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K Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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In Alphabetical, not historical order - (a work in progress)

NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated



P.D Richard Diedrich KAACK - Naturalised 1919

Franz Francis KAADIN / KAADEN born Austria, married Lina RETTIG 1883

Oskar Emil KAAE - Spring St, Melbourne,

Meinert KAAN - Naturalised 1910

Carl Wilhelm KAARSBERG - Naturalised 1934

Ernst KAATZ born Germany, married Sarah NICHOLSON 1887

Johann Karl Friedrich KAATZ - Naturalised 1887

Bernhard Albert KABISCH - Naturalised 1901

Johann Maximilian KABUTZ,
Johann Maximilian KABUTZ b. 24th Juni 1880 Havel, Brandenburg, Deutsch Reich. Arrived 10th June 1909 via Genoa, Itatlien. at the Port of Melbourne, per 'S.S.'BREMEN' > Sydney, Merchant, NSW

Gustav Adolph KACK - naturalised 1927

Georg KACKEL - Naturalised 1901

Oskar Wilhelm KACKLER - Arr. 23 Feb 1912 per ' S.S. GEELONG' from London to Port Adelaide, South Australia
Georg Eric KACKSTEIN -
Georg Eric KACKSTEIN b. 25 feb 1893 Leipzig, Saxony Arr.10 April 1911 'STRONSA' Sydney NSW > Capertee NSW

Franz KADEN - Naturalised 1897

Alois KADOUREK - born 24 Juni 1888 Holice, Pardubice Region, Moravia, Österreich (Austria-Hungarian Empire) > England > Australia

Carl Wilhelm Gottlieb KAEMPFF - Naturalised 1904

Hugo PFER De KAEMPFER (alias Luis TELLING) born 19th august 1853 at Schwerter, Westphalen, Deutsschland - Arr. September 1874 ANTIOPE _ Sandridge Port Melbourne, Australia - Naturalised 1907 - 1909

Gustav Adolph KAESTNER - Arr, 9th November 1878 'NORTHUMBELAND at Port Melbourne . Nat. Orange NSW

Renato KAFKA
Renato KAFKA< born 6th January 1892 Fiume, Österreich, Austria- Hungary Empire. Arr. 12 July 1912 ' ATTILIA at Port Melbourne - Naturalised 1914 Williamstown Road, Yarraville

Abraham KAGANSKY - Russian Poland, Melbourne

Hans Konrad KAGI - Nat.1902.

Ernst Heinrich 'Harry KAHL -born Germany, married Catherine Eleanor RYAN 1900

Hans Johannes Magnus KAHL -born Germany, married Ruby Myrtle WARD 1912

Matthias KAHL
Matthias KAHL b. 29 April 1854 Burg, Island of Fehmarn, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland Arr. 18 Sept 1878 EMMA Pt Adelaide > Melb 5 yrs 26 yrs Sth AUst. MArried , Alberton 1 daughter, Port Pirie, Nat. age 55 / 39 yrs oz 23 Sept 1909 Alberton, Storeman

Heinrich Francis August KAHLER -born Germany, married Alice Louise TUCKER 1894

Johann Martin Gottfried KAHLER

Johann KAHLERT - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) assist 1894/1896

Carl Charles KAISER -from Saxony, m.1885 Emma GODDARD

Johann Ernst Otto KALESKE -born Germany, married Anna Christiane RIEDEL 1908

Isaac KALISKI -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 29

Louis KALMAN - from Hamburg, married Marion Adelaide Gertrude McLEAN 1894 Vic.


Robert Peter Franzis Oscar KALT-REULEAUX born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1880 Anne THWAITES

Anton KALTIMANE - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) assist 1909

Adolph Johann Carl 'John Charles' KAMM born Germany, married 1883 Sarah Jennie WILSON

Johannes KAMM

Alwyn Alwin KAMPFHENKEL born Germany, married 1883 Margaret REILLY

Julius Gustav Albert Hugo KAMP - Nat. 1930 - No Alien Registration

Georg Albert KAMPH

Rudolph KAMPHAUSEN -born Germany, married Annie QUINN 1893

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm KAMPMANN born Germany, married Marie Auguste MILLICH 1887

Karl Friedrich Wilhelm KAMPMANN -born Detmold, Germany, married Anna Dorothea ROHR 1891

Karl Ernst KANDLER - b Dresden, Saxony > Wandai, QLD

Jaan 'Johannes or John' KANNULUIK
In Melbourne on 17th November 1918, the External Affairs Department of the Federal Govertment of Australia received a response to a suspected Alien investigation sent to the State Government of Victoria, saying that John Kannuluik, a cabinet Maker, of Hawthorn, Victoria, was Naturalised by the Victorian Government on 25th October 1902. That Alien's Memorial stated that Kannuliuk was born in Werro, Russia. On 14th November 1916 The Imperial Russian Consul General wrote to the Secretary of Australian External Affairs, asking if, in respect to a recent newspaper article about 'the Russian' Mr Kannuliuk's artisan furniture being made to a commission from Australia House in London. The article was headlined 'Australian Furniture for Australia House - An artistic Achievement, and went on to describe, that a contract 'was awàrded to Mr J. Kannuluik, a Russian manufacturer of art furniture, of Burwood Road, Hawthorn, at a price of £2,700.' The commission works for Australia House were 129 separate pieces comprising: 7 bookcases, one extension table, 11 armchairs, 54 heavy chairs, 2o Chippendale chairs, 4 large settees, 3 capstan tables, 20 tables, 3 cabinets, one plan press, 2 revolving bookcases, and 3 screens. Timber to be used was variously Australian: Queensland maple, blackwood, King Billy pine. The Russian Consul asked: 'if any evidence of Mr Kannuluik being a Russian Subject was in his possession, asking that if there was such it be submitted to him for verification as there was a strong rumour current to the effect that Mr Kannuluik was 'not Russian at all, but an out and out German.' I believe Jaan Kannuluik was actually born in Werro, near Ruga, Estonia - then under the domination of the Russian Empire. He married Melbourne-born Caroline ELisabeth Fankhauser in 1891, and they had four Australian children: John Alexander Emil 1893, who did not survive infancy, Walter George 1895, Leonard Oscar 1899, and Doris Nell Kannuluik, 1901.
Abraham Bernhard KAPKE - von Poland

A. Carl Eduard KAPP -born Germany, married Maru Mary TOYNBEE 1897

Carl Julius Theodor KAPP -born Germany, married Rita Jane Charlotte COULTER 1905

Julius KAPPEL. Married. Res. 31 George St, Fitzroy. Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society)member at age 44 on 26 July 1870 until 26 July 1870.

Carl 'Charles' KARL -born Germany, married Karoline UMGEKTER 1893

Franzis Xavier KARL -born Germany, married Louis Ann DAVIS 1889

Friedrich KARLSON / CARLSEN -born Germany, married EmilY WOODALL 1909

M Heinrich Eduard Gustav KARNABE/ KARNABY -born Germany, m.1909 Jessie May DELYOPPO

Fraulien KARSTENSEN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 23

C. KARTEGAST -Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) assist 1882

Mrs KARTEGAST, widow -Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) assist 1883

Ernst Adolph KARTHAUS -born Germany, married Mary Georgina STODDART 1892

F. KARZLER or CANZLER. - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) assist 1875

Paul Franzis KASCH -born Rostock. Mecklenburg, Germany, married Mary GUINNES / GUINESS 1898  - d. 3 No 1946 Cheltenham, Port Phillip Bay, Vic. - BURIED: 6 No 1946 Cheltenham Memorial Park Cemetery

Gustav KASSENE -born Germany, married Hilda GRAMBAU 1897 /Gustave KASSENE -born Germany, married luise Maria KURTZE 1901

Eric Otto KASTNER, b. Leipzig, Sachsen. Swan Hill

A. KATTERFELD, married. - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society)member of age 33 on 2 November 1869 until 14 aug 1872

Theodor Wilhelm KATTERSFELDT

Wilhelm KATUNOSKY -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 30

Artur Felix KATZ - born Konigsberg -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 26 - m. 1886 Phoebe DAVIS

F. KATZENSTEIN- - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) Honorary memebr 1867

Georg Heinrich KAUFMANN born Germany, married 1883 Louise Martha FOOT

Hermann Otto KAUFMANN b. Sachsen Arr. 'KIRKHAM' 19 Nov 1871 Williamstown, Victoria > NSW > QLD > Dunwich Asylum

Louis Ludwig KAUFMANN -born Germany, married Alice Mary HUGHES 1911

Philipp Josej KAUFMANN, Carpenter, single. b.23 Janaur 1891 Trier. - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) member age 31 on 21 Dec 1922 until he died 6 May 1943 at Fitzroy. Married. Wife: Gertrud Louise Catherine (b.19 March 1895)

Samuel KAUFMANN -born Germany, married Mary Amelie MACKIESON 1910

carl Heinrich KAUFNER -born Germany, married Annie KEMP 1898

Hermann Heinrich Johann KAUME/KAUNE -born Germany, married Jane EDWARDS 1902

Carl Heinrich KAUPER

Carl Joseph David KOWELMACHER / KAUELMACHER -born Germany, married Penelope MORLEY 1889

Heinrich Johann KOWOHL / KAUOHL -born Germany, married Caroline FURNELL 1890

Heinrich Wilhelm Ferdinand KAYSER

Georg Heinrich KEIDEL -born Germany, married Matilda JOHNSON 1895

Gustave KEIL

Julius Emil KEIL -born Germany, m.1886 Mary Caroline LEUNIG

Anton KEILER -born Germany, married Harriet BAMBURY 1912




A J KEILLER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 22

Gustav KEITEL - hairdresser b. 10 May 1863 Dortmund, Westphalen. Residence: no.30 A'Beckett St, Melbourne. - - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) member from 2 Nove 1887 - 19 Jan 1891.

Johannes John KELLER -born Germany, married Annie WILLIAMS 1893

August Heinrich Willy KELLERMANN, Baker, maried. b. 29 august 1888 Alt0Bensdorf, Prussia. Member of - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) at age 27 on 24 Feb 1916 until 20 ssept 1919. Wife: Isabella Rubie LUCAS.

Carl Wilhelm KELM -born Germany, married Auguste Wilhelmine LIERSCH 1890

Gustav Eduard KELM born Germany, married 1883 Pauline Ernstne HEINZE

Johannes Richard Maximilian KELM -born Germany, married Alwine Emma KNONAGEL 1906

Pastor Friedrich Adolph Hermann KEMPE – Lutheran Missionary & Pastor -Dalhousie Springs, Hermannsburg & Grovedale, Vic.
Pastor Friedrich Adolph Hermann KEMPE born 26 Marz 1844 at Deuben, Saxony, Deutschland . Graduated Hermmansburg Free Church Seminary, Ülzen, Deutschland 1875. Missionary at Hermannsburg, Central Australia 1887-1892. For 30 years itinerant preacher in South Australia and Pastor of Balaklava parish. Selected site of the Koonibba Mission, Eyre Peninsula, SA. Friedrich Adolph Hermann KEMPE was married at age 34 to Dorothee Henriette QUICKENSTEDT, daughter of Johann Quickenstedt, on the 1st March 1878 at the remote outpost of Dalhousie Springs, in the Simpson Desert of South Australia. Children: 1. Johannes Friedrich Georg Kempe –born 28 January 1881 McDonnell Ranges, NT; 2. Heinrich Ludwig Paul Kempe 30th June 1883 Hermannsburg Mission Station [died 22 December 1889 Hermannsburg @ 6]; 3. Johanne Doratheee Wilhelmine Kempe 14 March 1885 Hermannsburg; 4. Anna Charlotte Kempe 10 April 1887 Hermannsburg; 5. Karl Wilhelm Kempe – 24 August 1888 Hermannsburg Mission Station; 6. Hermann Paul Kempe - 28 April 1890 Hermannsburg ; 7. Marie Magdalene Kempe – 23 October 1891 Hermannsburg. His wife Dorathee Kempe died @ 39 years at Hermannsburg, on the 13 November 1901. At age 48 Pastor Friedrich Adolph Hermann Kempe remarried on the 3 June 1892 to 42-year-old Sophia Dorothea ‘KUNZE’ at Evangelical Lutheran Church of St Martins, Rosenthal, South Ausstralia. Sophia Kempe died 30 April 1913 at Balaklava SA-/ Pastor Hermann Kempe married a third time at age 70 to 47-year-old Mrs Magdalene Bertha Elisabeth HANSEN at the Parsonage at Carlsruhe, near Waterloo, South Australia on the 16th February 1915. M. B. Elisabeth Kempe died at age 58 years on the 8th August 1926 at Balklava, South Australia. Friedrich Adolph Hermann Kempe died at age 83 years on the 8 March 1928 at Balaklava, SA

Carl Georg Heinrich KEMPF - from Hannover, married Elizabeth Allen COE 1891 Vic.

Gustav Georg KEMTER / KEMPTER - born Saxony, m.1886 Clara CORBETT

Franz KENDERMANN born Germany, married Jessie DOBSON 1887

Conrad Friedrich KENG - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Clara Elizabeth MURPHY 1898 Vic.

Martin Jacob KENNATH -born Germany, married Sarah Elizabeth COOKE 1897

Luis Ludwig Gustav KEPERT - Naturalised 1876

Louis Wenzel KEPERT -b.   - (m. Florence Agnes COLEMAN)  -d. 24 Sept 1957 Footscray, Vic. - - BURIED: Fawkner Park Cemetery
Florence Agnes Coleman KEPERT - b.    -d. 20 Nov 1962 Glen Waverly, Mulgrave - BURIED: Springale Botanical Park Cemetery - Cremated

Andreas KEPLER - Queensland

J. Friedrich KEPPLER, Baker, married. b. 15 August 1853 at Neu Ulm, Bavaria. Residence: 244 Church St, Richmond. member - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) from 22 Feb 1888.

Friedrich Franz KEPPLER - Born 15th August 1853 in Königreich Württemberg. Baker. arr. 15th May 1910 Sydney per MUNGRANEN from New Zealadn > Melbourne

Gustav Ernst KEPPLER

P R KEPPLER - Naturalised 1934

Carl Charles KERKOW - born Vienna, Austria. Arr. Adelaide 1891 . Decorator

Ernst Franz KERL -
Ernst Franz KERL b. 31 Aug 1879 Altona, Prüßen Prussia. Arr. "S.S.ROON' from Hamburg at Pt Melb. 12 June 1911. > Melbourne marri 2 sons, 1 daughter nat. 17 July 1914 Bricklayer Rs. No. 104 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Julius Paul KERNBAUM - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Therese WEBER 1890 Vic.

Wilhelm KERNSE - b. 15th July 1861 Flensburg, Deutschland. Plasterer, Arr. from NZ - 2oth Seote 1882 - LOCHART- Res. No 239 Clarke Street, Northcote, VIC


Georg KESLING -born Germany, married Mary MITCHELL 1907 [KESTING?]

Karl Gustav KESPER -born 1874 Rheinland, Prussia Germany, married Eliza FORD 1904
Karl Gustav KESPER was born in the Rhineland Provinz of Western Prussia in 1874. He Emigrated before the turn of the 20th century after working in the German merchant Navy and settled in Victoria illegally It is reported by Alan Kesper, his great grandson, that in 1902, during an armistice on illegal aliens, Gustav Kesper declared himself for Naturalisation. He was married twice, first to Eliza FORD in 1904, and then, again after she died.

Alan Kesper writes: My Great grandfather Gustav was colloquially known as "Old Gus" he had 5 Children all with Germanic names in chronological order, all are now deceased.
Augustina Victoria 1905

Benjamin Karl Gustav 1907 (my grandfather).

Karl Gustav circa 1909 .

Adolph Heinrich 1920?.

Altie (female) 1920?

'He would never tell any of his five (5) children or anyone else including his wife of his past prior to entering Australia not even on his deathbed, & reading your article I can start to see many explanations as to why this may have been. I was always told from a small child there were no records to trace him by as they were all destroyed in the wars. He was by all accounts a good decent and honest man and lived in Broadford, Victoria, and is buried there.' I believe he was heavily involved with the local football club and the Masons and was a well respected community figure. He was a builder and general contractor in the area and I can just remember him. I was 7 y.o when he died I have a photo of him which I have not yet put in digital form otherwise I would send it with this email. The (Kesper) family unit did suffer prejudice and taunting during both wars despite the children being all born here. My father is still alive. He is 84 and remembers him well." Karl Gustav Kesper died in 1962.

Allen Kesper goes on:

"I (contacted) my father who also incidentally born in Broadford Vict 1929 many of my (Kesper) relatives came from and worked there a lot of them at the A.P.M (Australian Paper Mill." -and this is story he told.

"My grandfather Ben being the second oldest child and oldest boy was always being called upon to protect the the other siblings when being teased and taunted for their German heritage during the wars.

He learned to fight probably from necessity from an early age and was feared as such for the rest of his life the stories of him playing football and as a hard man are prolific he was not the instigator in most instances but would never back down from a confrontation. I have had old men physically shudder at the mention of his name when they discover I am his grandson.

It's sad in a way he was forced to grow up in such circumstances but the sentiments of this period are not readily transferrable to these modern times the prejudices felt by many native Australians with their relatives fighting and dying overseas in conflicts with the Germans and their allies would have been a bitter pill to swallow and obviously the easiest target upon which to vent their angst would be any Germanic locals despite their birth country being here.

I have always been pulled both ways by these historical facts my grandfather on my mothers side fought with the British army in WW2 with the Royal engineers so I have sentiments on both sides now with the History channel, etc, making war footage readily accessible. I can see how a lot of these early Germanic immigrants where keen to escape the militarism of the fatherland even allowing for the persecution Australia and other destinations were most likely a prudent choice at the time .

Best Regards, Alan Kesper, 4th Generation Australian

Gustav Kesper in his later years- - acknowledgemnets to Alan Kesper for the photograph and family data.

Albert KESSLER - Diamond Setter - born 31 May 1876 at Idar, Birkenfeld, Germany. arrived 23 November 1902 on teh NECKAR. Married Gretchen Margarette Anna Helen WILHELME 1905 (or WILHELMI - b.31 May 1883). Children. Elly Emme kessler b.5 Jan 1906; Alma Elsa Kessler b.28 July 1907; Rudolf Albert Kessler. Albert kessler was a memeber of the Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) at age 26 on 21 Jan 1903. left 14 Jan 1916.

Peter KESTIN -born Germany, married Emma KELLY 1902

Georg KESTING -born Germany, married Mary MITCHELL [KESLING?]

Peter KESTING -born Germany, married Emma GRAY 1904

Friedrich Johann Lucian KETELS, Painter, married. b.4 May 1855 at Hosten, Hamburgh. Residence: Cooke St, Richmond. Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) memeber at age 33 on 16 May 1888.

Gregor KETTERER -born Baden, m.1886 Anna Victoria SCHUMANN

Solomon KEYVER -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 36

Victor KHUEN - born Pomerania, married Anna Marie BUCK 1894 Vic.



Joachim Karl Friedrich KIEL

Alfred Theodor Karl KIENZLE -
Alfred KIENZLE [[1904 - Papua and New Guinea] Rubber production, Papua - Native tapper on Koitaki plantation, near Port Moresby, wearing the Librican flower in his hair - Tappers with pails of latex on the way to the factory - Native trainees at Sogeri agricultural station, being shown how to t...-graft young rubber trees - Prior 1951 - Papua ] Rubber Planter in Deutsch Neu Guinea/ Papua - Australia Prisoner of War 1917 Interneedin NSW 1919 - from FIJI Naturalisation in Australia 1925/1926 [Court Case- BURKARD and Company Limited versus WAHLEN Rudolph; KIENZLE Alfred 1928]

Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst KIESEWATTER - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Esther CLAYDON 1890

Elias KILBE - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) assist 1872

Johannes KILDAHL

August KILIAN, married, Res.Lygon St, Carlton. Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) member from 19 Apr 1864 - 1875

Eduard KILIAN - from Bavaria, married Matilda Ages Mumford 1889 Vic.

H. KILIAN -Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) 1862 to sydney

Johann KILLAT b.1849 Tucheim, Sachsen, Deutschland - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879 @ age 30 Landmann/ Farmer

Erick Hermann Conrad Heinrich KILLISCH VON HORN

August Martin KILP -born Germany, married Elsa BENJAMIN 1903

Herr KINDERLING -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 36

Franz Joachim Alexander KINDERMANN

O KINDERMANN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 29

Bernhardt Daniel KING / KONIG - born Bremen m.1909 Ina KING

Charlie KING / Carl KOENIG born Austria, married Margaret INGLIS 1879


Friedirich Howard KIONEMANN

Fritz Adolf Bruno KIRCHERT, Cabinet Maker, b.18 dezember 1890 Freienwalder-am-Oder, Prussia. Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) member from age 22 on 29 Oct 1913-1816.

Traugott Hermann KIRCHHUEBEL / KURCHHUBEL -from Saxony, m.1883 Matilda GREENAWAY

Wilhelm KIRCHHOFF -born Germany, married Florence MAggie Josephine LENEY 1890

Gustav adolph KIRCHNER -born Germany, married Henritta F.REID 1894

Hermann KIRMIS - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) assist 1903

Karl Eduard KIRMSSE -from Saxony, m.1884 Rose Annie HONOUR

Simon KIRSCH -born Germany, married Julia BOUCER 1889

Georg Oswald Julius KIRST - von Prüßen (Prussia), married Ida REIMANN 1902

Willy Wilhelm Eduard KITHER- Irregular Naturali - 1920 ( Willy W KEITER)

Friedrich Wilhelm Reinhold KLAMBT born Modelsdorf, Sclesien, Prüßen (Silesia, Prussia) m.1876 Auguste KAUL

Wilhelm KLAS (VILHELM) or Klaus? WILHELM - Naturalised 1929

A J KLASEN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 36

Friedrich Von KLAUSCH,

Wilhelm Jacob Anton KLAWS, Cabinet Maker, Married. b. 16 November 1829 Kiel. Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) 1861-

Carl Ludwig KLEEBERG - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Anna Margaretha RIEDL 1900 Vic.

Andreas KLEESH - from Hamburg, married Beatrice HOLT 1895 Vic.

Carl KLEIN - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) assist 1904

Gottlob Otto KLEIN - born Königreich Württemberg, married Mary STUDY 1877

Heinrich Henry KLEIN born Germany, married 1883 Margaret MURPHY

Johann Friedrich KLEIN born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1885 Elizabeth SORG

Peter KLEIN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 34, with Ann 19

Ferdinand August KLEINE -born Germany, married Theresa Evelyn ESMONDE 1900

Julius KLEINER -born Germany, married Lena O'BRIEN 1902

Paul Reinhold Hermann KLEINER , Glassblower

Carl /Charles Gustav KLEINITZ -b.  -d. 1 Mar 1979 Lindenow South, Gippsland - BURIED: Bairnsdale Cemetery


Joseph KLEMM -von Berlin - born Berlin, married Alma Bertha RATTAIEF/ RATTACY 1907

Adam KLEMM -born Germany, married Florence Agnes RADFORD 1904

Carl Heinrich KLEMM -born Germany, married Ada Elizabeth COWLING 189?

Vincent KLEMENT - Enemy Alien. Internee - Released in Victoria 4 Nov 1915

Augustus KLEMMER -Tailor, from b.25 Sept 1822 Dresdon, Saxony, m. Anne Dorothea SCHRODER - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) from 1862. d. 29 Aug 1902 kew Asylum.


Ernst Walter KLEYE -born Germany, married Marie Willian KRULL 1908

Georg KLIEN -born Germany, married Catherine HUGHES 1900

Johann Georg KLIM -b. Germany -m.1885 - Mary Annie DOOTE

Felix KLIMEK -aka KLIMECK - n. Harriet MILBOURNE - -Ch: Franzis Mattland KLIMEK -b.1886 Clifton Hill; Heinrich Theodor KLIMEK -b.1888 Dandenong; Alice Mathilde KLIMEK 1890 Dandenong; Elise Anna KLIMEK 1893 Dandenong; Joseph Stanislaus KLIMECK-b.1901 - d.1965 Castlemaine, Marie KLIMECK - b,1903 -d.1923 Clifton Hill

Johann KLING -

Katherine KLINGEL - m.1895 Vic. August Friedrich MOOSBRUGGER

Friedrich KLINGENBERG Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) assist 1909


Peter KLINGER -from Germany, married Margaret MARQUIS 1888


Heinrich KLIPPEL

Franz Francis KLINE / KLEIN -born Germany, married Louisa SMITH 1892

Friedrich KLINGENBERG -born Germany, married Eleanor FOSTER 1891

Herr KLINGER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 38

Von KLITZNIG, - m.Vic. Mary Grace PATTISON (1875 - d.1916 Rochester, Vic @ 41 yrs)

Ferdinand Wilhelm Theodor KLIX born Berlin > Footscray
Ferdinand Wilhelm Theodor KLIX was an Engine Driver born in Belin, Brandenburg in the 23 May 1861. H e emigrated from the Port of Hamburgh on the vessel "SAROMINA" arring abot the 20th June 1885 in Melbourne. On the 8 Jan 1902 he bacame a member of the Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) at age 40, then living at the Dover Castle Hotel, Bridge street, Richmond. His wife was Louise Emilie Ernestine (b.12 Jan 1859). Child: Richard Erich Eduard KLIX b.4 June 1890. At age 36, after twelve years in Australia he took the oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation when living at Elphinstone Street, Footscray, on the 25th August 1897.

Otto Emil Richard KLIX - Sunshine Harvestor Co. Naturalised 1894 [Military Intelligence File MP16/1 - 1915/3/1451]

Georg KLOCKER - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) assist 1909

Pastor Otto Paul KLÖDEN (KLOEDEN – Lutheran Clergyman
Pastor Otto Paul KLÖDEN (KLOEDEN), son of Friedrich Hermann Kloeden, was born on the 11th September 1880 at Meissen, Saxony. Kloeden arrived Australia with his family as a child in 1884. He went aborad to study at the Concordia Seminary, in Springfield, USA from 1906-1910. He was Ordained on 4 December 1910. Otto Paul KLOEDEN was married at age 30 to 22-year-old Beate Emma PAECH, daughter of Carl Adolph Paech, at the Evangelische Lutheran zum Weinberge Christi Church, at Lobethal, South Australia on the 20th October 1910. Pastor Kloeden served in South Australia at Pinnaroo 1910-1914; at ‘New Residence’ a district on an anabranch of Murray River, west of Loxton from 1914-1943; and he relieved at various places for an interim, Then the Kloedens’ went to Port Pirie from 1948-1952, after which he served as Chaplain at the Old Folks Home, in Fullarton, Adelaide SA. 1954-? The KLOEDEN children were : Erna Concordia Klöden, 1911 Pinnaroo; Stella Beate Klöden, 1913 Pinnaroo; Mona Renate Klöden, 1914 New Residence; Nita Emma Klöden, 1916 New Residence; Oscar Walter Klöden, 1917 New Residence; Luis Adolph Klöden,1922 New Residence; Martin Hermann Klöden, 1926 New residence and Kevin Edwin Klöden, 1927 Loxton, South Australia. Pastor Klöden was predeceased by his wife Beate Emma Klöden, who became ill died at age 54 having sought treatment at Hawthorn, Adelaide, when the Klödens were still living at New Residence, on the 13th October 1842. Pastor Otto Paul KLÖDEN died at age 76 years at Colonel Light Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia on the 12th March 1960.

Carl Albert KLOSE -born Germany, married Antonie GLUTH 1889

L KLOTH -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 49

Karl Emil KLOTZ -born Germany, married Katherina HOLLAND 1896

Heinrich KLOTZBACH -born Germany, married Maria PHIPPS 1892

Oscar KLUCKHENN (aka KLUKEN) - b. 1884 Sebastianburg, Bohemia- Austro-Hungarian Empire -
Oscar KLUCKHENN (aka KLUKEN) - b. 29th September 1887 Sebastianburg, Bohemia- Austro-Hungarian Empire - Osterreich _(now Sebastiana, Czech Republik) - - Emigrated per "S.S. ESSEX" from Liverpool, England arrived Port Melbourne 2nd November 1907. - Occupation Waiter - at the Menzies Hotel, Melbourne. Naturalised: 10th August 1914 from his residence at No.74 Clyde Street, St Kilda, Vic. He was then married to Vera and they had three children, two boys and a girl.

Conrad Friedrich KLUG - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Clara Elizabeth MURPHY 1898 Vic.

Paul Bernhard KLUTZ -born Germany, married Delia Rhoda MARTIN 1910

Hans Johannes Friedrich Wilhelm KNAACK
Hans Johannes Friedrich Wilhelm KNAACK [Enemy Alien File MP16/1 1915/3/693]
[1928 Application for Australian Letters Patent for an invention by Hans Frederick William Knaack titled, Improvements in reciprocating type water lift pumps]

Victor KNAACK [Enemy Alien File MP16/1 1914/2/248]

Carl Heinrich KNABE 1914

Christian Gottlieb Carl Ludwig KNABE -b. Weimar Arr, 1883 Nat. 1883 Adelaide

Gustav Adolph KNABE 1916 Nat. 1927

Adolf Michael KNABLE, Swiss,

Eisbin Reinholdt KNAK - Kirschke DE- Ipswich, Queensland

Carl Julius Theodor KNAPP - married Rita Jane Charlotte COULTER 1905

Ernst Heinrich KNAPP Nat. 1916

Joseph KNAPP -born Germany, married EmilY Mary McRAE 1903

Georg Wilhelm KNAUB Nat. 1910

Friedrich Wilhelm KNAUER b. 31st Oktober 1874
Königreich Württemberg> Western Australia


Hermann Karl Robert KNAUF - 1915, Sydney [Series number ST1233/1]

Jakob KNAUS, St Gallus, Switzerland > Adelaide, Florist

Adolph KNECHT Born Stuttgart, Kr. Neckar, Königreich Württemberg > Geelong

Emil KNEISEL -born Germany, married Marie PFEIFFER 1892 Emigrated out of Hamburg on the ship 'ZERAUDS' to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 14th March 1884. Engineer at No. 7 Tyson Street, Richmond, Victoria.

Peter KNEISEL -born Germany, married Amelia RUDDLER 1890

Georg KNEIBUSCH -born Germany, married Stasia HOURIGAN 1891

Franz KNEPPE - De-naturalised 1919

Alphonse KNEPPERT - Naturlaised 1901

Franz KNERSCH born Prussia, married 1884 Mary Ann JOHNSON

Friedrich Gustav Robert KNERSCH born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1880 Mary HARPER

Johannes 'John' KNEZOVICH
Johannes 'John' KNEZOVICH was born on the 22nd June 1893 at Imotsko, in Dalmatian Austria. Dalmatia was then part of the Österreich (the Austro-Hungarian Empire). Imotsko is now within the nation of Croatia. Knezovich emigrated out of the Austrian Reiche and made his way of the interim refuge hub of France, and there embarked from the Mediterranean Port of Marseilles, France, on the ship "S.S.NERA' to arrive in Australia at the Port of Fremantle, Western Australia on the 13th January 1912. After disembarkation Knezovich went out to the desert goldfields of Western Australia, where by the time of the Outbreak of the Great Enmity in war, had he spent 2 years at Gwalia, 6 months at Laverton, and the balance, back near the coast at Manjimup, where he worked as a Sleeper Cutter. It was was a single man when he swore the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 15th December 1914 at No. 31 Lake Street, Perth before Mr Thomas Frederick Davies, Police Magistrate for the State of Western Australia.

Hugo Maximilian KNIE - born 27th June 1875 at Hertzberg, Saxony - Jeweller, Arr, 28 Sept 1907 per SCHARNHORST at Melbourne > Macquarie Street, Queenbeyan, NSW

Christoph KNOBLOCH - Naturalised 1905

Carl Hermann KNOBLOCH born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1880 Elizabeth Margaret HUTCHINSON

Luis Adolf Eduard Albert KNOBLAUCH - b. Sechausen Prussia Grocer, Exetor, Semaphore SA

Paul Andreas Emil Robert KNOBLAUCH - Naturalised 1913 Adelaide

Oscar Hugo KNOCH Arr. age 20
Oscar Hugo KNOCH Arr, 1906 Sydney > Naturalised 1912

Karl Eduard KNOCHENHAUER born Germany, married Emilie KRAEFFT 1887

Cyrille KNOCKAERT - born 20th Nov 1893 Nieuport, West Flanders, Belgium, Arr 1911 Pt Pirie, SA

Peter Machiel KNOL b. Holland > Gippsland

Heinrich Emil Otto KNOLL
Heinrich Emil Otto KNOLL emigrated from Germany to Australia on the Nord-Deutshcher-Lloyd vessel "S.S.NECKAR" arriving at the Port of Sydney, N.S.W. on the 30th September 1891. Otto Knoll was born on the 20th Juli 1866 at Stötteritz, in Leipzig, Sachsen (Saxony) Deutschland. He was an Accountant by profession, and resided from the first in Mosman, NSW. He was married to Elise Berth PFAFFLIN in Sydney in 1894. He took the oath in his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 27th May 1909 at 'Lahr', Raglan Street, Mosman, New South Wales.

Karl Friedrich Wilhelm KNOLL (1880-1967) butcher, born Brüssow, Uckermark, Brandeburg, Prüßen (Prussia) Deutschland

Karl Wilhelm KNOLL Markgröningen, Kr. Neckar, Königreich Württemberg -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" April 1893 age 30... - see INTRODUCTION

Theodor KNOLL
Theodor KNOLL b. abt 1903 Deutschland. Emigrated to arrive Adelaide, South Australia per ship "LUNEBURG" on 13 April 1917. In 1958 he was a Mill Hand in the Kangaroo Valley, Macarthur electorate, New South Wales. He died on 7th April 1974 and is buried in the Cemetery in Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, Australia.

Carl KNÖNAGEL / KNOENAGEL b. 1849 Tuchheim, Sachsen - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, @ age 29 Landmann/ Farmer - with Wife Louise age 20

David KNOOLES -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" March 1878 age 24

Hermann KNÖPFLE, Engineer, Widower Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) member at age 35 on 7 Dec 1922. Struck of on 10 MaY 1923.

Ludwig KNÖRINGINER Arr.1910 at age 27 Engineer and Draftsman. - born 13th June 1863 at Tübingen, Königreich Württemberg naturalised 11914 Denaturalised 1919

Thomas Friedrich KNORPP born Germany, married 1883 Ellen HOWER

Friederich KNORR - naturalised 1901


Georg Friedrich Franz KNORR
Georg Friedrich Franz KNORR was born on 26th April 1888 at Brandenburg, Provinz Brandenburg, Deutschland. Knorr emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich from the Port of Bremen on the steamship "SCHARNHORST" to arrive in Australia at Port Jackson, Sydney NSW on the 25th September 1912. On disembark he waited just two days in Sydney before immigrating north to Queensland, where went to Mackay and stayed four years. Knorr then went outback to Cloncurry for six months, then down to brisbane for four months before returning to Mackay. He was stayed in Mackay for six months and then went outback again, this time in the Gulf Country at Hughendon for six months before returning to Mackay, QLD. The Police Report on him says in respect to a form query on bad conduct? "No. He was looked upon with a good deal of suspicion during the war, but nothing was proved against him... I have known the application for about two years. I have found him to be a sober hard working man and as far as I could see to be of good character." At the age of 33 Georg Friedrich Franz KNORR was was working as a Labourer for Mr. August Rick at Finch Hatton, in the Pioneer Valley, 80 km west of Mackay, when he finally took the Oath of Naturalisation in his Aliens Petition of 23 October 1920.

Hans Johannes KNORR - Naturalised 1932

Erdmann Otto KNORRE - Queensland - naturalised 1914-1921

F KNUDSEN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 32

Hans Johannes KNUDSEN


Paul Karl Hugo Franz KOBLITZ from Wolmsdorf, Silesia to Western Australia
Paul Karl Hugo Franz KOBLITZ, son of Hermann KOBLITZ, was born at Wolmsdorf, Kreis Jauer, Schlesien, Preussen (Selisia, Prussia), on the 9th Marz 1868. Wolmsdorf is now called Wolbromek in the Gmina Bolków, within Jawor County, of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in Western Poland. Koblitz emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich on the vessel "GERA" to arrive in Australia at Port Jackson, Sydney, NSW on the 20th August 1897. Upon disembarking Koblitz resided in Sydney for just five months and then immigrated to Western Australia. From Fremantle he went up the Swan river to Jandakot for 3 years, and so to Kelmscott for 3 years, out the Kalgoorlie track towards Merredin, at Kellerberrin for two years, before settling back near Perth at Welshpool. After 17 years in Australia, at the age of 46, he was a Poultry Farmer at Welshpool, Western Australia when he Swore the Oath to be Naturalised in his 'Aliens Memorial' of 13th August 1914 at Victoria Park, WA. Paul KOBLITZ died at age 96 in Perth WA in 1963.

Carl OR Karl Johann KOBIOLKE
Karl OR Carl KOBIOLKE was a Locksmith,whom was born 14 Dezember 1867 at Lischen, Prussia. Member of Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) at age 40 on 18 December 1907 until 25 June 1913 when he was struck off. Married. Wife: Marthe KLÖPPERT, (b.13 November 1873)/ Children: Ernst Kobiolke b.13 February 1894; Frieda Kobiolke b. 11 April 1900. Karl Johann Kobiolke died in 1951 at Cheltenham, Victoria at age 83. His daughter Elfreida Marie SEEGER died in 1972 at Carlton aged 75yrs.

Adolph Martin Gustav KOBIOLKE Timber Scientist. b. abt 1878 Lischen, Prussia. Married to Johanne Auguste STORMER, daughter of Karl STORMER & Wilhelmine JUDEL.

Franz Heinrich KOBIOLKE

Friedrich Ernst KOBIOLKE


Alfred KOCH
Alfred KOCH was born on the 15th August 1883 at Sakskøbing, on the 'flat as a pancake' Isle of Lolland, in Guldborgsund municipality, Region Sjælland (Zealand) in Denmark, not so far above the Mecklenburg and Pomeranian coasts of Deutschland. Alfred KOCH emigrated out of the Old Zealand in Europe and found his way to New Zealand of the Antipodes from which place he embarked to arrive in Australia on the barque "EOS" at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria on the 10th of January 1913. On disembarking he resided in Melbourne for five months and then immigrated up the continet to North Queensland, settling at Bundaberg. He was an unmarried Mechanic residing c/- G.P.O Bundaberg, Queensland, on when he took the Oath for Naturalisation in his Aliens Memorial of the 29th March 1915. After he was naturalised Koch managed to enlist in the Australain Infantry Force. and after the war he was a beneficiary in receiving Soldiers Settlement Block 301, at Tolga, on the Atherton Tablelands, near Cairns, Queensland.

Anton KOCH - Arrived 1913 Brisbane - Naturalisedn 1916 Gympie, QLD

Franz Luis Ludwig KOCH / COOK born Hamburgh, married Mary McDONALD 1888

Pastor Georg Carl KOCH – Lutheran Clergyman
Pastor Georg Carl KOCH born 30 Dezember 1874 Schoenberg, Deutschland. To USA. Studied Concordia College, Fort Wayne, USA. Graduated Concordia Seminary, St Louis USA 1899. To South Australia. Adelaide 1899-1906. Concordia College: 1907-1929. Author of ‘Law and the Gospel.’ At age 28 Georg Carl KOCH was married to 23-year-old Antonia Anna Sophia Von WIADROWSKI, daughter of Anton Von Wiadrowski, at the Lutheran Church, Adelaide on the 21st October 1903. Children: Waldemar Theodore Koch – born 18th June 1905 East Adelaide; Louise Antonie Koch – born 4th October 1906, St Peters, Adelaide; Elfrieda Gertrude Koch –born 25 October 1907 at Fullarton; Irma Agnes Koch –born 4th September 1910 at Fullarton; Agnes Margaret Koch – born 12 December 1913 at Fullarton; Edwin Georg Koch – born 18th January 1918 Rosefield, SA; Walter Erich Koch – born 4 october 1919 at Rosefield; and Erica Eliza Koch – born 5th January 1924 at Rosefield, South Australia. Pastor Georg Carl KOCH died at age 54 years on the 15th October 1929 at Rosefield (Rosenfeld) South Australia. His wife Antonie Sophia Anna KOCH survived him to died at age 88 years on 29th January 1969 at Fullarton, Adelaide, SA.

Julius Stephens KOCH -born Germany, married Kate Agnes FLANAGAN 1893

Wilhelm KOCH - from Hannover, Prüßen (Prussia), married Mary Westbrook 1891 Vic.

Emil August KOCHNER
Emil August KOCHNER was born on the 30th November 1874 in the Hanseatic Free City of Hamburg, albiet,by then a former Free City, already shackled to the then 3-year-old unified Deutsch Reich. Emil Kochner arrived in Australia at Port Adelaide on teh ship "ERLANGEN" two days before Christmas 1894. On disembarking he staye din south Australia for 8 years and then immigrated to the West, settling as a Farmer at Minnivale, via Dowerin, Western Australia, where he took the Oath of Naturalised in his Aliens Petition of the 1st June 1912. He was then married, but as yet without children. Emil August KOCHNER died in Fremantle, WA in 1942.

Heinrich Karl Ludwig KOCHNER -
Heinrich Karl Ludwig KOCHNER was born on the 30th April 1872 at Hamburg still imagined to be a Hanseatic Free State in a Deutschland already unified under the Great Reich in up the Elbe. Heinrich Kochner emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich on theh steamship "ZEITHEN" and arrived at the Port of Fremantle, Western Australia on the 6th December 1910. Upon disembarking, he joined his younger brother at Dowerin for 15 months before settling as a Farmer at Donnelly River, near Manjemup. After two and a half years in Australia he took the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of 18th April 1913 at Warwickhill, Manjemup, Western Australia. He appears to have emigrated with his wife and one daughter, leaving another daughter behind in Hamburg.

Gustav Adolph Franz KOCHENDÖRFFER - Gustav
Adolph Franz KOCHENDÖRFFER Naturalised 1898, Mechanic. Res, No.2 Mackenzie st, He was born 25 Februar 1855 Magdeburg, Sachsen. Arrived 14 October 1879 per the ship MORTH UMBERLAND. Married 10 December 1885 to Marie SCHWARZ (n.4 February 1863 - d.23 June 1929). Children: Louise Kochendoefer b.21 dec 1886; Adolph Kochendoerfer b.26 July 1888; Emil Kochendoerfer b.10 April 1890; Wilhelm Kochendoerfer b.10 September 1893; Vera Kochendoerfer b.27 February 1896. A member of the Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) from age 28 on 14 March 1883 until he died on 16 October 1931.

Carl August Martin KOCHLER -born Germany, married Maria Albertine KREPEL 1901

J KOCHOWSKI - Naturalised 1924

A KODAK - Naturalised 1931-1943

Albert Heinrich KÖDING
Albert Heinrich KÖDING was born about 1852 at Breslau, Schlesien, Preussen - Stonemason, Arrived in Port Adelaide on 1 January 1884 per "S.S. PROCIDA" To 194 Flinders Street, Adelaide after two days in Australia at age 32 he too the Oath and was Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of 2 January 1884 at Adelaide SA.


Maximilian Hugo Gustav KOEBCKE /KÖBCKE

Chris KÖHLER Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) 1880 refused assistance


Otto Eduard Hermann KOELLER / KÖLLER

Theodor KOELSKEN /KÖLSKEN -born Germany, married EmilY KELSON 1905


Adam KÖTZ / KOETZ - from Denzen, Franconia to Orana, Australia
Adam KÖTZ / KOETZ - b. 28 April 1858 at Denzen, Kirchberg (Hunsrück), Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate), Deutschland. Adam KÖTZ emigrated on the 'S.S. NORTHUMBERLAND" to arrive in Australia at Sandridge, the Port of Melbourne, Victoria, on 22 November 1876. two years at Ballarat, five years at Wodonga-Albury NSW, twenty three years on the Clarence River, NSW. at Orana, South Grafton, NSW. Married. Eight children, among whom are: Heinrich B Koetz b.1883 Albury; Friedrich Wilhelm Koetz b.1890 Grafton; Christian Samuel Koetz 1893 Grafton; Peter J Koetz b. 1897 Grafton; and twins Anna E. & Charles J. Koetz b. 1901 Grafton, New South Wales. After 30 years in Australia at the age of 48 Adam KÖTZ wasa Farmer at Orana, South of Grafton when he took the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of 10th December 1906 at Grafton, NSW.

August Wilhelm Johann KOHLBERGER - von Rugenwald, Pommern, Prüßen (Prussia), married Florence Jane SANDERS 1887

Auguust Wilhelm KOHLBERGER - von Prüßen (Prussia) , married Emma May ABBOTT 1912

Carl Georg KOHLHEIM - from Berlin, Prüßen. Married Helen Henderson 1891 Vic.

Carl August Martin KOEHLER -born Germany, married Maria Albertine KREPER 1901

C. KOHLER Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society)assist 1876

Mrs KOHLER (KAHLER) Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society)assist 1879

Francis Andreas KOEHLER /KÖHLER

Otto Eduard Hermann KÖHLER / KOEHLER -born Germany, married Elizabeth MALCOLM 1890

Carl Georg KOHLHIEM -born Germany, married Lucie Adalahart MAHOOD 1903

August Carl KOHLMEYER born Germany, married 1883 Luise Marie KELLER

Eduard Lemard Leonard KOHLS - born Belgium, married MHANDFORTH 1894

Otto KÖHNA / KOEHNA was born about 1849 at Magdeburg on the Elbe in Bundesland, Sachsen-Anhalt, Prussia. Koehna arrived in Australia at Port Adelaide about the end of November 1873. After seven weeks in Australia at the age of 25 he was working as a Tanner's Assistant at Hindmarsh when he took the Oath and was Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of 21st January 1874 at Adelaide, South Australia.

Siegfried KOHN -from Germany, married Adlaide Sarah JACOBS 1888

Victor KOHN -born Meve, Germany, married Delphine NISSEN 1889

C. KOHRSEN - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) assist 1876

Wilhelm KOHSEN Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society)assisttance 1875. 1876 in Immigrants hone.

Franz Reinhold Hermann KOITSTEN - von Prüßen (Prussia), married Gladys Courtney HUGHES 1910

Heinrich henry KOIER -from Germany, married Luise ZIFAURM 1888

Robert Hermann KOKOR / KOKER -born Germany, married Ada FLETCHER 1903

Waldemar Eduard KOLBE b. 9 Feb 1876 Thorn, Pommern, Prüßen (Pomerania, Prussia) Arr. Easter 1908 on N.G.L SS.WILLEBAD from German New Guinea Nat. 1911 @ Sydney NSW > Young, NSW > Victoria Nat. 4 Jan 1911 Sydney

Ernst Friedrich KOLLN - from Hamburg, married Charlotte Jane HAMMOND 1892 Vic.

Friedrich Paul KOLLOSCHE -born Germany, married Elinor McGUINESS 1901

Carl Wilhelm Heinrich KONEMANN
Carl Wilhelm Heinrich KONEMANN b. 26th July 1875 Neukirchen, Pommern, Prussia. Blacksmith, Arrived 5th October 1899, Sydney, NSW - (m.1900 St Leanards, NSW to Jessie M. SCOTT) Child: 1. Doris A KONEMANN -b.1901 Hurstville - widowed 1901 - (m.1906 St Peters, Sydney,NSW to Alice E. JENTSCH) - children: 1. Carl W Heinrich KONEMANN -b.1906 Smithfield, NSW ; 2. Elfrieda Paula KONEMANN -b.1907 Smithfield ; 3.Augusta A KONEMANN -b.1910 Smithfield; 4. Albert KONEMANN -b.1912-d.1912 Smithfield; Rudolph Emil KONEMANN ; - d.1967 Sydney, NSW

Leo Baron Von KÖNERITZ
Leo Baron Von KÖNERITZ was born on the 2nd Juli 1820 in Dresden, Sachsen, Deutschland. He trained as a Journalist by profession. Baron Von KÖNERITZ emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich by way of the interim freedom in Belgium and there embarked on the vessel "JOHN ELDER" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne in March 1882. Upon disembarking he soon immigrated to Sydney, NSW. After 32 years in Australia, at the age of 54 years, Baron Von KÖNERITZ was living at 'St Cloud' in Riley Street, Kogarah, Sydney, NSW and was married with one son and one daughter when he took the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Petition of 12th August 1914.

A KÖNIG Goldsmith, b. 9 March 1849 Hanau, Germany. single, Res. 163 spring st, Melbourne. Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) from age 37 on 1 Dec 1886 - until 31 aug 1892

Ernst KÖNIG Nat. 1900

Ernst Friedrich KÖNIG -b.abt 1865 from Hannover, - son of Wilhelm Friedrich KÖNIG & Caroline Luise DIECKSTALL - married Anna Minna SCHULTZ 1891 Vic. - d.1924 Murtoa, Wimmera, VIC @ 58 yrs

Johann Hermann KÖNIG - b.abt 1869 from Hannover, - son of Wilhelm Friedrich KÖNIG & Caroline Luise DIECKSTALL - so brother of the above - married Johanne Luise SCHULTZ 1894 Vic. - d.1956 Murtoa, Wimmera, VIC @ 86 yrs

Gottfried KÖNIG born Prüßen (Prussia), married Agnes WILSON 1887

Heinrich Friedrich Vincent KÖNIG -born abt 1862 Germany, son of Johann Georg Carl KÖNIG & Marie DOHREN - married Ethel Victoria GREEN 1906 - d.1935 South Hamilton @ 72 yrs

Maximilian KÖNIG - -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 31 - Nat. 1886

Woulff KÖNIGSBERG - b. Warsaw Arr. Fremantle Naturalised 1926 Perth

Benno HEIMANN Von KÖNIGSWERDER Medical specialist.
Benno HEIMANN Von KÖNIGSWERDER - born 2nd Februar 1873 Brandenburg A/H, Brandenburg, in the Deutsche Reich. Arr. Feb 1895 from Liverpool, England to Newcastle, NSW > Sydney 3 yrs > Melbourne 3 Yrs > Brisbane 6 yrs > England > Adelaide Nat. 2nd Dec 1909 No.116 Wakefield Street, Adelaide Medical specialist.

Franz 'Frank' KÖNITZ
Franz 'Frank' KONITZ b. 6th October 1856 at Rugenwalde, Provinz Pommern (Pomerania) Prussia Arr. 10 Aug 1883 per 'MOSCOW' at Port of Melbourne, > South Melbourne > No 371 City Road, South Melbourne, Victoria. Labourer Naturalised 7th May 1913.

Albin Carl KÖNITZER Cabinet Maker , b.14 Februar 1887 Neustadt-am-Orla, Thuringia. maried to Martha UNKENSTEIN (b.14 July 1888 - d.12 November 1940), Res. 163 spring st, Melborune. Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) member from age 35 on 20 July 1922 until d.6 January 1959 Fitzroy.

KONOW family
Wilhelm Johann KONOW -born Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany, married Margaret CLOW 1901 - From Berlin, in Prussian-wide Deutchland, at age 37, and a widow, Frau Ida KONOW, brought her young children to Victoria, Australia including Wilhelm age 5, Ida age 2, and Adolphine, age 1, emigrated per the ship "LA ROCHELLE" arriving in the Port of Melbourne in January 1880. Mrs Ida KONOW - nee REICHMANN, applied for assistance in 1882 from the Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society). Ida Gustafena KONOW married in Victoria in 1899 to Thomas George STAFFORD. Adolphine Sophia KONOW married in Victora in 1901 to Abraham Isaac WOOLF.

Arnold Theodor KOPFF b. Cuxhaven, Hamburg Pianoforte Maker,
Arnold Theodor KOPFF was born 14th July 1845 at Cuxhaven, in the Elbe estuary reaches of the Port of Hamburgh. He arrived from London in the Port of Melbourne on the ship LINCONSHIRE on the 10th November 1974, He lived in Melbourne for 3 years and then went up to Bendigo, and then to Sydney, New South Wales. h he was a manufacturer of Pianos. He took the oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation when living at No. 101 Reservoir street, Sydney, after 40 years in Australia and the 12th August 1914.

KOPHAMEL - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society)assist 1890

Carl Georg KOPMANN -born Germany, married Anna Helene MULFINGER 1898

Julius Carl Heinrich KOPMANN -born Germany, married Ella MarioN SPRY 1901

August Karl Eduard KOPP -born Germany, married Mary mary JOYNBER 1897

Emil Karl KOPP
Emil Karl KOPP Born 8 Februar 1883 Pforzheim, germany. Goldsmith. He was married to the Melbourne-born Ida Bertha ZUMPE (b.15 January 1901) in Victoria in 1917. He was a member of Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) from age 26 on 16 June 1909. Left 1 Dec 1832 when struck off.

Herr VON KOPPELOW -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 32

Herr KOERBER /KÖRBER -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 32

Christoph August Peter KOOP Dimboola
Christoph August Peter KOOP was born about 1840 in the Grand duchy of Mecklenburg, Deutschland. He arrived overland from South Australia in Victoria on the 6th April 1874 and settled at Dimboola. Naturalised 18th January 1892 at Dimboola.

Richard Albert KORBOWSKY

Anton KORDA De-naturalised 1919

Jess Dedricksen KOREN b. Nordland, Norway Arr.1884 Pt Jackson Sydney > Mildura > Mooroopna > Korumburra> Forbes NSW > Bundaberg QLD Nat. 1916 Strezlecki, Gippsland

Friedrich Heinrich August KORF, fitter.
b. 23 August 1882 Bowenhause, Lippe, deutschland. Single, A member of the Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) from age 29 on 6 September 1911. Struck off on 19 March 1913.

Alfred KORNBLUM -from Germany, married Rosette LEVINSON 1888

Ernst KORNBLUM Silesia to Victoria
Ernst KORNBLUM -born Tost, or Toszek, a town in Silesia, P Germany, Poland Arr. 21 Sept 1912 per COLOPAVI from London, England at married Fannie LEVINSON 1899 - Nat. in Melbourne 15th Oct 1890.

Friedrich Fritz KORNEMANN born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1883 Eliza AITCHISON

Behrend KÖRNER b. Wedel, Holstein, to Lancefield, Victoria

Carl Franz KÖRNER [aka Charles Frank KORNER]
Carl Franz KÖRNER [aka Charles Frank KORNER] was born at Altona, on the ship-busy estuary of the Elbe below the Port City of Hamburg on the 18th January 1892. KÖRNER emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich from the Port of Hamburgh on the ship "FALLS OF GARRY" to arrive in Australia at Port Pirie, South Australia on the 10th April 1911. On disemabrking he remained for ten months in Port Pirie and then immigrated to Portland (either of Portland, Victoria or NSW?) for fifteen months and then to Sydney, New South Wales. After nearly three years in Australia he was single at age 22, working as a Cook, residing at 22 Burton Street< Sydney when he took the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of 16 March 1914.

Herr KÖRNER / KOERNER -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 27

Carl Friedrich KÖRNER
Friedrich KÖRNER was born in the Hanseatic Free City of Hamburgh. He emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich to arrive 22 Nov 1854 at Port Melborune. Miner. Naturalised 20th January 1891 at No.27 Raleigh Street, Windsor, Prahran district, Melbourne.

Friedrich Wilhelm KÖRNER, b. 7 Juli 1885 Laasen, Gera, Thuringen. Arr. 1909, Houghton Sth Aust. Labourer. Nat. 17 Aug 1914

Heinrich KÖRNER -
Heinrich KÖRNER was born 21st November 1879 at Ütersen, Ahrenlohe, near Pinneberg, Holstein, Schleswig-Holstein. A Farmer of Tantanoola SA when Naturalised 1879 at Mount Gambier, SA.

Hermann Hugo KÖRNER
Hermann Hugo KÖRNER was born on the 14th Frabruary 1875 in Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia, by then a relatively new Kapital in a unified Deutschland. He emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich by way of the hub of refuge and freedom in Great Britain and embarked at the Port of London on the vessel "S.S.UMRAH" to arrive in Australia at Port Jackson, Sydney, NSW on the 20th March 1899. After 13 years in Australia, unmarried at the age of 37 1/2, Hermann Hugo KÖRNER was working as a Watchmaker, residing at 'Ophir' Addison Road, Petersham, Sydney, NSW when he took the Oath and was Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of the 12th November 1912.

Wilhelm Andreas KÖRNER / William Andrew KORNER, - Paying Rates in Douin East - Lot 61 of 132 acres, Warragul shire, West Gippsland Feb 1897. Alien File, Mornington 1916-1918

Georg KORTEKAAS -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 18

Karl Friedrich KOSCHADE
Karl Friedrich KOSCHADE was born abt 1848 at Warschau (Warszawa - Warsaw) Poland. Koschade trained in Deutschland as a Lutheran Minister. He arrived in South Australia in about 1877. After nine years in Australia at the age of 38 years he was an Evangelical Lutheran Reverend Pastor at Yorketown, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia when he swore the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of the 18th October 1886. Later his family were in Melbourne, Victoria.

Paul KOSCHEL -born Germany, married Leonie Louise Freances Gobbe SEDLEY 1908

Reinhold KOSCHEL -born Germany, married Elizabeth RAPLEY / RAPER 1897

Wilhelm Martin KOSKA -born Germany, married Lilly Maud LEVER 1908
Wilhelm Martin KOSKA was born on the 19th October 1873 in Reinersdorf, north of Konstadt, Kreis Kreuzburg, Provinz Oppoln, Silesia, Prussia, Germany. Reinersdorf is now Komorzno, near Zaplotnik, in the Opole region of Silesian Poland. Wilhelm Martin KOSKA emigrated out of Bremerhaven, Port of Bremen on the the ship 'WEIMAR' arriving in Port Melbourne on the 5th September 1901. He left two brothers behind, Hermann Koska, who stayed on in Deutschland, and Gottlieb Koska who then emigrated to the the USA. On disembarkation Wilhelm Martin KOSKA went to live at No. 422 Queen Street, Melbourne for eight and a half months, and then found accommodation at Napier Street, Fitzroy. After just two years in Australia, Wilhelm Martin KOSKA took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised on the 25th January 1904, then resident at No.127 Napier street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, where he was working as a Schneider (Tailor) and was still a single man. His application was accompanied by an Attestation of good character from Eduard Lange, manager of the Melbourne Turn Verein at 30-32 LaTrobe Street. Wilhelm Martin Koska was married in St Matthews Church, Prahran, Victoria on 9th September 1908 to Lilian Maud LEVER. By 1909 the Australian Electoral Roll lists W. M. Koska as living at Hallam Street, Bendigo, where he was in business as a tailor. The Koskas had at least four children: 1. Lilly Laura Lucia Koska b.1909 Bendigo; 2. Maud Emma Jane Koska b.1910 Bendigo - who married in about 1936 to Arthur James McConville, Aircraftsman of Williamstown, Melbourne; 3. Sylvia Gretchen Mabel Koska b.abt 1912 Bendigo - who married in about 1939 to Wemyss William Thomson, Engineer of Williamstown, Melbourne & 4. Frieda Frances Hazel Koska b.abt 1915 and died 1916 Bendigo. His wife Lilly Maud Koska - who was born in 1884 in Parramatta, New South Wales, daughter of William George Lever & Eliza Shipton, died in Bendigo, Victoria in 1919 at age thirty five. Wilhelm Martin Koska married again on 11th August 1923 St Pauls Church, Bendigo, Victoria to Frances Mary WIRTH (1875 – 1942) a tailoress living and working with him at No. 36 Mercy street, Bendigo, according to the Australia Electoral Roll of 1937. Franny WIRTH was born in 1875 at Raywood, Bendigo, the daughter of Kunitz, Kreis Liegnitz, Silesian-born Eduard WIRTH & Van Diemens Land, Tasmanian-born Frances BRIGGS. Frances Mary Koska died in Bendigo in 1942. Wilhelm Martin KOSKA predeceased her, dying at age 63 on 28 July 1937 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. - In 1931 his daughter Lilly Laura Lucia KOSKA was descibed as a Tailoress, but by 1934 shes was studying theology in Clarendon street, East Melbourne. Lilly Laura Lucia Koska graduated Th.A in 1935 in the Melbourne Diocese of the Anglican church. She became a pioneering Deaconess, ministering in Sale, Gippsland (1949), Sunshine, Victoria (1954). After taking further study she graduated with a Licentiate in Theology in 1960. She then ministered at Melbourne (1963) and in Bentleigh (1972) and in Oakleigh by 1977. In 1980 she was still a Deaconess ministering in Oakleigh, Victoria. - German background Information and confirmation courtesy of Werner Gnoth of Berlin, great grand-nephew of Wilhelm Martin Koska.

Johannes John KOSS -born Germany, married Emily RUSSELL 1891


Everard KOST, Hairdresser, Single. Born: 26 November 1873 Picton, NZ Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) 1907-1909

Carl KOSTER -born Germany, married Mary Anne WHEELER 1893

Theodor KOSTER - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) Assistance 1876

C. A. KOTHE, Lithographer, Born: 8 March 1786 Braunschwieig - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) 1861-d.5 Dec 1878

Erich KOTTMANN, Piano Builder. b. 28 Oktober 1887 Renscheid, Deutschland. Married. Wife Frieda BRUHN (b.16 Aug 1893) d.10 Janaury 1978) A member of the Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein (Sick and Relief Society) from age 26 on 19 april 1914. Died 21 July 1973 at Box Hill.

Abraham KOZMINSKY born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1882 Esther GOLDBERG

Louis Leopoldt Carl KRACHMER born Berlin, Prussia, married Rose CARR 1887

August Friedrich Wilhelm KRAEMER born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1880 Agnes Maxwell DOUGLAS

Hans Johannes KRAEMER - from Bavaria, married Gerte WHITING 1893 Vic.


Christoph KRAEFT / KRAFFT -born Germany, m.1886 Mary Elizabeth HARVEY

Wilhelm Georg KRAFT / KRAFFT -born Germany, married Sarah Alice FINCH 1898

Wilhelm KRAFFT -born Germany, married Mary jane ANDERSON 1897

Heinrich KRAKOWSKY - von Poland

Solly KRAKOWSKY - von Poland

Doctor KRAMER - -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 31

Eduard Carl Charlie KRAMER -born Germany, married mary ELizabeth DOYLE 1910

Erich Werner KRAMER Klein Wangleben to Woorah West
Erich Werner KRAMER, son of Christian Hermann Kramer and Bertha Pinkinella, was born on the 26th August 1886 at Klein Wangleben, Sachsen (Saxony) Deutschland. Kramer emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich via the Atlantic crossing to Amerika and eventually embarked there at a port in Chile, South America on the ship "LORD SHAFTERSBURY" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Newcastle, New South Wales on the 21st September 1907. Upon disembarking Kramer lived at Top Creek until 27th September 1908; and then at Crystal Brook, South Australia; at Netherby, South Australia, Lorguon, SA, and again in Netherby, before moving to the Wimmera of Victoria. After four years in Australia, at age 25 and a half he was unmarried, working as a Farm Labourer c/- E. F. Schultz, at Woorah West, via Nhill, Victoria, when he took the Oath for his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised on the 20th February 1912. Erch Werner Kramer was married to Hilda Minna Emilie Domaschenz in Victoria in 1935. Erich Werner Kramer died at age 86 in 1963 at Natimuk, Victoria.
Ernest Eugene KRAMER Missionary to the Aborigines
Brother Ernest Eugene KRAMER [Ernst Eugen KRAMER] son of Carl Friedrich KRAMER, was born on the 10th May 1889 at Basle, Canton Basel Stadt, Switzerland. Responding to a felt call to be a missionary in Australia Kramer emigrated out of Switzerland via Bristol, England, where he spent five weeks, and then embarked at the Port of Liverpool on the steamship 'S.S.SUEVIC' to arrive in Australia at the Port of Adelaide on the 9th September 1909. Upon disembarking Kramer lived in Adelaide and then in Melbourne for eighteen months.

Ernst Eugen KRAMER was married to Euphemia BUCHANAN in 1912 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Euphemia BUCHANAN was born in 1897 in Clunes, near Creswick, the daughter of Ballarat-born Colin Campbell Buchanan and his wife, Geelong-born, Catherine McLeod Murchison. The Kramer Children: 1. Colin Eugene b.28th January 1913 Hotham East, North Melbourne, Victoria
2, Mary Catherine b. 9th January 1918, Farina, North Flinders Ranges, S Aust.
3. Euphemia Faith b. 12th June 1923 Davenport, South Australia
4. Grace Murchison b. 28th August 1926
After they were maried the Kramers went to Central Australia as missionaries with the Aborigines. In about 1915-1918 Kramer was Registered as an Enemy Alien both in North Melbourne, Victoria, and at Port Pirie, South Australia. In 1923 the Kramers were living at Tranmere, SOuth Australia, and working as missionaries for no organisation. It was then that he took the ooath of his aliens memorial and was nattralised on the 28th February 1923 at Adelaide.

Ernst Eugen KRAMER died at age 68 years on the 16th February 1958 at Torrens Park, Adelaide, South Australia. His wife Euphemia survived him to died at age 84 at Mitcham, Adelaide, South Australia.

Reinhold KRAMM -from Germany, married Emilie NOSKE 1888

Heinrich Wilhelm KRAMP -
Heinrich Wilhelm KRAMP was born aboutt 1858 at Rothenbeck, Holstein, Deutschland. Kramp Emigrated about June 1882 arrived Adelaide, South Australia. At the age of 24, Kramp swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for naturalisation three months late on the 21st September 1882 in Adelaide, where he was working as a Clerk.
Hermann KRAMP =
Hermann KRAMP born Hamburgh - married 1873 Rebekah JENKINS (b.Cornwall-1879 Vic) Hermann Kramp died in 1902 at age 83, at the Hospital in Creswick, Victoria.

Richard KRAMP -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 31

Andreas KRAPP - married Emmie WINTON 1915. Terang, Victoria: Children: Jean KREPP 1916 Terang; Charles Edward KREPP 1917 Terang; Gordon Andress KREEP 1919 Terang.

Albert Heinrich Otto KRAPP
Albert Heinrich Otto KRAPP was born at Gottingen, Hannover, on the 5th March 1870, or, just two months after the Unification of the Kingdom of Hannover into a Prussian United Germany. At about the age when he was due to do his compulsory military service Krapp emigrated out of Deutschland by way of the interim hub of freedom in England and there embarked on the ship 'S.S.NAIRNSHIRE@ to arrive in Australia at the Port of Sydney, New South Wales on the 1st April 1895. On disembarking Krapp went to Yarras, on the Upper Hastings River, inland from Port Macquarie, New South Wales. Krapp was a Tischler / Joiner by trade, working as a Miner at Yarras, near Ellenborough. Albert Heinrich Otto KRAPP died at Newtown, Sydney in 1956.

Wilhelm KRASSELT, Compositor - b.17 Sept 1860 Roechlitz, Saxony. res. 12 Mary terrace. Memne rof teh Melborune Deutcher Krankenverein 1887

Adolph KRAUSE -born Germany, married Catherine FELS 1894

Johann Wilhelm John KRAUSE -born Germany, married Christina LAWSON 1910

Georg Martin August KRAUSE - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Ellen EVANS 1891 Vic

Hermann Walter Karl KRAUSE

Hermann Walter Karl KRAUSE was married to the Boroondara-born Anna Agnes ZUMPE in 1916.

Martin KRAUSE - born Prussia, m.1886 Amalie Friedericke SEMLER

Walter Herbert Gustav KRAUSE b. 11 Nov 1893 Zueelichau, Neumark, Ost brandenburg - arr. 27 oct 1910 PLAUEN at Pt Adelaide SA, Gardener

Jakob Jacob KRAUSGILL -born Germany, m.1886 Priscilla HAWKINS

Daniel KREBS -b.abt 1829  Kaisers Lantern, Bavaria, Deutschland, - NATURALISED : 4 Dec 1878 @ Stanley, Victoria @ age 49, MINER 

Franz KREBS -b. abt 1841 Frankfurt, Germany  -  - Emigrated 1859 per ship "ADAH" -  - NATURALISED : 31 Oct 1866 @ Back Creek, via Young, NSW - aged 25 - FARMER 

Hans Heinrich KREBS - b. 1891 Germany - Emigrated - NATURALISED on 19 November 1921 at Moria, via Geelong, Victoria - aged 30 yrs, LABOURER

Jakob or Jacob KREBS -b.abt 1856 - the son of Rudolph Rohland KREBS - Emigrated at Age 19 per the ship "CUZCO' arriving in Port Melbourne, Victoria in May 1879. From Melbourne Krebs made his way west into South Australia Jakob KREBS was married at age 32 on the 10th Oct 1888 at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bethanien (Bethany), in the Barossa Valley of South Australia to Hermine Dorothea Hulda HABERMANN, age 30, daughter of Berthold Rohland HABERMANN of Bethanien. By 1888 the KREBS were in the Wimmera of Victoria. Their Victorian children, Bertha Luise Agnes Krebs 1889, and Marie Victoria Krebs 1893 were born in Nhill.

Johann 'Hans' KREBS
Johann KREBS -b.abt 1863 the son of Anton KREBS -Johann Krebs emigrated at age 24 on the ship "POTOSI" arrived at Port Melbourne, Victoria in April 1886. - Hans KREBS was married at St Ignatius Catholic Church, Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia to Magdaline RAMISCH, age 27, daughter of Carl RAMISCH of Adelaide.

'Max Conrad' Maximilian Konrad KREBS -b.Abt 1881 Germany  -Emigrated     - NATURALISED: 22 Nov 1911 at Bairnsdale, Gippsland, Victoria, @ age  30, PASTRYCOOK

Ewald KRECZY or KREZCY - alias- Francis SCHMETTAUX
Ewald KRECZY - alias- Francis SCHMETTAU - born 13th April 1877 in Aachen (also known as Aix-la-Chapele. North Rhineland, Westphalia, Deutschland. Kreczy emigrated from the Port of Antwerp, in Belgium, on the "S.S> OLDENBRUG" a ship of the Nord Deutscher Line, arriving in the Port of Sydney, N.S.W. in June 1905. After his arrival in Australia he had lived for six months in Melbourne, Victoria, and then returned to New south Wales, where he lived in Sydney for 5 years, Singleton for a year and a half, Gravesend for a year, then in the Maitland district for over a year. Kreczy was a clerk by occupation, living at Raworth, Morpeth, New South Wales.

Maximilian Ludwig KREITMAYER m.1883 Harriet Mary
Maximilian Ludwig KREITMAYER was born about in Munich, Bavaria, Deutschland. He arrived in Australia about In Victoria in 1883 Kreitmayer was married to Harriett Mary WATTS. KREITMAYER pioneered the Melbourne Waxworks. The KREITMAYER children born in Melbourne were: Olive Marguerite KREITMAYER - b.1887 Collingwood; Max Ludwig KREITMAYER - b.1889 Collingwood; & Luis KREITMAYER b.1894-d.1894 Collingwood. Maximilian Ludwig KREITMAYER died in June 1906 in Collingwood.

Albert KRELL -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 43; with Louise Krell 28.

Hermann Johann KRENSIEN / KRENSIER -born Germany, married Agnes Emmaline GARDINER 1896

Wilhelm KRESSEN born Germany, married 1883 Agnes Richmond ROBERTSON

Wilhelm KRESSEN -born Germany, married Bridget BEUDSCHNEIDER 1902

Curt Hugo KRETSCHMAR - Naturalised 1904

Wilhelm Conrad KRETSCHMAR
Wilhelm Konrad KRETSCHMAR was born about 1854 in Dresden, Saxony. He arrived in Australia at Port Adelaide about the last day of 1883. Two days later he took the oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of 2nd January 1884 at Adelaide, describing himself as a labourer, age 29.

Wilhelm KRETSCHMAR, Internee - Alien Registration Certificate No 2 issued at Oakey?

Hermann KRIEG -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 26

Johann 'John' KRIEG
Johann 'John' KRIEG, miner, died at age 50 on the 30th November 1906 at Arltunga, Northern Territory

Georgas Adolphus KRIEGER -born Germany, married Eliza WRIGHT 1897

Gustav Emil KREIGER -born Germany, m.1886 Ethel May WHEELER

Carl Justus Gabriel KRICHAUFF - born Altona, prussia - Arr. 1876 Nat. 1876 Tanunda, Sth Australia

Hugo Anton KRISCHE born Germany, married Maria Katherine SCHOPPE 1887
Hugo Anton KRISCHKE -born Germany, married Lizzie HALL 1896

Bruno Ferdinand KRITZ - from Lansigh, Saxony, married Anna Dorothea BREMEN 1891, Vic.

Alfred KROFFT-arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" April 1880 age 29


Johann Gottlieb KROSCHEL / KOSCHEL -born Germany, m.1886 Jane Catherine PASCOE

Daniel Wilhelm KROJANKER - born Prüßen (Prussia), m.1886 Annie Grace JONES

Traugott KROKER born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1881 Henriette HARTWICH

Johann Ludwig Laurenz KROKSTEDT

Karl Wilhelm KROLL -
Karl Wilhelm KROLL b. 27 September 1889 - Enemy Alien 1916 Registered at Korumburra, Sth Gippsland - and wife & Lily BAMBERLE). KROLL born 12 November 1896 also Registered at Korumburra 1916
Herbert Wilhelm August KROLL -Ipswich, Queensland

Martin Georg KROLL

Otto George Hermann Diederich KROME - from Hannover, married Eleanor Mary Vahland 1894 Vic.


Johannes KROPP & wife, Martha Henriette KROPP< Sydney, Liverpool, Campbelltown NSW

Otto KROPP - died age 15, Aboard the ship 'TERPSICHORE' at Port Adelaide, South Ausralia, on the 29th August 1911.

Wilhelm Otto KROPP
Wilhelm Otto KROPP was born 26th April 1844 at Duisberg, Rheinland, Prussia. Kropp emigrated out of Deutschland by way of Holland, and arrived in Melbourne, Australia. On disembarking he took up Gold prospecting and resided at Bendigo, at Wedderburn, and in the Yarra valley of Victoria at Hoddles Creek, and at Tullarook, in Melbourne, in Tasmania, in Sydney, New South Wales. After forty years and six months in Australia, working as a Gold Miner at age 65, Kropp swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 20th July 1909 at Bunendong, New South Wales. Wilhelm Otto Kropp died in 1912 at age 68 at Wellington, New South Wales.

Theodor Wilhelm KROSS born Germany, married CaroL Turner MINTY 1887

Johann John KRUEGER -born Germany, married Lavinia Catherine BISHA 1904

Otto KRUEGER -born Germany, married Agnes FLYNN 1904

Emil Carl Ludwig KRUG -born Germany, married Alice May ANTONIO 1899

Ernst Emanuel KRUG of Perth, WA - 1915 - NA 4/7/140 - BC 749589

Georg Heinrich KRUG - ALIEN 1916 Warracknabeal Vic. - NA/ MT269//1 = BC 5968417 / plus MP 16/1 - CS 1914/1/140

KRUG of Cassilis, Victoria - NA - MP 16/1 - 1916/234

Johann Carl Paul KRUG - from Berlin, Prüßen. Married Emma Walsh 1892 Vic.

Otto Theodore KRUG -was born on the 25th April 1844 at Rostock, Mecklenburg, Deutschland - NATURALISED - 14th Nov 1907 - @ No.98 Graham Street, SoutH Melbourne - a Blacksmith - Arrived from the Port of Hamburgh per the ship "BARUIEN" in Port Melbourne in 1893 - After which time he had spent one year in Western Australia, and the remainder in Victoria. At the time of his Naturalisation in 1907 he was a Widower with one son from his marriage.

August KRUGER from Magdeburg, Germany, married Auguste Olga NUSKE 1894

David Martin Bernhardt KRUGER b. Wollin, Provinz Pommern, Prüßen Prussia, now Gmina Wòlin, Poland. - Arr. November 1875 per 'YORKSHIRE' from Liverpool, England to Port of Melbourne, Victoria. Occ: Railway Guard, Res: No. 14 Ormond Street, Kensington

Carl Augustus KRUGER - born Berlin, Prüßen  m.1886 Mary Helen WILKINSON

Carl KRUEGER  -b.1853 Deutsch Crone, West Prussia - Emigrated departing Hamburg 25 Feb 1878 per "EDUARD" in To arrived Adelaide SA 18 June 1878 @ age 25 Landmann/Farmer

Carl KRUGER -born Germany, married Hermine KURTZE 1895

Gustav Emil August KRUGER born Prüßen (Prussia), married Pauline Theodora HILLER

Hans Johannes Friedrich Wilhelm KRUGER born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1882 Lavinia FORD

Wilhelm KRUGER -born Germany, married Caroline MANNLEIN 1907

Emile Otto KRUGER   -b -  d. 24 June 1934 Penshurst, Vic. -  BURIED: Burwood Cemetery, (Old Nunawading)    &  Margaret Ann ANDERSON KRUGER - -b -  d. 3 Dec 1959 Adelaide, South Australia,   - BURIED: Burwood Cemetery, (Old Nunawading) 

David Samuel KRULL born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1884 Emile Magdalene Franzesca VORWERG - NATURALIZED in 1888 in Victoria.

Heinrich 'Henry' KRULL - Naturalised 1910

Otto Wilhelm August KRULL -b.18th Feb 1894 Wandsbek, Burgh Storman, Hamburgh, Deutschland - son of Otto Wilhelm August KRULL of Hamburgh - EMIGRATED 1913 per the Steamship "ALTONA - and disembarked at Brisbane, QLD He was First Registered with Certificate No. 2 At WoodfordM QLD as an Enemy Alien on the 14th October 1916. - At his Naturalisation on the 1st Nov 1922 he was aged 29 years, married to Bertha Emma KRULL aged 23 and living at Cooroy West wher ehe was working as a Banana Grower/ Fruitfarmer, at Cooroy West, Queensland - - Naturalised 1st Nov 1911 - Northgate Junction, QLD

Alfred KRUPP
Alfred KRUPP, the son of Thomas and Emilie Krupp, was a Jeweller-Watchmaker, born on the 17th April 1853 in Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia . Krupp emigrated by way of the British South Asian Colonies and there embarked at the Port of Calcutta on the P & O ship S.S. OSSANA' to arrive in Australia at the Port of Williamstown, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, on the 29th January 1880. On embarkation Krupp moved around the Antipodes, residing in New South Wales for 8 years, New Zealand for a year, Western Australia for 4 years and the balance of the years in Victoria. After 34 years in Australia, Krupp was unmarried at age 61, residing in Bunyip, West Gippsland, Victoria when he swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised on the 11th August 1914. Alfred KRUPP died in 1929 at Murrumburrah, New South Wales.
Wilhelm KRUPP
Wilhelm KRUPP born 1850, died 1910 at age 60, Singleton, Hunter Valley, New South Wales.

CarL Charles KRUSHKA -born Germany, married Emma Katherine GILL 1904

Johannes 'John' KRUSCHWITZ - from Hamburg, married Mary HOOPER 1900 Vic

Ernst Friedrich KRUSE

Heinrich Henry KRUSE -born Germany, m.1886 Emily PERRY

Heinrich Martin Ludwig KRUSE -born Germany, m.1886 Charlotte Henriette KNOOP

Wilhelm KRUSE -born Germany, married Mary CURRY 1893

Wilhelm Jensen Matthias KRUSE -born Germany, married Mary Ann McDONALD 1890

Georg Ernst KÜCH

Albert KUCHLER -born Germany, m.1886 Susan MUIR

Melchoir KUCZ - or KUEZ, b. 31 December 1859 Posen, Prussia > - Arrived Septe 1883 per SS SALIER at Pt Melbourne > Melbourne > QLD > Melbourne > Hotelkeeper - Devon & Cornwall Hotel, Publican, Little Latrobe Street, Melbourne NAT. 30th Nov 1904

Gottlieb Eduard KÜHN or Edward KUEHN
Eduard Gottlieb KÜHN (KUEHN) was born in Germany and married Charlotte Hannah LAMB in Victoria in 1887. Charlotte Hannah LAMB was an Australian, born in 1862 in Bylands, nr Kilmore, Victoria, daughter English-born Thomas LAMB & Prusso-Polish-born Johanne Henrietta FISCHER. The Kuehn's settled in Abbotsford, and they had at least two children, Edward Charles KUEHN, born in Carlton in 1893, and Henriette Amelie KUEHN, born 1898 in Collingwood, who married
John Andrews COCHRANE in 1915. Her father Eduard KÜHN was a Tischlermeister, a master Cabinet maker/ joiner who worked at the Victorian Railway workshops in Newport. Edward KUEHN was keen to become an Australian and made his Alien's memorial for Naturalisation in 1901, well ahead of the fomenting enmity between England and Germany. Nevertheless, come the Anti-German hype and hysteria in opening years of the Melbourne at War scenario, the KUEHN's encounted real villification and persecution during wartime - some of it coming even from Australia soldiers in uniform in 1915. Charlotte KUEHN wrote to the Commissioner of Police about one incident originating the the nearby local 'Duke of Albany' hotel where Mr Burn was the Licensee: " It is not fair that soldiers wearing the King's Uniform should come and make an (unnecessary) disturbance." - These Soldiers should be found out and their names displayed on a Roll of Dishonour.
Letter to the Police Commissioner - from Charlotte KUEHN 5th May 1915 Page One

Letter to the Police Commissioner - from Charlotte KUEHN - Page Two

Melchior KUEZ -born Germany, married Gertude Gerte WYLD 1905

Lorenz Laurence KUGIRILK born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1880 Harriet REYNOLDS

Carsten Karstin KUHL born Germany, married 1883 Mary NALLY 1883

Johannes Julius Adolph KUHLE -born Han'r, Germany, married Elizabeth JARICK 1906

Ludwig Karl KUHLE

Georg Ludwig Heinrich KUHLMANN -born Germany, married Mary Wood ROBERTSON 1898

Albert Carl Martin KUHN -born Germany, married Nellie RYAN 1899

Georg August KUHN -from Germany, married Caroline Catherine MOLLER 1888

Carl Louis KUHNE - von Berlin - born Berlin, Prüßen married Annie MAIDEN 1903

Friedrich Wilhelm KUHNE from Germany, married Edith Carol WALTER 1899

Theodor KOHNE born Hamburgh, married Mary Jane MULDER 1888

Theodor Franzis KUHNELL

Gottlieb Herman Christian KUHPAL -born Germany, married Jeanie Sarah MOORHEAD 1895

Walter Karl KULISCH -born Germany, married Anna Thersa SCHMIDT 1894

Jakob Andreas 'James Andrew' KULME born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1881 Emily MENZEL

August Julius Ferdinand Wilhelm KULPA von Prüßen

Hermann Karl Wilhelm KUMM -born Hanover, Germany, married Frances Gerte CATO 1912

Johannes KUMMROW -born Germany, married Bridget Delia FLANAGAN 1898

Johannes Ludwig KUMMROW was born on the 15th November 1870 at Köpitz (Koepitz), Kreis Cammern, Pommern (Pomerania), Prussia, Deutschland. Köpitz is now called Kopice, and Cammin is Świerzno in north-western Poland. As a young lad Johannes KUMMROW appears to have gone down to the ships and became a sailor on the old Viking whale roads, and, eventually he emigrated by way of the Port of Friedrickstadt in Norway, with passage on the ship "MARGARETHA" which arrived at Port Melbourne on the 18th August 1891. On disembarking KUMMROW lived near the docks in Sandridge, Port Melbourne, or in Emerald Hill, South Melbourne where he firstworked as a Labourer on the wharves. He was married in 1898 in Victoria to Bridget Delia FLANAGAN. By the time he took his Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised after twenty years in Australia, he was living at 163 Liardet Street, Port Melbourne on the 12th October 1911 and had seven living children, four sons and three daughters. Johannes & Delia's children: 1. Johannes Ludwig Martin Kummrow 1897 Melb; 2. Maria Ernstine Kummrow 1898 Melb. -d.1899 South Melbourne; 3. James Austin Kummrow 1899 Melb. - d.1909 East Melbourne; 4. Patrick Anthony Kummrow 1901 Melb. - d.1915 Clifton Hill; 5. Agnes Anna Kummrow 1903 Melb; 6. Wilhelm Cyril Kummrow 1904 Melb; 7. Eduard Rudolph Kummrow 1906 Melb; 8. Susanna Veronica Kummrow 1908 Melb; 9. Marie Carmelita Kummrow -b.1910 Port Melbourne. In 1919 Johannes & Delia Kummrow were living at 135 Burnley street, Richmond where he was working as a labourer. In 1937 He was still a labourer living at 73 Buckingham street, Richmond. Johannes Ludwig KUMMROW died in Richmond in 1941.

Friedrich Richard Albert KUNO -born Germany, married Florrie Grace CHRISTENSEN 1910

Johannes Furchtegott KUNSTMANN -born Germany, married Maria Sophia Elisabeth MARTIN 1894

Gustav KUNZ -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 31

Wilhelm KUPETZ -born Germany, married Elizabeth Ann WHELAN 1909

Christoph Eduard Edio KUPKE -born Germany, married Mary Ann STAFFORD 1900

Otto KURGER -born Germany, married Agnes FLYNN 1904

Richard Gotthilf KURRLE - born Rottenburg, Königreich Württemberg, Arr. 1882 m.1886 Mina SPANNRUFT

Robert Friedrich KURRLE - born Königreich Württemberg, married Catherie Lupton NICHOLS 1871

Myer KURTZ, b. 5th Sept 1882 Berlin, Prüßen (Prussia), Tailor, Arr 13 Sept 1907 ORCTABA @ Largs bay, SA > Glenelg, 18 Mnth, Melbourne 4 years Unley, SA

Heinrich 'henry' KURTZMANN - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Catherine HOSKIN 1893 Vic.

Fritz Friedrich KURZHALS b.1851 Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia - Arr per SOPHIE 20 Sept 1879 Sydney NSW, age 28 Kaufmann/merchant

Johann Joachim KUSE -born Germany, married Grace JOHNSTON 1910

Conrad KUSER

Christian KUSSMAUL -from Germany, married Dorothea SANDER 1888 - Naturalised 1897 Dismissed from Melbourne Water * in 1915 because he was German-born [*M.M.B.W. - Melbourne & metropolitan Board of Works]

August Heinrich Ernst KÜSTER
August Heinrich Ernst KÜSTER and his wife Anna Josephine Friedericke Henriette WOLFF > Hawthorn, Nunawading, Lilydale

Georg Heinrich Friedrich KUSTER -born Germany, married Dorothea martha Elisabeth Marie WUNNEKE 1893

Hermann KYRITZ born Leipzig, Germany, married Kate JONEs 1887


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  1. John Ludwig Laurentiu was born 1839 in Visby Sweden, he married Jaenne Charlotte Guernec and their first two children were born in India, their third child born in Sweden and their fourth born in Melbourne