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E Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated


Wilhelm 'William' EBBESEN- Naturalised 1894

Jack' Johannes Eugen EBBSTEIN
Jack' Johannes Eugen EBBSTEIN born 15th May 1887 Stoe Kholom, Stockholm, Sweden . Kilmore, Arrived 22nd February 1911'CARTHERINE POR" at Williamstown . . Heathcote, Kilmore. Railway Employee / Labourer. Naturalised on the 9th July 1912 Kilmore East, Victoria.
Friedrich Leberecht EBEL
Friedrich Leberecht EBEL of Tanunda, South Australia Naturalised 1922
Carl Eberhard EBELL - born Germany, married Olga Katherina Magdalene HEINZ 1908
Just after the commencement of the First World war Carl Eberhard EBELL came to settle in Australia from British Burma where he had lived for fifteen years. He had been here before, for Ebell married the Ballarat-born Olga Katherina Magdalene HEINZ at Ballarat in 1908. In fact, his children show further exchange between Victoria and Burma, for his eldest John Carl Ebell was born in Bristish Burma in about 1910, the second Franz Heinz Ebell was born in Ballarat in 1911, and the third Walter Eduard Ebell was born in British Burma in about 1914. Shipping records show the Ebel's arriving as a family of three in the ship 'MALWA" in May 1911. The Ebell family arrived back in Australia from the Port of Rangoon, British Burma, on the Dutch ship "S.S.VAN DER HAGEN' at the Port of Melbourne on 13th December 1914. Afterwards he lived on an orchard at Upper Beaconsfield in the West Gippsland-Dandenongs area for a year, then in Ballarat for some years, and afterwards to Mornington. He was first registers as and Enemy Alien at Ballarat in 1916,as though his wife was born in Ballarat, a man could not take a woman's nationality, though the reverse was the rule. Ebel was born on the 6th August 1878 in Bremen,Germany. Ebell petitioned Senator Boltan in a campaign to regularise and nationality. He was finaly Naturalised from being an Enemy Alien on the 6th January 1923 at "Clydebank" Dromana Road, Mornington, Victoria. Carl Eberhard Ebell, son of Carl Eberhard Ebell and Elisabeth Kobicke, died in Oakleigh. Victoria in 1955 at age 76.

Adolph Carl Conrad Reinhold EBENER - born Germany, married Minnie Elvena SEARLE 1905. Children: 1. Mytle Elvina Agnes ebener b.1907 Ballarat; 2. Olga Rosalind Ebener b.1911 Ballarat; 3. Ruth Greta Ebener b.1012 Ballarat.

Albert EBENREUTER b.1821 - germnay wife Elise - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein

Albert Eduard Ernst Wilhelm EBENREUTER - Box Maker - born 25 Januar 1861 Germany, married Martha Doretta Elisabeth MERGARD 1895. Children: 1. Sophia Martha Frieda Ebenreuter b. 1897 Hotham Wes, Nth Melb; 2. Carl Otto Ebenreuter b.1899 Hawthorn, Vic; 3. Martha Elisabeth Anna Ebenreuter b.1903 hawthorn.

Karl Otto EBENREUTER - ENgineer b, 1898 Melbourne

Friedrich Carl Arthur EBENRATH / EBENROTH -
Friedrich Carl Arthur EBENROTH Naturalised 1885 - Paying 1897 Warragul Rates on Lot 41c of 228 acres at Neerim East, West Gippsland. Arthur EBENROTH died at age 86 in 1943 at Warragul, Victoria. - estate File 1939-1944. Sister - 1944 - Renat Mathilde GADCKE nee EBENROTH of No.18 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda. She died at Elsternwick age 92 in 1944.

Luis Ludwig EBERBACH

EBERSTEIN - - Melbourne Deutscher Club Krankenverein 1899 Eye & Ear Hospital

Rudolph EBERT of Pleasant Hills, Henty, NSW - Arr. 1904 Sydney

Herr J EBERT Arr.Pt Melb.per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 22

Peter EBERT - born Germany, married Marie Anna HILLE 1892

Reichardt EBERT

Johann Georg Leonhard ECKART - von Bavaria, married Marie Luise RITTER 1910

Julius Theodor ECKHOLD - born Germany, married Amelia MITCHELL 1908

Gottfried ECKERMANN - Naturalised 1919

Johann August Richard ECKERMANN - born 23 July 1863 Registered Enemy Alien at Broadmeadows - naturalised 1904-1917
Hans Johann Adolph ECKERMANN Salvation Army Officer, Boys Home Worker,
Hans Johann Adolph ECKERMANN was born in Hamburgh, in the Deutsch Reich on the 9th August 1892. Hans Johann Adolph ECKERMANN emigrated out of Deutschland with his family on the ship "GERA' and arrived in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 20th November 1896. After disembarking the Eckermann family lived for two years in Richmond, three years in Moonee Ponds, eight years in Coburg, three years in Glenroy. After leaving home Hans Eckermann travelled with the Salvation Army to Kilroym, Laidley and Maryborough in Queensland where he spent eighteen months, and then returned to Victoria, as a Salvation army Officer at the Salvation Army Boys Home & Training Farm, at The Basin, Bayswater, Victoria, where he had been for eighteen months by the time he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised in on the 7th February 1917. He was then aged 24 and had already been in Australia for twenty years.

F ECKMANN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 29

Carl Ignatz ECKSTEIN - born Germany, married Elizabeth McALPINE 1903

Emil friedrich Wilhelm EHMS -born Germany, married 1883 Elisabeth RIEGELHUTH

Hermann EDMONDS/ERDMANN - born Germany, married Evelyn Grant GRAVENDON 190

Diedrich Heinrich EEG b. 1853 Bremen, in the Hanseatic League City Arr.1887 Pt Adelaide > Melbourne > Sydney, Newcastel > Nat.1907 Manly NSW, Gardener

Eric EESFELDER/ EISFELDER - born Germany, married Emma WELCH 1903

Heinrich EEG -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 20

Samuel EGEBERG - born Germany, married Carol JOHNSTON 1896

Reinhold EGGELSMANN Carpenter from Dettum, Braunschweig
Reinhold EGGELSMANN emigrated out of the interim hub of refuge in Englànd on the ship "CORBEY CASTLE" arriving on the 28th February 1906 at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria. He was born on the 4th December 1878 at Dettum, in Braunschweig Stadt,(State of Brunswick) Deutschland. Eggelsmann worked as a self-employed Contractor and Carpenter, and after embarkation had various lived at Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Sea lake, and Mitiamo, Victoria. At at age 35, after 8 years in Australia, Eggelsmann swore the Oath for his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised when living at Mitiamo, in the Mallee of Victoria on the 11th August 1914
Johann EGGERS -born Germany, m.1886 Louisa Jane HOWSLIP

Heinrich EHLERS -from Germany, married Emilei Jane FUNNELL 1888

Carl 'Charles EHLERS - born Germany, married Annie HAYES 1901

Heinrich 'henry EHLIRS born Germany, married Susan KAY 1887

Heinrich 'Henry' EHLERS born Germany, married Emilie Jane FUNNELL 1888

Carl Christoph Johann EHLERTH / EHLERT
Carl Christoph Johann EHLERTH / EHLERT - Married 9th July 1879 Queensland to Amelie Wilhelmine Luise LINDENBURG. - Children: 1. Carl Johann Christoph EHLERTH - b.15 April 1880 QLD; 2. Luise EHLERTH b.10 Oct 1881 QLD; Amelie / Emilia EHLERTH b.22 Sept 1884 QLD; 4. Emma EHLERTH b.18 March 1887 QLD; 5. Ferdinand EHLERTH b.18 June 1890 QLD; 6. Ernst EHLERTH -b.3 July 1892 QLD; 7. Hermann EHLERTH -b.25 May 1898 QLD.
The following is written and contributed by one of C.C.J.EHLERTH's descendants, Christine Sirl, who wrote to 'German-Australia Aliens of Militarism, saying " I chanced upon your article about anti military sentiments among German migrants and was so glad this story is being told. - "Since childhood I have been told how one of my great grandfathers ran away from Germany . My great grandfather Carl Christoph Johannes Ehlerth [Ehlert?] 1852 – 1916 was born in the seaport, Stralsund. His brother was in the Kaiser’s guards. He didn’t stick around he either stowed away or got a job on a Danish sailing ship. We believe he was between 13 – 15 years old. We think he actually left from Danzig/Gdansk. He sailed the world but never went ashore in a German port. He spent some time ashore in Canada. He finally settled in Queensland. He lived for awhile in the Dayboro area and married Amalie/Amelia Lindenberg who had emigrated from Germany with her family. He went to sea again sailing the coastal ports. Then he selected land at Conondale in the Mary River Valley and moved there 1891. His next son Earnest/Ernest “Ernie” Ehlerth who was born at Conondale 1892 won both a Queensland woodchop junior and senior championship on the same day. [“Ernie” Ehlerth was to go on to be World Champion between the world wars. Carl Ehlerth’s grandson “Bob” English traveled to Tasmania with “Ernie” and there was great excitement when a message arrived “Bob’s won the cup.”] In 1902 Carl’s wife “Molly” died and may have been the first woman buried in Teutoberg Cemetry [Teutoberg now Witta.] Only English was spoken in the home. He did say that if the children had been able to go to school then it might have been possible to speak two languages. His eldest child Carl junior always spoke with a stronger accent from speaking German with his Lindenberg grandparents but the other children apparently spoke English better than the other children of German migrants at Conondale. 1912 a committee was formed to get a provisional school at Conondale. Two of Carl’s at that time unmarried daughters were so keen that a school built that iron intended for an extension to the house was given towards the school roof. He said to other Germans, “They’ll speak the language of the land that gives them their bread and butter” and “Ve speak the Queen’s English in this house.” Carl senior, long before many would believe him, said there would be a war. When WW1 broke out his son “Ferdie” was talking to another German Australia who was about to enlist and said he would go too as soon as he finished felling the timber on the piece of land he was clearing. The first man was accepted into the army but when “Ferdie” went he was rejected but WW2 he was in the Volunteer Defense in North Queensland. WW1 a young man, “Ronnie” Cairns, rode to say goodbye to the Ehlerth family. He wondered if the war would be over before he got there and Carl Ehlerth told him it would be a long hard war. He said they [Germany] had been preparing for years. As an older man, “Ronnie” Cairns said to Carl’s grandson Roy, “There was many a time I thought of what your grandfather had said.” Christine Sirl.

Friedrich Wilhelm EHRLICH Alias Ehrenstein William, Alias Ellis Fred, Alias Ellis Frank Willy 1915-1920

Thomas EHREN from Sweden
Thomas EHREN from Schweden, - Arrived 19th November 1900, on the Vessel "NEUFRATERS" at Fremantle, Western Australia - Farmer, Kattaning, W.A.

A. EHRENBERG - Naturalised 1914 Melbourne

Paul Waldemar EHRENBERG
Paul Waldemar EHRENBERG was born on the 28th August 1878 in the glass manufacturing town of Schlesiseh Haugsdorf, (east of Gorlitz) Silesia, [I beleive Saechsisch Haugsdorf is now Hukovice (Vidnava) Poland]. A professional Glassblower. Arrived in Australia from London on the 12th November 1910 on the ship 'PORT KEMBLA' in Port Adelaide, South Australia. Ehrenberg completed the Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised on 20th November 1912 in 30 Bank Street, Redfern, Sydney, New South Wales. He was de-Naturalised in 1919 and repatriated to Germany soon after on the ship 'VALENCIA' embarking on the 10th October 1919.
Eduard EHRENSPERGER -born Germany, married 1883 Margaret ALLEN

EHRENSTROM - Widow, Christina EHRENSTROM née DUNN , born Maclaren vale, SA, > 1914 Boardinghousekeeper, 105 Drummond Street, Carlton

Magnus Ferdinand Christoph EHRKE - born Germany, married Norah BECKER 1891 Nat.1884
Wilhelm Friedrich August EHRKE -Arr.1898 Adelaide> Bendigo > Tanunda SA

Wilhelm EHRKE -b. Germany, Arr, 1886 Sydney from Glasgow. married Sarah FOWLER 1888. Footscray

Wilhelm EHRKE - born Germany, married Annie GOULDEN 1907

Albert EHRLICH b.1875 Danzig, Prüßen ( Prussia), Arr.1896 Fremantle

Arthur EHRLICH b.1868 Berlin Res. Melb. & Sydney Nat. 1914

Captain M EICHEL - Master of the 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE'

Carl Otto EICHHORN -
Carl Otto EICHHORN from Rohrsdorf, Saxony, married Elise Rebecca Christiane ROBEN 1889 Vic./Carl Otto EICHHORN - born Germany, married Luise Mathilde Ida AXNICH 1902

Heinrich Maximilian Friedrich Aloys EICHMANN
Heinrich Maximilian Friedrich Aloys EICHMANN, son of Franz Eichmann, was born on the 13th September 1878 in Westphalen, Provinz Hamm, Deutschland. Eichmann emigrated out of Deutschland with his family by way of the interim hub of refuge and freedom in England and embarked at the Port of London on the ship "DORUNDA" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Brisbane on the 28th October 1884. After 37 years in Australis, at the age og 42, Eichmann swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 7th April 1921 at Logan Road, South Brisbane, Queensland where he was then a Carter and Carrier by profession. Eichmand was married to his wife Laura Eichmann née EHLER on the 7th August 1906 and by the outbreak of War they had four Australia children: Hilda Anna Eichmann born 2nd October 1906 QLD; Alfred Henry Eichmann born 7th May 1908 QLD; Ida Laura Eichmann born 19th January 1910 QLD; and Edward James Eichmann born 15th June 1912 Queensland, Australia.

Gustav EICHSTADT - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Minnie ENGLISH 1891 Vic.

Carl Friedrich EIGENBROD -born Germany, m.1886 Ellen SPRAGUE

Ernst Bruno EIFFLER -from Silesia, Prüßen
Ernst Bruno EIFFLER was born in about 1841 in Silesia, Prüßen, Deutschland. Eiffler emigrated out of Deutschland via Atlantic travels, and then embarked on the vessel "DETROIT to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne at age 25 in September 1866. Eiffler was married in Victoria to Mary Agnes HEAGHEY who was born in NSW, the daughter of Michael & Mary Heagney. The Eiffler's settled in Hawthorn, Boroondara, Melbourne where their first children were born: - 1. Marie Mathilde EIFFLER, b. 1875 Melbourne, later married Thomas Robert DAVIES in 1904 in Perth, Western Australia. 2. Selina Bertha EIFFLER, b. 1876 Hawthorn, Victoria, and married August Carl VLAEMINCK in 1897 in Bendigo, Victoria. 3. Bruno Ernst EIFFLER, b. 1878 Melbourne. 4. Anna Charlotte EIFFLER, b. 1879 Melbourne, later married George James Cameron McDONALD in 1904 in Fremantle, Western Australia. And then, after they move up the Pretty Sally Pass on the Sydney Road, 5. Margarette Agnes EIFFLER, b. 1882 Kilmore, Victoria, later married Carl H. MORITZ in 1906 in Perth, Western Australia. And then, after a further move to the Goldfields of Bendigo, 6. Kathleen Ellen EIFFLER born 1892 at Strathfieldsaye, Victoria, later married to Thomas LANDY in 1914 in Victoria.

At age 22, in March 1899 Bruno Ernst EIFFLER Junior, went to The Goldfields of Western Australia on the vessel 'PILBARRA II.' He returned to Victoria to bring his family across, and returned at age 25 to the West with two sisters, Marie Mathilde aged 29, and Anna Charlotte, aged 23, on the vessel "PAROO" in January 1901. His father at age 36? and a further sister, Anna Charlotte age 21, followed them in June 1901 on the vessel "ANGLIAN I". Another, Margarette Agnes L EIFFLER, went across for her sisters wedding, departing Melbourne on the ship 'KANOWNA" bound for WA ports in February 1904.
Ernst Bruno EIFFLER senior died in 1916 in the Black Range, Murchison Goldfields Region, Western Australia. His widow Mary Agnes Eiffler remained, and remarried in Victoria that same year 1916 to James ELKIN.

Bruno Ernst EIFFLER Jnr was married to Henriette DOLDERSIM in 1912 in the Black Range, Murchison Goldfields Region, Western Australia. His children were: Ernst Albert EIFFLER. 12 Nov 1912 Day Dawn, WA (m.1936 Winifred I Crawford); Lucy Mathilda EIFFLER b. 1915 Black Range, Murchison Region, Western Australia (Mrs Joseph MARTAIN 1936); Franzis C EIFFLER b. 1917 Black Range, Murchison Region, Western Australia; Ross Joseph EIFFLER, b. 30 Aug 1920 Youanmi (Ghost town), Black Range, Murchison Region, Western Australia ; Lawrence Carl EIFFLER b. 9 Feb 1923 Youanmi (Ghost town), Black Range, Murchison Region, Western Australia; William Ernest EIFFLER b. 4 Nov 1925 Youanmi (Ghost town), Black Range, Murchison Region, Western Australia; Georg A EIFFLER b. 1928 Black Range, Murchison Region, Western Australia; & Margaret M EIFFLER b. 1932 Black Range, Murchison Region, Western Australia.
Bruno Ernst EIFFLER died at age 77 in 1955 in the East Coolgardie District of Western Australia.

Rene EIGENSCHENCK -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 30

Bernhardt EILERS -from Germany, married Annie COSTIGAN 1888

Friedrich EILERS Arr.Pt Melb.per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 27

Fraulien E EIMER -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 23

Kristian Konrad EINSBERG- b. 24 Juli 1894 Ulsted, Deptd Danmark > QLD > Innisfail. Labourer

Ernst Georg EISENBERG born 1866 Lüneberg, Königreich Hannover

Johann Hermann EISENBERG Butcher, born Lüneberg, Königreich Hannover

Johannes Ludwig EISENBERG Butcher, born Lüneberg, Königreich Hannover
EISENBERG & SONS : Johann Hermann EISENBERG was born in about 1828 at Lüneberg, Königreich Hannover. He emigrated out of the Port of Hamburg on the ship "SOPHIA" to arrive at the Port of Adelaide, South Australia on the 27th August 1879 with his family, including his sons Ernst Georg Eisenberg, and Johann Hermann Eisenberg. Eisenberg was by profession a butcher. At age 51 he was Naturalised on the 4th September 1879 after just one week in Adelaide, South Australia
Luis Heinrich EISENBERG - born Germany, married Pauline SIBER 1895

Wilhelm EISENBERG -from Germany, married Elisabeth FOX / FUCHS 1888

Wilhelm Friedrich EISENBERG - born Germany, married Agnes CHILBERT 1908

Hermann EISENBLATTERb. Königsburg, Ost Prüßen, (East Prussia) Prüßen - Glassblower, Pt Melbourne
Hermann EISENBLATTER was born on the 8th April 1873 at Königsburg, Ost Prüßen (East Prussia), which was the old Capital of Prussia, in the far eastern corner of the Baltic. Königsburg is now the Russian Baltic Port of Kalingrad, in Lithuanian Russia. Eisenblatter appears to have travelled to Saxony to learn the glass-making business, for it from Saxony he departed when he emigrated on the ship 'S.S.STUTTGART' to arrive at the Port of Sydney on the 10th September 1898. He lived for two years in Sydney then immigrated to Adelaide, South Australian where he lived at Croydon for a further two years, after which he went to Melbourne where he had been for 13 years by time of the outbreak of War. Eisenblatter was by profession a Glassblower, living at 26 Liardet Street Pt Melbourne when he took the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 9th October 1914. By then he had been in Australia for 16 years, and he was married, with three Australian sons, and two Australian daughters.
Erich Wilhelm EISFELDER b. Sankt Andreasberg, Hannover
Wilhelm Erich EISFELDER was born in about 1860 at Sankt Andreasberg, in the West-German Kingdom of Hannover, which by 1871 had been incorporated into the Deutsche Reich. Eisfelder emigrated at age 26 from Deutschland to reach Australia on the ship 'MANGARA' which arrived at the Port of Launceston, Tasmania in June 1886. Eisfelder soon crossed Bass Strait for Melbourne, Victoria, where he married Catherine Caroline BURMEISTER in 1888. He then worked as a Miner in the Bendigo district of Victoria. After his wife died Eric EISFELDER later known as EISFIELDER was remarried to Emma WELCH in 1903. Eisfelder swore the Oath for his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised on the 12th October 1900 at Sparrowhawk (near Eaglehawk), Bendigo, Victoria.
Hermann Richard EISNER born Berlin, married Margaret DORRAT 1888

Heinrich EGERSDORFER - from Bavaria, married Mary Jane CREANEY 1893 Vic.

Thomas EKENSTEEN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 20

Wilhelm ELIRKE - born Germany, married Annie GOULDEN 1907

Edmund ELKAN - born Germany, married 1881 Lena Marian MOAT

Edmund Julius ELKAN - born Germany, married Lena Rose SHAPPERE 1908

Franz Bruno ELKNER - born Germany, married Lucinda Cornelia JONES 1902

Arthur ELLARKE -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 22

Friedrich ELSHOLZ b. 1839 Ziesar, Sachsen - Departed Hamburg om 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, @ age 20 Ziegler

Friedrich ELLIOTT/ ELLERT - born Germany, married Minnie ROSS 1895

Wendel ELY / ELLY - born Germany, married Elizabeth BILLS 1902

Carl 'Charles' ELWERS - from Hamburg, married Louise HARRIS 1900 Vic.

Otto EMMEL - Naturalised 1909

Heinrich Hugo ENDERT - born Germany, married Elizabeth HICKSON 1908

Adolph Hermann ENES -from Dresden, m.1871 Margarette Murphy MEISSNER

Georg ENEULM/ENDEVIN - born Germany, married Auguste UNBROCH 1899

Gottlob ENGEL - born Germany, married Agnes BROWN / BRAUN 1907

Ernst Georg Adolph ENGELER - from Hamburg, married Lydia DELACY 1898 Vic.

Ernst Christian ENGELLENER -
Ernst Christian ENGELLENER was born in about 1855 at Bredstedt, a town on the North Sea coasts of Nordfriesland, in Schleswig-Holstein, North Germany. Ernst Christian ENGELLENER emigrated to Australian after his interim in the transit hub of refuge in Alica, embarking from New York on the vessel 'GRANDEE' to arrive at the Port of Melbourne on the 4th March 1877. He was married in 1880 to Adelaide HULM. Engellenner Swore the Oath for Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised on the 10th Day of November 1897 before Mr. Horace F Hayes, Justice of the Peace of Victoria at Warragul, West Gippsland. Engellenner was then working as a Labourer. After his wife died he remarried in Victoria in 1903 to Charlotte McDOUGALL.

Richard Friedrich ENGELMANN - born Germany, married Allison Low MANALLACK 1889

Johann ENGLER b. 1864 Bomst, Posen, Prussia - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, @ age 15 Arbeiter/Worker

Friedrich ENGLERT - von Königreich Württemberg married Johanne Magdalene RENNER 1907

Jakob ENGLANDER - von Bavaria, married Edith Clare SILBERBERG 1906

Alexandr ENGLANDER - born Germany, married Ellen NEVILLE 1890

H W ENGBRET Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 17

Rudolph ENKE - born Schirning, Deutstchland, married Frances PARKMAN 1897 Victoria

David EPPLE -born Germany, married 1883 Catherine Jane THOMAS

Johannes John EPPLE - born Königreich Württemberg, married Jessie Jane BALLENY 1872

Jakob James ERHARDT - Whitehorse Rd, Nunawading/ Box Hill 1919

Leon Wenzislaus ERKMANN -born Germany, married 1882 Harriet Wilhemine ZIERK

Johannes Janos 'John' ERCEG from Österreich - Austria
Janos 'John' ERCEG was born on the 22 March 1887 at Vgrorac, Dalmatia, in the Österreich (Austro-Hungarian Empire). Erceg arrived in Australia from New Zealand on the Union Company boat in April 1907 at the Port of Sydney, New South Wales. On disembarkation Erceg went north to Mourilyan, near Innisfail, Queensland. Not married Nat. 16th August 1909 Labourer, Mourilyan.

Johann Leonhardt Wenis.. ERCKMANN -from Germany, married Rose McKENNA 1888

Franz ERDMANN -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 32

Erick Markos ERIKSEN - born Germany, married Lydia TAYLOR 1893

Franz ERLINGHAGEN - born Germany, married Emma GLOVER 1889

Bruno Alfred ERNST - born. 26 Oktober 1878 Breslau, Silesia, Prüßen (Prussia). Arr. 11 Jul;y 1904 a'G.M.S. KARLSRUHE' at Sydney, NSW Cook at Reform Residential Hotel, Brisbane, Queensland - 3 & 1/2 yrs Oz. Nat 10 Jan 1908

Carl ERNST, Pyap, Sth Aust. Charged with Disloyalty - File SA262 1915-1928

Carl Charles Christian ERNST / ERNEST - born Germany, married 1881 Annie ELizabeth

Friedrich Wilhelm ERPF - died 1901 at age 58, Western Australia
Georg Heinrich ERPF

Georg Heinrich ERPF in busines in Perth trading as ERPF BROTHERS Cigar Makers & Importers, Tobacconist, 'Perla De Cuba' Australia Trademark 1897 & 1901 - Georg H. Erpf married Marie Schnefuhs in Perth, Western Australia in 1900. Erpf children: Marie Hedwig Luise ERPF born 1901 Perth; Georg Hellmuth ERPF born 1902 Perth; Walter H. ERPF born 1906 Perth, Western Australia. Georg Heinrich Erpf died in Perth in 1913.

J. H. ERPF - Perth, Western Australia
Wilhelm ERPF ERPF BROTHERS Cigar Makers & Importers, Tobacconist, 'Perla De Cuba' Australia Trademark 1897 & 1901

Johann Heinrich Emil ERTEL - born Germany, married Sarah Ann BRIDGES 1896
Johann Heinrich Emil ERTEL was a young man wanting change and fast. He completed his Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised on the 6th November 1884 at Rundle street, Adelaide, South Australia, after spending just one day in Australia. He was then aged just eighteen, having been born in Hamburgh Stadt, Deutschland in about 1866. On arrival in Australia in 1884 he was by occupation a Sailor. He later married the Port-Melbourne-born, Sarah Ann BRIDGES in 1896 in Victoria. Their son Wilberton Johann August Ertel was born in Footscray, Victoria, in 1897. All three members of the ERTEL family, including mother and child born Australians, appear to have left Victoria, Australia on the ship 'BARBAROSSA" in December 1900, bound for Bremen, Deutschland, for a fate unknown.

Anton ERZEG - Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Januar 1897 age 33

Maximilian Heinrich 'Harry' ESCHWEGE - born Hamburgh, m.1886 Jane WRIGHT

Johannes John Dilmore ESHER / ESCHER -born Hannover, m.1886 Annie LADGROVE

Heinrich Konrad ESKUCHEN - born Germany, married Anna JAGER 1889

Georg Mueller Friedrich ESSEN [von ESSEN] -aka George Miller Frederick ESSEN

Georg Mueller Friedrich ESSEN [VON ESSEN}- aka George Miller Frederick ESSEN was born 10th November 1859 at Bad Salzbrunn (Schlesien), Prussia S.E. (Silesia), now Szczawno-Zdrój, Wałbrzych County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in south-western Poland. Georg ESSEN made his way from a Prussia under the Deustch Reich and with or without exit pass and made his way to England - where he lived for thirteen years. From there he embarked on the migrant ship "GARONNE" and arrived @ age 18 at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on the 20th April 1876. He spent about one month in Melbourne before taking the road north to the inland riverlands, crossing the Murray River to settle in Balranald, New South Wales for 10 years. In 1886 he moved west to the Murray Riverside village of Euston, towards Wentworth, New South Wales, & across the stream from Mildura, Victoria. By May 1925 he had been in Euston for 39 years, where he worked as Station Labourer on 'BENGALLOW' via Euston, NSW. He had been eighteen months working for Mr David WICKETT of Mindoo Station, via Euston, when he took his Alien's Memorial to be Naturalised on the first of May 1925, after spending the period of the European Calamity (1914-1918) unnoticed and undeclared as being of Enemy Alien origins. He was then aged 65 years, had never married and had no children. The Police Reports him as being unable to speak German, with his English so good he had been taken by most for an Englishman. In fact, having been to school in England, George Essen has assumed the mantle of an Englishman.

Heinrich Nicolaus ESSING -born Germany, married 1882 Elisabeth GOODWIN

Johann Georg Friedrich ESLING -from Germany, married Emilie Berte ESLING 1888

Carl Wilhelm Gustav ESSMANN - born Germany, married Emilie Dorothea Sophia ZWEIKOWSKI 1889

Johann John Harris ETTELSON born Germany, married Friedericke WINDMILLER 1888

Henry Heinrich Hugo EUDERT - born Germany, married Elizabeth HICKOX 1908

Rudolph EULER Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 28

Wilhelm Johann EVERETT - born Konigsberg, m.1874 Anna RILEY

Wilhelm Johann 'William John' EVERETT - born Prussia, m.1886 Terenda Clara KENRICK

Johannes Wilhelm Ludwig EVERS - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Anna FRASER 1894 Vic.

Theodor Gustav EWALD b. 1856 Crossen, Kries Krossen, Neumark, Öst Brandenburg Prüßen - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879 - @ age 23 Schlosser


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  1. What fantastic information Wayne! So great to read about my ancestors. Namely my Great Great Grandfather Ernst Bruno Eiffler Snr, Great Grandfather Bruno Ernst Eiffler Jnr and my Paternal Grandmother Margaret M Eiffler.
    Thank you!