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L Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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In Alphabetical, not historical order - (a work in progress)

NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated


Friedrich LAASS - born Germany, married Annie SHANAHAN 1894

Herr DE LABOBLE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 30; with wife age 30 and child age 7

Carl Adolph Wilhelm LA FLEUR - born Germany, married Henriette Bertha Valeska GUTLING/ GUTTING 1901

Ferdinand Wilhelm LA FLEUR -born Germany. Naturalised 1897

Carl Lafleur was born in Hamburgh, Deutshcland in about 1866. He emigrated to Australia from the Port of Hamburgh on the vessell 'S.S.CATANIA" arriving in Melbourne on the 14th November 1885, He swore the oath for an Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at age 21 about two years later on the 2nd of May 1887 declaring his profession as an optician, living at Dwight Street, Collingwood.

Heinrich Henry Christian LAFRENZ born Germany, married 1883 Louise Henriette BOOLEY

Joachim Heinrich LA FRENZ

Heinrich Theodor LACHMUND - von Hannover, Germany, married Bridget MARTIN 1904

Friedrich Ernst LADEGAST - Organ Builder Born 13 June 1853 Mersenrug, Sachsen (Saxony) - Arr. May 1883 at Pt Sydney NSW > Res. Kempsey NSW, Macleay River 5 yrs, Pambula 1.5 yrs, Melbourne, months, Hobart mnths > Sydney NSW Res. No 124 Hargraeve SPaddington Nat. 9 Nov 1907

Carl Friedrich Theodor LADWIG - born Germany, m.1901 Elisabeth Catherine SPRING
Carl Friedrich Theodor LADWIG was born in Barth, Pommern (Pomerania), Prüßen, (Prussia), Deutschland (now in the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) in about 1860. He arrived in Adelaide, South Australia in 1884 and straightaway, as if from some urgency, completed his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation, just two days later, on the 29th November 1884, in Adelaide, South Australia, through the agency of then well-known Mr P. F. Basedow, Justice of the Peace. He was then aged 24 years. He gave his occupation as an Ironmonger and Clerk. He immigrated afterwards to Victoria, where he married Elisabeth Catherine SPRING in 1901.
Franz LAGE - von Breslau, Schlesien, Prüßen (Silesia, Prussia)
Heinrich Henry LAGE
Henry Lage was born on the 14th July 1841 at Gluckstadt, Holstein. In Australia he lived at Melbourne, Werribee, a nd Trentham, Victoria. We worked as a labourer and remained unmarried. He had arrived in the Colony in 1861 on the ship 'Dorothea at Port Melbourne. His Alien Memorial for Naturalisation was completed on 4th December 1909 at Trentham, Victoria, where the attesting officer was 'Henry William' Kröger, Officer of Police, an Official of the State of Victoria in 1909 who spelt his German surname complete with the proper Germanic umlaut.

Franzis Frank LAGE
Frank LAGE was born 25 April 1849 at Plesse, Department of Hesse, Prüßen (Prussia). a , Painter or Clay Painter by profession. On 11 January 1906 when Residing at Lindsay Street, Coolgardie, Western Australia he complete his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation. He had by then been 24 year in Australian having arrived at the Port Melbournem on the sailing ship 'STARTON ORDELY' from Mauritius on the 20th December 1882. By 1906 he had resided in Australia at South Melbourne, Cobram, Axedale and Dandenong in Victoria, and at Perth and Coolgardie, Western Australia, and was married with three children, 1 male, 2 female. on the 13th December 1915 he received an official " Pass To Travel By Sea Within The Commonwealth" which reads: ' FRANK LAGE, of New England, Queensland, a naturalised British subject, has permission to travel in the vesssel 'CANBERRA,' from Brisbane to Melbourne to report himself to the Military Authorities, Victoria, Barracks, Melbourne. Description of the above-named person: Age: 65 years, Height: 5' 4", Hair: dark, slightly grey, Eyes: light brown, Build: medium,Complexion: tanned.' In short, he looked like an Australian.

Wilhelm Robert LAGING -from Frankfort-am-Main, married Frances Madeliene Schneider 1899 Vic.

Albert LAMERHIRT -born Germany, m.1886 Harriet Frances POWELL

Heinrich Henry LAMMERS -born Germany, married 1907 Eliza LAMBERT

Heinrich Henry LAMMERS was born on the 23rd June 1866 at Neisadt (Neustadt?) in Provinz Holstein, Deutschland. He arrived in Port Melbourne in the Colony of Victoria on the 5th February 1890 on the ship "MERIDIAN.' Lammers submitted his alien Memorial for Naturalisation from 2nd March 1910 while residing with his wife, Eliza Lambert, at No. 40 Resamond Street, Balaclava, St Kilda, from where he worked as a Labourer. Like many emigre German_Australians applying for naturalisation at in that year, he was keenly studying world events and likely anticipating a sense of the trouble to come, and taking care to try and not be caught in the british-Australian net of enmity against Germans, for by then he had been in Australia for 21 years.

Armond Carl Peter Dominicus LAMONT - born Belgium, married Margaret Josephine BOWDEN 1912

Philipp Adolf Hermann LAMPE born Prussia, married 1881 Susetta FARCKENS

Philipp Adolph Hermann LAMPE - von Dantzig, Ost Prüßen (West Prussia), Married Alice Sophia BONHAM 1893 Vic.

Rudolph LAMPE - from Dantzig, Ost Prüßen (West Prussia)

Luis Jacob 'James' LAMPERT - from Hamburg, married Flora Adolphine PETERSEN 1893 Vic.

Paul LANDINGER - von Bavaria, married Edith Elisabeth SCHLEMME 1903

Gustav Hermann LANDMANN

Gustav Frederick LANDER
Gustav Friedrich LANDER was born on the 21 April 1855 in Åbo, Turku, Finland. (Åbo is the Swedish name for the city of Turku, Finland). Lander emigrated via England to arrive in Australia on the ship "LORD NELSON" at Port Adelaide in Decembeer 1870. Lander was in Adelaide of udner a year before working on coastal vessels through South Australia. He was based in Melbourne from 1876. He was married there to Melbourne-born, Elisabeth Sophia JOHANSEN nee INGWERSEN in 1911. At the age of 59 after 39 years in Australia, Lander was a professional Diver, residing at No. 684 Nicholson street, Fitzroy when he took the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of the 13th April 1915.

Sidney Johann LANDESHUT

Phillipp LANDVOGT - born Germany, married Deborah FOX / FUCHS 1899

Carl August LANDWEHR - born Germany, married Emma Mathilde HAUSLER 1903

Friedrich Wilhelm LANDWEHR - born Germany, married Anna Helene HAUSLER 1907


Friedrich Andreas LANG

Friedrich LANGE born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1881 caroline Mathilde Emma HOFF

Fritz LANGE, born Magdeburg - Midland Junction, Perth
'Fritz' Friedrich Christoph LANGE was born at Magdeburg, Prüßen (Prussia). He arrived in Australian at the Port of Melbourne on the ship "R.M.S. ORFUR" on the 2nd November 1894. He lived for nearly two years in Melbourne, and then headed west to the Desert Goldfields along with the youth of Australia, landing in Western Australia in June 1896. He lived for over six years in Coolgardie, then moved to Newcastle Road, Midland Junction, near Perth where he worked as Town Butcher and District Stockdealer. He was married to Clara MEEREIS and the Langes had two Australian sons, Fritz Friedrich Carl Lange born 1899 Coolgardie, and Hermann August Lange born 1905 Midland Junction, Western Australia.

Fritz Wilhelm Georg LANGE-
Fritz Wilhelm Georg LANGE - born 5th Oktober 1886 at Lehe, Kingdom of Hannover, (now Nieder Sachsen Stadt)Deutschland. He emigrated from arriving on the ship "S.S.BURGOMEISTER HARTMANN" one the 14th August 1909 in the Port of Adelaide, South Australia. Afterwards he resided for some time in Melbourne, and in Sydney before returning to work as a butcher & c/- L. Conrad, in Adelaide, South Australia. His interstate movements were of interest to Mr Attlee Hunt, of External Affairs Department in Melbourne, who wanted more knowledge of the details. At age 25, and single, after two years in Australia he submitted his Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised on 26th September 1911 in Adelaide. This was done through the agency and auspices of Georg Dankel, Justice of the Peace in Kensington, S.A., with an oath sworn before His Grace the Honorable Robert Homburg, Judge of the Supreme Court of South Australia, men whose German surnames show somewhat of the cosmopolitan adaptation and integration as examples of the high-citizenship, the service and public integrity of German-Australians.

Benhardt Gerhard LANGE - born Germany, married Wilhelmine Emma ELisabeth MEIER 1891

Friedrich Louis Christian LANGE born Germany, married Annie RICHARDSON 1888

Friedrich Walter LANGE born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1884 Mary Jane SPENCER

Heinrich Ludwig LANGE - born Germany, married Emma TURGENS 1891

Johann Carl Wilhelm LANGE - born Germany, married Antonia LUY /LOY 1891

Wilhelm Heinrich Henry LANGE - born Germany, married Amelia Jane SCENEY 1905

Wilhelm Martin LANGE - stockman
Wilhelm Martin LANGE, stockman, died at age 45 at Goyder Creek, Crown Point Station, Northern Territory

Clementz LANGEN

Wilhelm LANGEN - born Germany, married Adela Lillian DUNLOP 1898

Nicolaus Herbert LANGENBERG - born Germany, married Caroline Maria GOLDMAN 1901


Carl LANGENSCHILD - b. Germany 26 year old Steward, Darwin 1881

H. LANGENSIEPEN -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 18

Franz Frank LANGHOLZ born Germany, married Jane CAIRNS 1888

Benno Gustav H Ferdinand SLUYTERMAN von LANGERWEYDE

Benno Gustav H Ferdinand SLYTERMAN von LANGEWEYDE

Friedrich Wilhelm LANZENDORF born Saxony - Tailor, Carlton

Karl Wilhelm M Scato LANTZIUS-BENINGA - Lilydale, Vic.
Karl Wilhelm M Scato LANTZIUS-BENINGA, was married to Jennie BARTLETT (or Bartleet). Their children: Elisabeth Dorothea Lantzius-Beninga was born in Brunswick, Victoria in 1891; Scato Boyung Otto Etzart Lantzius-Beninga, born 1893 Brunswick, Victoria. He was Naturalised in 1901 in Melbourne. In a 1915 Karl Lantzius-Beningo resided in Lilydale, Victoria where he was working as an Accountant. Jennie Lantzius-Beninga died at age 51 at North Fitzroy, Victoria in 1914. Their son Scato Boyung Otto Etzar Lantzius-Beninga was married to Ivy Amelia Betteridge in 1917 and they produced a daughter, Amelia Doreen Agnes Lantzius-Beninga who was born in 1917 in Windsor, Prahran, who later enlisted during the second world war (1939-1948 Service No. NF461573). The Lantzius-Beninga's daughter, Elizabeth Dorothea, was married to Louis Roseman in Victoria in 1919. Lantzius-Beninga also worked as a creative writer. On the 27th October 1922 Karl Lantzius-Beninga applied to take out Australian Copyright as the dramaturge for the play he had written, entitled "The Death Of Adam" and the Copywright was Registerd on 13th November 1922.

Ferdinand Paul Walter Johann LARISSEN / LARSSON born Germany, married Margaret Milne PAGE 1907

Wilhelm J LARSEN -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" April 1893 age 26

Heinrich Carl LATMANN

Ambrose Maria LAMONDE - born France m.1902 Eugenie Camilla DANNAY

Heinrich Henry Levy LATONE born Germany, married Katherine Rose REILLY 1888

Richard Franzis LAUBE born Austria, married Julia McAULIFFE 1882

A D LAUDENBERGER -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 30

Mathe LAUDENBERGER -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 25; with Carole Laudenberger 19.

Gottfried Heinrich LAUER - von Ulm, Königreich Württemberg married Friedericke KOCH 1884

Johann Friedrich LAUER - born Germany, married Ellen agatha LENNETT 1890

Emil LAURENCE / LAURENZ - born Germany, married Susannah DE ROUS 1909

Ernst Edwin LAURITZ

Friedrich Johann LAURITZ

Carl LAUTENBERG / LUTENBERG - from Hamburg, married Ellen BUTLER 1890 Vic.

Friedrich Wilhelm LAUZENDORF - von Leipzig

Johann 'John' LAWRENSKY - born Berlin, m.1886 Sarah Jane WAIN

Louis Ludwig LAZARUS -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 25

Eduard LEBISH -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 23, with wife Elisabeth 37

Solomon LEBRANSKY - von Poland

Joseph LECHTENSTEIN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" March 1878 age 14

Carl Waldemar Albert LEDER - born 24 January 1874 Berlin, Germany, Piano Maker Arr. 1909 ROON' from Bremerhaven, married Lucy Bertha Ottilie RICHTER 1910 Nat, 447 Swan Street, Richmond,

Arthur LEDGARD -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 32

J A N SCHAGEN VAN LEEUWIN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 30

Isaac Wilhelm LEFEVER

Stephan LEFFLER - born Germany, married Selina HOSKING 1910

Adolphus LEHMANN - born Berlin, m.1886 Margaret CLARKE

Friedrich Wilhelm Christian LEHMANN - born Germany, married frances BELL 1911

Johann Christian LEHMANN - born Germany, married Bessie Wallace ALFORD 1909

Oscar Arthur LEHMANN / LEHMAN - Bayswater, Victoria.
Oscar Lehman was the boy who ran away to sea. Before he arrived in Port Pirie, South Australia on the ship 'MANNHEIM' in 16th August 1912, he had been 'At Sea' for two and half years. So, since he was about fifteen. Oscar was born on the 24th May 1892 at Preistewitz, Kreis Grossenhain, Saxony, quite far from the sea in the Deutsche Reich. After 'jumping ship, if it was that, he spent two years at Port Pirie, and then Oscar came through to Victoria, with a year spent near Nhill, and so to an orchard at Bayswater, east of Melbourne, where he eventually became a well known and respected identity. This did not stop him being Interned as a prisoner of war for 10 months during the 1914-1919 period, when he was Registered as an Alien at Ferntree Gully. Oscar was finally Naturalised at Bayswater on the 8th December 1921 by which time he had already spent nine years in his adopted country. His Oath was under the stringent Post-WAr, and then new, Nationality Act of 1920 in which he had to have his Alien assets checked by the Public Trustees, and Security clearance in relation to 'the Treaty of Peace Regulations relative to property rights and interests owned by him in the Commonwealth,' and, he was cleared, but whether he had his orchard property confiscated during the war like some, I have not been able to ascertain. He and his wife Ida raised about six children on the orchard in Bayswater.

Albert LEHNERT -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 24
Albert Heinrich Carl Hugo LEHMERT - born Germany, married Nelly Helen CADUSCH 1903

Heinrich Henry LEHRKE born Hannover > Sydney > Northcote Victoria.
Heinrich Henry LEHRKE was born in about 1851 at Sulzgitter, in the Königreich Hannover, Deutschland. Sulzgitter is now writ as Salzgitter, in Stadt Nieder Sachsen (Lower Saxony), Deutschland. Lehrke emigrated out of Germany to arrive in Australia, probably at first in New South Wales, for he made his way overland from Sydney to reach Victoria in March 1887. He came to Melbourne and went into business as a Dairyman in the then rural suburb of Northcote, on the pastures of the Merri creek. After fifteen years in Victoria, at age 57, Henry Lehrke swore Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 4th February 1898 when residing at No.359 High Street, Northcote, Victoria before Mr E. Baitings, Justice of the Peace of Victoria
.Luis Ludwig LEHRKE - born Germany, married Emily Jane SASSE 1901

Wilhelm Otto LEHRKE
Wilhelm Otto LEHRKE - born ? Deutschland. Arr, Australia? Registered as an Enemy Alien, 1914, Interned 1915 Perth, Western Australia > Melbourne 1917? - Married elsewhere ? to Edith May Lehrke. Their children were 'Kate' Katherine M E Lehre; Kittey A R Lehrke, and Enid Violet A M Lehrke, born 1916 in the East Coolgardie district. Wilhelm Otto Lehrke died at age 79 in Perth, Western Australia om 1957. His wife Edith May Lehrke survived him to die at age 85 in Perth in 1964.

Adolph LEIBNER born Germany, married Anne ELizabeth HOGAN 1888

Adolph LEIBUS -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" April 1880 age 41

Hugo LEIBUS -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" April 1880 age 11

Carl Bernardt Ludwig LEIMICH - born Germany, married Christiane ROEDER 1890

Johann heinrich August LEISTE - born Germany, married Anna Elisabeth TODE 1893

Anton LENNE - born Germany, married Bertha SMITH 1898

Carl Joseph LENNE - born Germany, married Hanah Maria SPEIRS 1889

Johann Konrad 'John' LEOPOLD Arr.13 Dec 1877 Port of Sydney per KELVATCIA - Nat. West Maitland NSW 1907 Gardener

Johann Wilhelm Max LEPPIN born Germany, married Sophia Lucia FEIGE 1887

Carl Charles LERME - born Germany, married Catherine Lucy BERNARD 1893

Henri LE ROI - born France m. 1912 Ellen Eva RYAN

Ernst Emil Friedrich LESSING born Germany, married Esther Jane WEIR 1888

Herr LESSING -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 50

Carl August Hermann LEUNIG -Bendigo, Vic.

Adolphus Moritz 'Morris' LEUSCHNER born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1881 Isabella SCHOMAN

B. A. LEVINSON - Nat.? 1915/1920

Isaac LEVENSON - born Germany, married Mary Jane SCHLEMM 1895

Ernst Ernie LEVERENZ - born Germany, married Susannah DE ROOUS 1909

Alexander LEVIN - born Germany, married Rowena SHIPWAY 1898

Bernhardt LEVY born Prussia, married 1885 Blanche GROSS

Heinrich Henry LEWIS /LOUIS / LUIS -born Germany, married 1882 Anna COHEN

Wilhelm LUIS / LEWIS - von Hamburg

Georg LUIS/LEWIS - von Prüßen Poland

Theodor Phillipp LHARDY - born Germany, married Angelo GENONI 1901

Ernst Heinrich LIEBENHENSCHEL born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1884 Auguste KUHL

Heinrich LIEBERT

Ernst Gustav Otto LIEBENOW was born on the 24th September 1889 in the City of Berlin, Brandenburg in the Deutsch Reich. He emigrated out of Deutschland on the steamship "KAISER WILHELM II No.1" and arrived in Australia at the Port of Melbourne in 1890. After disembarking Liebenow lived for ten years in Melbourne, and also for ten years in Belfast (Port Fairy), I am not sure in which order. Liebenow was aged 22, and residing at No.454 Harris street, Ultimo, New South Wales, and working as a Salesman and Printer, still unmarried on the 7th December 1911, when he went before MR. William Edward Brown, Justice of the Peace of New South Wales, and swore the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation. In response to the spirit of enmity and persecution in Australia LEIBENOW changed his name by Deed Poll on the 4TH July 1921 to ERNEST LEWIS, through the agency of Solictors Dalrymple and Blain, 22-39 Hunter Street, Sydney.

Hans Johannes Ernst Adolph LIEBENOW
Hans Johannes Ernst Adolph LIEBENOW -born Germany, m.1886 Julia HICKSH - Naturalised 1897 Enemy Alien / War Record File 1911-1927. Hans Johannes Ernst Adolph LIEBENOW died in 1927 at Kattaning, Western Australia.

Hans Johannes Ernst Adolph LIEBENOW - Prisoner of war at Liverpool Internment Camp, b

Otto Wilhelm LIEBENOW - was a deserter from the ship "S.S.CRICCIETH CASTLE' in the Port of Brisbane in 1903 He was born 11th July 1875 Steglitz, Deutschland. Arr. 1902 in australia. Naturalisation Certificate No.4952 at Ipswich, Queensland.

Robert Adolph Hans Johannes LIEBENOW
Robert Adolph Hans Johannes LIEBENOW was married in Victorian in 1913 to Mabel Louise JOHNSTONE. Their daughter John Axford Vinita Liebenow was born at Seymour in 1917. Enemy Alien / War Record File 1915-1920. Property at Belmont, Western Australia. Robert Adolph Hans Johannes LIEBENOW died at age 72 years in 1959 in Perth, Western Australia.

Georg LIEDLE b. Buda - near Pescht, Ungern, Österreich, [Austro-Hungarian Empire].
Georg LIEDLE was born on the 10th August 1856 in Austro-Hungarian Reiche at Buda, near Pescht, Ungern,Österreich, - now Budapest, Hungary. Liedle emigrated via the interim hub of refuge in England, and embarked from the Port of London on the vessel "CITY OF NANKIN" to arrive in Australia on the 22nd March 1876 at the Port of Adelaide. On Disembarking Liedle went up to the then mainly Germanic Catholic settlement at Seven Hills in the Clare Valley, where he stayed for sixteen years. At age 28, Georg Liedle was married on the 22 April 1885 to 20-year old Mary Anna BAUM at St Aloysius Church, Sevenhill, South Australia. Mary Ann Baum was born in Clare, South Australia, in 1865 to a German-born father, Fritz Friedrich Baum, and Irish-born mother, Mary Riley. Their children were: Georg Friedrich Leo Liedle b. 1886 Clare; Vincent Jubilee Liedle 1887, Clare; Bertram Aloysius Liedle 1889, Clare; Doris Katherine Liedle born 1893 in Clare. In about 1892 the Leidles went with the flow of adventurers to the Goldfields of Western Australia. At age 49, after 26 years in Australia, working as a Plumber,residing at No.193 Clancy street, Boulder City, Western Austalia, Liedle swore the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 26th August 1905 before Mr Harrie Saxon Lee, Justice of the Peace of Western Australia at Boulder City. Liedle was then married with three children, two sons and a daughter. George Liedle died in 1936 in Perth. His wife Mary Ann survived him to die in 1949 in Perth.

Karl Wilhelm LIERSE - von Schlesien, Prüßen (Silesia, Prussia), married Luise Marie STANSH / STANSCH 1895

Hermann LIETZOW / LIETZAU - born Germany, married Louise SCHROEDER 1889

Benjamin Ludwig LIHOWE /LIHAU - born Germany, married Hulda ZERNST 1901

Gunnar LILJA / LILYA -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881

Carl 'Charles' LINCKE - from Hamburg, married Ellen CAVELL 1890 Vic.

Ralph Wilhelm Norman LIND - Naturalised 1888

Carl Oscar Matthaeus LINDEMANN born Prüßen (Prussia_, married 1883 Eliza Jane WILSON

Heinrich Ferdinand LINDEMANN born Germany, married Maria KOPMANN 1887

Clarenz LINDEN

Otto LINDEN - born Germany, married 1881 Clara JOSKE

Carl Johann LINDEN - von Sweden

Carl Ulrich LINDENBLETH, born Memel, Ost Prüßen (East Prussia)
Carl Ulrich LINDENBLETH was born on the 9th September 1839 at Memel, near Koenigsburg, Ost Prüßen (East Prussia). (now near Kalingrad, Russia, really Lithuania). Lindenbleth emigrated out of Deutschland via the interim sanctuary of England from whence he embarked on the ship "LIGURIA" arriving in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on 16th April 1884. Lindenbleth married in Victoria and produced three Australian daughters and one son. Four years after Australia's Federation he had resided for 18 months in Melbourne, Seven years in Geelong, 18 months in Colac, and another 5 years in Melbourne, before moving to Brighton where he had then been for five and a half years. After 20 years in Australia, at the age of 65, working as a Grocer in Bay street, Brighton he took Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 30th Ausust 1904. Ulrich Lindenbleth was married to Dorothea ZOX, probably a sister of the Liverpool-born, early Melbourne philanthropist, Ephraim Laman ZOX. The LINDENBLETH's son, Louis Lindenbleth died at Brighton, Melbourne after the war ground Europe to its end in 1919 at the age of 31 years.

Johann Hjalmar Berg VON LINDHE
Johann Hjalmar Berg VON LINDHE was a Farmer and Farm Machinery Expert who worked for H.V. McKAY's Sunshine Harvestor Company at Sunshine, northwest of Melbourne, Victoria. His was one of the bright young minds that helped to see Australia leading the world in Agricultural inventiveness. Lindhe was born on the 15th March 1863 at Helsingborg, Sweden. He embarked from the Port of Gottenborg, Sweden on the ship "ANDRILA" arriving in Australia at the Port of Geelong, Victoria on the 28th February 1887. He had lived for 14 years in the vicinity of H.V. McKAY's family seat at Drummartin, (northeast of Bendigo), at Katandra, in the Goulburn Valley of Victoria, and then for 4 years at the 'Illillawa Station, on the black soil plains near Hay, New South Wales. He was married and by 1911 had five Australian children. He completed his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at Sunshine, Victoria on the 29th May 1911.

Ernst Wilhelm Johann LINDHOLM, Thoona, Victoria, Butter Factory Propietor Arr. from Cape Town, Sth Africa. 28 march 19067 'SUVIC' at Pt Melbourne, Victoria. - Nat. 20 Oct 1915 Thoona, nr Wangaratta, Vic

Johann Wilhelm LINDT - born Germany, married Catherine Elizabeth COUSENS 1889

Heinrich LINDUPP

Paul LINGAUSCH from Strasburg, Germany, married Bertha SCHIEDEL 1899

Johann LINHOS -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 26 - with wife Johanne 23

David LINKS LINKZ -born Poland, m.1886 Sarah LINDOP

Isadore LIPMAN, LIPMANN - born Germany, married Clara Jane MAYNARD 1894

Otto carol Adolph LIPPOLD - born Germany, married Emma caroline BOESENBERG 1890

Conrad Heinrich LISCHELD - born Germany, married Mary Ann BENNETT 1899

Gottlieb LIST - from Neumark, Prüßen (Prussia)

Paul LIST - von Neumark, Prüßen (Prussia)

Herr S LITTAUER -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 25

Heinrich LOCHT

Augustine LODEWYCKZ Professor from Belguim
Augustine LODEWYCKZ b. 8 December 1876, Boischott, Antwerp, Belguim Arrived from South Aufrica 20 July 1914 @ S.S. RUNIC' at Port Melborune. (University Professor - Uni of Melbourne,0 - Res. SoutH Yarra, Nat. Beatty St, Mont Albert, VIC 24 MAr 1924. Formerly 3yrs Holland 5 yrs South Africa, 5 yrs Belguin Congo, Wife, Anna Sophia Lodewycka born Fish River , SoutH Africa. Children; Karel Axel age 13, Hilma Dymphna age 7

Wilhelm LOEHNER - born Germany, married Emma Charlotte HASLER 1899


Paul LOHN -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 18


Heinrich LOHMANN -born Germany, married 1882 Mary Alice ALLDERSEA

Johann Joseph LOHMER

Julius LOHMEYER b.1849 Minden, Westphalen, Rheinland - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879 @ age 30 Techniker /Mechanic

Adolph LOHMEYER b. 1853 Minden, Westphalen - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, @ age 26 Techniker

Heinrich August Carl Hermann LÖHN -
Heinrich Auguste Carl Hermann LÖHN was born on the 26th April 1863 at Neu Brandenburg, in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Deutschland. H.A.C.H. LÖHN emigrated out of Deutschland on the vessel "IBERIA " to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne om the 4th April 1886. LÖHN was married in 1897 in Victoria to London-born Edith Elisabeth GUTIKE, daughter of Paul Carl Wilhelm & Clara GUTIKE. Their children were: Irma Luise Paula LÖHN b.1898 Camberwell, Richard Heinrich LÖHN b.1901 Balwyn. At the age of 41, after 18 years in Australia, August Carl Hermann LÖHN was in business as a manufacturer, and living at Canterbury Road, Canterbury when he took the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of 13th March 1904 at No.235 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. H.A.C.H.LÖHN died in Camberwell at age 75 in 1938. His wife Edith Elisabeth survived him to die in Canterbury in 1956 at age 83.

Richard Ernst Johann August LÖHN d.1910 @ age 49 Melbourne South.

Wilhelm Johann Martin LOHSE -born Germany, married 1882 Pietertje QUAK

Christian Carl LONGART / LONGHART - born Germany, married Hermine BUSCH 1891

Nicolaus Hunert LONGEABERG / LONGENBERG - born Germany, married Caroline Maria GOLDMAN 1901

Wilhelm 'William' LONGSTAFF - born Hamburgh, m.1886 Auguste Wilhelmine ALBERT

Johannes Anton LOOS & Johanne Maria M BENTFELD - Arr. 1904

Albert Carl LOOSER - born Silesia, Prüßen ( Prussia), Arr.1893 Sydney > Midland Junction, WA

Walter Behrend LORCK - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Winfred Hart Woollaxhall 1889 Vic.
Ladislaus LORENZ - born Germany, married 1881 Catherine MILLER / MULLER

Thomas Carl 'Charles' LORENS / LORENZ - born Germany, married Eliz MAGEE/ MAGREE 1889

Friedrich Wilhelm LORENZ - born Germany, married Elizabeth Rachel CLARK 1890

Heinrich Henry LORENZ - born Germany, married Elizabeth Ann HICKS 1908

Theodor LORENZ - born Germany, married Mary Ann O'BRIEN 1891

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm LOSEWITZ - von Prüßen (Prussia), married Betty Dorothea maria Wohlgehagne 1889 Vic.

Johann Joseph Franz LOSKILL born Germany, married Mary Ann BOYAN 1887

Solly Hyman LOW - von Romania

Heinrich 'Harry/ Henry' LOWE
Heinrich 'Harry or Henry' LOWE -was born 29th April 1873 at Hamburgh, Deutschland. He emigrated from the Port of his home city on the vessel 'MARGUERITE' arriving at the Port of Melbourne on the 15th August 1891. On Disembarking LOWE went to live on the Mooroolbool River at Morrisons, north of Geelong for his first nine years in Australia. He was married in Victoria in 1901 to Christina Younger Fleming Macphegan MALCOLM. She was born 1877 Geelong to Robert Malcolm & Helen Pattison. Lowe was living with his wife and one son and one daughter at Cozens Place, Geelong, where he had been for six years when he took the Oath in his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 5th November 1906. He was then working as a Fish Agent and fishmonger. The LOWE children were: 1. Amy Alice LOWE born 1904 Geelong; 2.Jack LOWE born 1907 died 1908 Geelomg; 3.Jack's twin, James LOWE born 1907 Geelong; 4. Carl Malcolm LOWE born 1911 Geelong; and 5. Julia Christina LOWE born 1912 Geelong.


Isaac LOWENSTEIN - born Germany, married Emily HOLGATE 1896

Johann Joachim Heinrich LUBCKE - von Pommern, Prüßen (Pomerania, Prussia)

Gustavus Wasa LUBISCH born Prussia, married 1880 Ruth HOWARD

Johann Carl Heinrich LÜBKE/LUCKY - von Stettin, Pommern, Prüßen (Pomerania, Prussia)

Heinrich Henry LUBKE - born Germany, married Annie BELL 1906

Heinrich Siegmund LÜBKE - von Stettin, Pommern, Prüßen (Pomerania Prussia)

Joseph LUCHICH born Austria, married Flora DERWIN 1878

August Jules LUCK from Alsace, married Emma BEES 1894

Paul LÜCK - b. 1848 Berlin - Arr per SOPHIE 20 Sept 1879 Sydney NSW Age 31 Kaufmann/merchant

Theodor Bernhard Wilhelm LUCKOW born Germany, married Elizabeth Emily JONES 1888

'Erdmann' Edmund Walter LUCKWALD -born Germany, married 1882 Theresa Charlotte KIRBY

Balthasar Christoph Bornemann LUDBYE, German Finn - Naturalised 1919/1920

Doctor Carl LUDECKE, Scientist / Patent for textile cleaners

Friedrich LUDECKE - Queensland

Adolph Carl Hermann LUDERS - from Schleswig/Danmark

Johann Petter LUDERS - born Germany, married Alice Eleanor THOMAS 1896

Ernst Heinrich Ludwig LUDEKE / LUEEKE - born Germany, married Wilhelmine GRIMM 1898

Alfred LUDLUM/ LUDLAM -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 55

Jean Maximilian LUDOLPH - born Germany, married Martha LEAHY 1905

Heinrich Robert LUDWICK

Carl LUDWIG -von Schleswig/Danmark
Fritz Friedrich LUDWIG born Germany, married Margaret MEANY 1887

Friedrich Elliott Von FRANKENBERG UND LUDWIGSDORF - naturalised 1932

Johann Georg LUEHMANN / LUHMANN - born Germany, married Maude Isoline Isobel MERCHANT 1891

Gustav LUFFSMANN - von Strasbourg m.1909 Catherine HYNES

Herr B LUHDE -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 28

Luis Hansen LUND - born Germany, married 1881 Henerique Marie BOADE


Kurt LUTHER - Naturalised 1914

Wilhelm Friedrich Albert LUTHER - Naturalised 1908 Ipswich, QLD.

Christian Johannes LUTJOHANN born Germany, married Kate BEAUCHAMP 1888

Wilhelm Heinrich LUTTICH - born Germany, married Julia O'SHEA 1892

Erwin Julius Eduard LUTZ - Arr. 1909 Port august Railway Worker

Carl Ludwig LUZ/ LUTZ - born Königreich Württemberg married Mathilde Victoria Elisabeth BEHRMANN 1879

Gustav LUTZ
Gustav LUTZ - born 26th October 1883 at Sindringen, near Forchtenberg, Königreich Württemberg. At about 16 years of age Gustav Lutz emigrated out of Deutschland to the freedom of England where he lived in London from about 1897. He embarked from the Port of London on the steship "GNEISAU" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 26th May 1913. Lutz was Naturalised here on 6th March 1922 at No.246 High Street, Northcote. Smallgoodsman & manufacturer. Part-Owner of the 'Ham and Beef shop.'

Christian Friedrich Julius LUTZE - Naturalised 1905

Julius LUZ born 6th November 1881 Freibach, Königreich Württemberg
Phillipp Heinrich LUZ - born Königreich Württemberg, married Maria Anna KLEIN 1891 - Naturalised 1893
Paul Emil LUZ Königreich Württemberg,
THE LUZ KINSMEN of Württemberg: 1. Carl Ludwig LUZ
2. Paul Emil LUZ
was born pn the 29th November 1884 at Rothenberg, Kreis Connstadt, Königreich Württemberg. LUZ left Deutschland by the relatively unimagined route of entering France and then transversing the Alpine passes into Italy. He emigrated in the ship 'RHEIN' out of the Port of Genoa, to arrive at the Port of Melbourne on the 21st November 1901. Paul Emil Luz took the oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at Echuca on the 4th of December 1905 while residing at Wyuna, Victoria, where he was a self-employed vigneron and farmer. His age was the 21, and he had been four years in Australia.
3. Phillip Heinrich LUZ b. Königreich Württemberg

4. Julius LUZ
was born 6th November 1880 at Rothenberg, Königreich Württemberg. Luz emigrated with his kinsman Paul Emil on the ship 'RHEIN' out of the Port of Genoa, to arrive at the Port of Melbourne on the 21st November 1901. He spent the next six years at different place sin Victoria, then went outback, first into Queensland for two years, then Western Australia for two years, and so to the Northern Territory. In 1918 Julius LUZ was Registered as an Enemy Alien at Boroloola, Northern Terrotory. He was working as a Drover, in Port Darwin, of the Northern Territory, and Aged 29 when he swore the oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation, on the 20th April 1911 before the Justices of the Peace for the Northern Territory, Messrs Alexander McFeat & Walter Charles Paxton Bell.


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