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O Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated



Lein Louis OBANSKI
Lein Louis OBANSKI was born oon the 28th February 1866 in the village of Calmich in Provinz Posen, Prussia. Obanski emigrated by way of the interim hub of refuge in Great Britain from where he embarked from the Port of London on the ship SOBRAONN and arrive din Australian at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria two days before Christmas in 1884. After disembarking Obanski resided for two year sin Melbourne before immigrating to Sydney where he stayed 13 years, then went to Brisbane QLD where he stayed five years before heading west to Perth at about the end of 1903. Obanski was married, and living with his wife, where he was in business as a Seondhand Dealer, when he swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation from a residence at No.22 Murray Street, Perth, on the 17th May 1908. Their son who was born about 1895 living with them in Perth in 1908, another son son Cecil B Obanski died in Marrickville, NSW in 1897. Lein Obanski died in 1938 in Sydney NSW at age 74 years
OBERDORF, Henriette -from Silesia, m.1877 Theodor HAFERKORN

August OBERSCHELP, Engineer-
August OBERSCHELP wa sborn on the 31st March 1884 at Schildeche, Westphalen, Deutschland. Arr, from Hamburg October 1911 SS NEW MUENSTER at Melbourne, > No.14 Tarrengower street, Yarraville VIC. Nat. 14th August 1914
Oskar OBETH b. Austria Stone Mason,
Oskar OBETH was born on the 24th April 1887 at Theresienfeld, Schlesien, (Austrian Silesia) Österreich, Austria. Theresienfeld is now Terezín, Czech Republic. Oskar Obert emigrated out of the Austrian Reich by way of South Africa, and he embarked form that place on the ship 'OHRINGEN" to arrive in Australian at the Port of Melbourne in March 1912. Obeth was a Stone Mason by profession, and after disembarking he resided at Notting Hill above the Dandenong Creek at Mulgrave for six months, then in Prahran for thirteen months before settling in St Kilda. He was residing at No. 27 Koleridge (Coleridge) Street, St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, after two years and four montsh in Australia, at age 24, and married, working as a stone mason at St Kilda, when Obeth swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 8th August 1914.
Ernst Alexander Werner OCKI - born Germany, married Alma Annie MORE 1892

Werner OCKI Naturalised 1899

Wilhelm Friedrich Christian ODE
Wilhelm Friedrich Christian ODE was born on the 6th October 1853 at Nortorf, Holstein, Danmark / which soon became a province of Deutschland. - ODE emigrated out of Deutschland by way of Great Britain from where he embarked on the ship "KNIGHT COMMANDER" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Williamstown, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria on the 2nd February 1873. On disembarking Ode went up the line, crossing the Murray into New South Wales, where he resided at Gulgong for thirteen years, before settling in Sydney, where he had been residing for eighteen years by the time he became Naturalised. Ode married in Gulgong to Annie Margaret TRUBUTE in 1883. The Ode children were: Anna Auguste ODE born 1886 Gulgong; Dorathea L. ODE born 1888 Sydney; Christian H. ODE born 1889 Sydney; Ernst Lorentzen ODE born 1891 Sydney; Leslie Arthur ODE born 1895 Sydney, and Herbert Cecil ODE born 1898 Sydney, New south Wales. In Sydney ODE was working as a Collector aged 51, after 31 years in Australia when he sowre the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 16th January 1905. Christian Wilhelm Friedrich Ode died in 1906 at age 72 in the Rookwood Asylum, Granville, NSW. His wife survived him and died in 1918 in Manly at age 71 years.
Solomon David ODERBERG - Russia Pole / Prussia
Solomon David ODERBERG was born on the 22nd August 1886 at Gnewasof (or Gneivasof), in then Russian Poland. Oderberg emigrated out of Eastern Europe by way of the interim refuge and peace in Great Britain from where he embarked at the Port of London on the Steamship BALLARAT' and arrived with his wife and child in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 19th October 1912. On disembarkation the Oderbergs resided at No 70 Drummond Street, Carlton, and the at No. 75 Richardson Street, Albert Park, in Melbourne. After two years in Australia, as a Tailor of the age of 28 years, Oderberg swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation in the 20th July 1915 at albert Park, Victoria. His wife was Jane Goldberg, and their Australian -born children were Harry 'Heinrich' Oderberg 1016 Albert park, Albert Oderberg 1917 and Betty Olderberg b. 1920 South Melbourne. Solomon David Oderberg died on Melbourne in 1961 at age 75. His wife Janie Oderberg predeceased him dying in 1960 in Richmond at age 67.
Hermann Karl ODERMATT & Katherina ODERMATT
Hermann Karl ODERMATT son of Antoin Odermatt and Rosina Mischler was born in Kupperhammer, Luzern, Switzerland in about 1891. In Melbourne Hermann ODERMATT enlisted in the [A.I.F.] Australian Imperial Force on the 4th March 1915 as a Naturalised British Subject, and afterwards went into Active service in Gallipoli, where he was wounded, and in Egypt. His kinsmann Katherina ODERMATT, daughter of Joseph ODERMATT was born at 19th June 1874 at Luzern, Canton Luzern, Switzerland. Katherina ODERMATT emigrated from Central Europe to England before the war, and had been living in the interim refuge of England for six years during the maetstrom of the War. She was Registers as an Alien at Dover, England. From there they embarked from the Port of London in the ship "S.S.OATERSLEY" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 16th September 1916. Frankston 6 yrs . Surrey Hills 8 yrs - 10th may 1930 - c/- Mrs M Parer, 297 Mont albert Road, Surrey Hills, Vic. Hermann ODERMATT was married in 1916 in Victoria to Olive Myrtle SCANLON (1891-1965) and they had at least three sons: Herman Patrick Odermatt, born Collingwood(1918-1946); Francis Joseph Odermatt, born Fitzroy North, (1919-1969), and Terence Constantine Odermatt, born 1920 Northcote, Victoria. Hermann Karl ODERMATT died at age 78 in 1969 at Kingsbury, Reservoir, Victoria. His wife predeceased him by about four years.
Otto ÖMISCH / Otto OEMISCH - naturalised 1904

Adolph OFFENSEN - born Germany, married Alice Wilhelmine AHRENDTS 1900

Mettin OFFENSTEIN born Germany, married 1880 Margaret SMITH

Carl Theodor OFFSZANKA - born Bielefeld, Westphalen, Prüßen (Wesphalia, Prussia)
Altmarkt Bielefeld, Westphalen, Prüßen
Carl Theodor OFFSZANKA was born on the 2nd December 1874 at Bielefeld, in Eastern Westphalia, in the Prüßen Rheinland (Prussian Rhineland) quarter of the then 3 year old Deutsch Reich. He was a Furrier by trade. He emigrated in Australia having departed Deutschland for England, from the Interim Port of London on the the ship "S.S.ORONTES" arriving on Melbourne on the 26th February 1904. He was married in Victoria to Ida SCHADE in Melbourne in 1908. When he made the Oath in his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation he had been over ten years in Australia and was living at his residence known as "Westphalia" in Guildford Road, Surrey Hills, Victoria, over the eve if not the eye of the war, on the 6th August 1914.
Paul OHLOFF - from Berlin. Married Editha Wissing 1898 Vic.

Friedrich Wilhelm OEHR, from Bremen, married Anne Mary Lawrence McGREGOR 1873 Nat.1891

Wilhelm OEKLER from Hannover,married MJane HARTNELL 1868

Louis Herbert OELMANN married Mary STANLEY m.1909

Friedrich OELSNIK b, Brandenburg Arr. 1882 Melborune > Rainbow Nat, 1906

Philippp Aussenh OFER born Germany, married Anna MUELLER 1887

Carl Joseph OHLER born Austria, married Alice Maude PAISLEY 1882 - Nat.1890

Johann Heinrich OHMEN born Germany, married Elise Charlotte Friedericke HOLBING 1887

Erwin OHMAYER, b. 28 aug 1888 Isny, Königreich Württemberg. Ar, 1912 Adelaide > Draper, Tanunda, SA

Peter Anton OHMANN from ? married Sarah Jane TAYLOR m.1886

Johann Heinrich OHMANN from Germany -m.Elise Charlotte Friedericke HOLBING m.1887

Hans Johannes OLL-REINSON,b. Reval, Russia > arr. Melb 1912 > Derrimut Vic Compositor Nat. Hochkirch (Tarrington) Vic.

Niels Peter OLSEN born Schleswig m.Marie LORENZ

W A OLSON -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 29

Julius Richard OPELT / OPELTZ - born Leipzig, m.1886 Rosa DREWS

Carl Gustav OPITZ Arr. 1907 Adelaide, Bicylce Enigineer

Emanuel Hugo Karl OPITZ Schlesien, Prüßen
Emmanuel Hugo Karl OPITZ emigrated out of Deutschland on the ship "HOHENSTAUFEN" arriving at the Port of Melbourne on the 30th October 1886. Opitz was born on 27th December 1864 at Liebenthal, Schlesien, Prüßen (Silesia, Prussia). He was a Furrier by profession and he crossed Bass Strait to Tasmania to ply the business for six months, before returning to Melbourne. At age 47, and after 24 and a half years in Australia he Swore the Oath in his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation, still a Furrier and still a bachelor, while living at 128 Brunswick street, Fitzroy on the 2nd November 1911.

'Frank' Franz OPITZ (aka Louis ZINGEN) MP16/ 1 - 1914-1917 Waterside Worker & Union Organiser

Isaac OPITZ was born on the 10th day of March 1850 at Neumarkt, Provinz Breslau, Silesia, Prussia. - He emigrated from the port of Bremen, Deutschland and took ship to Australia, arriving at the Port of Sydney, New South Wales on the second of September 1886. On disembarkation he immigrated south to Melbourne, Victoria, where he went into business and lived for ten years. Isaac OPITZ was married to Pauline Opitz (died 1932 Newton, Sydney) and his memorial of 1909 puts on the record that he had a married son, - Isidor Opitz (see below) living in Sydney, as well as a married daughter, then living in Perth, Western Australia. - After 23 years in Australia Isaac Opitz took the Oath for his alien's Memorial and was Naturalized on the 13th August 1909 when trading as a Watchmaker & Jeweller, trading from and living at No.182 George Street, Sydney, NSW.

Isidor OPITZ
Isidor OPITZ - son of Isaac & Paulina OPITZ, was born 5th August 1874 at Freistadt, Silesia - in the former Prussian territories of the then three year-old, United Deutsch Reich. Freistadt is now Fryštát in the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic. Isidor OPITZ emigrated out of Deutschland, departing from Bremerhaven, Bremen on the ship "Nürnberg" (Nuremberg), arriving at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on the 2nd September 1887. On disembarking Opitz resided in Melbourne for nine years, working as a Watchmaker and Jeweller. In about 1896 he immigrated to Sydney, New South Wales, where he became the manager of a Jewellery Firm, with on address at No.32A Fort Street, Sydney, NSW. Isidor Opitz was married in Sydney in 1909 to Ada DERMOT. Their son Favio P OPITZ was born in Sydney in 1910. In Sydney, after 23 years in Australia, and 14 years in NSW, he took the Oath of Allegiance for his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised on the 6th April 1911. He was then married and resided with his wife and their son at the above address. Isidor & Ada OPITZ both died the same year in 1932 in Sydney, NSW.

Julius OPIT - born Germany, Watchmaker /Jeweller Arr. 1887 Melb Married Sarah RAPKEN 1895

Louis Israelowitz OPITZ from Poland -Prüßen - m. Rebecca LYONS nee BARNETT m. 1893

Marcus Maroun OPITZ
Marcus Maroun OPITZ was born on the 10th March 1848 at Petrokov, Prussia (or Russian Poland). Opitz emigrated by way of and interim residence in West Prüßen and embarked from Deutschland in the ship "NURNBERG' to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 2nd September 1887 with his wife Pearsha Opitz, and their children: Isodor OPITZ born in Freistadt, West Prüßen; and Edie LAZAROFF born at Petrokov, Poland. On disembarking Markus Opitz resided in Melbourne for nine years and then immigrated to Sydney, New South Wales in about 1896. Markus OPITZ was Registered as an Enemy Alien at Darlinhurst during the war (cert No. 1293). Opitz was residing at No.49 Dowling Street, Paddington, Sydney, when he swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at Newtown on the 25th June 1921. His son Isidor OPITZ was then age 47, and working as a Hotelkeeper in King street, Newton, Sydney, NSW. Isidor and Ada Opitz son, Favio P Opitz was born in Sydney NSW in 1910.

Nathan Israel OPITZ m. Esther JACOBS

Paul Robert Eduard OPITZ - born Liegnitz, Silesia
Paul Robert Eduard OPITZ born Liegnitz, Schlesien, Prüßen (Silesia, Prüssia), Carpenter Arr. 1879 Paul R E Opitz was married Martha to Emilie Caroline HULSENBECK in 1891 in Victoria and their daughter Olga Alma Martha Opitz was born at Brighton, Victoria in 1892. - Nat 1888

Johannes Heinrich OPPEL born Germany, married 1880 Maria Catherine Wilhelmine BOTH -

Phillipp OPPER - -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 52 - born Germany, married Wilhelmine CHURCHMAN 1900 Nat.1903

Friedrich OPPENLAENDER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 32
Friedrich OPPERLANDER - born Germany, married Mary Lousia BRASSER 1890

Carl OPPENLANDER b.1851 Lowenstein, Königreich Württemberg > Arr 1878 Melbourne NORTHUMBERLAND > Swan Hill, Farmer

Ludwig OPPENLANDER, Arr,1 may 1884 Adelaide MARSALLA > Narraderra >Seymour> Elmore > Coachbuilder, Swan Hill

Hugo Anton Alfred ORTH - born Germany, married Sarah Anna Sophia STEPHENS 1908
Hugo Anton Alfred ORTH , the son of Anton Alfred ORTH & Johanne TRUDCHEN, was born on the 7th December 1877 at Breege on the Baltic Island of Rügen, in Pommern (Pomerania) in the United Deutsch Reich - (now Vorpommern-Rügen district, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). - He emigrated from Deutschland by way of England,then departing from St Shields, England on the shio "S.S. CANADA CAPE" to arrive at the Port of Melbourne, Australia on the 6th December 1904. He was married to Yallock, Cranbourne, Westernport-born Sarah Anna Sophia STEPHENS, (the daughter of Francis Pye STEPHENS & Sarah Ann RIDGEWAY) in Victorian in 1908. In 1911, after seven years in Australia, while working as a labourer, living at No. 83 Tarrrengower street, Yarraville, Victoria, he took the Oath of Allegiance for his Alien's Memorial and was Naturalised. Hugo Anton ORTH died in Yarraville in 1949 at the age of 71 years. His wife Sarah Ann ORTH outlived him, dying in Footscray in 1973 at the age of 91.

Wilhelm Ludwig ORTH b. Neuenburg, Baden Arr 1889 Sydney - Nat. 1915

Francis frank ORTHNER Nat 1908

Paul ORTLANDT - born Berlin, m.1886 Vic Jessie Louis JEBB - Child: Heinrich Leopold Ortlandt b.1887 Carlton, Vic.

Gustav Hugo Edmond Richard ORTLEPP -born Gotha, Germany, married 1882 marie Eliza ALDENHOVEN
Children: Amelie Mathilde Wanda Ortlepp b. 1883 Emerald Hill; Conrad Luzig Oskar Ortlepp b. 1888 Nhill

Sygmund Rudolph ORYNSKI - - born Posen, Prüßen m.1884 Mary CONROY

Peter Jacob OSMUSSEN - born Germany, married Gertrude EditH Minnie SCHOOF 1912

Hubert Theodor OSTENDORF - born Prüßen (Prüssia_, married Alicia Mark HOPKINS 1897
Vic. Nat. 1903

Hubert Theodor OSTENDORF - born Germany, married Minnie ELizabetH WESTWOOD 1909

G OSTERMEYER -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 45

Maximilian Max OTT b. 1868 Munich Bavaria- Arr. S.S.SUSSEX May 1905 Sydney from NZ > Cairns, QLD

Mihkel OTTENSON - Naturalised 1904

Georg Albert OTTER - born Germany, married Amelia BECKETT 1905

Georg Friedrich OTTERBACH - born Germany, married Emma SCOTT 1911

Johannes Hans OTTESEN - born Germany, married Violet DE VERE 1889

Jakob Ignatz 'John' OTTNAD born Dahn, Palatinate. Arrived Age 25.
Jakob Ignatz 'John' OTTNAD, the son of Georg Michael Ottnad and Theresia Meier, was born on the 7th November 1854 in Dahn, in the Palatinate, then the Rhineland territory of the Königreich Bayern (Kingdom of Bavaria)- now in the Südwestpfalz area of the Rheinland Pfalz. Ottnad emigrated out of Deutschland by way of the Baltic and northernnost German Port of Kiel, on the ship "MÖVE" or MOEVE" arriving in Australia at the Port of Melbourne in March 1880. Family research has brought contact with an Ottnad cousin from Germany 'who was surprised that an Ottnad went to Australia, for, as he said, most went to America. He found Jakob's name on a (German) register of "wanted persons". Apparently, he left Germany without permission?" And so by Ottnad's covert departure out of Kiel we find a suggestion of another successful escape route, and seemingly, one taken in active avoidance of the Deutsch Reich Authority's militaristic universal Conscription. After disembarkation Ottnad wandered unsettled through the State of Victoria for several years, gravitating inland towards the River Murray, and settling for time at Swan Hill, on the borders of Victoria. Ottnad was married at Swan Hill on the 20th September 1884 to Anne HAUGHNEY who had been born in Coon, County Kilkenny, Ireland. Their daughter Marie Theresa Ottnad was born on the 18th October 1884 in Swan Hill, though registered in Melbourne. The Ottnads then crossed into the Riverina, and went up to the Yalgogrin, Wyalong and the Hillston districts of riverine New South Wales, where they lived for the next 25 years. Sadly, his wife Annie died in Hillston, NSW in 1919. After which he went to the Lower Murrumbidgee town of Balranald for five years. With his unusual and unpredictably-origined name, Ottnad seems to have escaped notice as an Enemy Alien during the 'not-so Great War.' By the time he took the Oath in his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the first of April 1930 he had been 50 years in Australia, and he was retired, and living at No 8., Fifth Avenue, Lidcombe, Sydney, New South Wales. His daughter Marie Theresa was then living with him in Lidcombe. John Ottnad died soon after in Sydney on 1930. - [Acknowledgment and thanks to Bev Brokenshire for family details.]
Christian Friedrich Wilhelm OTTO - naturalised 1904

Hermann OTTO - Engine Driver
Hermann OTTO was born on the 11th May 1844 in Magdeburg, Sachsen, Prussia. Otto emigrated out of Deustchland by way of the interim hub of peace and refuge in England and there embarked from the Port of London on the vessel "DAYLIGHT" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Fremantle, Western Australia on the 16th August 1877. On embarkation OTTO resided for 4 Jaers /years in Perth before immigrating east to South Australia where he stayed 6 Jaers/years before immigrating east again to Victoria, where he had remained for 15 Jaers/years by 1904. after 25 years in Australia , at age 59, Hermann OTTO was working as an Engine Driver and Fireman, residing at No.15 Cromwell street, Collingwood, Victoria, when he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 29th January 1904. Otto was then married with three Australian children, two sons and a daughter.
Carl Charles Hjalmar OTTOSEN -Naturalised 1904

Georg OTTO -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 40

Hermann OTTOW - born Germany, married Isabella Matilda TER HOFSTEEDE 1890. Naturalised in 1924/ 1932.

Konrad Von OW - Schaffhausen to Sth Australia
Konrad von OW
was born on the 10th November 1864 at Schaffhausen, in German northern Switzerland. Von OW departed the Continent for England and there embarked on the steamship "JOHN ELDER" to arrive on the 15th December 1884 at Port Adelaide, South Australia. Konrad voN OW was a farmer, married with seven Australian sons, and two daughters, resident at Warnertown, South Australia. After 24 tears in Australia, at the age of 46, Von Ow took the Oath to be Naturalsied in his Aliens Memorial of the 13th September 1909 at Port Pirie, South Australia.


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