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G Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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In Alphabetical, not historical order - (a work in progress)

NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated


Carl Friedrich Wilhelm GABEL - born Schlesien, Prussia

Johann Carl Paul GABEL

Johann Wilhelm GABEL, born Alt Beutnitz, Neumark, Prussia

Louis Ludwig GABEL - Naturalised 1896

Wilhelm Maximilian GABEL - Registered Enemy Alien, Internee? Brooklyn Park SA 1916

A. R. GABLER - Naturalised 1914 - 1939

Friedrich Wilhelm Alfred GABLER - Zillmere, Queensland

Paul Arno GABLER - naturalised 1934

Wilhelm Adolph Rudolph GABLER

Benjamin GABRIEL-
Benjamin GABRIEL b. Russia> Prussia Arr, Fremantle WA > Victoria > NSW - Letters to the Prime Minister ...
Hermann Reinhold GABRIEL - Naturalised 1910 / 1911

Paul Richard Oskar Adolph GABRIEL - arr. Pt Adelaide 1875 > Jindera, Albury NSW

Friedrich Hermann GABSCH
Friedrich Hermann GABSCH was born at Otzdorf, near Döbeln, Sachsen - which is between Dresden and Leipzig in Saxony - on the 7th July 1854. He is registered on the Hamburger Passagierlisten as a passenger embarking on 4 November 1882 on the Ship "CATANIA" for Melbourne, Australien. His Occupation is given as 'Maler' which translates as an Artist or Painter. He arrived in Melbourne on that ship on the 10th January 1883. After 22 years in Melbourne, he completed his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at age 50 at 38 Corsair street, Richmond, Victoria, on the 2nd September 1904. He was then working as a bricklayer. Maybe that was then the common fate of artists from the Continent in Australia? He was married to the Dresden-born fellow-Australian emigre, Bertha Emilie Stella ZUMPE and by 1904 they had four children, three girls and a boy. Another daughter had died in infancy. Gabsch and his circle are well-recorded as active members of the Deutscher Verrain (German Club) in Melbourne.
Daniel Jacob GANS -born Germany, married EdithH Lilian ISAACS 1900

F GAMBOLD -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 23

Asher GANSTINOWSKI - von Prüßen (Prussia), married Minnie WIlhelmine LEVY 1911

Wilhelm GANTER -born Germany, married Anna Rosina Maroch BAHR 1890

Johannes GAETJENS - born Germany, married Elizabeth Pront HOPKINS 1906

Felix GALLI - von Prüßen (born Prüssia), married Mary MUSS 1893 Vic.

Remingins GANTERT - born Germany, married Ellen DUFFY 1905

Leon GANTHNER -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 26

Johannes Hans GARHUHN -born Germany, married Mary Ann TRUDGEN 1899

Johannes GARLEPP -born Germany, married EWllen agnes GREENWOOD 1889

Johann John GARRASCH born Danzig, Prüßen (Prussia), married Margaret BEVERIDGE 1888

Hermann GASLEYER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 22

Johann August Zur... GATHEN -born Germany, married Jessie Ann WILSON 1891

Franz GAULKE -born Germany, married Emilie MITAKE 1894

Otto Hermann Wilhelm GAULKE -born Germany, married Beate Lydia BRETAG 1895

Kurt Carl GEBHARDT -born Germany, married Bella COUSTLEY 1900

Reinholdt GECHMAR /GECHMANN - born Germany, married Martha HEWITT 1902

Georg GEENTER von Prüßen (born Prussia), married 1885 Anna DRAYTON

Friedrich Fred GEITZ -born Prüßen (Prussia), married Thane Auguste SCHULLER 1887

Peter Hansen GELERT /GELLERT -born Germany, married Annie THOMAS 1895

Herr GELLERT -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 45 with Frau 38; Kinder, A. 2, M, 1.

Gottlob GELSON / GELSEN - born Germany, married Agnes BROWN/ BRAUN 1907

Johann John GELTCH,jnr, Miner, Bethanga Vic - Arrived: 2nd Febriary 1898 per BARBAROSSA from Bremen at Port Melbourne - Nat. 20th Feb 1902

Pastor Dietich W. GEORG – Lutheran Clergyman
Pastor Dietrich Wilhelm GEORG, son of Johann Friedrich Heinrich GEORG – born 4 February 1844 Neuendorf, Oldenburg, Deutschland. Educated Hermannsburg Seminary, Graduated Hermmansburg Free Church Seminary, Ülzen, Hannover, Deutschland 1875. To South Australia. On the 7th November 1877 at age 33 he was married at the Evangelical Lutheran Church at Bethanien (Bethany) in the Barossa Valley of South Australia to 32-year-old Marie Dorothea RODEHORST, daughter of Johann Heinrither RODEHORST. He then served in the Eudunda district at Emmaus-Peters Hill 1875-1887; and at Australia Plain 1894-1914. The Georg children were: Anna Maria Georg-born 22 August 1878 Eudunda; Sophie Elisabeth Georg – born 28 Dezember 1879 Emmaus, nr Eudunda; the twins, Friedrich GEORG & Johannes Wilhelm GEORG – born 11 Marz 1881 Eudunda, SA; Maria Dorothea GEORG – born 30 May 1882 Emmaus SA; Christiane Margarethe GEORG – born 7tH August 1883 Emmaus SA: and Friedericke Wilhelmine GEORG – born 9th June 1885 Emmaus, near Eudunda, South Australia. Pastor Georg was predeceased by his wife Marie Dorothea who died at age 68 at Australia Plain on the 12th April 1914. Dietrich Wilhelm GEORG died 13 September 1924 at Eudunda, South Australia at age 80.
Christian GEORG -born Germany, married Wilhelmine EHLERT 1889

Ernst Richard Maximilian GEORG/GEORGE - from Berlin. Married Luise Catherine Tode 1893 Victoria

Johannes GERBER from Berne, SWitz, married Mary MEYER 1895

Wilhelm Franz GERBER - born Germany, married Helen Maria BERTRAM 1902

Johannes 'John' GERDES -born Germany, married Eva Jemima RING 1901

Friedrich GERDTS / GERDZ - born Germany, married Annie COLLINS 1902

Johann GERDTZ -born Germany, married Elizabeth STIMSON 1894

Johann Carl GERDTZ - born Holstein, married Eliza WALKER 1889 Vic.

Johann GERHARDS / GERHARDTS -born Germany, married Louisa PARNELL 1891

Albertus GERKENS born Germany, married Mary Ann McFEETERS 1887

Heinrich Nicolaus Martin GERLACH -born Germany, married Janet FRASER 1897

Paul Georg Herbert GERLACH , b. Masnfeld, Prussia - Sleeper Cutter- Arr. 21 October 1906 per 'SCHWABEN' at Fremantle WA

Carl 'Charles' GERLOF - from Hamburg, married Elizabeth COOK 1891 Vic.

Carl Heinrich 'Charles Henry' GERMER born Germany, married Alice Ellen HODGSON 1888

Johann John GERRASCH - born Danzig, Prüßen m.1888 Margaret BEVERIDGE

Carl Charles GERRATT - born Hamburgh, m.1886 Margaret Theresa SMITH

Ernst Robert GESCH - Maryborough, Longreach, QLD

Karl Friedrich Hermann GERSCHOW -born Germany, married Wilhelmine Louise Fola KUNTZE 1893

Carl Siegmund GESCHKE - born Prüßen (Prussia), m.1886 Pauline Maria Elisabeth LINDNER - Naturalised 1915

Ferdinand August GESCHKE, b.1890 Lauenburg, Pomerania, Deutschland. Lighterman, Brisbane, QLD

Franz 'Frank GESCHKE - Arr. Melbourne, VIC. naturalised 1914 Newcastle, NSW


Johann Michael Heinrich GESCHONKE - Binjour, Gayndah, Brisbane, QLD

Franz Karl GESCHWEND - 1917 file


Heinrich 'Henry' GESSELMANN - born Bremen, married Amelia Sorena HAMMERBERG 1895 Vic.

Carl Johann GEUER -born Germany, married Alice ALDRIDGE 1892
Carl Johann 'John' GEUER was the son of Konradt GEUER, and born on the 4th July at Hoechst-am-Main, Nassau Stadt, Deustchland. John Geuer was a Master Builder by occupation. he arrived at the Port of Melbourne, Australia on the ship "LUSITANIA" from where he had just spent six weeks, in London, England, disembarking on 29th November 1884. He lived for the next five years in Victoria where he married Alice ALDRIDGE in 1892. The Geuers had two children born in Victoria, Carl Tuchinor Geuer in 1893 and Arthur Wilhelm Geuer in 1899 in Preston. John Geuer was Naturalised in an Alien Memorial submitted from No. 41 Egina Street, North Perth, Western Australia, where he worked as a self-employed builder.

Otto GIESEMANN -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 25

Walter Wilhelm GILBERT - born Germany, married Florence May GRAY 1902

Cornelius GINAUD -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 26 - with wife Margaret 25

Herr H GINSBURG Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 33

Carl Friedrich GIRRBACH - born Königreich Württemberg, married Johanne Maria KAHLAND 1882

Samuel GIRT - born BADEN, m.1902 Esther Jane SILVERMAN

Otto Carl GLAESKE - Naturalised 1921 Renmark SA

M. GLANDBARD - Naturalised 1931

Adalbert Otto Eduard GLAS - b. 26th Sept 1881 Leipzig Sachsen Deutschland Arr. 1903 Port Sydney SS OLDENBURG Wool Buyer

Abraham GLASER - Wanderer at the Ends of the Earth - naturalised 1909

Carl 'Charles' GLASER -born Germany, married Annie WALSH 1895

H. GLASER - Naturalised 1908- 1928

Wilhelm Carl GLASER - Naturalised 1910

Millie GALSKI -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 26 with kind: Ja 5; Annie 3 & Jacob 1.

Fritz Friedrich Hermann GLASS - b. Saxony Arr. Age 19
Fritz Friedrich Hermann GLASS, son of Carl Otto Glass, was born on the 19th Dezemeber 1893 at Sankt Michaelis, Sachsen (Saxony) Deutschland. Fritz Glass emigrated out of Germany on the steamship 'GROSSER KERFURT" to arrived in Australia at the Port of Sydney on the 14th March 1912. On disembarking Gross became a Cartage Contractor. He went up the Hunter Valley to Singleton for three years, and then out into Upper Murrumbidgee district at Yass for two years after which he went to Blackall on the Barcoo of central-western Queensland for just a year before settling at Narromine, on the Macquarie River, in outback New South Wales. Fritz Glass was married in Australia to Edith May Mitchell, who was born on Staplehurst, Kent. England. Glass was Resitered as an Enemy Alien during the war at House valley, near Singleton, NSW. He was working for Mr. Percy Leeds, out of Ceres Siding near Narromine when he tok the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 29th May 1926.
Joshua Samuel GLASS b. Krakow Arr. Age 20
Joshua Samuel GLASS, son of Jakob & Emma Glass, was born in May 1864 at Cracow (or Krakow), in the Polish Provinz of the Österreich (Austro-Hungarian Empire).- Glass emigrated out of the Österreich via the interim refuge of Great Britain and there embarked at the Port of London on the ship "MacDUFF" and arrived in Australia at the Port of Melbourne in 1884. Glass was a Draper by profession and after three months in Melbourne he took his business north to Sydney, New south Wales for three years, and then north again to Cairns, Charters Towers and Brisbane for six years. After tiring of his adventures in the tropics Glass returned to Sydney for four years before taking his chances in Western Australia where he set up in Perth for eighteen months before returning to Sydney. Glass was unmarried, aged 42, a Draper residing at No.700 George Street, in Sydney, New South Wales when he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 18th January 1907 in Sydney. By then Joshua Glass had been in Australia for 21 years. Joshua Samuel GLASS died in Sydney in 1952.
Heinrich Henry GLASSHOFF -
Heinrich Henry GLASSHOFF was born in June 1851 in the Hanseatic Free City of Hamburgh, Deutschland. Glasshoff emigrated out of Deutschland bu way of the interim hub of refuge in Great Britian from wher he embarked at the Port of London on the ship "MINNIEWYDON' to arrive in Australia at the Port of Sydney in March 1875. > Sydney ? Paddington, Rozelle, NSW - Cab Proprietor, No.192 Evans Street, Rozelle, NSW - married. 3 daughters 1 son Nat. Rozelle 18th May 1914

Polikarp 'Peter' GLATZ
Polikarp or Polycarp GLATZ was born on 26th February 1850 in the town of Unter Kirnach, (Unterkirnach) in the Schwarzwald-Baar district of the Grand Duchy of Baden, Deutschland. Polikarp Glatz was likely a Moravian, as Unterkirnach is nearby the Moravian Community at Königsfeld im Schwarzwald, Baden. Polikarp Glatz emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich on the ship 'AMALFIE and arrived in Australia at the Port of Melbourne in February 1882. Glatz was a Piano Tuner and Piano Maker residing at the Victoria -New South Wales border town of Albury when he swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 23rd June 1908. He was then unmarried. By then Polikarp Glatz had lived for 8 years in Victoria and for 18 yeas in New South Wales. Policarp? 'Peter' GLATZ - died 1924 Albury NSW at 74 years of age.
Klaudius GLEIBER -
Klaudius GLEIBER was born on about 1853 in the City of Marburg, Kreis Biedenkopf Heßen-Kaßell, (Hessen-Cassell), Deutschland. Boot Manufacturer Age 30 three years in South Australia on the 29th October 1883 Adelaide, South Australia.
Robert Bruno GLEISBERG, Naturalised 1888. General Manager of Devonian and Mingowie, Coolgardie, Western Australia

Karl Johannes Sixtus GLEISNER b. Sweden - Arr.SS SEYDLITZ 1st January 1912

Heinrich Johann Friedrich GLESS - Naturalised 1927-1939

Joseph Robert Otto GLIER
Joseph Robert Otto GLIER was born on Christmas Day 1882 in the City of Breslau, Silesia, Prussia. - Seaman arr. BOLIVIA 2nd Nov 1902 Sydney NSW Nat. 1907 NSW.
Maximilian Max Otto GLOCKER -
Maximilian Max Otto GLOCKER was born on the 3rd of October 1870 at Chemnitz, in the Königreich Sachsen (Kingdom of Saxony) which was to be incorporated in the Deutsch Reich just three months after his birth. At age 39 Glocker emigrated out of Deutschland on the Steamship 'SCHARNHORST to arrive in Australia at the Port of Adelaide on the 10th October 1910. On disembarking Glocker made his way around the Coast of Australia, and settled in Toowoomba, Queensland where he became a trading Butcher at Glenvale, Toowoomba, QLD. Glocker was aged 42, married, yet without children when he swore the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on 18th January 1913. He had been in Australia for two years.

Johannes Julian GLOE - land Surveyor - Interned Civilian
Johannes Julian GLOE was born on the 1st of December 1879 at Pellworm, that is, on the Nord Friesland Island of Pellworm, on the North Sea coast of Germany in the Provinz of Schleswig, Deutschland. Pellworm is also called in Danish: Pelvorm; or in North Frisian: Pälweerm. At the age of 23 GLOE emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich on the steamship "S.S.GNEISENAU" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Fremantle WA on the 12th December 1904. On disembarking GLOE resided in Kojonup for two years, and then in Perth suburb of Canning for six mints, Jandakot for six months, and then in Perth, Western Australia. At the age of 28 & 3/4 after four years in Australia GLOE took the Oath in his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 5th October 1908 before Mr Auguste Sanford Roe, Police Magistrate of Western Australia. Gloe framed this Memorial Certificate and put it on his wall. But, sometime around the time of the declaration of war his framed Naturalization certificate was stolen when living at the German Club, Perth, Western Australia. So, though Gloe was a Naturalized British Subject in 1909 he was after the outbreak of war taken into custody as an Interned Civilian - Internee/ Prisoner of War at the Concentration Camp. Liverpool, New South Wales. Johannes Julius Gloe had been married to Agnes Alwine Voss in 1909 in Perth, Western Australia. Their children were: Hans Lorentz Gloe b.1912 Albany WA ; Therese Thelse Gloe 1813 Geraldton WA; Rolf Gloe b.1914 Leederville, WA; and Claus S. Gloe born 1915 at Busselton, WA.
In 1938, on the brink of the Second World War their son, Hans Johannes Lorens Gloe, died at age 26 at Mount Dandenong, Victoria with his young wife Stella Runciman Gloe age 22 in the tragic Kyeema Airline Crash that took place on the 25th of October 1938, when the Kyeema, an aeroplane enroute from Adelaide, South Australia destined to Melbourne airport, crashed into the western face of Mount Dandenong in thick fog and cloud. Johannes Julian Gloe himself died in Perth in 1951. His wife Ages Alvina Gloe survived him to die at age 75 in 1959 in Perth, Western Australia.
Karl Gustav GLOOR - born abt 1900 - Naturalised 1930/1931

Franz Friedrich 'Frank' GLOWASKI
Franz Friedrich 'Frank' GLOWASKI was born on the 28th December 1875 in the old Hanseatic Free City of Bremen, by then for four years taken in as a part of the Deutsch Reich. Glowasky emigrated with his family out of that Deutsch Reich at the age of ten, to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the steamship 'S.S.CATANIA' in June 1886. On disembarking Glowaski went to reside firstly in West Melbourne, then North Melbourne, where he worked as a Tobacco Maker. Glowaski finally settled at No 173 Berkley street, Carlton, Victoria where he lived with his wife and their three Australia daughters, and one Australian son. It was that address from which he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 11th August 1914. He had then been in Australia for 28 years.
Heinrich Henry GLOWASKI / GLOWASKY - born Germany, married Laura Florence BLACKMAN 1905

Hermann GLOZ
-Hermann GLOZ (or GLOTZ) was born on the 27th April 1869 at Böckingen, in the Königreich Württemberg. He emigrated at the age of five with his recently widowed mother Sophia GLOZ (then age 39) and brother Wilhelm GLOZ (then age 3) by way of the interim hub of refuge in England and there embarked on the ship 'SOMERSETSHIRE' to arrive in the Australia at the Port of Melbourne in July 1875. In Australia Gloz was trained as a Carpenter. Hermann GLOZ was married to Annie RAWSON in 1894 in Walhalla, in the mountains of Gippsland, Victoria. The Gloz family were: Friedrich Lionel Gloz, b. 1895; Olive Ida Gloz b.1896; Freda Gloz b.1903; and Hilda Gloz b. 1907, and from Wahalla they resided at Moondara.
Both Gloz and his Australia-born wife Annie were declared Enemy Aliens and Interned uring the War. Mounted Sergeant Rawlings [4801]of Walhalla, writes: "Hermann Gloz, husband of the applicant (Annie Gloz) was on the 19th April 1915 arrested by me for Internment."
The following letter was written by Hermann GLOZ at Erica, Victoria on the 20th October 1915 :
To the Minister, Department of External Affairs, Commonwealth Offices, Melbourne. - - Dear Sir, I am a German Born and cam to Walhalla 41 years ago with only my mother at the age of 5. My Uncle was there at 'Walhalla' since 1852 and got Naturalised at about 53 or 54. He married by mother when he became my stepfather. I have received my education at Walhalla and practically resided there all my life, considering myself an Australian, not having nay Idea that I as considered to be a German until a few weeks after the War broke out when I was informed by my Solicitor who I had instructed to proceed against a person for a debt, when I got the surprise of my life, when he informed me that I had no standing in Court as I was not Naturalized. Lately, however, the Police began pestering me to report myself weekly to which I strongly Object as I do not consider myself either as a criminal or German. I consider myself as good an Australian as the next man. I have an only son in camp who is anxious to do his best for his country and who begged me not to put an obstacle in his way which was likely to prevent him from going to the front. I had previously told him about the Police wanting me to Report, however I had not promised my son what I did. I would rather be Interned than report myself to the Police like a Criminal. My wife is a native of Walhalla. I may also inform you that my name is on both the State and Federal (Electoral) Rolls, and I have enjoyed all the privileges of a British Subject ever since I can remember. I have written you this as I wish you to let me know if there is any way by which I could overcome the Odium of reporting myself weekly. - Trusting to receive a favourable - I remain - Yours truly, Hermann Gloz ...
Hermann Gloz had been working for two months for O'Shea & Bennett erecting a Sawmill at Erica, Victoria when he swore the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 24th April 1920. Hermann GLOZ's wife Annie died in at age 74 in Coburg, Victoria in 1944. Gloz himself died in Moe, Gippsland at age 91 in 1960. His Uncle and Stepfather Johannes GLOZ had died in Yalllourn Gippsland at age 84 in 1933.

Johannes 'John' GLOZ (GLOTZ)- born abt 1848 Böckingen, Königreich Württemberg, married his brother's widow, Sophia GLOZ in 1875

Doctor Otto Ferdinand Friedrich GMELIN Physician
Otto Ferdinand Friedrich GMELIN was born on the 14th February 1861 at Ulm, in the Königreich Württemberg, Deutschland. Gmelin trained to become a Physician and Surgeon in Germany. He emigrated out of Deutschland by way of England on the ship "BRITISH COMMODORE" and arrived in Australia at the Victorian Port of Williamstown, in November 1890. On disembarking Gmelin went east to the South Gippsland Strezlecki foothills town of Foster, where he was in Medical Practice for nine years, and to the Yarra Valley vineyards and horticultural district to Lilydale, east of Melbourne, where he was in Medical Practice for five years. Doctor Gmelin was married to Edith Antoinette CLARK in 1899 in Victoria, Australia. From the Yarra Valley Doctor Gmelin immigrated to Northeastern Tasmania and went into Practice, first at Beaconsfield for two years, and then at Scottsdale where he had been in Medical Practice for five years by 1910. After 22 years in Australian at the age of 51 working as a medical Practitioner at Scottsdale, Tasmania Doctor Gmelin petitioned for Naturalisation at Scottsdale on the 15th May 1912. That same year Gmelin was remarried to Gladys Violet COTTMAN at Scottsdale, Tasmania on the 1st May 1912. Their daughter Ailsa Irene Gmelin was born in 1916 at Portland, Tasmania. She wa smarried to James Godwin in Victoria in 1937. On the 6th August 1919 Gmelin was Doctor at St Helens, on the east coast of Tasmania when the Commonwealth office of The Treasury, Pensions and Maternity Allowances Office wrote the Home and Terrtories Office seeking confirmation of that Naturalisation status. Otto Ferdinand Friedrich GMELIN died on the 31 August 1922 in the Public Hospital in Hobart, Tasmania.
Friedrich Hermann GNADEN - Barnawartha, Victoria
Friedrich Hermann GNADEN was maarried to Marie maria SCHMELZLE, nee MARGENREUTER in Victoria in 1894 Children: Emma Bertha Gnaden 1895 Beechworth, Wilhelm Hermann Otto Gnaden, born 1896 Chiltern, Hermann Joseph Gnaden 1897 Barnawartha, Ernstine Charlotte May Gnaden born 1899 Barnawartha, Carl Albert Gnaden, 1900, Gertrude Elsie Gnaden 1901, Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm Gnaden 1902; and Gottlieb Eduard Hermann Gnaden 1905 all at Barnawartha, in Lower Campaspe Valley, Victoria. Gnaden was naturalised in 1902 as a Farmer at Barnawartha, Victoria. Hermann Friedrich GNADEN died at age 76 at Beechworth, Victoria in 1935. His wife Maria survived him, dying in Chiltern, Victoria in 1940 at age 74.
Ferdinand Carl Jakob GNADT
Ferdinand Carl Jakob GNADT was born in about 1863 at Labehn, in Gdingen, West Prüßen, (Prussia). Gdingen is now Gdynia, in Gdańsk Bay on the south coast of the Baltic Sea. Gnadt emigrated out of Deutschland to arrive in Australia at the Port of Adelaide in April 1885. On the 16th April 1885, after one day in Australia, at age 27, Ferdinand Carl Jacob Gnadt swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation before Mr Theodore Scherk, Justice of the Peace of South Australia. Gnadt was starting in Australia as an Agricultural Labourer. Ferdinand GNADT died at age 32 in 1893 at Dimboola, in the Wimmera of Victoria, Australia.
GNATZ Family

Heinrich GNATZ- married to Henriette DITTER - QLD. Heinrich GNATZ died 6 May 1881 QLD
Johann GNATZ - married Maria Mathilde Auguste ENGFER 26 JUly 1882 QLD
Wilhelm Hermann GNATZ, WW1 Soldier 1914 ,
Johann Heinrich GNATZ WW1 soldier 1914, Gordon Sydney GNATZ , WW1 Soldier 1914 & Henrietta GNATZ - Registered Enemy Alien Certificate No.8 issued 13 October , Moorooka, QLD - Brisbane QLD

Franz GNAUCK - married Martina SCHMIDT- 29 June 1889 QLD

Rudolph Hermann Matthias GNEHM
- Alias ' Matthew NEWTON' - ex ship 'BENDIGO' - deported per 'BARADINE; October 1931

Johann Gottlieb Traugott GNERICH
Johann Gottlieb Traugott GNERICH was born in about 1833 at Krampitz, Schlesien, Prüßen, (Silesia, Prussia). Gnerich emigrated out of Deutschland to arrive at the Port of Adelaide, south Australia in June 1878. He went up from Adelaide to the outer Barossa Valley district of Sedan where he became a Farmer. After just one year in Australia, at age 46 years, Gnerich swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised at Bethany, in the Barossa valley, of South Australia on the 23 June 1879.
Simion Samuael GNILIAK - b. Russia Naturalisation 1935- 1936

Carl Charles GÖBEL
Carl Charles GÖBEL, son of Anton & Katharine GÖBEL, was born on the 29th March 1838 at Erfert, Thüringen, Deutschland. He emigrated out of Deutschland by way of the interim hub of refuge and freedom in England and there embarked at the Port of London on the sailing ship 'GARONNE' arriving in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 24th November 1884. Upon disembarkation GÖBEL went up to Sydney, New South Wales, where he lived at Woolahra for 10 years, then he was at Riverton for three and a half years, at Cataract for a year, and at Manly, New South Wales. At the age of 68, after 22 years in Australia Karl Charles GÖBEL was an unmmarried Backer /Baker residing at No.337 ELizabeth Street, Sydney, when he swore the oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 12th July 1906. Karl Charles GÖBEL died at Liverpool, NSW in 1909.
E. W. GOBELL - File of 1914-1923 Canberra

J. GOBELL - 1914-1923

Johann Conrad GOBEL - File of 1910

Wilhelm Friedrich GÖBEL -
Friedrich Wilhelm GÖBEL or GOEBEL, son of Johann Heinrich & Emilie Auguste Maria GÖBEL, was born on the 29th August 1884 at Dresden, Saxony, Deutschland. GÖBEL emigrated out of Deutshcland via the Port of Hamburg on the steamship "ST LEONARDS" and arrived in Australia at the Port of Sydney in 1906 Naturalised 1912, Wharf Labourer, of No.7 Montague street, Balmain, Sydney, New South Wales. After six years in Australia, Gobel was married and living with his wife in Balmain, at age 28, when he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 25th July 1912. Friedrich Wilhelm GÖBEL died in 1961 at Kyogle, New south Wales.

Wilhelm GOBEL - was married in 1888 to Annie Theresa SCANNELL in Woolahra, NSW [3134/1888]

Benjamin GOBELL - married to Lilias . - Children born Broken HILL NSW, Cereal C. Gobell 1898, Editha Gobell 1899, Franzis Friedrich Gobell 1901

Wilhelm Carl GOBELL - married 1916 Alice HIRSCHAUSEN @ Broken Hill, NSW

Richard Albert GODFREY/GOTTFRIED - from Hamburg, married Emily BECKWITH 1892 Vic.

Eduard Dietrich Heinrich GOEDEKE born Germany, married Jean BROWNRIGG 1887

Franz Wilhelm august GOERKE -born Germany, married Charlotte MILLER 1892

Hans Hermann Otto GOERN - Prisoner of war/ Internee, Tanuna SA - Naturalised 1922

Gustav Adolph GOESEL - born Germany, married Esther HARRISON 1908

Emil Ludwig Wilhelm GOETTE - born Berlin, m.1886 Clara Helena PFORTNER

Gottlob Wilhelm Paul GOETZ - born Königreich Württemberg, married Sarah WILLIAMS 1876

Carl Alexander GOLD - von Prüßen (Prussia), married Nellie Mary O'DONOVAN 1902

Morritz GOLDMAN - von Poland

Nathan GOLDMAN/GOLDMANN - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Rose PARKER 1890 Vic.

Julius GOLDSCHMIDT / GOLDSMITH born Austria, married Margaret Hannah GILL 1887

Herr M GOLDSTEIN - - Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1897 age 45; with Frau Goldstein 32, Kind; A. age 6, and infant

MarX/Marks GOLSTEIN - von Poland

Adam GOLEJEWSKI born Austria, married Hannah HOLLOW 1873

Adam GOLYEWSKI / GOLIUSKY -born Austria, m.1886 Mary O'TOOLE

Andreas Andrew GORTZ born Germany, married Louisa SPARKS 1887

Alfred GOTENBERG -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 30

Theophilus GOTENBERG -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 22

August GOTENBERG -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 5

Johann Conrad Nicolaus GOTHE - from Hannover, married Emma Ann SINCLAIR 1889 Vic.

Richard Franzis Heinrich GÖRING - born Germany, married Elsie Evelyn WALKER 1905
Richard Franzis Heinrich GÖRING arrived in Australia at the Port of Geelong, Victoria on the ship "SOKOTO" in January 1905 from New York, New York State, USA. He resided in Geelong for six months, and then was eight and a half years in Melbourne with the war looming on the far-off but all to close horizon of Europe, before he completed his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation as a British subject of Australia on the 6th August 1914 at Carlton, Victoria. By then he was32 years of age and married to Australia-born, Elsie Evelyn Walker and the GÖRINGs had four Australian-born children, two boys and two girls. They were living at No. 364 City Road, South Melbourne, in the district where GÖRING was working as a Wharf Labourer. GÖRING was born on the 25th day of January 1882 in the German capital Berlin, Deutschland.
Franz GOSSLER -born Austria, m.1887 Julia PEOKEL

Theodor Wilhelm GOTTLIEBSEN -born Germany, married Charlotte Anna Elisabeth FRITSCH 1900

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Paul GOTTSCHUTZKE - born Germany, married Isabella NEYLAND 1908

Johannes Franz Albert GOTTSCHUTZKE - born Germany, married Maria Emma KLOBE 1906

Jakob GOTZ - born Germany, married Doris BRUNING 1911

Johann John GOUTER / GAUTER -born Germany, m.1886 Julia McDONALD

Claus Heinrich GRABAU - Enemy Alien / Prisoner of War / Interneee, 1918 - 1921 Tanunda, Sth Australia

Reverend J. GRABER -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 60

Carl 'Charles' GRABERT - born Prüßen Prüssia, married Margaret LUNDBOM 1890 Vic.

Carl Heinrich GRAEBER - born Prüßen Prüssia, married Martha MORTON 1894 Vic.

August Friedirch GRAF - born Prüßen Prüssia, married Maria Magdalene PEMKER 1891 Vic.

Friedrich Wilhelm GRAFEN - from Hamburg, married Anna HEYNEMANN 1891 Vic.

Robert GRAFF -born Germany, m.1886 Eleanor HAWKER

Hermann Arthur GRANDY - born Germany, married Elizabeth WOLFF 1912

Anton Luis Maximilian GRANE - born Saxony, m.1886 Elizabeth Jane COWL

Dinegott Wilhelm GRATZ -born Germany, married Louise Wilhelmine SEMLER 1893

Philipp GRAUMANN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 38

Carl 'Charles' GRAUPNER - born Germany, married Malvina JOHNSTON 1903

Morris GREENBOAM / Moritz GRUENBAUM -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 28

Franz Adam GREENSFELDER / GRUENSFELDER - Engine Driver, Palmerston, Northern Territory
Franz Adam GREENSFELDER / GRUENSFELDER - was born in about 1863 at Ochsenfurt, near Würzburg, in Bavaria, Deutschland. Gruensfelder emigrated to Australia in about 1887. In 1901 he was working as an Engine Driver, at Palmerston, near Darwin, in the Northern Territory when he Swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 13th May 1901 before Mr John Archibald GRAHAm, Justice of the Peace at Palmerston, NT.

Johann Jakob GREGORIE -born France, married Edith May BILLINGS 1912

Diedrich GREIFF - b. 1861 Embden, Hannover Arr. 1891 Port Pirie, > Pt Adelaide Nat.1914 Adelaide, Carpenter

Heinrich Otto GREIL -born Germany, married Anna LAYE 1897

Richard Johann Albert GRIENKE -born Germany, married Edith UNTHANK 1893

August Friedrich Dedleff GRELL b. Kiel Arr. 1880 Pt Adelaide Nat 1893 Oakbank SA Gardener

Heinrich Otto GRELL -born Germany, married Anna LAGE 1897

Adolph GRESHER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 22

Johann GREVE - born Germany, married Josepha WARREN 1902

Johann Jacob GREYORIE -born France, married Edith May BILLINGS 1912

Wilhelm Friedrich Carl GRIEBENON -born Germany, married Crissie CAMERON 1893

Albert Wilhelm GRIEBSCH -born Germany, married MAey Henrietta OLDHAM 1894

Robert Friedrich Carl GRIES born Germany, married Eva RATCLIFFE 1888

Horst GRIESBACH - b.1888 Dresden. arr.1907 Fremantle WA

Oswald GRIFFITHS - born Prüßen Prüssia, married Elizabeth DICK 1901 Vic.

Heinrich Arthur GRIGOLEIT - born Prüßen Prüssia, married EmilY BONE 1889 Vic.

Friedrich Paul GRIMM
Friedrich Paul GRIMM waited no time at all to provide his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation, for he filled in his submission on the 10th august 1885, just one day after his arrival in Adelaide, South Australia. He then gave his occupation as that of Stationer. Grimm was born at Halle, in the Salle district of Deutschland, between Leipzig and Magdeburg.
Georg GRIMM - THE BUSHMAN -born 1859 Braunschweig-Lüneburg (Brunswick) Deutschland
Georg GRIMM has a uniquely Australian very German Grimm Tale to Tell. (See Below) - Grimm was born on the 12th January 1859 in the Stadt of Braunschweig (Brunswick) Deutschland, the son of Christian Friedrich Grimm and his wife Henriette Linde. He arrived in Australia from London, England, where he had already been living for the past nine months, on the square-rigged sailing ship "STAR OF RUSSIA" arriving at the Port of Melbourne on the 3rd March 1881. He finally endorsed his completed Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation, at Humula, via Wagga Wagga, New South Wales on the 22nd January 1923, In those papers he comfirms that he is unmarried, and, given his story, somewhat belatedly agrees that he 'Intends to settle permanently in Australia.' He then makes this comment in answer to the request to list his 'Places of Residence since arrival in Australia: - at Victoria, Living a nomadic life following Service Works in numerous places in Victoria from 1883 to 1911 - and he attaches the following account.

THE GRIMM TALE: or A DOMACILIARY ANSWER - AND THEY WONDERED IF HE WAS AUSTRALIAN ? & CALLED HIM AN ALIEN" Georg Grimm was found in the early madness of the 'so called' Great War (about 1914) to be a quite Un-Naturalised 'Enemy Alien at Mitta Mitta, Victoria. Grimm was put on Parole, sacked, and eventually told that he was a Prisoner of War. he was told to stay put in Humula, or be Interned in Sydney. When he requested to be Naturalised, he was asked to furnish a complete list of the 'places where he had been domiciled,' and so the following remarkable story was brought to light by his own hand.


Monday, March 11, 1923
Humula, via Wagga N.S.W.

To the Secretary For Home & Territories

Dear Sir,

In reply to your request as to give a List of places where I have been Domiciled since I came to Australia I must state that I never had a home bar a Hut or a tent in the bush.

But, to start with, in March 1881 I took on Woodcutting between Wallan and Wandong, about 36 miles from Melbourne, for a Mr. Monroe, close to the North-eastern Line for about six months. Next, I went to the Railway Construction Works at Tallarook to Yea about three months. I then took a trip to Albury and Tarcutta to Gundagai ~ Cootamundra Railway Construction, about nine months. Came back via Wagga to Walla Walla, Gerogery and Jindera, about two months. Then back to Silvery Creek Water Works, a Mr. Barker was the Contractor. That water flows into the Yan Yean (Reservoir) for Melbourne, about eleven months.

1883 Morwell ~Mirboo Railway Construction, Mr. John Robb, Contractor. I camped at Boolarra, Darlimurla and Mirboo, but there were no Houses, then only the names, but there was a Hotel and Post Office one mile south of Old Mirboo

I worked on that Line over two years and done some Bushwork. In 1885 I had a cut on the Heyfield to Stratford branch, camping near Maffra and then near Stratford. 1886 Moe ~ Narracan Valley Railway, Mr. John Robb, Contractor. I worked on that Line about one year.

In 1887 I went to Healesville Railway Construction. I was camping near the tunnel two miles from Healesville about nine months. Then I went to Bacchus Marsh to Ballan Railway Construction. I camped two miles out of Bacchus Marsh township.

In 1888 In went to the Comet sawmills near Wandong, a Mr. Robertson chief, about three months. I then went to the Great Southern Railway Construction, first section, Mr. Falconer, Contractor.

From Dandenong to Whitelaws Track, afterwards called Korumburra, and a man by the name of Mr. Broderick built the first Hotel. I worked there about six months. I then went to the second section, Mr. Andrew O’Keefe, Contractor.

From Whitelaws Track to Toora, I worked on that Line for two years, camping in many places, at that time all wild bush country. I seen in the Papers there are still two brothers, Bill and Tom Starr in Melbourne, Contractors. Old men now. Bill Starr was Riding Ganger, and Tom was Ganger, I worked under him on the O’Keefe section.

In Spring of 1889 I went to Melbourne and after a jolly good spree.

I had a cut at the Goulburn Weir about 3 months. But I went back to the Southern. [Great Southern Railway Construction.] I left the Southern in 1891.

Times were getting very bad in respect to work. Money was very scarce. The Banks had closed. People could not sell nor could they buy. The Country was in an awful state. Wheat was sold at 1/6 a bushel. Potatoes 20/- a ton. But no work of any kind.

At that time there were some other sources to make a living. There was still a little gold in the streams and plenty of furred animals in the hills and a ready market for skins and in the thousands men had a go at that game, shooting and trapping for skins.

I tramped over the whole Gippsland Mountains, always on the go to fresh places, from the Coast to right across the Alps and through Croajingolong from Bendack to Eden. Hunting for skins in the Winter and getting a little bit of gold in the summer.

It was a very Romantic life, and suited me, and it was a dream of hopes, but very few found more than wages. I done such places, Upper Goulburn and branches, Woodspoint country, Upper Thompson and Branches, Walhalla country, Upper Mitchell and Branches, Dargo Country.

Upper Tambo and Branches, Omeo Country, Upper Mitta, Glenswills/ Glen Wills country and all through Eastern Gippsland. The Tantawangelo Mountains from Bombala and Nimmitabel, to Bega and Bermagui. I spent about ten years like that.

I left the Upper Shoalhaven some miles off Braidwood some time in 1901 but kept rabbit-trapping down the Murrumbidgee till 1911.

I started on the Wagga-Tumbarumba Railway Construction, left it in 1914 and went to the Nimmitabel to Bombala Railway Construction and worked there 4 months, too cold, went to Harding to Yass Duplication, started there on August the 2nd, worked two days, left on August 5th, War Time, I went to Wagga-Albury-Tallangatta Railway, could not get on, went to Mitta Mitta Camp.

I was put on parole by the Police at Mitta. Went to Omeo- Bruthen camp 2 months, went to Orbost camped 3 months, travelled to Bombala, Nimmitabel, Cooma, Gundagai, Tarcutta, Humula, started work on the second section of the Tumbarumba Line from September 1915 to May 1916.

By order from Sydney any German must be discharged, got the sack.

When I asked for a Pass to travel I was told that I was a Prisoner of War. That I could stop in Humula or else go to Sydney.

I stopped here ever since, but am going to Mitta-Mitta Dam.

Your respectfully,
G. Grimm

P.M 15 March 1929

I think he gave them answer. He should have been made an honorary Australian on the spot. Georg Grimm is what I'd call a genuine Australian War Hero.

It seems Georg GRIMM died in Sydney, New South Wales, in 1933,
Gustav GRIMM - born Holstein, married Annie CLANCY 1889 Vic.

Nikolaus Konstantin GRIMM - Alien Registration Certificate. Nat. 23 July 1934

Walter GRIMM

Walter Grimm arrived in Australia in 1913 running just ahead of the war. He was working as an orchard labourer at Beaconsfield, east of Dandenong, Victoria when he was first reported by locals to Police to be an Enemy Alien on 18 September 1914. Police found nothing suspicious about him despite their interrogations. Walter was then fifteen years old, but seemed able to take responsibilty for himself as he soon he made his way from there to Tasmania, but then left the Island state under orders for Melbourne on the 6th October 1914. He was then Registered as an Alien No.58490 in Intelligence Section of General staff, 6th Military District, sub-district W3/29. This record shows that Grimm was born on 1897 in Berlin and had not been Naturalised. By occupation he was then a Sailor and Labourer, 5 foot 7 inches tall, weighing 153 pounds, with blue eyes, and fair hair. Grimm returned to Tasmania on 5th February 1916 without official permission, believing he could find work to support himself at Mt Lyall or Queenstown. He was then arrested in the town of Linda, Tasmania on 23 February 1916. He was again interrogated and 'found to be truthful.' He was reported in goodwill and trust to 'have no desire to return to Germany.' He assured his interrogators that he had left Germany when he was still too young for Compulsary Military service and so had never been a Reservist. Though it came out that he had two brothers serving with the German Navy in the then present war. This was likely the cause by which he was considered to be a threat. He was Interned as District Internee Number 74 on the 23rd of February 1916 and was transferred between Internment Camps on 6th March 1916. During his Internment he wrote to the Australian Minister of Defence requesting release to return to 'the situation' of working life in Queenstown, Tasmania, but Grimm's plea was not recommended by the Internment Camp Commandant, and so, even watched freedom was denied him. After the 'not-so' Great War was over Grimm was quickly repatriated back to a beaten and grief-stricken Germany, like it or not, on the ship 'RIO NEGRO" on the 9th May 1919. I hardly think he found himself a welcome. - A Possible Postscript: - Maybe Walter Grimm married in Germany, and imbued a son of his with a love for Australia, for a Walter Heinz Grimm, born in Germany on 31 March 1930, the son of Walter Grimm and Emma Lohe, arrived in Australia on a KLM Flight in 1961, along with his wife, Ingrid nee Kalb. Walter Heinz Grimm died, nearby to Beaconsfield, at Dandenong, Victoria, Australia in 1972 at age 42.

August GRONKRENTZ Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ October 1908 age 32

Alfred GROSS -born Germany, married Lilian Blanche LEVINSON 1892

Friedrich GROSS -born Germany, married Marie STOESSEL 1896

Gottfried GROSS - born Germany, married Elsie May WATSON 1905

Heinrich Johann GROSS - von Hamburg, m. 1911 Elsie May HOLDEN

Ernst Carl Alexander GROSSMANN - born Germany, married Elisabeth Wanda POHL 1912

Friedrich Wilhelm GROSSMANN - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Johann Caroline WEISE 1894 Vic.

Herr A. GROTH -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 20

Julius Colin Maximiliam GROTH -born Germany, married Margaret Jane COWE 1896 Nat. 1880

Wilhelm GROTH born Germany, married Ida Auguste Louise HEYBER 1886

Adolph GROTJAN - Naturalised 1904
Emil GROTJAN -merchant, born Hamburgh,
Emil GROTJAN arrived in Australia from the Asian Kingdom of Siam (now Thailand) on the vessel "S.S.CHINGTU" arriving on the 2nd august 1903 at Port Melbourne. On embarkation he lived in Armadale in the Prahran district for nine months, then was 12 months in Melbourne, before his 18 months in Hawksburn and 9 months in Malvern saw him return to the Prahran Disrict. Grotjan was born in Hamburgh, Germany on the 18th February 1874. He was a merchant by occupation, dealing under the name Grotjan & Co - A Propriatory Company after 1911 - (Cable Address "GROTJAN" at G.P.O. Box 288) out of No. 34 Queen Street, Melbourne. He married Catherine Anderson CAMPBELL in 1907 At age 33, after four years in Austalia, he took his Oath for the Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 3rd October 1907 at No. 17 Valetta Street, Malvern, Victoria. In 1916 Grotjan was force to retire from his own company - because a new ACT of Parliament mandated that persons of 'enemy origin.' He then could not hold shares in any Company Incorporated in Australia, so he was forced to sell his own shares in the company he had started as well, which he did with the permission of the Attorney General of Australia. After the war, in 1919 he started up a new business of a different character, seeking to trade with Europe by way of Holland. It seems he imported goods and commodities ranging from cork to amblygonite to artificial limbs. In 1919 Grotjan submitted a list of dealers in Tilburg, Holland with whom he wish to trade to the Minister of Defence, Mr G. H. Wise, to check, as he had already accused and investigated to see if he breached the' Trading With The Enemy Act. Emil Grotjan was then living at "Yarralla" Orama Road, Murrumbeena, Victoria.

Georg Jacob GROVE from Alsace, married Alice Matilda McKILLOP 1901

Andreas GRUBER - born Germany, married Mary POUCH / POOCH 1904

Andreas Friedrich GRUBER - born Germany, married Elsie Rosie GELNWRIGHT 1910

Heinrich GRUBER - from Hannover, married Alice Eta HORSEY 1889 Vic.

Johannes GRUBER -born Germany, married Sarah Catherine ALBIN 1893

Heinrich GRUEN/Henry GREEN - von Poland

Peter GRUMICH -born Germany, married Mary Jane WRIGHT 1892

Alfred Reinhold GRUN
Alfred Reinhold GRUN, the son of Paul & Pauline GRUN, was born on the 8th May 1887 at Bunzlau-am Queiss, Schlesien, Prüßen (Prussia). Bunzlau is now Bolesławiec in Southwestern Poland. Grun emigrated in the ship "CASSELL" arriving at the Port of Sydney in November 1911. Alfred grun was caught out by the enmity on the Declaration of war. He was declared an Enemy Alien in 1915. On the seventh August 1922 working as a self-employed Hairdresser, he took the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation when residing at 'Kia Ora' Hopetoun Street, Hurlestone Park, Sydney. He was then married to Ruby Louisa Green in 1914 in North Balmain. He was then conducting his own business in the form of a Hairdressing Salon at 262 Castlereigh Street, Sydney, NSW. Ruby Louisa Grun died in 1963 and Alfed Grun died the next year in Gosford, New South Wales.

Wilhelm Heinrich Emil GRUNDMANN -born Germany, married Helene Emma RADTKE 1893

Albert Ernst Conrad GRUTZNER - born Germany, married Floritta Jane Matilda WYLIE 1907

Friedrich Wilhelm GRUTZNER -born Germany, m.1886 Annie Florence McDONALD

Jacob Jakob GRUTZNER - from Saxony, married Frances LADHAMS 1893 Vic.

Johann GUDE -from Saxony, m.1875 Marianne HUNDRECk

Nathan GUCKENHEIMER/ GUGENHEIMER -born Germany, married Hilda PHILLIPS 1890

Paul GUGGENHEIMER - from Bavaria, married Mary HEPBURN 1892 Vic.

August Heinrich Friedrich Franz GUHL -born Germany, married Agnes Cecilia Josine WATTS 1897

Reinhold GUHMANN
Reinhold GUHMANN b. 1848 Breslau, Schlesien, Prüßen (Silesia, Prussia). Arrived 12 April 1889 HAPSBURG' Melbourne Occ: Tischler/ Cabinet Maker, Nat. 5 Feb 1898 Eganstown, Daylesford, Victoria Age 50 - 8 Years in Australia

Alfred GUHRMANN/ GUHMANN - born Germany, married Josephine Bridget VANINO 1907

Henry Emil GUIOT- born France, married Ruth Florence BARNETT

GUNDLACH, Louis Luis/Ludwig Richard -Residence: Lismore, NSW. Naturalization 1905 - Wife Margarette -Children born Northern NSW: Andrew Kerr Gundlach -b.30 Mar 1913 Casino, NSW; Jean Spence Gundlach b.10 Jun 1920 Lismore,

GUNDLACH, August Friedrich Wilhelm -b. 20th Februar 1885 at Stolzenburg, Pommern, (Pomerania) in the former Prussian lands of the Deutsch Reich. -Emigrated to arrive 19th August 1912 per the ship "S.S."SEYDLITZ" at the Port of Adelaide, South Australia. He took the oath of his Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised on 11th February 1917 at Kilkenny, Rundle Street, Adelaide, South Australia where he worked as a glass bottle blower.

GUNDLACH, Richard Karl Gustav Luis -b.2nd November 1885 Minden, Westphalia, Deutschland - son of Richard Robert Reinholdt Gundlach -Occupation: Musiker - Violinist - Gundlach Emigrated from Germany long before eventually opting for the Antipodes. In about 1899 he left the Deutsch Reich, and had spend a year in Belgium, and sfter crossing Channell, then twelve (12) years in England by the time he emigrated via the Port of London on the ship "S.S. ZIETEN" arriving in Australian at the Port of Melbourne 28th April 1913. On Disembarkation R K G L Gundlach spent a year in Geelong, then went up to Mildura for four years where there was casual work then returned to Melbourne where he found work in his calling as a musiciana and violinist with Mr John A Farquaharson at the Crown Theatre in Victoria Street, North Richmond. R K G L Gundlach had been for three years in Melbourne the time he took his Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised on the 7th Feburary 1922 and with his family was then living at No.23 William street, Abbotsford, Vic. He had been married in England to Bessie Florence (Gundlach) then aged 26, who was born at Havant, Hants. England. They had two children: 1.Mathilde Florence Gundlach - born London, aged 8; and 2. Robert Richard Alwyn Paul Gundlach, born Abottsford, then aged 4.

GUNDLACH, Robert Carl August -b.29th Dezember 1887 at Nienburg, Hannover (res: Minden, Westphalia_, Deutschland - son of Richard Robert Reinholdt Gundlach - He had spent thriteen years (13) in England before emigrated to Australia. He emigrated with his brothers via the Port of London on the ship "S.S. ZIETEN" arriving in Australian at the Port of Melbourne 28th April 1913. On disembarkation he spent nine months in Yarraville, Melbourne, and then went up to Swan Hill. Residence 1914: Campbell Street, Swan Hill - Occupation: Hairdresser, - NATURALISATION: 1916-1921 finalised 26 October 1921 at Ultima, Victoria, where he was a working hairdresser.-

GUNDLACH, Alwyn Wilhelm August -b.14th Juni 1890 Minden, Westphalia, Deutschland - son of Richard Robert Reinholdt Gundlach He emigrated via the Port of London on the ship "S.S. ZIETEN" arriving in Australian at the Port of Melbourne 28th April 1913- First registered as an Enemy Alien at Mildura

GUNDLACH, Paul Karl -b. 29 Dezember 1892 Minden, Westphalia, Deutschland - son of Richard Robert Reinholdt Gundlach - He emigrated via the Port of London on the ship "S.S. ZIETEN" arriving in Australian at the Port of Melbourne 28th April 1913. m.Edna C. Gundlach - First registered as an Enemy Alien at Mildura - Residence and LAND: Woorinen, Victoria.

GUNDLACH, ROBERT - Richard Robert Reinholdt - father of the above- [ Application by Paul Gundlach for permission to bring his father, Robert Gundlach and mother to Australia - Arrived per "Barrabool" 25.7.1925

Carl Friedrich GUNTHER born Berlin, Prüßen married Elizabeth SCOTT 1888

Johannes Hans GUNTHER -born Germany, married Maria CORRIGAN 1897

John Johann GUNTHER -born Germany, married Katherina WEINMANN 1891

Valentine GUNTZLER - born Germany, married Gertrude Rose PEEL 1909

Professor GURNEZ -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 50

Samuel GUT - born BADEN, m. 1902 Esther Jane SILVERMAN

Paul Carl Wilhelm GUTIKE
Paul Carl Wilhelm GUTIKE was born 15 January 1847 at St Nikolai, Stettin Stadt, Pommern, Preussen. He was Naturalised in 1917. He first appears in Australia in Sydney, NSW with his wife Clara GUTIKE - (who later arrived at Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" on Nov 1893 age 32) with a daughter, Hildebrand GUTIKE -(arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov 1893 age 9). Their daughter Katherina 'Kate' GUTIKE was born in 1885 in Waverley, Sydney, NSW. She later married John FARRELL in Victoria in 1906. An elder daughter born in London, Edith Elizabeth GUTIKE, married Heinrich August Carl Hermann LÖHN in Victoria in 1897. Paul Carl Wilhelm GUTIKE died at age 74 in Kew, Boroondara, Melbourne.

Paul Alfred Georg GUTTLER -born Germany, m.1901 Amelie Johanne Christiane SEIDEL

David Aaron GUTTMANN/ GOODMAN - from Poland

Joseph GUTMANN - Olinda, Victoria

Friedrich Carl Georg GUYDEN -born Germany, married Agatha Evelyn JENKINS 1896


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