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I Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated


Paul Ameil Otto IAENKE / Paul Emil Otto JÄNCKE Naturalised 1905

Richard IFFINGER -born Heidelberg, Germany, married Jane TURNER 1877

The Port of Batavia in the Dutch East Indies (now Jakarta, Indonesia) was the place where Dietrich Iffinger embarked from for Australia arriving at Port Melbourne on the vessel 'ARGO" like a tropic version of the Argonauts of ancient Greece, on the 22nd March 1875. Iffinger was born in the real Heidelberg, not the one on the Yarra, but on the Neckar River, in the Königreich Württemberg. When Dietrich was Naturalised on 3rd March 1883 he was working as a labourer in Sandridge (Port Melbourne), the suburb where his brother Richard Iffinger with his wife of 1877, Jane Turner lived with their children. Richard Iffinger died in Sandridge, Port Melbourne at age 36 in 1896.
Richard IFFINGER -born Germany, married Rosina Franzesca KLUNDER 1896

Albert Heinrich Georg IHDE from Hamburg
Albert Heinrich Georg IHDE- bornin Hamburg, Deutschland. Emigrated by 1888. He married twice in Victoria, first to Mary HOGAN in 1890, and after he was widowed he married Sylvia CHAPMAN 1906

Hermann Gustav Adolph IHLAN
Hermann Gustav Adolph IHLAN was born 17th august 1881 at Gross Lichterfelde, in the Burg of Steglitz-Zehlendorf, in Berlin, Brandenburg, Prüßen (Prussia). He arrived in Australia from Great Britian at the Port of Bunbury, Western Australia on the vessel "DUNCRAGIE" on the 15th May 1902. Ihlan resided in Bunbury for three years after which he went to Greenbushes, Western Australia. It was at age 25, after about 5 years in Australia, that Ihlan, working asa Miner, and residing C/- Mr S. J. Patterson, Secretary, Political Labour Party, at Greenbushes, Swore his Oath in the Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised on the 16th March 1907.
Carl Otto IHLE
Ernst Heinrich IHLE
IHLE BROTHERS & SON : son of Ernst Heinrich IHLE of Sankt Egidien, Saxony/
1. Carl Otto IHLE was born 2nd November 1857 at Sankt Egidien (St Egidien) west of Chemnitz, Sachsen, (Saxony) Deutschland. He arrived in Melbourne on the 12 August 1883. Residence: Ammess Street, North Carlton. Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society) from age 28 on 16 aug 1885 until 31 Aug 1892. Carl Otto IHLE was by Occupation a Tischler, Joiner/ Cabinet Maker and Merchant Inventor. He married in 1885 to the Melbourne-born Marie Wilhelmine Georgine MÖLLER, daughter of pioneer Melbourne furniture marker, cabinetmaker, builder,and ex-vetinary, Adolph Gustav MÖLLER. Carl Otto Ihle was an inventive craftsman who pioneered the 'The Hygienic Spring Mattress Company' where he took out Australian Patents for 'An improved spring mattress' in 1895 and for 'Improvements in garden and verandah seats' in 1896. Naturalised at age 28 on the 18th December 1895 at Valetta Street, Malvern. Carl Otto and his wife had four Australian children : Elisabeth Helene Ihle, born 1887 Carlton; Albert Carl Otto Ihle, born 1889 North Carlton; and, Robert Ernst Ihle, born 1891 Malvern, Victoria.
Robert Ernst IHLE later traveled in Germany where he married a German born wife, Emma Fischer (1890-1971) but nevertheless, he was then Interned as an born-Australian 'Civilian Enemy Alien' in the Ruhleben Camp' in Berlin, Deutschland, before returning to Melbourne after that 'not so' Great War in about 1919. Robert Ihle died in Melbourne in 1953, his wife Emma Ihle survived him to die in Glen Iris in 1971.

2. Ernst Heinrich IHLE born 8th Oktober 1859 Sankt Egidien, Sachsen, west of Chemnitz,(Saxony) Deutschland He emigrated from the Port Of Hamburg on the vessel "S.S.CATANIA" to arrive on the 5th September 1884 at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria. Ernst IHLE then farmed at Tarwin, in South Gippsland for 29 years, after which he retired into Melbourne. After 30 years in Australia, unmarried at age 54, Ihle swore his Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 28th August 1914 when living as a Retired Farmer at No.19 Stanhope Grove, Camberwell, Victoria. Later he lived in Drummond Street, Carlton, Melbourne, where he died in 1948.

husband of Ernstine IHM, Kedron, QLD

Kurt IHRCKE was born on the 26th March 1894 at in the Charlottenburg district of the City of Berlin, Brandenburg, which was formerly Prussia, but by then the Capital of the Deutsch Reich. Kurt Ihrcke took to the sea as an occupation and emigrated out of Deutschland to the interim hub of transient refuge in England and eventually embarked from the Port of London on the vessel 'WILHELMINE" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne in March 1912. He lived an worked on vessels out of the Port of Melbourne, including the"ZEMAELY", the ZILLISTA", the "HANDY ISLE', the 'ELLSINORE", and the "KASSA." He was single, aged 2O, and after two years in Australia still working as a Seaman, while living at No.226 Madeleine street, Carlton, when he swore the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at South Melbourne on the 12th October 1914
Myer ILLFELD b. 5 Jun 1851 Batenberg, Weisbaden, Arr, HOHENSTAUFEN 9 Jul 1887 Pt Sydney > Lambs Valley Occ. Hawker.

Friedrich Wilhelm ILLIG - from Berlin. Married Isabella Cooper 1889 Vic.

ILLING - Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society)assist 1890

Gottlieb IKINGER- Single, Baker - b.18 Oktober 1861 Salzbech, Wuerrtemberg. Res: Dundas Place, Barker Rd, Albert Park. Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society)member from age 28 on 31 Nov 1889 until 11 Oct 1893

Daniel Heinrich IMHOFF


Heinrich Henry INGELBRIGTSEN born Norway, maried Hilda Louisa NUNN 1905

Richard INGFER born Stettin, Pommern, Prussia. Arr. Sydney 1st Nov 1911 > Wellinton NSW ? Toowoomba QLD > Innisfail QLD > - Prisoner of War at Holdsworthy NSW

Alexander INGLES Naturalised 1910

Roman INGOLD - or INGOLA born Switz. Arr, 5 Sept 189 at Melbourne> South Preston, Vic.

Laurits/ Laurenz INGVORSEN born Denmark, married Frances Adelaide MORSE 1902

Claus Heinrich INTEMANN

Johann INTEMANN -born Borcaar, Germany, married Elizabeth RICHARDS 1889

Carl Charles INVALL born Sweden - married Elizabeth HIGGS 1902

Gustaf IRAGARD - born Sweden, married Mary Ann THORNTON 1909

Karl Friedrich VON IRMINGER Schleswig > Adelaide
Karl Friedrich VON IRMINGER Commercial Travellor, born abt 1856 Heide, Schleswig, Deutshchland Arrived in Australia 1880. Naturlaised 13tH March 1896 Drummond Place, Adelaide, South Australia

David ISAACS - b, Poland > Adelaide > Sydney, > Brisbane > Melbourne > St Kilda

Hermann ISAACS - Naturalised 1920

Noah ISAACS - b. 1855 Hornin, Russian, Poland or Prussia (Occ: Tischler /Cabinet Maker) - Arr, 3rd July 1889 from London, > Melbourne , Res, No.303 Drummond Street, Carlton. Nat. 21 July 1897

Abel ISAACSON - born Germany, married Rose DANGLOW 1908

Carl Victor ISAKSSON born Finland, Married Mary BROWNE 1905

A. N. ISBERG - Naturalised 1938

Ferdinand Ludwig ISBRAND - born Denmark married Hannah Lavina COCKS 1905 - Naturalised 1904

Johannes Adolph Bernhardt ISCHE Arr.27 Nov 1896 Sydney per ESSEN > Timekeeper at St Peters NSW

Georg Friedrich Franzis ISEKE -born Germany, married Mary Ann DAVIS 1893

Heinrich Harry ISENSTEIN b. Odessa, Russia
Heinrich Harry ISENSTEIN was born on the 2nd March 1875 in the German Jewish community at Odessa, in the Russian Empire. Isenstein first emigrated to England, and later, south to Cape Town, South Africa, and from that Port he embarked on the ship "S.S. MORAVIAN" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 17th October 1912. He was married to Melbourne-born Jennie in London, England, in about 1898 and the Isenstein children were Julia, born 1898 LOndon; Abraham, born 1901 London, Rachel born 1903 London, and Isabelle Isenstein, born 1905 in Cape Town, South Africa. 'Harrry' Isenstein was a Draper by profession, and soon found more opportunity might await in Adelaide than in Melbourne, so he immigrated to South Australia. He was a draper residing at Linden Street, West Hindmarsh, SA when he swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 29th Janaury 1918.

Heinrich Henry ISER
Heinrich Henry ISER was born in about 1855 in the Hanseatic Free City of Hamburgh, Hamburgh Stadt, Deutschland. He emigrated on the vessel "S.S.CATANIA" to arrive at the Port of Melbourne on the 27th July 1881. He was a Clerk by profession and after a sojourn in Melbourne, he went up to the Sandhurst Town of Bendigo. ISER was married to Caroline COLLEN or COELEN in Victoria in 1888. The following year, at age 34, working as a a Clerk, after seven years and nine months in Australia, he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at Sandhurst on the 8th April 1889. The ISERS produced three daughters and two sons in Bendigo: Caroline Johanne Iser 1889; Henrich Wilhelm Iser 1891; Leslie Fritz Iser 1893; Hanne Lisette Iser 1895; and Dorothea Sophie Iser 1898. Iser's wife Caroline died at Bendigo in 1918 age age 60. He survived her to die in the same place in 1932 at age 77 years.

Friedrich Wilhelm ISRAEL -von Saxony, married Ida BURKNER 1910
Friedrich Wilhelm ISRAEL, a machinist, was born on the 2nd July 1884 at Eibau, Saxony, (probably Eibau, Kreis Görlitz) near the Czech borders of Deutschland. At age 23 he emigrated on the ship 'S.S.GNEISENAU" to arrived in Australia on the 24th August 1908 at the Port of Melbourne. After disembarking he went to live in Burnley, Richmond, from where he worked as an Engine Driver. After six years in Australia he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation before Mr. William A. Kelly, Justice of the Peace of Victoria, on the 10th August 1914 when living at 245 Stawell Street, Burnley, Victoria. Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society) member from age 26 on 22 Mar 1911 until 27 May 1920. Travelled to Germeny in April 1920. Wife: Ida JUERKNER (b.18 December 1885)

Villiers Siegmund ISRAEL - from Hamburg, married Sarah Ann DEAKES 1895 Vic./ - born Germany, married Elsie Alice ARNOLD 1911 Naturalised 1914 / 1964

Luis Ludwig ISRAELOPITZ Naturalised 1898

Nathan ISRAELOPITZ -born Germany, married Esther JACOBS 1890 Naturalised 1898

Hermann Christian ITTERSHAGEN basketmaker
Hermann Christian ITTERSHAGEN was born on the 4th of February 1872 at Langensalza, Prussia. [This place is unchecked as I doubt if it is to be identified with Bad Langensalza, Thuringen]. He emigrated out of Deustchland via the interim refuge of Holland, and then embarked from the Port of Antwerp, Belgium, on the steamship 'BARBAROSSA" and arrived in Australia at the Port of Sydney on the 1st December 1900. On disembarking Ittershagen went immediately to Melbourne, Victoria, where he stayed two years, living inn East Street, Malvern. He was a member of the Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society) form age 29 on 17 April 1901 until 24 June 1903 when he was struck off. He had about then immigrated west to Perth, where after a year he settled in the nearby conurbation of Subiaco, where he had worked as a Wickerworker for five years by 1908. He was unmarried, living at Onslow Street, Subiaco, Westetn Australian when he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation before Mr Henry Daglish, Justice of the Peace of Western Australia, at Subiaco, on the 30th June 1908. Maybe a sister, Hermine Ittershagen, joined him in the West for she married Carl A. W. JUST in Perth in 1909. Ittershagen himself may have married, for a likely daughter, Ruth S. H. Ittershagen was born in Perth in 1927. Hermann Christian Ittershagen died in Perth in 1940.

Peirre Leon IVANHOFF

Ivan Lendic IVONOW - Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 25


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