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U Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated


Hermann Harm UDEN -born Hannover, m.1886 Rachel PEMBERTON

Carl 'Charles UEBERGANG from Germany, married Maria ALBERT 1897

Diedrich UECKERMANN born Germany, married Matilda SMITH 1887

Georg Herbert UECKERMANN

Hans Heinrich UHLENBERG


Heinrich Karl UHLIG - Furrier - b. 6 Aug 1887 Zwickau, Saxony - Wife: Dorothy b. 16 Sept 1893- - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1913-1917

Wilhelm Peter ULAND
Wilhelm Peter ULAND Cook, - born Belguim, Arrived 4th April 1913 at Melbourne, Victoria

C. H. UHLMANN - - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1901 assist

Carl August ULBRICH
Carl August ULBRICH was born in about 1837 at Neu Beutnitz, Neumark, (Öst Brandenburg) Prüßen, Deutschland. Ulbrich arrived in Adelaide, South Australia in early July 1877 and five days later took the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of 13th July 1877 at Adelaide. He was then 40 years old and was a farmer by profession.

Johann ULBRICK born Germany, married Clara FREYSTAG 1887

Franz ULBRICK Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 59

Gustav Anton ULBRICK - b, Freiberg, Saxony, Arr. 1890 Sydney NSW > Pearler, Broome, WA

Johann Friedrich Hermann ULBRICH,
Johann Friedrich Hermann ULBRICH was born on the 23st January 1872 at Krossen (Neu Beutnitz, Kreis Krossen, Neumark, (Öst Brandenburg) Prüßen, Deutschland) (he says Silesia). Johann Friedrich Hermann ULBRICH - Schoolteacher dissmissed from his post at Busselton, WA because of a claim that he was an Enemy Alien. He countyered this with the legality of his Paternal Naturalisation forty years previously, where an under-age child of a father or mother who becames a naturalised Brithis subject is deemed to naturalised under the Commonwealth Act. He arrived in South Australia at the age of 3 years 40 years previous. So he was right, but the Authority given a rare stoke of excercising absolute and tyrannical power had played him for a pawn and already dismissed him from his post before any evidence could be heard. The burden of proof was then upon Ulbrich to be show why he should be re-instated to his position as the Headmaster at Bussellton State School. The Western Australian Teacher's Union took up the case and wrote in support saying that the Department respect Ulbrich as an upright, trustworthy and loyal citizen. They portrayed his loak of Naturalisation documents as a misconception. He died in 1963 at age 91 Perth WA.

Paul Robert ULBRICH
Paul Robert ULBRICH was born in about 1874 at Neu Beutnitz, Neumark, (Öst Brandenburg) Prüßen, Deutschland. Ulbrich arrived in Adelaide, South Australia in early July 1877 and was not covered by his father's Naturalisation. At the age of 26 after 23 years in Australia, hew was working as a Storekeeper's Assistant at Edithburgh, South Australia when he Swore the Oath to be Naturalise din his Aliens Memorial of 9th May 1901 at Edithburgh.

Emile Gustavus ULM Artist.
Emil Gustavus ULM born Albert Park, Melbourne

Albert ULMITZ - Naturalised 1910

Georg Heinrich Friedrich ULRICH

H. F. ULSHOFER - Naturalised 1922

Theodor ULSTEIN / ULSTEEN - Naturalised 1908

Laurenz 'Lawrence' ULSTRUP
Laurenz 'Lawrence' ULSTRUP was born on the 19th September 1843 at Arendal, Norway. Ulstrup emigrated by way of the the Atlantic Crossing to Amerika and embarked in the United States on the vessel "W.A.CAMPBELL" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria in December 1888. On disembarking Ulstrup spent a year in Melbourne and then immigrated for work in the smelting works at Port Pirie, South Australia where he had been for twenty years by 1909. After 21 years in Australia at the age of 66 Ulstrup was married, with five Australian sons and one daughter, working as a Carrier in Port Pirie, South Australia, when he took the Oath to be Naturalised oin his Aliens Memorial of the 13th August 1909.


Wilhelm Jurgen Austin UMBEHAUEN
Wilhelm Jurgen Austin UMBEHAUEN /UNBERHAUEN [Naturalisation 1897 - 1897/F10105 Victoria ; Enemy alien? MP16/1 Bayswater 1915/3/640]- born Germany, married Lizzie Hetta BOCK 1905

UNBEBAVEN, W. / UNBEHAUEN - Paying 1897 Warragul West Gippsland Rates on Lot 42 E at Neerim East

Ernst Hugo UMLAUFT Baker, Epping, Victoria
Ernst Hugo UMLAUFT, the son of Theodor Umlauft, was born on the 21st April 1878 at Meissen, northwest of Dresden, Königreich Sachsen, (Kingdom of Saxony), Deutschland Ernst Hugo UMLAUFT emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich per the vessel "ZEITEN" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Sydney, NSW on the 5th July 1908. On disembarking he seems to have immediately transhipped to Melbourne where he resided for four years before moving up to Epping. He was married to Bertha HUDTOFF in Victoria in 1911. Children: 1. Wilhelm Sydney UMLAUFT b. 1911 Prahran; 2. Hugo Siegried UMLAUFT b. 1913 Epping. After six year sin Australia, at the age of 36 he was married with two children and working as a Baker at Epping when, on the brink of war being declared, he took the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Petition of 17th August 1914. Ernst Hugo UMLAUFT died in 1956 at Warragul at age 78 years. His wife Bertha Umlauft nee Hudaff, died in 1968 at Ballarat aged 79 years.

Herr A UNGERER -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 34

Otto Christian Jacob UNGERER - 1927

Hugo UMLAUFT born 21 april 1878 Meipsen, Saxony . - Emigrated von Deutschland per steamship ZIETEN arrived 5th July 1908 at Port Sydney NSW > Melbourne 4 yrs > Epping 2 yrs by 1914. Married 2 kind. Nat. 17th Auguts 1914 Epping Baker
Alfred Wilhelm Hermann UNGER - Glass cutter SA

Albert Ferdinand Wilhelm UNGER
b. Eisleben Sachsen >Kalgoorlie WA

Christian UNGER born Germany, married Nellie MURPHY 1888

Christoph UNGER - Nat. 1907

Gottfried Heinrich August UNGER - b. 1872 Hasselfelde, Braunschweig Arr 1903 Sydney Butcher.

Richard Heinrich Rudolph UNGER - von Hamburg m.1903 Anna KLEIN - Nat. 1910

Carl Anton Wilhelm UNGERER - 1913

O C J UNGERER - 1927- 1928

Hermann UNKENSTEIN from Germany, married Louisa DEANS 1901 - Naturalised 1914

Hermann Wilhelm Alfred UNGER - Glazier, b. 27 Dec 1879 Hamburg. Wife: Ida May CROWHURST b. 9 March 1879 - - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1908-1910

Richard Henirch Rudolph UNGER , Modeller b.24 Sept 1874 Hamburgh - wife: Ida Anna KLEIN (3 Mar 1875 - 1 April 1965 Kew) Child: Margaretha Berth 30 June 1904; helena anne 1 Aug 1907; Rudoph Richard 10 Feb 1911-27 Dec 1911; Charlotte Luise Unger. - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1904-1914

August UNHOLDT (aka HUNHOLD) - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1880 1882 assist

Oskar Hugo UNKENSTEIN - born Germany, married Martha Luise Johanne WITTIG 1909 - naturalised 1915

Eduard Emil UNKENSTEIN Engineer - Naturalised 1884. Married.
- Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1 June 1887 at age 43. Not accepted.

Henrik David Waldemar Stanislaus UNMACK - Sydney Masseur.

Heinrich Christoffer Friedrich UNRAU - Naturalised 1897

Andreas Peter UNSGAARD - nat. 1927

Alfred UNSEN -
Alfred UNSEN b. 11th august 1883 Calmus, Provinz Redange, Luxemburg, Arr."COMMONWEALTH' 4th Feb 1909 Sydney NSW > Brisban QLD > SA Furniture Manufacturer. Adelaide nat. 7 May 1914 Adelaide SA

Heinrich Henry UNTERBERG -
Heinrich Henry UNTERBERG b. 6th September 1852 Wachenhausen Hannover Arr, S.S. HOHENZOLLERN 17 April 188 Sydney > Woodstock NSW Gardener, Nat. 12 Macrch 1907

Hugo UNVERDORBEN born 4 Nov 1868 at Alt Seidenberg, Silesia, Prussia - Backer/ baker Arr. 22 May 1902 NDL S. OLDENBURG at Fremantle WA - Subiaco, WA - Nat. 10 aug 1914 - Age 45 - 12 yrs in Australia
Richard UNVERFEHRT was born on the 14th December 1886 at Berlin. Provinz Brandenburg, in the Deutsch reich. Arr. May 1909 " S.S. HELIGOLAND at Brisbane QLD > Butcher/ Naturalised 3 August 1914 No.35 Roy Street, South Melborune Age 27 - Five Years in Australia

UNVERHAN, B. Paying Warragul Rates 1897 on Lot 17, sect 2, Darnum, Vic.

August Ludwig Diedrich Theodor UNVERZAGT -
August Ludwig Diedrich Theodor UNVERZAGT Born Bremen Arr. 1880 SA Greengrocer Eudunda SA Nat. 1 Oct 1895 Age 32, 15 yr in AUstralia

Joseph UNZEITIG - Naturalised 1901

Theodor Johann UPHOFF

Curt Kurt URBAN from Germany, married Evan VEITCH 1890

Hans Johannes URBAN born Germany, married Sarah Ann JARVIS 1888

Wilhelm URBAN from Germany, married Jane YOUNG 1891

Johann Karsten UTHENWOLDT - born Germany, married Ellen May TELFER 1912


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