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T Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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In Alphabetical, not historical order - (a work in progress)

NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated

Johann August Otto TREICHEL


Stepan TALIJANISIC -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 34

Heinrich TALLEM -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" October 1878 age 24 & Mathilde TALLEM -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" October 1878 age 25

Paul Eugen TALLAY - born France, m.1906 Mary Eliza YULLER

Fritz friedrich TAMME - Wheelwright b. 24 Aug 1833 Gronau, Hannover Res; 8 Gorden st , Carlton - - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1870-1880

Hans Johannes TANDBERG
Hans Johannes TANDBERG > Labertouche, Longwarry, West

Fritz Friedrich Bruno Emil TANGER - Naturalised 1915



Wilhelm Carl Eduard TANNENBERG -Engineer & Mechanic - born 30 Dec 1873 Bremen, married Nina GARNETT 1899 Vic. Wife NINa 23 Dec 1876 - - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1923-1950 - Son Wilhelm Carl Eduard Tanneberg b. 1 March 1901 Carlton . Wife Irs May - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein

Johann Lorenz Maximilian TANNENBERG - born Bavaria m.1878 ELizabeth HOWARD

Oscar Emil TANNERT born 1850 Schandau, Saxony Arrived 1875 - Naturalised 1895 Adelaide

Herr A TANSIG -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 37

Matthias TANZER-
Matthias TANZER born about 1855 Hasbag, Österreich - Austro-Hungarian Reich. Arr. abt 8th June 1884 Adelaide Profession Miller. Naturalised 10th June 1884 age 29 - after one day in Australia before Mr Theodor Scherk, Justice of the Peace of South Australia, per Mr L, Röder, Rundle Street, Adelaide, SA.

Otto TAPPE born Germany, married Adela Mabel SCAIFE 1895

Heinrich Luis TAUBERT - born Germany, married Margretha MANDERS 1893

Heinrich TAUSSER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 22

Raymond Oscar TAYLOR /SCHNIEDER -von Berlin, married Martha Emma WEGENER 1912

Tobias Johann TEBBENS - born Germany, married Christina TURNBULL 1907
Tobias Johann TEBBENS was born on the 29th Dezember 1878 at Ostrhauderfehn, Königreich Hannover, by the incorporated in the Deutsch Reich. Tebbens emigrated out of Deutschland on the Steam Ship 'WILLIBAD’ To arrive in Australian on the 21st September 1900 at the Port of Melbourne. On disembarking Tebbens lived at Port Melbourne for 2 yrs and then up the road to South Melbourne. He was married to the widow, Christina TURNBULL in Melbourne in 1907. Tebbens took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation when residing at No.54 Tope St, South Melbourne . He was then married, living with his wife and a son & step daughter.
Friedrich Asmus Wilhelm TEEGE - b. 3th August 1857 at Strenglin, Kreis Segeberg, Holstein, Deutschland. Arr: September 1882 per ship 'FRANK WILSON at Port Jackson, Sydney NSW. Ochardist, Pictomn, NSW

Heinrich TEEGE b. abt 1852 Strenglin, Kreis Segeberg, Holstein, Deutschland. Departed Hamburg per SOPHIE 11 May 1879. Arrived per ship 'SOPHIE' Sth Aust 22 August 1879 and to Sydney NSW arriving 20 September 1879. Gaertner age 27.

Johann Christian TELLEFSON - b. 28 Aug 1862 Christiana, Norway. Res 10 Duke St, Abbotsford. - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1901 - 1920 Wife: Emma HARRIS : Child May Florencee 1894

Karl Fritz TEMPEL - Chef. b. 1 Feb 1883 Eiban, Saxony - Wife: Elizabeth DIXON: KInd; Dorothea Rayong 1902; Leo Gustav 1906; Marjorie Anna 1907 - - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1913 -1919

Samuel TENSER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 27 with wife Sarah TENSER age 25, children Moritz TENSER 6; Solomon TENSER 5; Kitty TENSEr 1

Paul TEPPER - born Posen, m.1877 Christiane TOWK

Johannes TERDICH / John TERDICK born Austria, married Charlotte PASCO 1878

Martin Jacob Kenneth TESMAR - von Prussia, married Ellen ROBSON 1907

Christoph TESTER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 33

Johann Christian TETSCH - born Germany, married Elsa Marie WEINBERG 1911

Oskar Johannes Christina THAYSEN Cook b. 15 May 1884 Rinkenis Schleswig. - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1917-1966 Wife, Margarette Helene Dorothea CLAUSEN(1887-1964

Per Johann Henrik THERMANIUS b. Schweden, Arr. Arrived 1890 Melbourne > Rutherglen, Murchison Vic - Naturalised 1912 Kalgoorlie, WA

August Wilhelm THIEL - born Netherlands? Orchard Worker
August Wilhelm THIEL was born at Amsterdam, Netherlands on the 6th Janaury 1885. - Thiel emigrated from Holland on the ship THEMISTOCLES" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 10th March 1913. After disembarking Thiel resdied at Flinders Island in Bass Strait frpm april 1913 till June 1914, and then came to Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria where worked on orchards. He was unmarried when he took the Oatgh of his Aliens Memorial on the 8th April 1915 at Frankston and was Naturalised.

Johannes Carl Georg THIEL
Johannes Carl Georg THIEL – born 1859, Schwerin, Mecklenburg Deustchland. He studied theology at the Univeristy of Rostock. Liepzig, Erlangen. Teacher at the Theological Seminary at Breklum. In 1866 entered service at Berlin City Mission. Went to NZ and ministered at Upper Moutere (Nelson), NZ. Joined ELCA in 1902/ Left NZ in 1908. to South Australia. Supply work in SA . Pastor at Morgan, Waikerie and neighbouring congregations. Married to Martha Emma Sophia Elisabeth HEINE. Pastor Johannes Carl Georg THIEL died at age 67 on the 5th February 1926 at Morgan, South Australia. His wife Martha Emma Sophia Elisabeth Heine THIEL predeceased him by two years, dying at age 60 on the 11 November 1924 at Morgan, SA.

Karl Jakob THIEL

Friedrich Wilhelm THIEL

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm THIEL - Enemy Alien. Internee

Richard THIEL Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 34

Wilhelm THIELE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 36 with wife Johanne 36

Horst Heinrich 'Harry' THIERFELDER, Stattion hand, Moulamein, NSW
Horst Heinrich 'Harry' THIERFELDER wa sborn on the 21st August 1894 at Oberswurchnotz, Chemnitz, Sachsen (Saxony). - emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich from the Port of Bremen on the ship "FRIEDRICH DE GROSSE" to arrived in Australia at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria on the 5th February 1912. Upon disembarking he was for six months employed in his profession as a Brewer at the Victoria Brewery iN East Melbourne. He then went out to Mitcham in thr Nunawading district for six months after whiech he took an upcountry opportunity and went to Moulamein, NSW where he worked as a Station Hand. He was though, still single at age 20, and a Brewer, residing c/- G. G. Carr Esquire, at Mooloomoon Station, Moulamein, NSW when he took the Oath of his aliens memorial and was Naturalised on the 23rd September 1914.

Wilhelm Johann THIERMANN - died at aged 72 at Belgrave, Victoria in 1979

W THIES - - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1907 assist

Emil THEISINGER - born Germany, married Marie WILLIAMS 1903

Emil THEISINGER - born Germany, married kathleen HUNT 1910

Philipp THEISINGER - born Germany, married Ellen GAISFORD 1893

Carl Emil THIES - from Hamburg, married Frances Eliza MUSGROVE 1893/1901 Vic.

Emil THIES was born on the 16th September 1869 at Kisdorf, Schleswig-Holstein which was ovewhelmed and conformed into the militaristic Deutsch Reich within two years of his birth. Thies emigrated out of Deutschland to the Afrikan Kolonies and from South Africa embarked on the ship "KAROOLA" to arrive in Australia on the 10th Septmebr 1909 at Melbourne, Victoria. At age 42, after two years in Australia, Thies was working as a Cutter and living with his wife at No.37 Howitt Street Hawksburn, in the Prahran district of Melbourne when he took the Oath for his Naturalisation with his aliens memorial of 13th September 1911 in Melbourne.

Friedrich THOM b. Aachen - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1891 Bendigo

Johannes THOMAS

Carl Heinrich THOMAS - born Germany, married Kathleen Ivy WATERS 1903

Karl Robert 'Charles' THOMAS - born Germany, married Mary Ann NEWMAN 1896

W. THOMPSON - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1889

P.C. THOMS - b. 22 Feb 1853 Res 32 Hull Sr, Richmond - - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1886

W. THOMSEN - cripple, - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1884 1890

Martin Wilhelm THOMSON -von Hamburg

Adolph Heinrich Ferdinand THOMSON - von Hamburg m.1907 Clara Elisabeth ZIEGLER

Christian THOMSEN born Germany, married Elizabeth Ann SHANNON 1887

Martin Wihelm THOMSON -born Hamburgh, married Mary Ann PATTON 1911

Wilhelm William Albert THOMSEN - born Skive, Denmark, Cabinetmaker, Arrived 9th
October 1888 on the ship "QUETTA" from Blackpool, England. Res. 120 Arden Street, North Melbourne

Nicolaus Herbert Juliens Leverie THOMSEN - born Germany, married Emily Jane DURRANT 1899

Georg Bernhard THORN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 22

Wilhelm Jabez THORNE - born France m. 1912 Lily Ann ORR

Friedrich Wilhelm THORNTON - born Germany, married Annie ELLIS 1901

Johann Thomas THORNTON - born Germany, married Rosanna Elizabeth TROTTER 1896

Markus / Marx THORNTON - born Germany, married Elizabeth SCHICKERLING 1890

Ludwig THRINGER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 22

Alfred L THRUPP -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" March 1878 age 21

Martin THUMANN - born Holstein, married Ida ALBERS 1890 Vic.

Carl Charles TIADEN born Germany, married Louisa GRUNDY 1888

Georg TICK - born Germany, married Janet TILLOTSEN / TILLOTSEN 1911

Otto Carl TICKERT - born Germany, married Clarice Muriel BLANCHARD 1909

Christoph TILL -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 35

Wilhelm TILLACK - born Prussia, m.1886 Maried SCHULZ / SCHULTZ

Friedrich Wilhelm TILLIG born Germany, married Sarah KING 1887

Johannes TILLING -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 64

Carl Gustav TILLMAN

Heinrich 'Henry' TIMM - born Germany, married Joanna Elizabeth MURPHY 1891

Franz TIMM / Frank TIMMS - born Germany, married Sarah LATHEY 1894

Heinrich 'Henry' TIMMERMANN - from Hamburg, married Dorothea SCHNABEL 1889 Vic.

Franz Eduard TIMMS - von Prussia, married Ada Grubb CONACHER 1912

Johannes John TINTON born Austria, married Emma Jane WILLIAMS 1887

Carl Leberecht Otto 'Charles' TISCHLER Hotel Manager. -born Germany, m. Victoria 1886 Margaret Alice HIGHAM
Carl Leberecht Otto 'Charles' TISCHLER was born in 1858 at Treplow, A/S Tollense, Provinz Pommern, Prussia. Tischler emigrated out of Deutschland by way of the Port of Hamburg embarking on the ship ESTHER' to arrive in Australia at the Port Adelaide, on the 16th October 1876, and afterwards came by steamer to Melbourne arriving in July 1879. He was working as a Hotel manager, where he was then living, at Ausleyend House at Degraves Street, Parkville, Victoria, at the age of 30 year when he took the oath of his aliens memorial for naturalisation on the 8th March 1888

Klav TISCHLER - Naturalised 1904

Otto Friedrich Alexander TODT / TOEDT / TONAS - born Germany, married Augusta GAYLARD 1889

Johann TOEBELMANN born Germany, married Amelia KING 1887

Herr F H TOMALIN Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 26

Heinrich TOMMISEN born Germany, married Anna SALZKE 1887

Eduard Wilhelm Robert TONNIGES - born Germany, married Helena WORMER 1898

Nicolaus Nicholas TORCHEY born Austria, married Winifred GUBBINS 1876

Richard TORPE/ THORPE - born Germany, married Anna STUMPFEGGER 1889

Wilhelm TOUN / TOWN - born Germany, married Agnes NELSON 1912

Louis N TOUZEL -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 18

TRAMDACH, Johanna GALINS, daughter of Karlis GALINS & Elena LUKES of Latvia, died 1962 Melborune aged 72.

Adolph Peter Richard TRANTMANN - born Germany, married Grace Jane TIMMS 1895

Emilie TRANTWEITER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Oktober 1881 age 22

Gustav Adolph TRAUBERT - born 21 June 1858 Hanau, Germany, married Marie Anna Elisabeth Auguste BEYER 1890 - Res. 24 Albert st, Prahran, - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1888 -1892

Christof TRAUMANN - - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein assist 1904

Johann Christian TREEDE - born Germany,
Johann Christian TREEDE was born about 1863 at Schleswig, in the Provinz of Schleswig-Holstein. Whether his hometown was in Danish or Prussian dominions when he was born was being disputed. Certainly, by 1864 Schleswig-Holstein was incorporated into the Nord Deutscher Bund, which became part of the Unified Reich in 1871. Treede emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich from the Port of Hamburgh on the vessel "MARSALA" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 10th August 1885. Treede was a professional Wood Carver, and on disembarking went to live in the suburb of Brunswick. He was married to Lucy Elizabeth RIGG in 1893 in Victoria. At the age of 34, after eleven years and six months in Australia he was living at No.13 carnavon Street in Brunswick with his wife when he took the oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of 24th February 1897 at Brunswick.

Fritz TREGEAR -b.1860 Helsingor, Denmark Cabinet Marker- Arr. 1908 Hobart Tasmania. Immigrated to Arden Street, North Melbourne, VIC

M. TREIBERG - naturalised 1904 - 1931

Johann August Otto TREICHEL born Doersenthen, Pommern, Watchmaker, Prahran -
see Above -

Peter G TREICHEL - Arrived from New Guinea - Naturalised 1931

Mihkel TREIMUTH - b. Livonia, Estonia. Naturalised 1922 Balmoral, Mosman, NSW Shopkeeper.

Leo TREIS - b.1893 Nurmerl, Deutschland Arr. 1911 to Widemere, Wentworthville, NSW

August TREISALT - naturalised 1930

Johannes Hans TRELLER

Heinrich TRELLER

Harry Heinrich TRELLICK, Sailor, Melbourne naturalised 1914

Captain Carl 'Charles' E LE P TRENCH - Master of the ship "CHIMBORAZO" 1877-

Jacob TRENDENTHAL - born Germany, married Sarah SMITH / SCHMIDT 1903

Carl 'Charlie' TREPIN - sailmaker, North melbourne. Lettish. b.1872 Riga, Latvia

August Robert Johann TREPTOW - Naturalised 1904

Jan TRESSOR - b. Holland

Hermann TRETTER - b.1851 Hamburg - Emigrated departing Hamburg 25 Feb 1878 per "EDUARD" To arrived Adelaide SA 18 June 1878 @ age 27 Tapezier

Adolf Gustaf Franz TREU b.9th August 1848 Berlin, Prussia (of a Danish father & an English mother) Farrier. Lochinvar NSW

Ernst Heinrich TREUDLER - naturalised 1909-1934

Friedrich Carl TREUMER - aka Frederick Charles TRIMMER b. 15th July 1866 Mannheim, Deutschland. Arr. 1888 Sydney, NSW

Joseph TREVY - naturalised 1927

Friedrich Theodor TRINKAUS - born Germany, married Mary Louisa Maude BENTLEY 1898

Hermann TRINNE - born Germany, married mary Ann DAWSON 1902

Leonhardt TROESCHIES - born Germany, married Mary Ann BAKER 1897

Valerius TRON - born Germany, married Henriette Caroline Anna LUBKE 1891

Jean Heinrich TRONE - born Germany, married Alice Maud Mary LAYH 1903

Franz Francis TROCHLEPSKY was born about 1848 at Bomst, Posen, Prussia. Bomst is now Babimost, in western Poland. Trochlepski emigrated out of Deutschladn to arrive in Australia at the Port of Adelaide in about 1874. After disembarking he remained in south Australia where he followed his profession as a Tailor. He moved from Adelaide up to the Clare Valley to live at the Germanic Catholic community at Sevenhills, where he was no doubt the community tailor. It was as Sevenhills, after 21 years in Australia, at Tailor, aged 47, that Trochlepsky swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised on 23 September 1895 at Clare, before Mr Magnus Badger, Justice of the Peace of South Australia.
Wilhelm TROSSER- born about 1850 in the city of Düsseldorf, Prussian Rheinland, Deutschland. Trosser arrived in Australia at the Port of Adelaide in about 1874. He was working as a labourer in Adelaide when he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 11th February 1886 at Mulgundawa, South Australia.
Christian Friedrich TROST
Christian Friedrich TROST - was born in Hamburgh, Germany in about 1843. On the 25th July 1883 C. F. Trost made his petition to be Naturalised two months after arriving at the Port of Adelaide, South Australia. Trost was then working as an Uphosterer, in Adelaide. The application languished until he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation in Hackney, South Australia on the 12th November 1884. After an interim period in Adelaide Trost immigrated to Victoria where he was married to Martha Ann HUTTON in 1891.
Franz TROST was born on the 15th JUly 1858 in Dresden, Saxony. Trost eEmigrated out of Deutschland on the ship 'GARONNE ' to arrive at the Port of Adelaide, South Australia on the 14th December 1878. On disembarking Trost lived for juts a year in Adelaide before immigrating to Victoria where he spent a short time in Melbourne and then was for two years at Sale in central Gippsland before returning to live in Melbourne. Trost was aged 52 married and had eight Australia children by 1911. Trost was following his profession as a Chemist, living at 'Dresden' Alexander Road, East St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia, when he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on 22nd February 1911. By then he had been in Australia for 32 years.
. Hermann Theodor Heinrich TROST
Hermann Theodor Heinrich TROST - was born on the 18th September 1872 at Hagen, Westphalen, in the Rheinland of the Deutsch Reich. Trost emigrated out of Deutschland on the vessel 'HAWKSBAY' to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria, on the 8th May 1900. After disembarkation in Melbourne Trost immigrated to Western Australia where he resided in Subiaco, and then in Maylands, suburbs of Perth. He was aged 36, was married with three daughters, living at Peninsula Road, Maylands, and working as a Labourer when he swore the the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at Maylands on the 1st October 1908.


Dr David TRUMPY / TRÜMPI Switzerland > Warragul

Doctor David TRUMPY or TRÜMPI appears to have emigrated on the ship “CASTLETON” to arrived in Australia at the Port of Melbourne in December 1882. He was born, the son of Christoph Christian TRÜMPI and Karolina KITT in the German-speaking district of north Switzerland. He is recorded as befriending the young Berlin-born Count Erich Killisch VON HORN on one voyage, but VON HORN is registered as having emigrated on the ship "SWANMORE" arriving Melbourne December 1888, so maybe it was on some coastal voyage within the Antipodes where that eventuated. -(see Part 1: Introducing the Aliens)

Trumpy was married to Minnie Mary Margaret O’HAGAN in Melbourne in 1890 and they soon moved to the West Gippsland districts where many German émigré and other German-Australians were among the new frontiersmen, carving farms out of that districts immense forests. The Trumpys went firstly to Drouin where Doctor Trumpy practised for a time before purchasing the practice of the late Dr Cobb in Warragul after which time he became an acclaimed Warragul doctor and cam to be regarded as one of the significant pioneering medics of that district.

The following is cited from the variously-authored ‘West Gippsland Pioneers’ : - ‘He (Trumpy) had a very wide area to cover in his numerous visits to the sick and the only suitable transport was horseback in the early days. He was always held in the highest esteem by his patients for his skill and attention. His medical knowledge was highly regarded by many of Melbourne’s leading specialists. He visited England and the Continent a number of times and whilst overseas took the opportunity of visiting the world’s leading hospitals, where he made himself familiar with new discoveries in surgical and medical science. Many of these new methods he applied to his own practice to the advantage of his patients.

He was of a retiring disposition, but was admired by the town and district people a an honourable gentleman. In his younger days he was a keen bowler and was a foundation member of the Warragul Bowling Club. He was also a member of the Athenaeum Club and held the position of president,”
Doctor Trump
y valued the life of the mind, and he was a hinge and anchor to the many German-Australians in West Gippsland. He was a Swiss-German but his cosmopolitan Europeanism was global in its outlook, and he provided a model of probity as well as being a sounding board for guarding against the politics of enmity that many Germanic settlers faced during the first decades of the 20th century. With Dr Trumpy as one of the leading citizens of the town many felt an increase in morale to withstand hatefulness and prejudice that came to pass.

David and Margaret Trumpy had three Australian sons. Their eldest Christoph Franz Trumpy (1891-1891 born Warragul died at 7 months. David Ernst Trumpy was born 1893 in Warragul, and Oswald Robert Trumpy was born 1897 in Warragul.

In about 1911 Doctor Trumpy and his wife Margaret initiated and built the Cooinda Private Hospital at 63 Victoria Street, Warragul, and continued to run it through the Great Depression and after. Cooinda is now the Cooinda Lodge - punde the umbrella of West Gippsland Health. David Trumpy died in Warragul on 22 June 1942.

Both the surviving Trumpy sons became medical doctors.

David Ernst Trumpy married Beatrice Ellen Hall in Victoria in 1921, and then immigrated to Queensland, where he became a pioneering doctor in the community of Ipswich, and resident at the East Street Ipswich Hospital for the rest of his life. He is much celebrated as leading citizen of Ipswich in that day.

In the recent Queensland floods on the Brisbane Valley, many pictures and significant mentions were made of the significant David Trumpy Bridge, which spans a leading tributary of that river, and was named in his honour. He died in Ipswich where he is buried.

Doctor Oswald Robert Trumpy took over his father’s practice after 1926 when his father retired. He married Mount Gambier, S.A.-born Barbara Lyall Farch in Victoria in 1932. O. R. Trumpy provided medical attention to the people for Warragul for a full second generation where Doctor Trumpy was renown. He died in Warragul in 1945 as the Second World War was finally resolving into cinders and ashes.

'Hans' Johann Jakob TRUNSCHNIGG - brewer at Abbottsford/ Carlton Breweries b. 8 August 1875 at Villach, Kaerten, Austria - Res : South Yarra Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1910-1911/ Wife Herione LANG - Naturalised 1928

Thomas TRUSS -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 52

Ernst TRUSS -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 13

Daniel Adolphe TSCHAMPION

Joseph TSCHECKLER / TSCHEIDLER - born France, m.191- Selina HOLLAND

Peter TSCHUDY, Warragul, West Gippsland - Rates on LOt 27 of 161 acres, Darnum

Albert TUBERT - born Riga, Estonia Russia / Prussia

Otto Heinrich TUCK Dhunn, or Dhurn, Rheinland
Otto Heinrich TUCK< born Dhunn, Rheinland, Prussia. Carpenter Arrived abt 1892 Adelaide, South Australia - born Germany, married Johanne GARFS 1907 in Victoria


Carl Heinrich TUENDEMANN, arr, Adelaide > Victoria, > NSW > Tasmania > SoutH Australia > Lobethal SA Tailor

Karl Charles TUESKI - Naturalised 1889

Johann Robert TUFFS - born Germany, married Jessie Ramsay NAPLES 1897

David Monasche TUGENDREJCH - Nat 1926 /1927 /1832 /1937

Johann Christian TULKA - Naturalised 1903

Johann Hermann TULLER - Arr. 1891 Sydney NSW > Clyde > Dubbo > Gubar, Wilcannia . Broken Hill > Adelaide SA Miner

Michael TURBAN - Bavaria
Michael TURBAN was born on the 15th Novemebr 1874 at Dienstorf (Diensdorf) on the lake, Amt Scharmützelsee, Bavaria. At age 20 Michael Turban emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich on the vessel "DARMSTADT" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 28th April 1895. On disembarking he seems to have immediately transhipped to Sydney, New South Wales. After 17 years in Australia, still single at the age of 37, working as a Baker, residing at No.365 Fowling Street, Darlinghurst, N.S.W. he too the Oath to be Naturalied in his Aliens Memorial of the 10th May 1912.

Otto Heinrich TURCK born Germany, married Mary Eleanor TAYLOR 1888

Henriette TURNER b. Hamburgh

Jakob TURNER - born Switz

Otto Emil Alexander TURNHUEBEL / TURNHOBEL - born Germany, married Selina Ellen jane Matilda DEAN 1906

August Martin Julius TUXEN - naturalised 1874

Ludwig Christian TUXEN - Naturalised 1891- Surveyor- Greenbushes WA 1901

Peter Wilhelm TUXEN - naturalised 1894 [Vilhelm]

Wilhelm TWARTZ

Gustav Hermann TWISSELMANN
Gustav Hermann TWISSELMANN was born on the 6th February 1891 at Quickborn, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland, in district formerly belonging to Denmark and of people who thought of themselves as being of Danish nationality. Gustav Hermann TWISSELMANN emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich from the Port of Hamburgh on the sailing ship "BERTHA: to arrive in Australia at the Port of Sydney in September 1909. On disembarking he was at Wallerawong, NSW till July 1910 and then in various parts of Sydney. At the age of 22, after three and a half years in Australia, Gustave Twisselman was working as a Motor Driver and living at No.13 Boyd Street, Glebe Point, Sydney, when he Swore to Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Petition taken on the 19th February 1913 before Mr James Dive, Justice of the Peace of New South Wales.

Gustave Hermann TWISSELMANN wrote to the Government officer from Paddington, Sydney, NSW on the 7th March 1917...

" Dear Sir, Experiencing considerable difficulty here in obtaining definite information regulations (obligation and remaining rights & privileges) concerning before-the-war-Naturalized British subjects born in enemy country. I was finally referred to you, and beg leave to state my case in particular before you.

My Certificate of Naturalization (Vol 16, Page 15296) was issued to me on 27th February 1913.

I was born 6th February 1891 in Schleswig-Holstein, then part of Germany. Both my parents being born there when under Danish rule (my father is 68, and my mother 60 years of age). I may claim to be Danish.

I did not serve in the military because I was utterly opposed to German soldiering, and for that same reason I finally left Germany altogether before the age of Compulsory service. It will be a well-know fact that leaving there under those circumstances means being banished for life or severe punishment on return.

I took the oath of naturalization in the true sense of the word and therefore I beg you to give my case due consideration."

Respectfully yours, Gustave H Twisselmann,

C/- Mrs. E. Wolschky, 22 Stuart St, Paddington, NSW. -

P.S. My foreign name seems to be the sole preventative of my obtaining employment & I desire to change it if permitted under regulation. - G.H. Twisselmann"

Jens Peterson TWORP - born Germany, married Auguste KIRWALD 1897

Johannes 'John' TYSSEN - Paying 1897 Warragul rates, on Lot 15 of 318 acres at Darnum, West Gippsland


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