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M Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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In Alphabetical, not historical order - (a work in progress)

NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated


G F MAACK -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 23

Heinrich MAAS born Germany, married Katherina Anna Margarthe SCHMIDT 1887

Carl Charles Caspar MACHAREY born Germany, married 1883 Christina Nixon REDSHAW

Emil Heinrich Karl MACK De-naturalised 1919

Johann Friedrich Carl MADERS - born Germany, married Carol MURPHY 1889

Johann Baptiste Peter MAES - von Belgium

Carl August MAGDALINSKI & Rosalie GURSKI - born Prussia ? in Queensland by 1877. Children in Queensland: Hermann Gowntlet MAGDALINSKI, - born 1875 Queensland, Ida Magdalinski (1877-1879); Anna Mathilde Magdalinski b.1879; Teresa Wilhelmine Magdalinski (1883-1884); Heinrich Albert Magdalinski b.1885; Friedrich Rudolph Magdalinski b.1886; Georg Ernst Magdalinski b.1888; Amelie Clara Magdalinski (1889-1889; August Magdalinski (1890-1890) QLD. Carl August Magdalinski died at age 70 in Scoresby North (later Bayswater), Victoria in 1909. Rosalie Gurski Magdalinski died at age 85 in Bayswater, Victoria. Her son Friedrich Rudolph Magdalinski died in 1935 at age 46 in East Melbourne. Second son Hermann Gauntlett MAGDALINSKI was married in Victoria in 1912 to Eliza SEMMENS. His daughter Vera Edith Magdalinski was born in Brunswick, Victoria in 1913. Hermann Magdalinski died in Fitzroy, Victoria in 1973 at age 97. Hermann's wife Eliza predeceased him, dying at age 68 in Thornbury, Victoria in 1939.
Karl August MAGDALINSKI - von Prüßen (Prussia)
Karl August MAGDALINSKI, eldest son of Carl August and Rosalie Gurski Magdalinski, born Prussia was married to Anna Friedricke BEUTEL in Queensland on the 22nd June 1899. Children: Elsa Marie Magdalinski 1900 QLD; Walter Hermann Magdalinski 1901 QLD; Alma Emma Magdalinski 1904 QLD; Vera Helene Magdalinski 1906 QLD; Hazeltaine Annie Magdalinski 1909 QLD. Karl August Magdalinski died in Queensland in 1937. His wife, Anna Friedericke Magdalinski, died in Queensland, Australia in 1962.

R MAGERS -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 30

Eduard Edward MAGNUS, born Germany, married Catherine WALTERS 1887

Arvid MAGNUSSON -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 40

Reinhold MAGNUSSON Yothenburg, Sweden > Gembrook
Reinhold MAGNUSSEN was born on the 6th April 1871 at Gothenburg, Sweden. Magnusson emigrated to Australia from the Interim refuge hub of London on the ship "ARMADALE" arriving in Port Melbourne in 1894. After embarkation Magnusson lived in Gembrook, Victoria for seven years, before immigrating to Adelaide South Australia for two years and then returned to live in Melbourne. While working as a Labourer, married and 40 years of age after 16 years in Australia, living at 294 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne Magnussen swore the oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 14th June 1911. He was then married but had no children.

Gustav Johann MAHNKE born Germany, married Dorothea Margarette GROTH 1888

Maximilian Leo MAIN - born Germany, married Elizabeth O'SULLIVAN 1912

Carl Anselm MAINKE - born Germany, married 1881 Emma FEDDEN

Carl Levin Charles Lewen MAJOR / MAYER - born Germany, m. 1912 Edith Marth LYNAS / LINUS


Johann Jacob MALSY / MALSKY - born Germany, married bridget CRANNY 1897

Peter Heinrich MAN - Naturalised 1899

Reverend Zalel MANDELBAUM Born: 6th February 1865 Turov, State of Minsk, Russia Occ. Minister of the Gospel. Arrived from Egypt on the ship STUTTGART on the 24th August 1904 at Fremantle, Western Australia. Residences: Perth – 9 mnths
Broken Hill, 6 years & 9 mnths. Married to Frieda. 3 daughters – two in Broken Hill one in Palestine. Naturalised; 17th January 1912 at Age 47 -after Seven & a half years in Australia . Residence Wolfram Street, Broken Hill, NSW. Rev Zalel Mandembaums' daughter Rose Mandelbaum died in Woolahra in 1943. His wife Freda Smerl Mandelbaum died in 1953 in Sydney NSW. Zabel Mandelbaum died in Ballarat Victoria at age 76 in 1941.

Herr MANDERS -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 34 with frau 27

Doctor Carl August Hermann LE MANG
Doctor Carl August Hermann LE MANG (aka LEHMANN) Sao Paulo, Brazil

Herr M MANGATRAM -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 31

August Friedrich MANGELSDORF - Naturalised 1901 SA

Carl Martin MANGOLD - born Germany, married Susan Selina FURMSTON 1892
Carl Martin MANGOLD emigrated out of Germany via the Belgian port of Antwerp on the steamship 'TIGERMINA' arriving at the Port of Melbourne on the 17th February 1886. Mangold was born on the 12th March 1858 at Eschwege, in Provinz Hesse-Cassel, Deutschland. After embarkation he lived at Healesville, in the Yarra Valley of Victoria, for eleven years. He married Dandenong-born Susan Selina FURMSTON in 1892 in Victoria, and their son Mervin Leonard Mangold was born in Healesville in 1893 The Mangolds then moved to the West Coast of Tasmania, where Carl worked in the Roseberry - Zeehan district for 15 years. After 26 years in Australia, and at the age of 54, Carl Mangold took the oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at Zeehan, Tasmania, where he was the Overseer of the Zeehan Municipal Council, on the 27th March 1912. When the war began Carl was living with his wife and son in Zeehan, Tasmania. During the early days of the war Mangold was still Overseer of Roads in Zeehan, he was then reported, accused of showing 'sympathy with the Germans' and, even though Naturalised, recorded in Tasmania as an Enemy Alien - Number. WS/29/251. On the 5th August 1915 Mangold was brought before the Warden of Zeehan, and, on scant evidence, but it seems, with severe enmity and prejudice, discharged from his position. What became of the Mangold family in those late war years is uncertain, but Carl Mangold died in Zeehan on the 21st April 1921. His wife survived him, to die in Zeehan Hospital on the 25th August 1930.
Wilhelm Felix MANN - Alien Register 1928

Marcus MANNHEIM, born Samoegyn, ( Samotschin) Prüßen (Prussia) [Szamocin, Samoczyn, Kreis Kolmar (Chodziez), Provinz Posen (Poznan), Polen (Poland)] Arrived 1870. Naturalised at Moonta, South Australia, Jeweller 12th May 1873 after 3 & a half years in S.A.

Albert Wilhelm MANTHEY - b, Marianwerder Prussia

Anton MANZ b. Wittenburg, De. Arr. 1887 HOHENSTAUFEN Pt Adelaide > Wirrabarra SA., Blocker settler

Ernst Eduard MANS / MANZ - born Germany, married Emma Beulah BARTLETT 1897

Richard Wilhelm MANZELMANN Arr, from Hamburg Nov 1907 'KAEITZ' to Port Melbourne, Victoria. > Melb > Sydney > Brisbane > Mackay QLD Labourer

Carl MANTEL born Germany, married Alice PEACHMAN 1888

Kale Emil August MARBURG - born Germany, married Elizabeth BAILEY 1905

Stephen MARCHNER - from Bohemia, Österriech. Age 39 1891. Missionary Priest, Daly River, NT

Lothar MARCKS - Prisoner of War Internee 1918

Julius MARCUS / MARKUS -born Strasbourg, m. 1912 Riby Myrtle ONIANS / ONIONS

August Gotthilf MACROSTENBECK - from Saxony, married Sarah Catherine McMASTER 1904

Reverend F. MARIANENS -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 25

Johannes MAROTTE born Austria, married Louisa GRIEGG 1888

Heinrich MARGULES - von Poland or Prüßen

Aaron MARKS -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 37

Franzis Frank Otto Wilhelm MARKS / MARX born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1885 Jane Prior CROSS

Moritz MARKS -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 35

Tomas Otto MARKS / MARX - born Germany, married Emily PRINCE 1897

'Harry' Heinrich MARKUS - born Germany, married Martha Ann JAMES 1889

Heinrich Hermann Henry MARKWALD born Berlin, Prüßen married Marion SMITH 1888

Johann Carl MARSHALL /MARSCHALL - von Prüßen (Prussia), married Amelie Amy BEADLE 1905

Wilhelm MARSHALL/MARSCHALL - von Prüßen (Prussia), married Mary Ella O'MARA 1905

Ernst Heinrich MARSCHNER -from Saxony, m.Anna O'CONLAN

Stephen MARSCHNER - from Bohemia, Österriech. Age 39 1891. Missionary Priest, Daly River, NT

Martin MARTAUS born Germany, married Florence SIMMONDS 1887

Domanick MARTHEST born Austria, married Caroline MARMO 1887

Heinrich Henry MARTEN / MARTIN -born Hannover, m.1886 Annie WALSH

'John Henry' Johannes Heinrich MARTENS
'John Henry' Johannes Heinrich MARTENS emigrated out of Hamburgh on the vessel SOMERSETSHIRE to arrive din the Port of Melbourne on the 2nd August 1878. He was born on the 2nd august 1855 at Marne, Hamburgh Stadt. After embarkation be lived for seven years in Melbourne, but went to Sydney where he lived for three years at No. 6 Marshall Street, Surry Hills by 1909. He was then married with one daughter, and working as an Estate Agent from No. 77 Fitzroy Street, Moore Park, Sydney, New South Wales. At age 54 he took the oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation before his Honour Robert Dartner Pring, Judge of the Supreme Court of N.S.W. on the 2nd April 1909 having by then been resident in Australia for 30 years.

Paul MARTENS - born Germany, married Jane CAMPBELL 1905

Wilhelm Alfred MARTENS - Arr Melbourne 9th Nov 1880 > Shepparton> Narrabri NSW -Nat. 1904 Greta

Dibrch Dietrich MARTIN -born Germany, married 1882 Anna Charlotte COCKBILL

Franzis Xavier MARTIN
Franz Xavier MARTIN, son of Virgil Martin was born on the 1st may 1860 at Staufen, Freiberg, in teh Grand Duchy of Baden, Deutschland. He emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich by way of England and embarked on teh steamer "s.S. KENT' to arrive on the 15th September 1877 at Port Melbourne, Victoria. On disembarking Franz Martin resided for five Years in Melbourne, and then immigrated to South Australia by way of the border city of Mount Gambier where he spent six years. At age 31 yrs Franz Xavier Martin was married on the 8th June 1891 at 'Summerhill,' Mount Gambier, South Australia to 27-year-old Caroline Mary PICK, daughter of James Pick. He was two years in Broken Hill, in western NSW and later 19 years at Port Pirie, South Australia. Children: 1. James Carl Virgil Martin b. 18 Dec 1892 Mt Gambier, SA; 2. Franz Oscar Henry Martin b.6 Mar 1895 Port Pirie, SA; 3. (twin) Eric Johann Martin b.27 Mar 1897 Mt Gambier SA; 4. (twin) Herbert Alexander Martin b.27 Mar 1897 Mt Gambier, SA; 5. Elsa Marguerite Martin b.14 Aug 1899 Pt Pirie, SA; 6. Gertrude Patricia Martin b.17 Mar 1905 Port Pirie, South Australia. after 32 years in Australia, at teh age of 49, Martin took the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of 27th August 1909 at Port Pirie, South Australia where he was working as the Shift Boss.

Alfred MARTINS was born in Prüßen (Prussia) Arr, Melbourne 1868 > Bendigo > Perth
Wilhelm MARTINS, born Berlin, Prüßen. Arr, S.S.SALIER 6th August 1888 . 5 yrs Melbourne > Sydney 18yrs > Brisbane 3 yrs Nat. 13 August 1914 Brisbane

Heinrich Henri MARTON -born Germany, married 1882 Christina AUSTEN

Wilhelm Eduard Ludwig Luis MARTIENSEN - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Maria
Elisabeth HAMMAN 1892 Vic.

Friedrich Wilhelm MARX born Germany, married 1880 Hannah GILLOW

Moses MARX / Morse MARKS - born Prüßen (Prussia), m.1886 Sarah MARKS

Norman MARKS / MARX - born Belgium, married Rebecca KENNEDY 1908

Oscar August MARX - born Germany, married Sara Elizabeth ORAM 1910

Samuel MARX/MARKS - von Poland

Solomon MARZ/MARKS - von Poland

Peter Heinrich MARXSEN born Germany, married 1880 Mary Elisabeth TONNER

Jacobus Simon Gerlach MASCH - Amsterdam> Adelaide > Monbulk Vic.

Carl Hermann MATHERICH - von Prussia, married Margarette Caroline Julie GUSCHEN 1909

Gustav MATTEI Arrived from Bordeaux,France, 28 Feb 1881 'CITY OF MELBOURNE' at Port Jackson, Sydney, NSW. > Melbourne 16 mnths > Adelaide 6 mnths, Bulli, NSE 3 yr 6 mnths, Vegetable Creek NSW 4 & half years Unmarried, Occ: Shoeblack. Nat. 24 March 1909

Heinrich Anton MATTFELD of Adelaide, husbandman. born Mulsum near Hannover age 41 farmer Three weeks in SA nat 28 Feb 1876 Adelaide Per KRICKHAUFF

Hugo Heinrich Eduard Ludwig Dietrich MATTFELD -b.1865 Lindenhof, Ost Prüßen (East Prussia) Arr.1876 Pt Adelaide, Labourer> Grunthal SA

Friedrich Fritz MATTHE 1915 Internee, Registered Enemy Alien, Mitcham Adelaide,SA

Wilhelm MATTHEAS / William MATTHEWS born Germany, married Mary Elizabeth COBAIN 1888

Johann Gottlob MATTHIES born Germany, married Mary Ann FIDGE 1887

Carl Ferdinand MATTHIES born Germany, married 1880 Maria Elisabeth Paulne BLOBEL

Joseph MATHEWS / MATHIES - born Posen, Prüßen m.1884 Bolena ABRAHMAS

Carl Wilhelm Heinrich MATTHIES

Hyman MATTHIES / MATTHEWS -born Germany, married 1882 Isabella DAVIS

Johann Gottlob MATTHIES

Wilhelm Louis MATTHIESON - born Germany, married Emma BAULCH 1893

Franzis Peter MATTERN - born Germany, married Esther Ada SCOTT 1891

Jakob James MATULICH born Austria, married Helena DOWLING 1886

Stanislaus MATYS b. 1847 Klien Posemukel, Posen - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, @ age 32 Arbeiter/Worler

Thomas MATYS son of Stanislaus - b. 1873 Klien Posemukel, Posen - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, @ age 6

Adalbert MATYS son of Stanislaus - b. 1875 Klien Posemukel, Posen - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, @ age 4

Franz MATYS son of Stanislaus - b. 1878 Klien Posemukel, Posen - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, @ age 6 mnths

Heinrich Walter Georg MATZ - from Berlin. Married Jemima Martha Stiven 1890 Vic.

Peter Heinrich MAU - born Schleswig m.1908 Mary Weickhardt DUNN

Carl Friedrich MAURITZ / Charles Frederick MAURICE - born Hamburgh, m.1886 Madeline Mary Ann BURKE

Carl Anselm MAURKA

Hermann MAURER - born Germany, married Julie DE BRANCAS 1893

Johann August Robert MAURER born Prüßen (Prussia), married Ottlie Bertha Amalie BRIESE 1887

Anton Alfred MAURER - born Germany, married EmilY ROBINSON 1912

Eduard MAURITZ / Edward MAURICE - born Germany, married Alexandrina Dalglish BALFOUR 1910

Ernst Eduard MAUS - born Germany, married Emma Beulah BARTLETT 1897

Heinrich Henry MAYER - born Königreich Württemberg, married Mary Charlotte HACKWELL 1874

Karl Heinrich MAYER born Germany, married 1883 Auguste Henriette HOFMAYER

Kaspar MAYER -born Germany, married 1882 Mary Ann McGANN

Morris Moritz MAYER - born Germany, married Sarah KELLY 1893

Philipp Johann MAYER born Königreich Württemberg, married Anna Johanne SCHULZ 1888

Albert Wilhelm Heinrich MAYN / MATOR - born Germany, married Annie Georgina MOORE 1899

Alfred Valentine MAZENGARB

Johannes John McKINSTRY born Germany, married 1883 Annie GORDON

Daniel McMANUS - born Germany, married Ellen Sarah Luise BARGMANN 1910

Ernst August MECKENSTOCK - born Germany, married Wilhelmine Anna HEMPEL 1890

Johann Carl MECKENSTOCK -born Germany, m.1886 Mary Ann KEEN

Carl Gotthilf /Gotthelp MECRSTENBECK, born Saxony, married Sarah Catherine McMASTER 1904

Rudolph MEEDE - from Hamburg, married Hetta WILLIAMS 1891 Vic.

Phillipp MEEKING - born Germany, married Ellen RIPPIN 1900

William MEGOW /Wilhelm MEGAU born Germany, married Mary Elizabeth LEWIS 1888

Paul Bruno MEHNER - from Saxony, married Annie Elizabeth EARNSHAW 1903

Friedrich MEHRENS

Frank Franz MEIER born Germany, married 1883 Sarah Ann JACKSON

Friedrich MEIR / MEIER - born Germany, married Janet Elizabeth Ann LINDSAY 1905

Georg Heinrich MEIER - born Germany, married 1881 Rebecca BROOK

Heinrich MEIR / Harry MEIER -born Germany, m.1886 Maggie HANRAHAN

Johannes John MEIER - born 5th April 1858, Arrived in Australia 1st January 1874. Registered as an Enemy Alien at Darwin NT 1916

Carl Diedrich Wilhelm MEINCKE - from Hamburg, married Augsute Wilhelmine Adelheide POHLNER 1890 Vic.

Hermann August MEINGARDT - from Saxony, married Eleanor Frances ROLFE 1893 Vic.

Wilhelm Julius MEINHARDT - from Saxony, married Mathilde Hermine MEYER 1894 Vic.

G H MEISSNER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" October 1878 age 55

Heinrich MEISSNER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" October 1878 age 11

Friedrich Hermann MEISSNER - born Germany, married Clara Pauline BECKMANN 1907

Melchior MEISSNER - Naturalised 1914 / 1939

Emil Carl MELCHART, b. 1 Nov 1884 Danzig, West Prussia - Boatman Arr.12 Dec 1906 'MARIPOSA' Pt Sydney > Seaman , Goode Island Pilot station, QLD

Ernst Karl Robert MELCHERT b, 6th June 1890 Rummelsburg, Pommerania, Deutsch Reich. Arr. 10 March 1909 ' SS APOLDA Pt Brisbane> Contractor, South Brisbane Moggil QLD

Alfred MELCHIOR - Inventor, Patents of Sheep Shearing Machines, Corn Husking machines

Hjamar Rothmann MELCHIOR b. 1o July 1894. Enemy Alien Register Bourke St, Melbourne

Hermann MELKE - born Germany, married Emilei Emma POHLNER 1897

Heinrich August MELLAHN - from Straslund

August MELLIN born Germany, married Emma CHRISTY / CHRISTIE 1887

Augustin MELZER - Born abt 1864 Bohemia, Österreich. Lay Brother & Carpenter at theRoman Catholic Mission, Daly River Northern Territory 1891, age 27; and 1901 age 37

Johannes MENCKE


A. MENDELSOHN -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 23

Emanuel MENDELSSOHN - born Posen, Prüßen m.1874 Carrie EMMANUEL

Sali MENDELSOHM /MENDELSOHN born Prüßen (Prussia), married Abigail ROSENWEIG 1887

Herr MENDERHAUSEN Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1897 age 48

Alexander MENESDORFER -born Austria, m.1887 Esther Jane FARMER

August MENGEL was born on the 16th April 1896. Mengel arrived in Australia on the 'CLEVEDON'. Mengel was registered as an Enemy Alien at Williamstown, Victoria, and Interrned.

Reverend Pastor Heinrich Dietrich MENSING,
Lutheran Pastor
Pastor Heinrich Dietrich MENSING b. 1 April 1880 Landesbergen, Hannover, Deutschland – Graduated Concordia Seminary St Louis USA 1903. He married, presumably in the USA to Ann Auguste Catherine Cornelia WILLNER. The Mensings emigrated to Australia Arr.1903 from USA @ Sydney, to Lutherans service at Murtoa. Pastor Mensing was a Home Missionary on Western Australian Goldfields based at Kalgoorlie. The Mensing then immigrated to Victoria where he served as pastor at Murtoa, in the Wimmera of Victoria from 1905-1911.
Children born in Victoria were: Monika Magdalene Mensing 1905 at Murtoa, in the Wimmera, Victoria;
Morella Barbara Mensing, 1906 at Murtoa, Wimmera, Victoria; and
Hermann Willner Mensing 1908 at Murtoa, Wimmera, Victoria.
Pastor Mensing then served at Brisbane Queensland from 1911-1914. His son Heinrich David Willner Mensing- was born on the 5th February 1914, in Queensland, Australia. After the so-called ‘Great War’, the Mensing’s returned to serve in Missouri and Arkansas in the USA. Mensing became a Professor at Concordia College, Fort Wayne in 1915 . Later he was the Lutheran Missioner in Baltimore USA. Pastor Mensing died in the USA.

Abel MENZ - born Albrechts-bei-Suhle, Prüssia, married Amalie FRANKENSTEIN 1896 Vic.

Friedrich MENZ - born Germany, married Martha SCHULZ 1895

Georg Adam MENZ- n. Mannheim, Baden Baden, Deutschland- Sth Australia

Carl August MENZEL - born Germany, married Maria Auguste PETSCHEL 1905 - Wicker-worker - Arr. 7 Jul 1890 HOHENSTAUFEN Sydney, NSW/ Nat Adelaide SA 1914

Gustav Robert Reinhold MENZEL - born Germany, married Elizabeth Marth KELLY 1904

Johann Wilhelm Hermann MERFERS / MERFERZ - born Germany, married Annie Fran HARTY 1907

Louis Ludwig Theodor MERKEL born Germany, married 1883 Emily Ann PATON

Heinrich MERLE - from Bavaria, married Maria Luise Auguste SCHARFF 1894 Vic.

Georg MERSUGTIA born Austria, married Christina Margaret STANIFORTH 1888

August Emil MERTELMEYER - born Germany, married Mary Ellen KENNY 1898

Gottlieb MERZ - born Germany, married Christiane Wilhelmine PETERSEN 1901

Luigi DE MERZTHAL -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" March 1878 age 38

Heinrich MESS born Germany, married 1880 Elsie Marie CLAUSEN

Gustavus Adolph Heinrich MESSNER, -from the City of Stuttgart, Württemberg, to the Islands of Bass Strait, Tasmania.
Gustavus Adolph Heinrich MESSNER was born on the 4th May 1859 in the City of Stuttgart, in the Neckar Kreis, of the Königreich Württemberg eleven years before its Unification into a Prussianised Deutsch Reich. At about the age of 23 Messner emigrated out of Deutschland by way of the interim hub of refuge in England and there embarked on the ship 'S.S.GARONNE' to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria on the 1st February 1884. Upon disembarking Messner went across Bass's Strait to Tasmania, and lived at Waratah,in the northwest, and then came back to Victoria for 2 years. Gustav Messner was married in 1895 to Florence Maud May VIRIEUX in Victoria. The Messners returned to Tasmania, first at the Mersey Valley town of Railton, and then to the Bass Strait's Flinders Island, where he became a Grazier based at Whitemark. By 1906 the Messners had three Australia sons and two Australia daughters. The children were: Otto Carl Messner b. 1896 George Town, Tas; Max Gustav Messner born 1897 Ringarooma, Tas; Hilde Florence Messner, born 1900 Chappell Island, Bass Strait; Carl Heinrich Messner, bormn 1901 Chappell Island, Bass Strait; Helene Albertina Marian Messner, born 1903 Flinders Island, Bass Strait; and Gustavus Friedrich Paul Messner, born 1909 Flinders Island. After 22 years in Australia, Messner took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 26th February 1906 at Whitemark, Flinders Island, in the State of Tasmania. Gustavus Adolph MESSNER died on the 24th February 1921 at Whitemark, Flinders Island. His wife, Florence Maud May Messner predeceased him, dying on the 13th April 1913 on Chappell Island, Bass Strait.

Hermann Franzis 'Frank' MESSERSCHMIDT - Naturalised 1904

Johann 'John SMIDT' MESSERSCHMIDT - 1926-1931

Johann METTERS -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" April 1879 age 24

Heinrich 'Harry' METZ or MITZ Port Melbourne

Heinrich Friedrich METZ - born Germany, married Emilie Laurella RICHARDSON 1892

Friedrich METZNER,b. Hamburg 1893 Arr. 22 Dec 1911 'LENI; at Wallaroo, SA > Brinkworth > Nhill, Vic.

Anton MEURER - born Germany, married 1881 Marie Johanne DENKER

Hugo Georg Friedrich MEYENN -born Germany, married 1882 Florence Kate MIDDLETON

Anton MEYER - born Germany, married Eleanor HARVET 1896

August MEYER - born Germany, married 1881 Wilhelmine Dorothea HOLBING

Carl 'Charles' MEYER - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Maria Gabriel MILLS 1892/1894 vIC.

Friedrich Peter MEYER von Hannover

Carl Heinrich MEYER - von Hannover

Alfred MEYER - von Strasbourg

Maxwell Caesar Leopold MEYER

Georg MEYER - born Germany, married Kate FOX / FUCHS 1895

Georg Godeke MEYER

Godeke Jorgen MEYER born Germany, married 1880 Emma ASLETT

Gustav Adolph Otto MEYER

'Harry Frank' Heinrich Franzis MEYER - born Germany, married Emily Florence HORNEE 1891

Heinrich Henry MEYER born Germany, married 1883 Lucy GRAINGER

Heinrich MEYER - born Germany, married Charlotte DAVIS 1897

Heinrich Henry MEYER born Hannover, married Jane Sarah GIBSON 1910

Johann Heinrich Luis MEYER

Pastor Johann Heinrich MEYER - Lutheran Clergyman, Blyth, SA
Pastor Johann Heinrich MEYER born 1840 Behringen, Hannover, Deutschland. Graduated Hermmansburg Free Church Seminary, Ülzen, Deutschland 1877. Served in SA at Dalkey, Hummocks, Hoyleton, Angel Vale, Blyth SA. Pastor Johann Heinrich MEYER was married at age 39 years to 27-year-old Maria Wilhelmine Karoline or ‘Caroline’ LOPAU, daughter of Johann Lopau, on the 9th October 1879 at the Evangelische Lutheran Church, Bethanien (Bethany), in the Barossa valley of South Australia. Children: Anna Elisabeth Bertha Meyer – born 23 September 1880 Blyth, SA; Anna Ernstine Marthe Meyer – born 5 May 1882 at Blyth SA; Johanne Anna Ernstine Emilie Meyer – born 15 July 1884 Blyth, SA; Bertha Lydia Meta Meyer- born 23 February 1886 Blyth, SA; Dorothea Luise Meyer – born 30 Juni 1887 Blyth, SA; and Georg Ernst Meyer – born 29 Juli 1888 Blyth, Clare Valley, South Australia. Johann Heinrich MEYER died at age 49 years 29 January 1889 while serving as pastor at Blyth, South Australia

Karl August Hermann MEYER - born Germany, married Elizabeth Barbara Ellen TAYLOR 1896

Paul MEYER -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 23

Paul Robert MEYER - born Germany, married Mary ECKERT 1895

Theodor MEYER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 18

Theodor Adolphus MEYER - from Hannover, married Emily Jane HILL 1892 Vic.

Wilhelm MEYER - born Germany, married Annie TAPPE 1891

Johann Wilhelm Hermann MEYER - born Germany, married Annie Frances HARTY 1907

W MEYER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 33

Henrique MEYROSE / MELROSE - born Germany, married Jane GRASYFORT 1903

Friedrich MIATKE - von Kolkwitz, De. m.1886 Christiane Lluise RENKEN

Wilhelm William MICHILLS born Germany, married 1883 Hanna DEHENY

Carl Charles MICHAELIS -born Hannover, m.1886 Sarah BIRTLES

August Gustav MICHAELSKY / MICHALOWSKI -born Germany, married Hannah Ann SIMPSON 1895

Heinrich Harry MICAH born Holstein, married Carol KING 1888

Friedrich MICHOLS/ NICHOLS von Prüßen (Prussia), married Florence STEWART 1912

Johann MITTELMASS -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 29

Carl Gustav MIETHKE

Karl Arthur MIETZCKE

Kurt Hermann MIESINGER - von Berlin, Prüßen married Charotte Campbell POWELL 1906

Neils MICKELSEN - von Schweden

Theodor Georg MIGEOD - born Konigsberg Ost Prüßen (East Prussia) d. 1872 Victoria

Friedrich August MIHAN born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1883 Johanne Caroline MENZEL

Nils MIKKELSEN - von Danmark

Franzis Johannes MILBRATH -from Frankfort-am-Main, married Louis FLINN 1892 Vic.

Artur Willgelm MÜLLER [or Arthur Wilhelm MILLER]
Artur Willgelm MÜLLER [or Arthur Wilgelm MILLER, the son of Gustav MÜLLER, was born on the 15th June 1887 in Petrikau, Ober Schlesien, in Russian Poland (now Piotrków, Trybunalski, in Poland). He emigrated to Australia after a period firstly, of three months in Switzerland, and then about five years spent in England. He took ship from the Port of London on the vessel "PORT MACQUARIE" to arrive at Hobsons Bay, Port of Melbourne, on the 28 October 1913. After embarkation he lived for three months at Diggers Rest, on the Bendigo Road, and then for another three months at Lindhurst, beyond Dandenong, before heading for the Murray River country, first at Koondrook where he lived for seven months, and then at Cohuna At the age of 35, after working as a Labourer on the channels for the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission for three years at Cohuna, his took the oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 14th February 1922.
Charles MILLER / Carl MÜLLER -born Germany, married 1882 Franconia Rosa GUTMANN

Christian MILLER / MÜLLER - born Germany, married Christina YOUNG / Christiane JUNG 1893

Ernst MILLER / MÜLLER - born Germany, married Emma GILL 1889

Frederick William MILLER/ Friedrich Wilhelm MÜLLER born Germany, married Mary RICHARDSON 1888

Friedrich MILLER / MÜLLER - born Germany, married Gerte JACKSON 1901

Frank Joseph MILLER / Franz Josef MÜLLER
Frank Joseph MILLER / Franz Josef MÜLLER was born in about 1839 at Sebenico in the Austrian Reich - the Austro-Hungarian Empire - (the town is now Šibenik, Croatia). He emigrated by way of Van Deimens Land, arriving in Hobart Town in about 1874 (or 1864?). He soon found his way to Victoria, and took up an orchard farm at Ringwood, East of Melbourne. Franz Josef MÜLLER was married in 1890 to Ellen Mary DYNES in Victoria, although by then he had Anglicised his name to Frank Joseph Miller. Their Australian children were : James Joseph Miller (1892-1892) Ringwood; Anastasia Cecilie Miller, 1893 Ringwood; Sarah Ellen Miller 1895 Ringwood; Francis Joseph Miller 1897 Ringwood; and, Wilhelm Miller 1899 Scoresby North, Victoria. After 30 years in Victoria, the fruitgrower, 'Frank Joseph Miller took the oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 12th January 1894 at Ringwood, Victoria.
Hermann MILLER / MÜLLER - born Germany, married Blanche HALL 1903

Hans Christian MILLER /Johannes MÜLLER -born Germany, married 1882 Elizabeth Ann LAITY

John MILLER / Johann MÜLLER, Seaman

Johannes Heinrich MUELLER 'John Henry MILLER' born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1881 Annie MARTIN

'John MILLER' Johannes MÜLLER plumber - born Germany, married Louisa WHITE 1890

'John MILLER' Johannes MÜLLER emigrated to Australia after his Interim peregrinations in South Africa, arriving in the Port of Hobart, Tasmania in January 1888. Johannes MÜLLER was born on the 25th July 1854 at Memel, near Konigsburg, Ost Prüßen (East Prussia). (Now in Lithuania). He resided in Hobart for fifteen months before going across Bass's Strait to Melbourne where he married Louisa WHITE in 1890, and remained for a period of about three years. In about 1893 the MÜLLER's went east to West Gippsland, residing for ten years in the Drouin district. Presumably, it was his calling as a Plumber which took him then to Adelaide, South Australia for eight months, and then to Davenport, Tasmania for five years. It seems his wife died at that time. Afterwards, he arrived back in Victoria to work in Toora, South Gippsland for four months, Camperdown, in the western district for ten months and then at Ballan, halfway off Melbourne up the Ballarat highway, where he had been for five months when he took the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 29 September 1909. He then described himself as a widower. 'John MILLER' was then aged 55 and had been in Australia for 21 years. His four Australian daughters then lived with him in Ballan.
Joseph MILLER / MÜLLER - born Hamburgh, m.1886 Catherine PEACHEY
Joseph MILLER / Josef MÜLLER was born in about 1844 on Diestelow, in the Circle of Parchim (Kreis Parchim), in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (now the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) Deutschland. He emigrated out of the Port of Hamburgh on the ship "ALAMENA" arriving in the Port of Melbourne on the 5th April 1881. Josef MÜLLER was married to Catherine PEACHEY in Victoria in 1886 using the name Joseph Miller. After fifteen and a half years in Australia, at the age of 53, working as a Boundary Rider in the West of Melbourne district of Tarneit he submitted his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at Tarneit on the 18th January 1897 before Justice of the Peace, S.P. Staughton, of Eynesbury, Tarneit, Victoria, but by the time he could take the oath for the validation he was a Boundary Rider, not at Tarneit, but at Mt Cotterell, out of nearby Werribee.

Richard MILLER / MÜLLER born Hamburgh, married Sarah Ellen ANGAS 1887

Richard Walter Miller MÜLLER - born 26 Sept 1887 Breslau, Silesia > Bathurst, NSW

Wilhelm Carl Heinrich MILLER / MÜLLER - born Brunsweig, Germany, married Margaret Roy VEITCH 1890 [ Jessie Ellen VEITCH 1894


William MILLER / Wilhelm MÜLLER
Wilhelm MÜLLER was born on the 28th January 1868 at Linden, in the Rhineland Palatinate then annexed to the Koenigreich Bayern (the Kingdom of Bavaria), (now the State of Rheinland-Pfalz) in the Prüßen Rheinland (Prussian Rhineland), near to the French border. Wilhelm MÜLLER emigrated to Australia from Deutschland on the ship "HOHENSTAUFEN" arriving in the Port of Adelaide on about 1st August 1889. MÜLLER then resided in South Australia for four years, before going up to Broken Hill, N.S.W. for a year from where he fell into Victoria for a further five years. From Melbourne he went to Westen Australia in early 1897 - for he says that by 1904 he had been there for seven years and five months. Wilhelm MÜLLER was married to Minnie TRESSIDER in the Coolgardie District of Western Australia in 1900. Their daughter Frances Ivy Catherine Miller was born at Southern Cross, Western Australia in 1901, and their son William Thomas Miller was born in 1903 in Binduli, though sadly he died the same year. After fifteen years in Australia, Wilhelm MÜLLER, aged 36, with his married wife and daughter residing with him in Binduli, at the Bunduli Railway Junction yards near Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, where he then worked as a Government Railway Ganger known as William MILLER, took the Oath for the Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 18th June 1904. Their second son Francis Wilhelm Miller was born in Binduli later that same year.
Alfred Julius MILSSON / NILSSON - born Germany, married Louisa ANDERSON 1902

Heinrich 'Harry' MINDNER born Prüßen (Prussia) > Brunswick, Victoria, d.1904 Kalgoorlie, WA
Mindner's birthplace: Fraustadt, Silesia
Heinrich Gustav ‘Harry’ MINDNER, the son of Gustavus Mindner, a shoemaker, and his wife Mathilde Kalicky, was born about 1865, at Fraustadt, Schlesian, Prüßen, (Silesia, Prussia) Deutschland. Fraustadt was on the northeastern side of the Oder River district of Nieder Silesia, Prussia, and it is now called Wschowa, in the Lubuskie of western Poland. Mindner arrived in Australia by means unknown, but probably during the eighteen eighties. At age 24 years, ‘Harry’ Mindner was married to the 21 year old Aberdeen, Scots-born Margaret Brown Harvey Anderson at the Presbyterian Church, in Lygon Street, Brunswick, Victoria on the 24th of April 1889. Mindner was then working as a Hairdresser, living in Lygon Street, Brunswick.

The Mindners produced three children: Lily Barbara Mindner 12th April 1890; Carl Heinrich ‘Charles Henry’ Mindner 10th August1891; and, Elsie Anna Mindner 1893, all born in East Brunswick, Victoria. In about 1895 or 1896 Heinrich Mindner went across to the Desert Goldfields of Western Australia. It appears his wife followed him in 1897 with the children. Minder is recorded on the Australian Electoral Roll of 1903 as a Miner at Cue’s Patch, near Lawlors, north of Kalgoorlie. Conditions of the Goldfields before available piped water were primitive and Heinrich Mindner seems to have been a victim, for he died at age 39 in 1904 in Kalgoorlie. His Scots-wife seems to have preferred Germanic men, for she remarried to the East-of-Melbourne-born, Carl ‘Charles’ Augustus Paech (aka Peck) later in 1904 at Worooonga, Western Australia.

Without the European knowledge of his German-born father when there came the news of the distant war, Mindner’s Scots-German-Australian son, Charles Henry Mindner (1891-1916) enlisted on the 1st September 1915 at Blackboy Hill (Kalgoorlie) Western Australia into ‘C Company’ of the 28th Battalion, in the Australian Infantry Force [A.I.F, Service No. 3195] and after training was mobilized for Europe and went in action on the Front in France. He was reported missing on the 2nd August 1916. Sadly, Charles Henry Mindner was afterwards found to have died in the torrid maelstrom of action against the Germans on 29th July 1916. This double death was hard news for the Peck-Mindner family to receive under the distant and far horizons of Ora Banda, Western Australia.

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm MINKE - born Germany, married 1881 Elizabeth Jane GILES
Johann Gottlieb carl MINKE - born Germany, married Emma Auguste ZERBSt 1891

Carl Julius MIRISCH -from Saxony, m.1874 Isabella SCRIMGEOUR

Emil Friedrich MISCHKE

Albert August Wilhelm MISPEL - von Rathenau, Prüßen (Prussia), married Auguste Marie Therese DRAEGER 1892
Albert August Wilhelm MISPEL was a Tischlermeister (Master Joiner-Cabinetmaker) born about 1863 at Rathenow, Brandenburg, Prüßen (Prussia). He arrived in Australia on the 31 October 1886 on the ship "HOHENSTAUFFEN" at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria. He married Auguste Marie Therese DRAEGER in Victoria in 1892.He was Naturalised on 131 Barkly street, East Brunswick on the 28th February 1907. He had then been in Australia for seventeen years.

Christian MISSFELDT born Germany, married 1883 Jane Josephine FENDEL

Johannes Oswald MITLAN - from Bavaria, married Christiane Elisabeth RAPP 1896 Vic.

Karl Wilhelm MITSCHKE - born Germany, married Rachel FELD / FIELD 1909

Edwin Friedrich Hermann Carl von Crome MITTENDORFF - born Germany, m.1896 Agnes Mary Ann JONES
Edwin Friedrich Hermann Carl von Crome MITTENDORFF emigrated from Deutschland on the steamship "HOHENZOLLERN" arriving in Sydney, New South Wales in January 1892. Edwin Mittendorf was born on the 2nd January 1870 in Barneberg, Kreis Börde, Burg Hötensleben, Sachsen-Anhalt, Deutschland, in regions to the west of Magdeburg. After embarking in Sydney, Von Crome Mittendorf went south to Melbourne, Victoria where he spent the next four years. He found his into the then frontier-farming country at Outtrim, towards the pole from Korumburra in South Gippsland, where he conducted some documentary formalities after which he believed he was Naturalised. Mittendorf was married in Victoria to Mount Gambier-born, Agnes Mary Ann JONES, in 1896. Their son Edwin Mittendorf was born in Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria on the 13th April 1897. He seems to have returned to New South Wales in about 1899. Their daughter Grace Victoria Mittendorf was born at Redhead, in Newcastle, New South Wales on 18th June 1902. Surprisingly, in 1917 Mittendorf enlisted as a Fisherman from Warners Bay, Lake Macquarie, near Newcastle, NSW, into the A.I.F. (Australian Infantry Force), giving his 'Place of Birth' as Baltimore, United States Of America, his status as Naturalised, his 'Next of Kin' (Wife)as MITTENDORF Mary Ann; and so was draughted and given 'Service Number 3796.' He served from the 10th of September till he was retired as unfit on the 4th March 1919, in part in the Camel Corps. The Military were very happy with his loyal service. On the eve of World War Two in 1939, Mittendorf applied for the Australian Old age pension, and was refused when they found no documents to show that he had ever been Naturalised. He lobbied members of Federal Parliament and rather late in Australian life, was eventually able to take the oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 15th April 1939. So he had served in the Australia Army even though if his German birth were known he would have been a declared Enemy Alien.

Friedrich Heinrich MITZ
Heinrich 'Harry' MITZ or METZ Port Melbourne 1931 National Archives V/8543

Heinrich Friedrich MITZ - born Germany, married Emilie Laurella RICHARDSON 1892

Dr Eugen Abraham MITZENMACHER (MATISON b, Odessa, (Son of Solomon Mitzenmacher) > USA for 8 yrs. Arrived 19th Septemebr 1913 from the USA in the Port of Melborune. > White Cliffs, NSW, > Cleve, SA, Eudunda, SA, > Adelaide SA
Carl Gotthelf MITZSCHERKLICH - from Saxony, married Betty Louisa Selina FREHSE 1902 - Naturalised 1897

Louis Ludwig Heinrich MITZSHKE Naturalised 1904

Johann Carl Gustav MOEBUS -born Prüßen, Germany, m.1886 Jane DAVIS

Wilhelm Johann Carl MOEBUS -born Prüßen, Germany, m.1886 Hannah LEWIS / LOUIS

Ferdinand August MOEBUS b.1847 Schweibus, Prüßen (Prussia) d. 1912 Lal Lal, Victoria
Friedrich Richard MOEBUS b.1873 Berlin, Prüßen (Prussia) d. 1956 Mildura, Victoria
The MOEBUS FAMILY arrived in Australia at the Port of Adelaide, South Australia on the ship 'ESTHER' disembarking on the 20th October 1876 after a voyage from Prüßen, Deutschland. Ferdinand August MOEBUS married his wife, Wilhelmine Albertine KNUTH, in 1872, in Berlin, Deutschland. While his wife was born in 1846 in the village of Rheda Naustadt, in West Prussia, Moebus himself came from closer by, some eighty miles east of Berlin,a t the village of Schweibus, in Kreis Zuellichau, in the Neumark of Brandenburg, (East Brandenburg), Prussia. Schweibus is now Świebodzin in Western Poland. Moebus was a Bricklayer by trade in Deutschland and also continued in his trade immediatly after their arrival in Adelaide and district. The Moebus family emigrated with their eldest Friedrich Richard Moebus, born 1873 Berlin, Prüßen, as a babe in arms, and after disembarking produced several Australian-born children: Margarette Friedericke Moebus 1877 Adelaide, Ernst Felix Moebus 1879 Adelaide, Alfred Max Moebus 1881 Adelaide, Bernhardt Theodor Moebus 1884 Norwood, SA, Ferdinand August Moebus 1887 Forest Range, SA, and Herman Paul Moebus born on 19th January 1892 in Mildura, Victoria. The Moebus family arrived in Mildura, Victoria in 1888 to take up an Irrigation Block at Lot 12 in subsection 13, of Section F, Mildura. They ran their block as one of Mildura's main Dairy Farms. The family were Lutheran on arrival in Australia but later took up with the more populous Methodist congregation. Ferdinand August Moebus died on the 15th November 1912 at Lal Lal, south of Ballarat, Victoria, and was buried in the nearby Clarendon Cemetery.
His son Friedrich Richard MOEBUS was married to Mary Ann WRIGHT in 1897, in the suburb of Claremont, Perth, Western Australia, to which place he had immigrated with the rush of young people taking up the opportunities of the Western Australian Goldfields. He worked as Builder's labourer in Perth. The Moebus family remained in Claremont, WA until about 1910, during which time their first six children were born. His wife had emigrated to Fremantle, Western Australia, with her family directly from England. After 1910 the Friedrich Richard Moenus family returned to Mildura and their last children: Cecil Claude Moebus 1911, and Charles Leon Moebus, 1912, were born in Mildura, Victoria. Friedrich Richard Moebus died in 1956 in Mildura. His wife had predeceased him by about three years, dying on the 11 April 1953 in Mildura. They are both buried in Mildura Cemetery.

Carl Eduard MOESENER -born Germany, married 1882 Emily Henley HAMBLET

Wilhelm MOHLGENHAGEN - born Germany, married Beatrice Myrtle Williams CADDY 1901

Alfred Samuel MOHR - Born 1862 Germany. Arrived Australia 1894. Registered as an Enemy Alien at Boroloola, Northern territory 1917

Herr MOHRMANN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 27

Carl Otto MOLL - born Posen, m.1884 Friedericke Bertha PAESCHKE

Christian Wilhelm Heinrich MOLLER - born Germany, married Sarah Jane ROOKE 1897

Heinrich MOLLS - born Germany, married Julian BREAR 1889

Jakob Jacob MOMMSEN born Germany, married Harried CRAWFORD 1888

Wolfgang MOMMSEN

Carl Hermann Charles MONIEN born Prüßen (Prussia), married Mary CHERRY 1887

Pastor Rudolph MONZ - b.Kreugnach, Prüßen (Prussia) Lutheran reverend
Rudolph MONZ Lutheran Minister, born 1879 Kreugnach, Prüßen (Prussia), Germany, Arrived 16th January 1905 on the ship BREMEN; in Port Melborune. Monz married Elisabeth Frieda ENSINGER 1906 Naturilsies Milbrulong, QLD

Wilhelm MOOG - Naturalised 1893

Albertus MOOK - Broken Hill

August Friedrich MOOSBRUGGER - from Bavaria, married kate KLINGEL 1895 Vic.

Franz Oscar Arnold MOOSER
Franz Oscar Arnold MOOSER -b. 9 Dezember 1877 Ruda (Neu Roda?) Silesia, Prussia Arr. August 1903 Melbourne > Ardlethan, Riverina, NSW

Ernst MOOSMANN - Swiss. Ballarat
Ernst MOOSMANN was born on the 3td August 1882 at Golaten, in the district of Lampen, Canton Bern, Switzerland. Moosmann emigrated out of Switzerland via the interm refuge of England, where he married Winifred Rose ? Moosmann, born Dulwich, England, at Woking, and spent enough time for there for the first two children to be England-born. The Moosmanns embarked on the vessel 'S.S. GOTHIC ' to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 15th September 1912. Moosemann was a Horticulturalist and on disembarking he went up to Mildura where he worked for the Chaffey Brothers in Pioneering Horticultural Irrigation Schemes for seven years. In April 1918 then came down to Ballarat where he worked as a Horticulturalist in his own employ. Moosman was residing at Albert Street, Sebastopol, and the Mount Clear when he completed his Oath of the Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on 19th December 1919. Moosman then had five children, the latter three born in Mildura, Victoria.

Friedrich Wilhelm MOOTSCH
b. Hamburg Arr, Melbourne > Ararat > Wahgunyah > - to Merino, Victoria

Albert Gabriel MOREL Viticulturalist & Labourer
Albert Gabriel MOREL was a Swiss, born on the 12th June 1864 at Besançon, in the Department du Boubs, Neuchatel, France. Besançon was a significant city during the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. Morel emigrated with his family out of Neuchatel on the French steamer "YARRA" and arrived in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 8th November 1889. Upon disembarking Morel resided for four years in Melbourne, where he plied his skills in viticulture in the Boroondara-Nunawading and Yarra Valley vineyard districts. Morel immigrated north to Queensland for a year, and then returned to Victoria, firstly to the vineyards at Geelong for two years and then the vineyards at Great Western, near Stawell for seven years. From Great Western Morel went to Springhurst for 12 year and then to Corowa, on the Murray River, New South Wales, where he worked at the Lindemann Brothers vineyards at Hopefield. He had been in Corowa five years, living at the Riverina Hotel when he took the oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 11th July 1922. Morel was married and his wife Julie, born at Peseux, Neuchatel, Switzerland, and children Henri Morel, 34, born Neuchatel; Remi Julie Morel, 29, born Leeton: and Nathalie Juliette Morel, born Geelong, all then living in Leeton, New South Wales.

Heinrich Henry MORAS / MORATH - born Germany, married Eliza Caroline EAGLES 1891
Joseph MORATH - Naturalised 1901
Rupert MORATH - born Germany, married Ada HUNT 1894
Rupert MORATH was born on the 24th September 1855 at Wehlingen, in the Duchy of Baden, Deutschland. Arrived on the ship HERO in Sydney NSW in May 1878. Immigrated to Melbourne, Victoria and married Ada HUNT 1894 in Victoria - two Australian children. Resided in Victoria: at Warrandyte 8 years, Tunstall / Nunawading 2 yrs, Richmond 6 yrs. Resident in Australia for 32 years, age 55 @ 493 Bridge street, Richmond 20th February 1911. Son: Aloys Rupert Morath, born 1896 Andersons Creek, Warrandyte, Vic. Daughter: Eloise Rose Morath, born 1910 Richmond.

Leonardt MORRELL - born Germany, married Mary Florence ARMITAGE 1911

Theodor MORTISEN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 29

Abrahim MOSSIER Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1897 age 40

Hermann Ludwig August MOST - born Germany, married Amia Teresa HOOPER 1912

Friedrich Adolph MOTTSCHELL

Pius Joseph MOTZEL - Arr Port MeLBORUNE from ELisabeth, New Jersey, USA > East Brighton Vict. 20 years, > western Australia

Waldemar MOU -b. 19 October 1887 Kiel, Schleswig Holstein, Arr. from Bremen 15 SEpt 1909 SS SCHARNHORST @ Melbourne (ShiP Steward)> Loch, Gippsland > Coastal Boats > Sydney Nat. Surrey Hills NSW 1914

Matthes MUDRA -born Germany, m.1886 Nellie JOHNSON

Paul MUDRACH / MUDRACK - born Germany, married Natalie Ernstine OSMILTIUS 1897

Wilhelm MUES - from Hannover, married Frances Coupar 1898 Vic.

Xavier MUHLEBACH - von Switzerland

Johann Matthias F MÜHL/MUEHL

Herr MUHL -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 26

Herr MUHLENBEIN Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1897 age 45, with Frau 38

Albert MUHLENBECK died at age 35 on the 12th August 1893 at the Harts Range, Northern Territory.

Carl MUHLENBRUCH -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 25

Herbert MUHLING Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 23

Ernst MULL / Ernest MUELL - born Germany, married Elizabeth BANKS 1911

Heinrich Wilhelm MULL -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 23

Albert Edwin MUELLER / MILLER born Hannover, married Martha Amelia CANTWELL 1888

Albert Diedrich Kopp MULLER - born Germany, married Elisabeth SCHONERT 1900

Doctor MÜLLER -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 30

Carl Clement MUELLER born Germany, married 1883 Jane Ann KERRIGAN

Carl Rudolph MÜLLER

Carlo MÜLLER - born Austria, married Mary Joseph O'BRIEN 1877

Emil MULLER - born Prüßen (Prussia), m.1886 Mary Jane McKAY

Ernst MULLER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 22

Ernst MUELLER - born Germany, married Anna Maria HABERNICHT 1904

Ernst MUELLER born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1882 Agnes NICHOLSON


Frank Franzis MÜLLER. born 1871 Germany. Railway ganger at No 1.Depot, Northen Territory 1891 age 20.

Franzis Eduard MULLER - born Germany, married Marie Elisabeth RIEGELHURTH 1902

Friedrich MUELLER born Germany, married 1883 Johann Auguste STURTZ

Friedrich MULLER - born Germany, married Jane RANKINE 1897

Friedrich August Rudolph MULLER - born Germany, married Susanna Maria GRAY 1894

Friedrich August MULLER - born Germany, married Johanne Christiane ZANDER 1889

Friedrich MULLER - born Germany, married Maggie RANKINE 1907

Friedrich Gottfried Fred MULLER born Hamburgh, married Mary PARSONS 1888

Gottlieb MÜLLER born Germany, married Maria PROSS 1888

Gustav MÜLLER - von Bavaria

Heinrich 'Henry MÜLLER - born 1864 Germay. Railway Ganger at 46 Mile, Northen Territory 1891 age 27.

Heinrich Henry MÜLLER -born Germany, married 1882 Emilie BEER

Herbert Friedrich MÜLLER - von Hamburg, m. 1908 Sarah Ann KERR

Hermann MULLER -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 28

Johann MUELLER - from Hannover, married Mary Ann EVANS 1893 Vic.

Johann August MÜLLER - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Sophia ZANDER 1890 Vic.

Johann Peter MULLER -born Baden, m.1886 Margaret Anne JOHNSON

Johannes John MULLER - born Germany, married Pauline Henriette Ernstine VALENTINE 1897

Julius Ferdinand MULLER - born Germany, married Anna Christiane ALBERT 1899

Karl Ferdinand MULLER - born Germany, married May Victoria KING 1892

Luis Ludwig MULLER - born Germany, married Charlotte Hannah FERGUSON 1894

Otto Julius MÜLLER - von Krotoschin, Posen

Paul Theobald E, MÜLLER born Germany, married 1880 Sarah Alice GRIMSTER

Simon Heinrich Andreas MÜLLER - born Germany, married 1881 Emma Christiane RAUBER

Wilhelm MUELLER / Wm MÜLLER born Hannover, married Mary Anne McCORMICK 1888

Johannes Emil MUMME - born Germany, married Violet KING 1898

Reginald Arthur Featherstone MUMME - born Germany, married Ethel ROSS 1907

Robert MUENCH - born Germany, married Luise Augusta Walton SPURWAY 1891

Joseph MÜNCH / Josef MUENCH
Josef MÜNCH / Joseph MUENCH was born in the earlier and later disputed territory of Alsace, in the village of Holkirch (now Illkirch-Graffenstaden in the Bas-Rhin) on the 8th February 1847, so when the Franken-Prüßen War (Franco-Prussian War) culminated in the declaration of the Deutsche Reiche in Paris, his birthplace was no longer part of France, but in the Provinz of Alsace in Deutschland.
At age 25, little more than a year after, Joseph MÜNCH emigrated out of Continental Europe to England where he embarked on the ship "S.S. SOMERSETSHIRE" and arrived on the 24th September 1873 in Melbourne, Australia. After Disembarkation he went up to the Pleasant Creek Goldfields (Stawell) and afterward many years there came down to Melborune where he resided in St Kilda. In 1920 he was working in his tenth year as as Gardener for Dr McAdam and living at 55 Inkerman Street, St Kilda, when he took the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation in which in renounced his old allegiance not to the German Empire, but to the Republic of France, and wherein he insisted that he was born in France, so his nationality was French, and that French was the Nationality of his father, and that French was the Nationality of his mother. Joseph MÜNCH was by then long married to Elizabeth, his Springmount, Creswick, Victorian-born wife, and had four grown offspring, two sons and two daughters, all born in Stawell, Victoria.
Friedrich Julius Bruno MUNCKE - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Emile Caroline Wilhelmine SCHIER 1892 Vic.

T. MUNKASTER -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 32

Wilhelm MUNTMAN / MUNTMANN - born Germany, married Margaret MARTIN 1893

Bernhardt Franz Otto MUNZER (MUENZER)Carpenter b. 1893 Delmenhorst, Oldenburg
Bernhardt Franz Otto MUNZER Carpenter b. 1893 Delmenhorst, Oldenburg. MUNZER's most unlikely emigration brought him on a voyage from Cardiff, Wales on the ship 'CARL RUTGERT VINNER' to arrival on the 27th Nov 1912 at Port Victoria, Spencer Gulf, on the west of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. After Embarkation Munzer went up to Iron Knob, & Jacka,

Georg Kurt MÜNZER (MUENZER) Architect, b.Alsace-Lorraine
Georg Kurt MÜNZER (MUENZER), Architect of Melbourne, was born on the 10th April 1886 in the town of Mühlhauseu, in the Deutsch Reich Rhineland Provinz of Alsace-Lorraine, which had been annexed from France after 1870. MÜNZER was and Architekt by profession and he Emigrated out of Bremerhaven, Bremen to arrived on the 5th June 1911 on then 'S.S. ROON' in the Port of Sydney, New South Wales. After 3 years in Australia, on the cusp of the full enmity falling from the shadow of the declaration of war MÜNZER took the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation, out of his address at the Corner of Lonsdale & Exhibition Streets, Melbourne, Victoria on the 17th August 1914.
Ernst & Karen Marie Ja MUSTER- He died Footscray 1952 @ Age 65 / she died 1956 Footscray a2 age 72

Nils Olsson MUTH
Nils Olsson MUTH was born at Ahus, Skane County, Sweden two days before Christmas in 1878. In 1913, on the eve of war in Europe, he arrived in Melbourne, Victoria on the ship "HELLENIE" with his wife Hulda Maria, and first daughter, Elsa, born in 1909 in Gorslof, Sweden. They lived at first in Melbourne, where their daughter Naomi Helen was born in 1915 in the snarl of war hysteria. Like many emigres from the Continent experiencing persecution as 'Enemy Aliens' in the city, they soon escaped to the safety of hills, where he worked as a carpenter at Emerald, later developing the property "Tivolii" at Clematis, then known as Paradise. After a period spent in the employ of W. Treganowan, Nils worked for many as a jobbing carpenter in Emerald. His wife Hulda died in 1968 at South Melbourne, and Nils a few years later in 1971 at Footscray.

Carl Hermann MUTHREICH von Prüßen (Prussia), married Margarette Caroline Julie GIESCHEN 1909

Friedrich MUTTER b.Königreich Württemberg> NSW, VIC , TAS,
Friedrich MUTTER was born on the 25th May 1876 in the Königreich Württemberg, Deutschland. He emigrated from South Africa per the TUEHRINGEN' to arrived on the 24th May 1906 at Port Jackson, Sydney, NSW. After disembarking MUTTER lived in Sydney for 9 months before going up the coast working for the North Coast Line for 4 months, then he went to Mussellbrook in the Hunter Valley for 6 months, to Blauford for 12 months, and then down to Tasmania for 4 months, and across to Melbourne for 12 months, from wehre he worked his way upcountry inland. He was in Kilmore, Victoria for 8 months, and then in other places in Victoria and New South Wales. After six years in Australian when Mutter was unmarried, aged 36, he took Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation when working as a Labourer c/- Mrs F. Schirmer, Wagga Road, Lockhart, New south Wales. Friedrich O. MUTTER died at Northam, Western Australia in 1930.

Georg Robert MUTTERER- died 1946 Fitzroy @ 72 yrs

Arthur MUTZ Upholsterer Arr. 15 Feb 1890 on ship 'CHEMNITZ' from Antwerp, Belgium, to arrived Melbourne on 15th Feb 1890. Resided at 145 Napier street, South MElborune Nat. 26 July 1898

Elcon Baevski MYER - Draper, Bendigo, Victoria nat, 1900
Simcha Baevski MYER - Draper, Bendigo, Victoria, Nat.1902

Carl Charles MYERS Nat. 1908
Daniel MYERS - b. Denmark > b. 21 Feb 1856 Klettau, Island Arr. May 1883 'GLASGOW' @ Melbourne > Kensington, Vic.

Friedrich MYER b. 1888 Munich, Bavaria, Germany Arr. 18 Jan 1909 from USA per KALOALA at Sydney. > Melbourne, Various NSW, SA, Qld Nat. 1911 Thurragie, QLD

Isadore MEYERS Nat. 1890

James MYERS / Jakob MYER -born Holland, m.1886 Eliza Ellen PEARSE


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Émigre, émigré Prüßen Heßen Naßau König Königreich Württemberg

MEŶER Meӱer Thüringen Österreich née Lübeck Düsseldorf

ö ü ä é ë ß Ü Ö Ä Ë Ŷ ӱ Ӱ ƒ

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