier was naturalised he had been in Australia for 38 years, and had a wife, Catherine Sarah, and four children, for Didier arrived in Melbourne as an infant in 1873 with his parents on the ship 'Knight Commander.' His father was Jean Baptist Paul DIDIER and his mother Julie Caroline HAMIL. As a child he had already resided in Melbourne, at Wycheproof, and in Melton before taking on the farm in Truganina. No doubt the elder Didier's had left Strasburg soon after the occupation, for the hope of a less troubled 'interesting life' in the large-bordered Antipodes. It would seem from his longevity here that being an Australian solved Paul Didier's problematic sense of identity, in that as citizen in cosmopolitan Australian he was no longer divided by the irresolute griefs of shifting European borders.
Nikolaus DIECKMANN - born Germany, married Isabella Coutss LITTEPAGE 1892 Vic.

Georg Heinrich DIEDRICH b.1857 Othfreson, Hannover Arr. 1881 DURHAM @ Pt Melbourne Nat. 1914 Ballarat, Fitter

Johann Francis DIEDERICH - b. 1858 Gostweiler, Achen Rhine Arr.1909 from India @ Fremantle WA - Janahot WA

Heinrich Friedrich Carl DIEDERICHSEN - from Hamburg, married Auguste Ernstine Adophine HENNE 1889 Victoria

Johannes DIEDERICHSEN - Upholsterer.
Johannes DIEDERICHSEN Upholsterer b.6 Februar 1864 Hamburgh, Deustchland. Res. No.97 Gore St, Fitzroy, Vic. - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1885-1893 - left the colony

Johannes Hermann DIEDERICHSEN -b. 1884 Hamburg ARR. 1882 OMS ORIENT @ Melbourne from Hamburg, married Therese Catherine HANSEN 1890 Vic. Nat.1904 Sydney - Tailor

Heinrich DIEDRICH,Fleischmann-Slaughterman from Othfresen, hannover
Heinrich DIEDRICH Slaughterman. b.29 September 1856 Othfresen, Hannover, Deustchland. Res: 156 Lonsdale St, melbourne. - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1882-1885

H. DIEDRICHSEN - Musician. Born 1860 Hamburgh, - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1886 @ 26 yrs

Johann DIEHLE - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein

Alfred Albert Hermann DIENHOFF, Queenstown, Tasmania
Alfred Albert Hermann DIENHOFF was married in Zeehan, Tasmania, to Ethel May LEDGER on the 20th June 1911. The Dienhoff children were: Marjorie Annie b.24 april 1912 Zeehan; Johann Stanley b.18 May 1914 Linda, Tas.; Richard Joseph b.21 Sept 915 Linda, Tas.; and the twins Georg Albert and Thomas Leslie Dienhoff born on the 21st June 1917 at Gormanstown, Tasmania. - Alfred Albert Hermann DIENHOFF died on the 9th August 1928 at Meller Street< Queenstown, Tasmania.

Carl Heinrich DIERCKS - born Germany, married Lena Wilhelmine Ann BECKER 1890 Vic.

F. DIERGARTEN - joined - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1923 @ age 44.

Friedrich Wilhelm DIERGARTEN, Coach Builder of Richmond
Friedrich Wilhelm DIERGARTEN, Coach Builder, Married - b.8 March 1860 Halver, Westphalen, Deustchalnd. Res, 203 Bridge Rd, Richmond. - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1889-1892

Heinrich DIERKS -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 30

Detlef DIERCKS - born Holstein, married Johanne SCROEDER 1890 Vic.

Edmund Ferdinand Hugo DIERS
Edmund Ferdinand Hugo DIERS -b. 10th June 1876 at the Hanseatic Free City of Hamburgh Stadt- Arr. 11th Dec 1885 steamship SORRENTO at Melbourne > Geeveston, Tasmania. Edmund Ferdinand Hugo DIERS was married to Ida Priscilla NICHOLAS at Franklin, Tasmania on the 2nd July 1902. Their children were Arnold Edmund Diers b.16th March 1904 South Franklin, Tas., and Ruby Ida Diers b.21 September 1905 at Geeveston, Tasmania. Their twin children: Henriette and Heinrich Diers, each died some months apart in 1916 in the same year in which they were born at Geeveston. Diers was a Carpenter by profession. Nat. Geeveston TAS. 9th July 1907 - 21years 6 mntsh in Tasmania - before Mr Richard Geeves, J.P.

Reverend Karl Charles DIETEL - b.Niklasberg, Bohemia Arr.1878 Adelaide > Catholic Priest at Seven Hills

Friedrich DIETER - b.1867 Brackenheim, Königreich Württemberg Arr. 1886 > Rambledon, Cairns, QLD

Wilhelm Emil DIETERICI b. Stendal, Sachsen Arr. 1862 Melbourne, Vic > Goldfields> Courabyra, Miner

H. DIETHKE - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1905 assist (or TIETKE)

Anton DIETMEYER b.1872 Startle, Bavaria Arr.1900 from Victoria, Washington, USA Nat 1907 Bellingen

Alfred Francis DIETRICH b.1873 Schmieritz, Thuringen. Arr, 1898 Sydney, Cook

Edwin DIETRICH - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein

Ferdinand Maximilian DIETRICH -b.1862 Pulonitz, Dresden Arr.1897 Pt Melb. Nat.1912 Bendigo

Ferdinand DIETRICH born 1851 Teuringen, Königreich Württemberg, Germany,Arr. 1875 Port Melb. married Fannie BEALE 1887 - Farmer at Geralang, Latrobe Valley, Gippsland

Georg Hermann DIETRICH, b. 1856 Hamburg Watchmaker, Arr.1891 Sydney > Surry Hills

Hugo Heinrich Eduard Ludwig DIETRICH b.1865 Lindendorf, East Prussia Arr.1876 Adelaide, Labourer

Friedrich Wilhelm DIETZ - Prisone rof War Internee/ QLD

Julius Heinrich Albert DIETZ, b. 1883 Dresden Arr.1910 Sydney NSW > Brisbane Occ. Steamship Master

Richard Ferdinand DIETZ - B. Dresden Arr, 1893 Pt Adelaide Nat. 1900 Adelaide

Franzis Otto DIETZE, b.1874 Leizig, Saxony Arr.1902 from New York USA @ Pt Melbourne > Sydney> Woonona

Aloysius DILGER -Germany -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 28 g m.1886 Elina GALE

Martin DILGELDE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 33

Thomas DINGFELDER born Germany, married Louisa TAT 1888

Georg Leonhard DINGFELDER born Germany, married Johanne BAUMGAERTNER 1888 Vic. -Registered Enemy Aline 1915 Perth

Melchior DINGFELDER - Registered Enemy Aline 1915 Perth

Franz DINTER - Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Januar 1897 age 31

Heinrich Bruno Bernhard DISSELBACH - born Germany, married Mary SCOTT 1895 Vic.

Heinrich Bernard DISSELBACH - born Berlin, married Annie Elizabeth MILES 1902

Hermann DITHRICH b. 1852 Lithuania - - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1885

Friedrich DITTMER - - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1875 assist

Eduard DIXON/DICKSEN - from Hamburg, married Margaret MOLLOY 1891 Vic.

Oskar Waldemar Benno DOBBELIN -b. Berlin; m. 1890 Vic to Wilhelmine LUBKE 1890
Oskar Waldemar Benno DOBBELIN, son of Friedrich Carl Dobbelin, was born on the 9th February 1854 at Rathenow, Berlin, Brandenburg, Königreich Prüßen (Prussia) Deutschland. Dobbelin emigrated out of Deutschland immediately following the German Unification via the interim freedom and refuge of England and embarked at the to Port of London to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the Orient Line vessel "SCHIMBORAZO" in June 1871. Dobbelin also spent two years in England, and visited the USA where he spent two years, Upon disembarking in Melbourne, Dobbelin resided in the Murray valley of Victoria, at Narioka, at Kotupna, Numurkah and Katamatite, and Mulwala for 31 years; and then, after about 1915, resided at Daysdale, at Mulgandra and at Lockhardt, NSW. Dobbelin was married to Wilhelmine LUBKE on the 16th April 1890 in Victoria. Their children were : 1. Lena Luise Dobbelin b.1892 Parioka-Picola, Vic. (later Mrs Hugh Philliponi); 2. Friedrich Carl Dobbelin born 1893 Narioka - 1896 Baroo, Vic.; 3. Marie Mathilde Dobbelin, born 1894 Narioka, Vic. (later Mrs O'Malley); 4. Alma May Dobbelin, born 1897 Barwon, Murray valley, Victoria (later Mrs Cohen). 5. Heinrich Christoph Dobbelin born 1900 Barwon, Victoria - d.1957 Sydney, NSW6. Wilhelmine Dobbelin born 1902 Yalca, Vic.-d.1923 Albury; 7. Daisy Dorothea 'Dora' Dobbelin born 1896 Barwon, Murray Valley, Victoria (later Mrs McGee). According to the Alien Registration description Benno Dobbelin was six feet high with blue eyes, and said to be very talkative and of an excitable nature.
Family historians record that: 1. - He left Germany because he was concerned about the increasing militarisation of the nation. 2.- He would get upset with his children if they wore any clothing that had brass buttons, as this was a sign of the military. 3. He was most commonly known by the name “Benno”
After 30 odd years in northern Victoria the Dobbelins went over to the Riverina of NSW. He swore the Oath of his Aliens memorial for naturalisation on the 9th March 1926 at Lockhart NSW. Dobbelin died in 1929 at Lockhart, NSW age 75 years. His wife Wilhelmine Lubke Dobbelin predeceased him, dying at Lockhart at age 66 years in 1926. -Detail courtesy personal communication from Mr Jarrod Biti.

Friedrich Carl DOBERITZ - born Germany, married Wilhemine Hermmine Bertha Marie AVENHAUS 18899 Vic.

Eugen Eugene DOCTOR - born Germany, married Esther MOREVITCH 1902

Carl DÖHRING / DOEHRING - - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1901 assist

Friedrich DÖHRING / DOEHRING - born Germany, married Christina FRIEND 1895 Vic.

Heinrich DOHLE - born Germany, married Mary Frances CLEARY 1893 Vic.

Johann Wilhelm DOHNT -born Germany, married 1883 Emilie Auguste WALTER

Johann Friedrich Heinrich DÖHRMANN Tailor
Johann Friedrich Heinrich DÖHRMANN Tailor b. 26 June 1827 Altenbünden, Hannover. Res. Burwood Rd, Hawthorn. Wife: Phoebe b. 28 janiuary 1939 - 13 March 1916. - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1872-d. 31 october 1912- Wentworth avenue, East Camberwell.

Heinrich Kurt DOILE - Fitter & Turner
Heinrich Kurt DOILE - b. 2 Juli 1892 Zschieren, nr Dresden, Saxony. Fitter & Turner. Wife: Christine CUTHBERT b.26 June 1893. Child. Lettie Margaret Doile. - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1912 @ 19 yrs. -1919.

Nicolaus DONAN - born Germany, married Mary Jane SHEHAN 1890 Vic.

Emil DONNETZ - - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1894 asylum

Baroness Alice VON DONOP -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 38 - with her Maid age 20

Ernst Dagobert DORFFEL -from Saxony, m.1881 Helene BINDELS

Johann Maximilian DORING - born Germany, married Aspecia NICHOLAS 1898 Vic.

Johann Ludwig DORN - born Germany, married Bertha CASTENS 1907

August DORR born Germany, married Kate DUNN 1888

Gottfried Michael Johann DORR - born Königreich Württemberg, married Christiane Elisabeth RENNER 1892 Vic.

Johann John DORR - born Königreich Württemberg, married Margaret WALSH 1872

Johann DORR - born Königreich Württemberg, married Elizabeth BROCKLEY 1889 Vic.

Pastor Kaspar DORSCH – Lutheran Clergyman
Pastor Karl Kaspar DORSCH- born on the 24th April 1858 at Sternhof, Königreich Bavaria, Deutschland.. > USA . Had his education at Concordia College, Fort Wayne, USA. Graduated Concordia seminary, St Louis, USA. > Sth Australia. Pastor at Appila 1881-1884; Callington 1884-1888; Bethlehem Church, Adelaide 1888-1900. Institutional Missionary. Married 1. Sophia Friedericke Hulda STREMPEL, - died at 32 years, on 16th March 1892 Adelaide, S.A. 2. Agnes Maria Johanne HEYNE. Pastor Karl Kaspar DORSCH died on 29 September 1916 at Prospect, Adelaide, South Australia.

Peter DOSCHEDAL -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov 1893 age 36, with Frau 27

Carl Julius Otto DRÄGER / DRAEGER - Hairdresser, born 14 August 1867 Charlotteburg, Berlin. Married 1899 Aurelia GROSS Victoria. (b.20 Jan 1877 Hamburg) Arrived 3 October 1892 per PORT ALBERT' . - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 8 May 1895- 25 Aug 1909.

Wilhelm DRAFFT - born Germany, married Mary Jane ANDERSON 1897 Vic.

Johannes John DRAGEN born Austria, married Elisabeth GUTHERIDGE 1877

August Wilhelm DREHER - born Germany, married martha Jaen GUMLEY 1894 Vic.

Hermann Johann DREIER -born Germany, married 1883 Julia DREIER

Johann DREIT - from Bavaria, married Johanne Sievers 1891 Vic.

Albert DREHER born Germany, married Mathilde FITZELl 1888

DRESCHLER - - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1886 work request, given by Opitz.

Karl DRESCHLER - - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1901 assist

Luise DREHMANN b. 5 may 1882 Melb. - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1900-1902 - Married W. BOSSE

Theodor DREHMANN, Merchant b, 13 June 1859 Erfurt, Marrried. wife age 25 in 1884 d. 19 Fen 1885. - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1884-1892

Ernst Wilhelm DRESSLER, Artist, born 23 August 1878 Goerlitz, Silesia, Deutschland. No.3 Havelock street, St Kilda, Melbourne. Arr, 1 Marz 1910 GNEISENAu at Melborune Married 2 kinder Nat. 31 July 1914

Wilhelm Johann Ludwig DREWS Tailor,
Wilhelm Johann Ludwig DREWS -Tailor, - born 24 Dezemebr 1871 Kraak, Mecklenburg, Germany, married 1906 Pauline Doris Caroline Auguste HARDENAZCK (b.28 Sept 1872- 1 Aug 1955) Child 1. Wilhelm Drews b.25 Aug 1907; 2. Friedrich Drews. Res. No.127 Napier St, Fitzroy, Vic. - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1902 @ 30 yrs - d.12 May 1943 Thronbury, Vic.

Friedrich Viktor DREXEL - naturalisation 1913

Martin DREXL born 31st May 1888 At Lamerdingen, Bavaria, Deutschland. Farmer. Enemy Alien Certificate on 30th October 1916 Gordonvale, Queensland, Naturalised 1914

M. DREYER -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 20

Joseph DRILLER -
Joseph DRILLER - was born on the 10 Apr 1863, at Busch Near Paderborn, Kreis Borchen, Deutschland. He married Johanne Marie KOSCHITZKI 1890 Vic. Their children were: - 1. Ernst Heinrch Driller b. 1893 Kewell; 2. Johann Eduard Driller (1895-1895) Kewell; 3. Selina Gerte Driller 1896 Kewell; 4. Hermann alfred Driller b. 1907 Kewell; 5. Theodor Oswald Driller 1901 Murtoa. His wife Johanne Maria Driller, daughter of Wilhelm Koschitzki and Bertha Batsch, died at age 49 in 1910 in Murtoa. Joseph DRILLER took the Oath and was Naturalised in 1897. He re-married to Anna Maria SCHULZ in 1912. Their children: 6. Anna Helene Driller, born 1913 Murtoa, and 7. Rudolph Oscar Driller, born 1915 Murtoa, Victoria. Joseph DRILLER died at age 86 on 4 March 1950 at Murtoa. His second wife Anna Maria Driller, daughter of Johann Schulz and Auguste Wilhelmine Pelchen, survived him, dying in Horsham in 1956 at the age of 77.

Friedirch August DRENIKOW -born Germany, married 1883 Alice Maria MYERS

Hermann DRINNE- born Germany, married Mary Ann DAWSON 1902

Mattheaus Matthews DROLZ born Austria, married Mary WILSON 1888

Louis DROUIT / Luis DROUET -born France, married Marion Teresa ROBERTSON 1905

Friedrich DROUBA - born Germany, married Mary HOWARD 1895 Vic.

Mattheas DROLZ -born Austria, m.1887 Mary WILSON

Fritz DRUBA - born Germany, married 1881 Jane HUNTER

Friedrich August DRUBA / DRULA - born Germany, married Ethel Lucy McLEAN 1909

Friedrich DRUECKER - born Germany, married Susanna Ida WALTERS 1896 Vic.

Alfred Friedrich DUFF - von Saxony, married Ethel Ender GARSIDE 1902

Thomas Jacob James DUFF - born Germany, married Mary Theresa WALSH 1904

Primus DUFFNER - born Germany, married Margaret O'LOUGHLIN 1892 Vic,

Theodor Emile Louis DUGAY -born France, married Emily Rebecca ROBINSON 1906

Robert Eduard DUHLFER born Germany, married ELizabeth GOOLD 1888

Franz Hugo Ludwig 'Frank' DUJON b. 17 May 188 Hamburgh Arr, 12 aug 1908 steamship WORMS Naturalised 1921

Carl Johann 'Chas Jn' DULFER -born Germany, married 1880 Minnie HUGHES

Jakob Jacob DULFER - born Germany, married 1881 Agnes BALLHAUSEN

Gustave DUMOULIN / DUMENLIN -born France, married Annie WALLIS 1904

Carl 'Charles DUMWISE / DUMWEIS - born Germany, married Elizabeth HOSKING 1905

Joseph Paul DUPONT b. Gereuthals, Provinz Antwerp, Belgium
Joseph Paul DUPONT b. Gereuthals, Provinz Antwerp, Belgium, . Emigrated 15 January 1916 from England to Hobart, Farmer, Ulverstone, Tasmania

Carl Hermann DUNKEL born Germany, married Anna Dora SCHLOGELL 1887

H. DUNKELMANN - - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein

Wilhelm DURCKHARDT - born Germany, married Mary Isabel TIPPINS 1911

Emil DÜRRE- Compositer -
Emil DÜRRE b. 17 april 1853 Berlin, - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1883 - 1892. Res. 185 Swanston St, Melbourne

Carl Heinrich Emil DÜRRE - born Prüßen (Prussia), m.1886 Marie Anna HIPAUF

Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann DÜRRE
Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann DÜRRE -Engraver - from 6 Juni 1955 Berlin, Prüßen. - Arr. 11 Aug 1882 per MARSALA. Wife: Dorothea Theresa BARTSCH (20 Mar 1856 - 20 Dec 1938) Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1883- d.14 Oct 1944 Hawthorn.

Hermann DÜRRE born berlin. Married Therese Scholz 1890 Victoria.

Martin DUSCHKA, - born Germany, married Sara Ann RUSSELL 1901 Vic.

Victor DUSCHA / DUSCHKA - born Germany, married Maude Sarah McLEAN 1905

Viktor DUSCHA / DUSCHKA - born Germany, married Margaret NIXON 1908

C. DWORACZEIN - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1882 assist


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