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Se-Sz Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated


Se -Sz

Walter SECHUSEN / SEEHUSEN - born Germany, married Lucy WALKER 1899

Augustus SEGAR - born Germany, married Eva NEWTON 1904

Christian SEEBER - born Königreich Württemberg, married Marie Louise HALLMANN 1876

August SEEGER was born in Prussia. He married in Victoria in 1876 to Mary Ann ROGAN and they settled in Footscray, Melbourne. Their daughter Sarah Jane Seeger was born 1877 in Footscray.

LouisLudwig SEEGER
Louis SEEGER - and his wife Euphemia HAY - in Collingwood 1889 where son John was born; in Richmond by 1891 when daughter Euphemia Pearl was born, and Brighton, Port Phillip, where latter children were born: Louis Seeger 1893-1893; and Agnes Seeger b.1900.- Euphemia Hay Seeger, daughter of John HAY & Helen King, died in Middle brighton in 1940 at age 73. Louis Seeger, son of Jakob & Elisabeth Seeger, died at Middle Brighton in 1947 aged 83 years.

Christian SEEGER
Christian SEEGER was born 11 Juli 1863 at Pfullingen, nr Reutlingen, Königreich Württemberg, the son of Johann Georg SEEGER & Marie Rosine WEINMAINE. Christian SEEGER emigrated via the interim sanctuary of England, embarking from the Port of London on the ship "ENDERSLIE" to arrive in Hobart, Tasmania on the 16th January 1887. From Tasmania he made his way across Bass Strait to Melbourne. Christian SEEGER was married in 1891 in Victoria to Geelong-born Helen Emma 'Ellen' SPOONER, the daughter of George Frederick Spooner & Esther Langley Glover. The Seegers had settled in Clifton Hill, Melbourne by 1892. Seeger Alien's Memorial, Oath and Naturalisation of 13th August 1914 Anglicises his birthplace into Pfullingham. By then he had been in Australia for 27 years and he was working as a Valveman at the Melbourne Metropolitan Gas Company in Fitzroy. By 1914 he and his wife had ten Australian children, eight sons and two daughters. The SEEGERs were then living at Morley Street, Northcote, in Melbourne. Ellen Seeger died in Northcote in 1924 aged 51 years. Christian Seeger died in Richmond in 1935 Aged 73 years.


Charles SEEHUSEN - born Germany, married Marie Elisabeth MEYER-BORNHOFF 1893

Hermann Wilhelm SEEHUSEN - born Germany, married Hilka Kanszen SEEHUSEN 1889

Georg SEELIGER - born Germany, married Marie Hedwig GUTTLER 1893

Otto SEESIMIEHL -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 27

Friedirch Jacob SEHMEL - born Germany, married Minna Wilhelmien Luise KUNKEL 1890

August Eduard SEIDEL -
August Eduard SEIDEL was born abt 1869 Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia. Seidel emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich from the Port of Hamburgh to England and there embarked on the vessel "SOMERSETSHIRE" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 10th January 1875. at the age of 32 after 26 years in Australia he was a labourer living at Tungamah, Murray Valley, Victoria on the 3rd of May 1901

Carl Alfred SEIDEL - born Germany, married Susan Ann MILLER 1892

Clemens Matthias SEIDEL
Clemens Matthias SEIDEL - born 23rd May 1892 at Chemnitz, Sachsen (Saxony) in the Deutsch Reich. Arr. 15th Oktober 1910 steamaship BROSBANE at Port adelaide, SA > Resided at Kangaroo Flat. Port Pirie, SA. Unmarried, working as a Refiner Labourer at Port Pirie, SA at age 21, Nat 2nd October 1913.

Josef SEIDEL Vienna Backer (baker)
Josef SEIDEL was born on the 28th July 1881 at Frauwaldau, Schlesien (Austrian Silesia), in the Österreich (Austro-Hungarian Habsburg Empire). Seidel emigrated out of the Österreich by way of England and there embarked on the ship "YORK" to arrived in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 7th August 1907. ON disembarking Seidel went to reside at No. 11 Porter Street, Prahran. Yosep SEIDEL was married to Mary MacKINNON in Prahran in 1913. They then went nearby, also in the Prahran district, where by 1914 he was living with his wife at No. 23 Elizabeth Street, South Yarra, from where he worked as a Vienna Baker. After 7 years in Australia at the age of 33 he was Naturalised at Prahran on the 4th August 1914.

Karl Vincent SEIDEL
Karl Vincent SEIDEL was born on the 22nd October 1877 at Turnau, in Bohemia (Czech) in the Österreich (Austro-Hungarian Habsburg Empire). Karl Vincent SEIDEL emigrated out of the Österreich by way of the European Ports and embarked on the steamship "S.S.SALAMIS" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria on the 20th December 1904. Upon disembarking Seidel resided in Melbourne for three and a half years, moving to Sydney NSW in about 1907, and then to Brisbane, QLD in about 1909. Seidel was married in Queensland and his son Roy Vincent Seidel was born 2nd December 1911 in Brisbane, QLD. He was a Jeweller by profession and made his home at Merivale Street south Brisbane, Queensland. At age 34, after seven and a half years in Australia Seidel took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised on the 29th June 1912 in Brisbane, QLD.

Oscar SEIDEL - born Germany, married Mary Ann DAWS 1900

Carl Simon SEIDENSTICKER - wife Marie Hanne EDDOWE - daughter Isabella Adelheide Seidensticker born 1908 Coburg, Victoria

Carl Hermann SEIDEWITZ - from Saxony, married Martha Lungewitz 1890 Vic.

Carl Charles Gottfried SEIDLER - born Germany, married Ellen BYRNE 1904

Erick Alfred SEIFERT
Erick Alfred SEIFERT - born Sachsen (Saxony) . Seifert emigrated out of the Deutsch reich from the Port of Bremen on the Nord-Deustcher-Lloyd steamship "HABSBURG' and arrive din Australia at the Port of Sydney NSW on the 4th April 1892. upon disemabrking he lived for 9 years in Sydney and suburbs, then at Mordeval Seifert was Naturalised at age 43 in Melbourne on the 24th August 1914

Oskar August SEIKEL
Oscar August SEIKEL, son of Lorenz Seikel, was born on the 16th April 1894 at Hanau, Hessen-Nassau, Deutschland. Seikel emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich by way of the interim refuge and freedom of England, where he remained for four years:
In a letter from Footscray, Melbournem of 8 November 1920 He writes: "In the year 1909 my parents decided to emmigrate to England, being dissatisfied with the existing state of affairs in Germany. They decided to live under the British flag and to evade the militarism in Germany. I was then a boy of twelve years of age. I went to Australia House on the Strand and secured my passage to Australia under the British Lads Emmigration Scheme. I was the sixteen years of age and left my home, parents, and everything in order to live in Australia."
Seikel then embarked on the 15th august 1913 at Tilbury Docks in the Port of London on the ship "S.S.GEELONG" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 17th October 1913. Upon disembarking Seikel went out to South Gippsland at Jumbunna for a year, and then close in at Dandenong for two and half years. and then up to the Wimmera settlement of Sheep Hills for three years. His post-emigration movement shows a deracine restlessness in whirlwind casual place shifts for he was then back in Melbourne for another year before returning to the Sheep Hills and Warracknabeal districts. Seikel tried numerous times to be Naturalised but was refused, being under the age. Seikel was registered as an Alien during the not so Great War in about 1815 in Dandenong (Certificate 2).
Oscar August Seikel's letter goes on in clear educated English: " I tried to get naturalised then (on arriving) but failed being under the age. When war broke out I gave my parole and conducted myself in a proper manner right through. I am expressly stating here that I am not a bolshevik or extremist of any kind, my desire is to become a citizen and live an honets and quiet life in conformity with the laws of the country." This application was refused.
Finally, at the age of 24, Seikel was workings as a Farm labourer in the Sheep Hills, near Warracknabeal, in the Wimmera of Victoria when he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised on the 10th September 1921. But his Australian life was then cut short. Oscar August Seikel died at Age 31 at the Warracknabeal Hospital in 1929.

Edgar SEILER Diploma Engineer
Edgar SEILER, son of Arnold Seiler, was born in Liestal, Canton Bale/ Campagne, Switzerland on the 8th June 1898. - He was a Shift Engineer, working at the Latrobe Valley Coalmines and living at No.19 South Way, Yallourn

Gottfried Johann SEILER
Gottfried Johann SEILER born Schaffhausen, Switzerland . Seiler emigrated oout of Switzerlan dby way of Italy and embarked at the Port of Genoa on the ship "HABSBURG to arrive in Australai at the Port of Melbourne on the 15th January 1892. Seiler was a Hairdresser by profession and upon disembarking he went out to live at Malvern, in the out Prahran district. At the age of 34, after six years in Australia he took the Oath and was Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of 15th November 1898 at Malvern, Victoria.

Friedrich Wilhelm Carl SEINEMEIER
Friedrich Wilhelm Carl SEINEMEIER b. 1853 Hildesheim, Deutschland. Arrived June 1883 Port Adelaide, South Australia. Naturalised as a Joiner, age 28, of Adelaide, SA after one week in Australia, on the 18th June 1883.

August Theodor SEIPOLT -
August Theodor SEIPOLT was born 31st August 1841 at Nattschatz, near Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia. He arrived in Autsralia on the 11th January 1866 on the ship "REIHERSTUCK" to Port Adelaide. Residences: - South Australia: Bugle Ranges 15 yrs, Cooks Plains, near Tailem bend 5 yrs. Victoria: Rosebery 20 years; and Kaniva - over 5 yrs by 1913.

Dr F W SEITH - Doctor F W SEITH Naturalised 1925-1931. Anna Margarethe Elisabeth SEITH died in 1979 NSW. A son, Franzis J SEITH was married in 1917 at Chatswood, NSW to Gladys M CHARTERS.

Eduard SEITZ, Box Hill - Naturalised 1897
Eduard SEITZ was born in Switzerland. Seitz was married in Melbourne in 1881 to Marie Sophia Elise SEYFARTH, daughter of Heinrich Seyfarth & Marie Villmar, and they settled first in the inner Melbourne suburbs and afterwards in the Nunawading district at Box Hill. Their children were: - 1. Dorothea Dora SEITZ, born 1882- Hotham /North Melbourne (later Mrs Stanley Belton; 2. Johann Arnold SEITZ born 1883 Hotham, North Melbourne. He married Eleanor Ida Agnes Dunn 1913. He died 1963 Melbourne); 3. Eduard Heinrich SEITZ born 1886 St Kilda ; 4. Rita Marie SEITZ born 1891 Box Hill (later Mrs George garden Colville). He was Naturalised in 1897. Sophia Marie Elise Seyfarth Seitz died at age 87 in East Camberwell, Boroondara in 1850.

Georg SEITZ was born on the 9th September 1862 at Rüilingen, near Würzburg, Königreich Bayern, (Bavaria), Deutschland. Coming into his Maturity after the German Unification Seitz emigrated out of Deutschland via the Mediteranean land of Egypt and there embarked on the German Mail Steamer "S.S.NECKAR" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melborune on the 1st May 1887. Upon disembarking Seitz resided in melboruen for the first six years after which he went across the Bass Starit to Hobart, Tasmani afor six years, and from there went to Sydney, NSW in about 1907. Georg Seitz was married in Hobart Town to Tasmanian born and by 1914 they had two Australian sons. On the 6th August 1914 Seitz was working as a House Steward at the Australian Golf Club, Kensington, Sydney, New South Wales, when he swore the Oath of his aliens Memorial and was Naturalsied.

Johann Joachim SEITZ - Naturalised 1904

Wilhelm St Paul SEITZ -
Wilhelm St Paul SEITZ was born in about 1851 in the Hanseatic Free City of Hamburg, Deutschland, which was incorporated into the Deutsch Reich in 1870-71. Coming into his Maturity over the cusp and after the German Unification Seitz emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich to arrive in Australia at the Port of Adelaide in about April 1881. After just four months in Adelaide, South Australia and Working as a Mounted Constable of the Police at the age of 30 years, Seitz took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised on the 11th August 1881 in Adelaide, South Australia

Wilhelm SEIVERS - born Germany, married Margaret Jane MARKHAM 1892

Alexander Gustav SEIZ, son of Gustav Seiz and Marie Below, died at age 66 in Geelong, Victoria in 1951.

Carl SELIGER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Oktober 1881 age 37

Detlef Friedrich Heinrich SELIGMANN - born Germany, married Helmi REIMERS 1892
Dietlev Friedrich SELIGMANN, Collingwood

Oscar Heinrich SELIGSEN - born Prüssia, married Florence Ranson St Kilda BURNISTON 1890 Vic.

Heinrich Henry SELKE -born Hannover, m.1886 Julia STONE

Heinrich 'Harry' SELL
Heinrich 'Harry' SELL was born on the 6th Oktober 1864 at Mildorf, Schleswig-Hostein, Danmark (annexed by Prussia in the year if his birth 1864). So Sell came to Maturity after the Unification and Annexation of his birthplace under the Deutsch Reich. Heinrich SELL emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich on the vessel "JAVA" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Sydney on the 20th January 1877. Upon disembarking Sell lived on the Tweed River in Northen NSW for 16 years, and then immigrated to the Eastern goldfields of Western Australian. Harry Sell lived at Coolgardie for 18 monthsma nd the to Yarloop and Mornington, WA for two years after whcih he went to the remote dester goldfields of the Pilbara where he had been for 14 yesars by 1912. Sell was single, and working as a Miner at Cooglegong, Pilbara, Western Australia at age 58, after 35 years in Australia, when he swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisestion at Marble Bar on the 14th October 1912.

Friedrich Gustav Peter SELLMAN - from Berlin. Married Sarah Goold 1889 Vic

Ernst SELTONG was born on the 17th Marz 183o at Regr, Leifland, then called Russian Poland, when Poland under the thumb of the Czarish Realm. Selton emigrated out of Europe by way of England and made his way to New Zealand from which place he embarked on the ship "VIRAPPA" to arrive in Australia at Hobson's Bay, Port Phillip, Melbourne, Victoria in 1873. Upon disemabarking Seltong took work as an Agricultural Labourer and resided at Werribee for 8 years, then went to Colac in the western lakes district for 10 years. In about 1891 he came back to the Iramoo Plains area at Little River where he remained for ten years before moving up to the Great Dividing Range tableland at Smeaton in about 1903. On the 14th October 1912 he was still a Single man at age 73, after 39 years in Australia, and working as Labourer at Smeaton, when he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised.

Julius Ferdinand SELTZ - born Germany, married Eva Mary BRADFORD


Ernst Otto SEMMLER - born Germany, married Johanne Augsute Berta BRAUER 1896

Paul Friedrich Wilhelm SEMMLER
Paul Friedrich Wilhelm SEMMLER - was born at Nekla-Hauland, Posen, Prussia on te 18th Augsut 1863. Semmler emigrated out of Deutschland via the ship "KATANIA' to arrive in Australia at Port Adelaide on the 9th July 1883. Upon disembarking he spent one year in Adelaide then immigrated to Victoria where he worked in Farming. He was in the Horsham district of the Wimmera for 18 years. He was married in 1889 in Horsham Victoria to Pauline Wilhelmine HAHN. Then, in about 1902 the Semmlers immigrated to the Upper Murray Riverland of New south Wales and settled at Henty. By 1910 they had 13 children, and were establised on a farm at Henty. It was there at age 47, after 27 years in Australia, that Semmler took the Oath of his aliens memorial for Naturalisation on the 22nd October 1910 before Mr 'Charles Frederick' Haberecht, Justice of the Peace of New South Wales at Henty.
Rudolph Richard SEMMLER
Rudolph Richard SEMMLER - born 17 April 1874 at Nekla-Hauland, Duchy and Provinz of Posen, Prussia. Semmler emigrated out of Deutschland by way of Hamburg on the vessel "SALIER' to arrive in Australia at Port Melbourne on the 29th July 1892. He went up to the Wimmera as a farmer at Jung Jung North for four years, and then at Jung Jung. He was married to Wilhelmina Bertha KOSCHITZKI on 30 Mar 1898. His wife died 28 Jan 1899, bur. Murtoa. Semmler re- married Johanne Pauline UEBERGANG in 1900. It was as a widower, age 30, with three children that Rudolf Semmler swore the oath of his aliens Memorial for Naturalisation in the 9th September 1907 at Jung Jung. he had then been in Australia for 12 years.

Friedrich SEMPF - born Germany, married Louise RIEDEL 1980

Gustav Elof SERDERLAN b. Sweden married Louisa EATON 1901. Trentham. Children: 1. Bertha Elsiabeth SEDERLAN born 1901 Blue Mount, Vic.; 2. Ellen Amanda Amelia Sederlan b.1906 Blue Mount; 3. Harold Gustav Theodore Sederlan b. 1909 Blue Mountain, Victoria.

Jakob Jacob SENFT born Austria, married Leah CROWNSON 1885

Maximilian Luis Rudolph SENFTELEBEN - born Prüssia, married Maria Luise Emilie
GERICKE 1894 Vic.

Max SENFTEEBIN - born Germany, married Ernstine LEHMANN 1900

Otto SENGSTOCK, Thomastown, Vic.

Wilhelm SERLINGER - born Germany, married Rebecca FLETCHER 1911

Franz Joseph SEUFERT - from Bavaria, married Anna Deivel 1891 Vic.

Friedrich Christian SEYER - born Germany, married Frances Margaret GIBB 1912

Gustave Ernst Robert SEYTER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 26

Heinrich SEYTER

Arthur Matteas SFORCINA,

Johann Heinrich SHALLBERG, from Schleswig

Theodor SHARP/SCHARP - von Polandheodor SHARP/SCHARP - von Poland

Carl Ludwig SHARP SCHARP -from Germany, married Sarah LATHAM 1894 / mary BRACE 1893

Joseph Jakob James SHIPSIDES / SCHIPSEITZ - born Germany, married Eva Adlelaide GOODING 1908

Maximilian Friedrich Julius SIBER - from Berlin. Married Alwine Pauline Venator 1890 Vic.

Robert SIBT / SEIBT - born Germany, married Mary Ann WILSON 1905

Otto Carl SICKERT - born Germany, married Clarice Muriel BLANCHARD 1909

Elie Louis SIEBER,

Carl Christian Otto SIEBERT -from Germany, married Carl Luise Selma Ann BOESENBERG 1892

Wilhelm SIEBERT -from Germany, married Carolien alice CAMBRIDGE 1889

Maximilian Wilhelm SIEBLER,

Johann Friederich SEISMANN, St Kilda

August SIEDEL - born Germany, married Elizabeth DRISCOLL 1904

Otto Ferdinand SIEDEL

Carl Hermann SIEDEL

Carl Alfred SIEDEL


Carl SIEFKEN -from Germany, married Caroline REDENBACH 1890

ADOLPH OTTO SIEPER -from Germany, married Ida Anna DINGER 1898


SIGMAN - Elisabeth SIGMAN - paying Rates at Drouin East 1897

Karl SILBERSCHMIDT born Germany, married Charlotte DELVE 1887

Karl SILBERSCHMIDT / SILVERSMITH -from Germany, married Elizabeth Martha FROST 1899

Friedrich SIMMONS
Friedrich SIMMONS was born at Stettin, Pommern, (Pomerania) Prussia on the 25th March 1857. Friedrich Simmons emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich via the interim refuge and ffreedom of England and embarked at the Port of London on the vessel "S.S.OBERON" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Brisbane on about the 29th March 1883. Upon disembarking Simmons resided iN brsbane for seven years, and then immigrated to Victoria where he resided at Pakenham, West Gippsland. At age 57, after 31 years in Australia Fred Simmons was working as a Labourer and Miner out of Pakenham when he took the Oath of his aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 25th November 1914.

Johann Rudolph SIMMONS Arr from California 1853

Adolph SIMON - born Germany, married Julia MOSS 1910

Marx/Marks SIMON

Morris Nathan SIMON

Paul Gerard Hubert SIMONS - Manager - b.1866 Beesel, Luenburg, Holland. Arr. from Antwerp 20th March 1890 Sydney > Melbourne > South Melboyrne

Hermann Martin SIMONSEN - from Hamburg, married Lilian Beatrice WEBB 1900 Vic.

Ernst Hermann SIMPFENDOERFER (Labourer) was born on the 7th April 1908 at Brettach, Neckarkreis, Württemberg

Karl Gottlob SIMPFENDORFER - (Lutheran Pastor) von Brettach, Neckarkreis, Württemberg, m.1886 Christiane Mathilde MAKLE

Paul August SIMPFENDORFER born 27th January 1877 Brettach, Neckarkreis, Württemberg. arrived 24th June 1892 at Port Melbourne per the ship HOHENSTAUFEN. Farmer at Yackandandah, Victoria,

Marie SINDEROWSKY -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 30; with Child Martin SINDEROWSKY age 1.

Anton SINZ / SEINZ -from Germany, married Mary Ann ROBINSON 1892

John SKELLY / Johannes SKELLE - born Worthum, Germany, married Margaret Bell MACKIE 1906

Oscar Eduard heinrich SKUILE / SCHUILE - born Germany, married Winifred MOORE 1905

Emil Luis Georg SMIDT
Emil Luis Georg SMIDT was born on the day after Christmas in 1881 at Bremen, Bremenstadt, Deutschland. (He gives it as the Republic of Bremen). Smidt emigrated out of Deutschland from Bremerhafen on the vessel GROSS KURFUERST' to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 21st Janaury 1902. Upon disembark Schmidt too residence in Melbourne for the next ten years and then immigrated to Sydney in about 1912. He was aged 32, after 12 and a half years in Australia, then residing at 'Dunolly,' Musgraves Street, Mosman, New south Wales, working as a warehouseman, when he swore the oath of his aliens memorial for Naturalisation on the 13th August 1914.

Thomas SMIDT / Tomas SCHMIDT -from Germany, married Rosina JAMPEN 1894

William SMIDT / Wilhelm SMIDT Stettin, Pomerania to Melbourne to QLD, NSW
William SMIDT / Wilhelm SMIDT - born 2nd June 1841 at Stettin, Pommern, Prussia - arrived from Deutschland per the sip MILWALL in August 187o at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria. resided at Brisbane QLD; Ballina, NSW, Grafton, NSW. Unmarried Labourer. Naturalised at Grafton NSW on September 1910.

Friedrich SMIDTH - born Germany, married Catherine McKAY 1908

Albert SMITH / Albert SCHMIDT -
Albert SMITH / Albert SCHMIDT was born on the 15t March 1854 at Riga, (Estonia) Russia. Bootmaker. arrived from Deutsschland per the ship "AUSTRAL" in June 1882 at the Port of Adelaide, Australia. Upon disemarking he resied in Adelaide for 18 years and then immigrated to Melbourne. Residence in Melbourne at No.212 Queensberry Street, Carlton. After 31 years in Australia, at age 59, Albert Smith was a widower, with two grown daughters resding in Perth, Werstern Australia, when he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisatiin in Carlton, Victoria on the 19th February 1913.
Anton SMITH / SCHMIDT -born Germany, m.1886 Emily TERRENS

Charles SMITH / Carl SCHMIDT -from Germany, married Mary Agnes BOWLES 1898

'Frank' Franz Francis William SCHMIDTH Stralsund, Pomerania to travelling Australia.
'Frank' Franz Francis William SCHMIDTH born 24th august 1848 at Stralsund, Pommern, Prussia. He arrived in Australia on the 24th July 1874 per ship GRATTON to ? Queensland. Resided Queensland for 10 years, Sydney 12 years; Melbourne 17 years. Residence in Melbourne at No.90 McConnell Street, Kensington, Victoria. He was a Travellor by occupation, a married man with one son and one daughter when he swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised @ age 65, after 40 years in Australia on the 10th August 1914 at Melbourne.

Frank SMITH / Franz SCHMITT - born Germany, married Maggie May JUTSON 1904

Friedrich SMITH / SCHMIDT born Germany, married Susan GROVER 1887

Henry SMITH / Heinrich SCHMIDT - Mecklenburg to Mirboo North
Henry SMITH / Heinrich SCHMIDT was born on the 5th November 1844 in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Schmidt emigrated out of Deutschland via the Atlantic crosssing to America and there embarked on the ship "LAEDING WIND" to arrive in Australia in about 1881 at the Port of Melbourne. On disembarking 'Harry or Henry SMITH' went east from Melbourne into West Gippsland, residing at Warragul for the first year, and then venturing into the forests of the Strezlecki Ranges at Poowong for two years. He then went back to the more settled district of Pakenham for three years before striking out on his own among the shadowlands of Mirboo where he had been for 24 years by 1923. After 32 years in Australia, still single at the age 68, he swore the Oath in his Aliens Memorial and was naturalised on the 2rd May 1913 at Mirboo, North, Gippsland, Victoria.

Heinrich Henry SMITH / SCHMIDT born Pomerania - m1885 Christina CAMERON

Jacob SMITH / Jakob SCHMIDT -from Germany, married Annie ELizabeth Laura WILSON 1894

Johann Carl Christian Erick SMITH / SCHMIDT -from Germany, married Lina Marie AMUNDSOn 1889

John Frederick SMITH / Johann Friedrich SCHMIDT -from Germany, married Mary Ann GARDNER 1896

Johann Gottlieb SMITH / SCHMIDT - von Prussia, married Lydia Ann ARCHBOLD 1906

Paul SMITH /August Paul SCHMIDT J.P., Penong, S.A.
Paul SMITH /August Paul SCHMIDT, son of 'Frederick August Smith,' was born on the 13th August 1864 in the Hanseatic Free City of Lubeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Deustchland, then amid the lands that were under the Realm of Denmark till about the year of his birth. Lubeck came into the Deutsch Reich in January 1871. Paul 'Smith' emigrated out of Schleswig-Holstein in 1879 to England and sailed on English ships for four years. Eventually, he there embarked on the ship "LEONEME" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Wallaroo, South Australia on the 20th March 1883. On disembarking he lived at Wallaroo and Port Broughton before heading towards the limits of settlement and the Nullarbour on western coasts of South Australia at Penong. At age 33 'August Paul SMITH' was married on the 11 August 1897 at St Johns Church, Salisbury, South Australia, to 28-year-old 'Winifred Martha PATERNOSTER /SMITH' and said daughter of 'Charles SMITH.' Their children were : -1. Winifred Gladys smith b. 6 June 1899 Streaky Bay; 2. Marjory Eileen Smith b. 7 May 1900 Penong; 3. Fredrick Karl Smith b. 24 February 1902 Penong; and 4. Mavis May Smith b. 1 November 1904 Penong, South Australia. After 24 years in Australia, at the age of 43, he was a married Farmer at Penong with four Australian children when he took the oath was was Naturalised at Fowlers Bay, South Australia on the 23rd March 1907. In 1908 Paul Smith was appointed as a Justice of the Peace of South Australia. This position seems to have been revoked after the outbreak of war, maybe because of Smiths 'enemy alien birth, so, on the 26th August 1916 Paul Smith wrote a Letter from Penong to the Attorney-General, outlining his concerns, and declaring his loyalty.
Robert SMITH / Robert SCHMIDT
Robert SMITH / Robert SCHMIDT, son of Friedrich SCHMIDT was born on the 12th April 1854 at Stralsund, in Hinter Pommern, Prussia, on the Baltic coasts of Deutschland. Schmidt emigrated out of Deutschland by way of the Atlantic Crossing to the USA, and after a peri0d of six years living in the United states of America, he embarked at the Port of Boston on the ship "ALBERT RUSSELL' (of Boston) and arrived in Australia at Sandridge, Port Melbourne, in 1877. On disembarking he lived in North Melbourne for 30 years, then in Carlton for 3 years before moving to to the coasts of Port Bhillip Bay at Brighton in about 1901. 'Smith' was a Schlachter / butcher by trade in Melbourne. He was married in Victoria in 1880 to Melbourne-born Mary Ann CAMERON. Their children were: - 1. Frederick Henry Smith b. 1881 Hotham, West Melbourne; 2. Angus Robert Smith b. 1882 Hotham, West Melbourne; 3. Charles Hector Smith (1886-1887) Hotham West; 4. William Alexander Smith b.1886 Hotham, Melbourne; 5. Elsie Marie Smith [later Mrs HEWITT] b. 1888 Hotham West; and Robert Eric Smith, born 1895 at Hotham West, Nth Melbourne. As 'Robert Smith' he joined the 5th Australian Infantry regiment in about 1885 in which time he had twice taken an oath of allegiance and served with the citizen reserve forces for 22 years, being 'granted a good discharge' on his retirement on the 15th March 1907. The Smith family had gone quite incognito in respect to their German origins to such an extent that Robert Smith was missed completely as being a person of Enemy Alien birth and so escaped notice by the normal officious busybody meddlesomeness of the self-important Authorities and so was neither Naturalised nor Registered as an Enemy Alien during the entire period engaged with the obsession and enmity of the not-so Great War. Smith was still married to Mary Ann Smith, and had three sons and a daughter well into middle age when he finally came out of his incognito and took the oath of his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised from where he had Retired at No.9 Milroy Street, Brighton, Victoria on the 3rd March 1924. When asked was he registered as an enemy alien the document reads: 'No. Does not know why." One of Smith son served with the A.I.F. Maybe 'Mr. Smith' had been an enemy and a spy for all of that time, and had spent the war passing national secrets from a dinghy moored off Middle Brighton Jetty from the daily leisure of the fishingboat bobbing swells to all the German submarines lurking under the surface of Port Phillip Bay.
William SMITH / Wilhelm SCHMIDT
William SMITH / Wilhelm SCHMIDT was born on the 26th February 1849 in Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia. Not yet 'Bill Smith' but wanting change, Wilhelm Schmidt emigrated out of Deutschland by way of the United States of Amerika, and after a period there embarked from New York, New York on the American barque "H.L.BROOKLMAN" to arrive in far-flung Australia on the 25th January 1877 at the Port of Melbourne. Upon disembarking Mr. Bill Smith resided for 16 years in the Melbourne suburb of Prahran. He was married and by had matching sets of three Australia sons and three Australian daughters. In about 1893 the 'Smiths moved to Garfield (or Sarsfield?) in Gippsland, Victoria where they stay 12 years. Their next move was to Mt Macedon range hinterland at Pyalong were they were for just 14 months before settling at Springfield, in the Upper Maribyrnong Valley. German 'Bill SMITH' was a 57 year-old Farmer at Springfield, after nearly 30 years in Australia, when he took the oath of his aliens memorial for Naturalisation on the 21st November 1906 at Romsey, Victoria.

William Henry SMITH / Wilhelm Heinrich SCHMIDT born Hamburgh, married Julia Mary JOHNSON 1887

Hermann SOBERSKY -from Germany, married Theresa KAUFMANN 1891

Karl SODEMANN -from Germany, married Violet Esther WOOD 1899

Franz Wilhelm SODING born Germany, married Henriette Julia FREHSE 1887

August SOMMER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 27

Carl SOMMER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 31

H E SOMMERS -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 26

Georg Heinrich Paul SONDERHOF -from Germany, married Harriet Annie EDHOUSE 1898

Christian J SONN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 27

Eduard Wilhelm Robert SONNIGES -from Germany, married Helene WORMEER 1898

Carl SONTAG to North Melbourne
Carl SONTAG was born on the 22nd October 1856 in the university town of Jena, Sachsen-Weimar, Deutschland. Sontag emigrated by way of England and embarked there on the ship "ANTARES" to arrive in Auckland, New Zealand on the 11th November 1883. Upon disembarking he made his way to Sydney where he resided for six years before immigrating to Melborune in about 1900. after 22 years in Australasia, Sontag was an unmarried Tailor, living at No.42 Capel street, North Melbourne, when he took the Oath of his aliens memorial for Naturalisation on the 7th November 1906. Carl SONTAG died at age 68 in East Melbourne in 1928.

Valentin SONNTAG - from Bavaria, married Jean Gertrude BROWN 1892 Vic.


Heinrich Henry SORGER - born Germany, married Katie HINES 1902

Abraham Joseph SOROKOWITCH - born Prüssia, married Louise WHITING 1893 Vic.



Otto Robert Karl Hermann SPECK -from Germany, married Anne SMITH 1896 - naturalised 1899

Paul Julius Albert SPEER
Paul Julius Albert SPEER was born in the Grand Duchy of Posen, Posen Provinz, Prussia, on the 5th September 1848. He emigrated out of Deutschland by way of the freedom of Engkland and there embarked on the ship "SOMERSETSHIRE" to arrive in Australia at the Port Phillip Bay harbour at Williamstown, Victoria in October 1879. He spent one month in Melbourne and then headed west to the Wimmera River at Dimboola. Paul Julius Albert SPEER was married to Mary Augusta DYMKE in 1888 in Victoria. After 29 years in Australia, at age 59, Speer was working as a self-employed Farmer at Dimboola, in the Wimmera, had a family of four sons and a daughter when he took the oath of his Aliens Menorial for naturalisation on the 20th June 1908 at Dimboola.
Gabriel SPEICH - Swiss, > NZ > NSW

Johannes & Dorah SPEIRAN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" October 1878 age 22 & 18

Friedrich Wilhelm Albert SPRENGEL - Lutheran Pastor, born Hannover, emigrated 1913 Sydney NSW

Eduard Ferdinand Theodor SPERBER Wisman to Barossa
Eduard Ferdinand Theodor SPERBER - Storekeeper. born abt 1850 Wismar,Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Prussia Arrived Australia at Adelaide, SA abt 1879 Naturalised as a storekeeper at Tanunda, Barossa Valley SA at age 24, after five years in Australia on the 7th Aprl 1884.
Ernst SPERBER Wismar to Syndey
Ernst SPERBER b.1849 Wismar, Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Prussia - Arr per SOPHIE 20 Sept 1879 Sydney NSW, @age 30 Kaufmann/ merchant

Franz Frank SPERDOI born Austria, married ELizabeth CRITCHFIELD 1887

Wilhelm SPETTEL - Goldminer
Wilhelm SPETTEL was born on the 22nd August 1876 at Heidelberg, in the Königreich Württemberg, by then a part of the Deutsch Reich. Spettel emigrated from Germany on the ship 'ESCAPE' (or ESCRAFT) arriving in Australia on the 14th June 1889 at Port Pirie, South Australia. Upon disembarking he went to Adelaide, S.A. and then to the West. after nine years on Australia, still single at the the age of 32 Spettel was naturalised at Norseman, Western Australia on 1st the August 1908. Wilhelm SPETTEL was married to Alice L. CABLE in the Plantagenet district of Western Australia in 1913. Spettel died in the same district in 1943. His wife Alice predeceased him, dying in the same place in 1938.
Otto Kurt SPURLING - b. 1897 Liepzig, Arr. 7th March 1914 "S.S>KIEL' to Brisbane, QLD

Chaim Israel SPIEGEL b. Konin, >Arr 8th Octiber 1901 per KARLSRUHE at Fremnatle, WA. Murray St Perth WA - Tailor

Louis Carl SPILCKR - from Hamburg, married Albina Ellen O'NEALE 1901 Vic.

W J SPILLER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Oktober 1881 age 25

Joseph SPILLMAN, b, 10 Feb 1874 Warsaw, Russian Poland. Sydney NSW - Tailor, Arr. 11th Sept 1910 Sydney

Wilhelm SPINALD - b. Riga, Estonia (Russia) . Fitter Fremantlee WA

Wilhelm Albert Alexander SPINDLER
Wilhelm Albert Alexander SPINDLER born 5th December 1881 at Capenick / Caprenich, Prussia. Emigrated. per FREIDRICH DER GROSSE to Fremantle WA arriving 6tH Dec 1909. Resided: Perth 6 mnth; Collie 1 yr; Newcastle NSW 13 mnths Queensland. Resided at Albion, QLD. Farmer. married with 4 children by 1921.

Hermann Karl Maximilian SPITTKA, Mine Owner .
Hermann Karl Maximilian SPITTKA was born at Heilsberg, East Prussia, Deutschland on the 6th October 1856. He emigrated by way of the Port of Hamburg on the sailing ship "CEDRIC THE SAXON" to arrive in Australia at Port Jackson, Sydney, NSW on the 25th February 1883. Upon disembarking in Sydney, Spittka made the South seas his own and lived variously at Fiji for five years, in New zealand for five years, pm Thursday Island, Queensland for two and a half years, in Sydney NSW again for one year, and then he immigrated onto the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. After near on 20 years in Australasia, Hermann K. M. Spittka was married with a daughter, both residing with him at Edjudina, Western Australia, and aged 55 years when he swore the oath of his aliens memorial for naturalisation on the 31st October 1911 at the remote settlement of Menzies, Western Australia. On the 20th October 1921 Spittka wrote to the Minister in Melbourne from Linden, via Murrin Murrin, in the Mount Margaret district of W.A., asking for a copy of his naturalisation papers which had been lost.
Leonhardt SPITZ- b. Swiss. Fettler, Nannup WA


Friedrich SPITZFADEN - Naturalised 1900

Paul Otto SPOHR - son of Adam Heinrich Spohr, born 11th Nove 1888 Ludenschied, Westphalen, Rhienland, Deustch Reich. Arrived 1st march 1912 per GROSSE KURFUST at Adelaide. . Res, Srpinton, SA 2 yrs, Barellan, NSW 7 yrs. Share farmer.

Johann Georg SPONAGEL b, Westhofen, Hessen Darmstadt, Deutschland, Arr, South Australia abt 1891. Barman, Adelaide. S.A. Nat . 31 Janaury 1898


Carl Waldemar SPONNECK. born 18th October 1870 Kopenhagenm denmark. Arrived 31st July 1911 per Orient Liner OMRA at Port Melbourne. Hotelkeeper, Queenscliff, Victoria


Conrad STAACK - born Germany, married Eliza NEAL 1905

Albert August STABEN -from Germany, married Eugenis BRANCAS 1892

Friedrich STACHE - b.1854 Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879 @ age 25 Arbeiter/Worker- with wife Emilie 18 & son Martin - 6 mnths

Martin STACHE - b. 1878 Berlin Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879

Martin STACK -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" October 1878 age 21

August STADSELL - from Hamburg, married Bertha DAW 1893 Vic.

Eduard Nicolaus STAFF, Queenstown/St Andrews

Jakob Jacob STAHL born Germany, married Christiane EBERT 1887

Johann Heinrich STAHLE - born Königreich Württemberg, married Mary Ann McLEAN 1874

Leonhard STAEHLE born Germany, married Julia O'KEEFE 1887

Leonhardt STAEHLE / STAHLE -from Germany, married Annie Alexandra ROSSITER 1892

Wilhelm STAHLE - from Prussia, married Ethel May LEECH 1911

Johannes Matthias Heinrich STAHMER -from Germany, married Clara WATSON 1889

Wilhelm STAMM -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 27

Christian STAMMERS - - born Königreich Württemberg @ Traralgon - married isabella PORTER 1875

Heinrich Wilhelm 'Hy Wm' STAMMLER born Germany, married Dinah Sophie CURTIS 1888

Johannes STANGE, Footscray

Hermann Julius Robert STANTZ born Germany, married Emma Mathilde WESTE 1888

Alfred VAN STAPPEN Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 26

Peter Heinrich STAPPERS
Peter Heinrich STAPPERS was born 22 Dezembr 1861 at Geldern, Westphalen, Rheinland, Deutschland. He came to follow his father's Occupation as a TAILOR. P. H. Stappers emigrated from Germany – he reports going via British India and arriving at Port Melbourne on the ship “S.S.TASMANIA’ in 1889 - although Victorian state shipping records list 'Henry Stappers' arriving at age 30 on the ship 'MOMBASSA'in October 1892. It would seem from another recorded Arrival in April 1913 and a record of business separation published in Melbourne in 1903 that Stappers was in the clothing business between various British colonies in the Asia Pacific zone and likely spent some time in India before coming on to Australia. On disembarkation Stappers went to Sydney NSW and resided there for 3 ½ years. He married there in 1893 at Newtown, Sydney, NSW to Victorian-born Jane MACKAY.- Two children were born in Sydney, after which time the Stappers family returned to Melbourne,living in Malvern and then at Heidelberg. Peter Heinrich Stappers was Naturalised after 22 years in Australia on the 26th Sept 1911 @ age 49 while living at ‘Elroy’ Rosanna Rd, Heidelberg, Vic. In 1929 he and his wife were living at 'The Heights, Kalorama, Mount Dandenong. he was then retired. He died in 1942 Sandringham aged 80 yrs. His wife Jane MACKAY STAPPERS was born in 1864 on the Victorian goldfields at Castlemaine, the daughter of Hugh MACKAY & Jane FORBES. She died in 1946 at Mentone, aged 82 yrs. Their children were : 1. Heinrich Hugh STAPPERS –b.1894 Petersham, Sydney, NSW (m.Vic 1918 Edna Catherine ROBBINS daughter of Archibald ROBBISN & Maude Rosina KNIGHT (1896 -1872), and their daughter was Betty Norena STAPPERS –b.1920 Brighton (m.Vic.1942 William Robert Beecher WATERWORTH; 2.Roy Julian STAPPERS –b.1896 Paddington, Sydney, NSW - d.1944 Albury, NSW; 3.Irene Dorothea STAPPERS –b.1900 Malvern, Vic. (m.Vic.1922 Clive Caldwell SMITH); 4. Ella Millicent STAPPERS–b.1901 Malvern, Vic. -(m.Vic.1923 John Raymond HUNTER).

Franz/Francis Rudolph STARGARDT- from Warsaw

'Fritz' Johann Friedrich Max STARICK - born Berlin, Germany, Departed Hamburg om 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, @ age 11 Kind/child.married Clara Amalia PETSCHEL 1906

Martin STARICH / STARICK born Berlin Prussia, Departed Hamburg om 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, with wife and family @ age 36 Landmann/Farmer - Remarried Maria Christiane SCHNEIDER 1888

Matthies STARICH /STARICK - born Prüssia, married Johanne auguste DUSCHKE 1890 Vic.

Johann Friedrich Maximilian STARICH /STARICK - from Berlin. -Departed Hamburg om 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, @ age 13 Kind/child. Married Maria Ernstine PIPKORN 1895 Vic.

Karl Georg Friedrich 'Fritz' STARICH /
Karl Georg Friedrich 'Fritz' STARICH STARICK - from Berlin. Departed Hamburg om 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, age age 9 Kind/child. Married Emma Carolien LANGE 1893 Vic.

Carl Johann STARK, Fossicker, Moonmera, QLD
Carl Johann STARK, son of Carl Johann STARK - born 20th Februar 1946 Cramstay, (maybe he means Crumstadt?, Hessen ) Deutschland. Carl STARK emigrated out of Deutschald on the ship "HERSHEL to arrive din Australia at the Port of Maryborough< Queensland on the 9th March 1972. Upon disembarking STARK resided at Maryborough, then at Kilkvem, at Mount Perry and then went to Moonmera, Queensland. - Naturalised 1923

Paul STARK was born on the 12th Juli 1887 at Markuenkirchen, Sachsen, by then incorporated into the Deutsch Reich. STARK emigrated out of Saxony by way of Bremen Deutshcland on the ship "SCHARNHORST" and arrived at Fremantle, Western Australia, on the 19th December 11912. after two years and three months working as a Labourer at Collie, Western Australia, Paul Stark swore the Oath and was Naturalised in the Aliens Memorial of 10th April 1915

Peter STARK - Naturalised 1910

R B STARK - Naturalised 1928/1929

Rudolph STARK
Rudolph STARK was born on the 18th June 1876 at Schonau, Schlesien (Austrian Silesia) Moravia, in the Czech provinz of the Österreich. Rudolph STARK emigrated out of the Österreich (Hambsburg Austro Hungarian Reich) by way of Deutschland and there embarked on the steamship "S.S.BERLIN" to arrive in Australia on the 16th May 1905 at Sydney, New South Wales. On diseaabrking Stark went north up the Pacific coust to Pimpama island for 5 yrs and then to Bisbane for five years after which he settled at Biggenden< Queensland. After six and a haf years in Ausralia at teh age of 35, Stark was unmarried and working as an Engine Driver when he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalsied on the 20th January 1912 at Biggenden.

MEŶER Meӱer Thüringen

Georg Johann Arthur STARVING - born Germany, married Beatrice Emily BLUNDELL 1904

Joseph STAYT -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 24

Bernhold Emil Rudolf STEFFENS - born Germany, married Jane JOHNSTONE 1910

Johannes John STEFFENS -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 54

Wilhelm STEAVENS / STEPHINS -from Germany, married Martha LILLIS 1897

Heinrich August Friederich Ferdinand STEGMANN

Johann Casper STEGMEYER -from Germany, married Marie Anna NAGLE 1896

Philipp STEHMANN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 28

Heinrich Alexander STEIGRAD
Heinrich Alexander STEIGRAD was born at Tarnopole in The Ober Schlesian (Upper Silesian) region of Austria, (now Tarnopolska, Zabrze, near Katowice, Poland). Steigrad emigrated by way of Deutschland and embarked on the Nord-Deustcher-Lloyd vessel "S.S. BREMEN " and arrived in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 22nd February 1905. Upon disembarking Steigrad lived as businessman in Melbourne, Victoria for five years whereupon he immigrated to Sydney NSW where he set up as a Clothing Manufacturer, at No. 352 Kent street, Sydney, NSW. Henry Alexander Steigrad was still a single man at age 26, residing at No.46 Morris Street, Hunters Hill, NSW, after nine years in Australia when he swore the Oath and was Naturalised in his aliens memorial of 16th February 1914 at Sydney.

Paul Ludwig STEIN
Paul Ludwig STEIN was born at Hagem Westphalen, in teh Rheinland of Prussia, hard on the infant existence of the Unifified Deutsch Reich , on the 23rd Oktober 1871. Paul Ludwig Stein emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich by way of the refuge and freedom of Belguim and there embarked on the vessel 'BACKHURST' (or OACKHURST ?) to arrive in Australia at Port Jackson, Sydney, New South Wales in about March 1892. Upon disembarking Stein resided in the Sydney district and then at Murengo and at Mittagong, NSW after which he went down the Murray valley to Mildura, Victoria wher he spent a year. From Mildura Stein immigrated across the border into South Australia and went to Adelaide in about 1903. At the age of 36,after 16 years in Australia, Paul Stein was married without children and working as a Motor Driver in adelaide when he took the Oath for Naturalisation in his aliens Memorial of 7th April 1908 living at No.11 Wright Street, Adelaide, SA.

Wilhelm Ferdinand Anton Paul Clemens VON STEIN
Wilhelm Ferdinand Anton Paul Clemens VON STEIN was born in about 1863 at Meiningen, Sachsen, in the old Deutschland before Saxony was 'Unitised' into the Deutsch Reich in 1871. Von Stein emigrated close to year of his maturity to arrive in Australia at the Port of Adelaide in about November 1883. After three days in Australia he record hsi intention to set up as a Merchant and swore the Oath for Naturalisation in his aliens Memorial dated the 13th November 1883 through the forthright initiating agency of Friedrich Eduard Heinrich Wulf Krichauff, in Adelaide.

Joseph Wilhelm STEINHAUSER

Louis Ludwig STEINICHE / STEINWCHE - arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 30

Friedrich Wilhelm STEINICKE -from Germany, married Amelie Hannah DIBBLE 1897

I had the good fortune to find on the web a paper that you had written about Germans departing Germany because of the rise of militarism in the late 1800s. In my grandfather’s case we were not sure whether it was militarism or religious persecution.

I (Geoffrey Steinicke) am the grandson of Friedrich Wilhelm (Fritz) STEINICKE born in 1862 in Göritz, Uckermark, brandenburg (according to his Naturalisation Paper) which is near Prenzlau. His Marriage Certificate reveals he married Amelia Hannah DIBBLE in South Yarra on 11th October 1897.

In October, my wife and I visited Goritz. There is a huge church at Goritz built in 1250 – I guess it is Lutheran. Unfortunately it was not open, but we took some names and phone numbers off the Notice Board for further follow up.

The Marriage Certificate lists his father as Christian STEINICKE (engine driver) and his mother as Wilhelmine UCKERT. Fritz Steinicke’s occupation was listed as boot maker.

According to other documents I obtained, he boarded the S/S Hohenzollern in Bremen in 1888 and landed in Adelaide in August of that year. Amelia Dibble was born in Adelaide and lived in Gawler SA. The Dibbles, of which there are many in SA, are from Glamorgan (Wales).

He went back to Germany – my father told me that he wanted to see if things had ‘improved’. Apparently not, as he migrated again, this time on the S/S OLDENBURG which left Bremen in 1891 and arrived in Adelaide or Melbourne (not sure) in October of that year.

His Naturalisation paper dated May 1897 shows that he gave his address as Victoria.

The family home was in Holland Road, Blackburn,. They had eight children who attended the Blackburn Primary School in Whitehorse Road. Fritz Steinicke passed away in August 1924.

Albert Georg Johann Werner STEINIGER - Enemy Alien. Internee - Repatriated to Germany per transport EUREKA 29 May 1919
Albert Georg Johann Werner STEINIGER was born on the 5th August 1889 at Metz, Province Lottingen, Alsace Lorraine, Deutschland. Steiniger emigrated out of Deutschland via England and arrived in Australia on the ship MEDIC on the 3rd November 1911 at Albany, Western Australia. Upon disemabrking he lived variously at Moora, Kalgoorlie, Wongan Hills, and in Perth, WA before immigraating east to Sydney, NSW and then Melbourne, Victoria. Werner Steiniger was so determined to avoid the coming European war that he was twice Naturalised in Australia. This meant he was able to avoid the war, but, sadly, not as a free citizen of Australia. He first took the oath of his Aliens Memorial at No. 69 Union street, Pyrmont, Sydney, NSW, on the 13th May 1913. He had then been recently working as a Farmer. Then, after two years in Australia, at age 23, Steiniger was working as a Tutor residing at No. 100 Chapel Street, Balaclava, Melbourne when he swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 11th November 1913. Later, even though he was likely a refuge of the annexed former-French territory of Alsace-then Lorraine, Steiniger was arrested as an Enemy Alien because he had formerly been an Army Officer in the Reich and so became Prisoner of War and an Internee. - After the war Albert Georg Johann Werner Steiniger was Repatriated to Germany per the transport EUREKA on the 29 May 1919.

Carl Hermann STEINMANN, Queenstown/St Andrews

Carl 'Charles' STEINMAN / STEINMANN -from Germany, married Adelaide Mallard BOND 1893

Heinrich 'Henry' STEINMANN - born Prüssia, married Anna Rosalie DEHNIKE 1891 Vic.

Wilhelm STEINMANN- born Germany- Registered Enemy Alien at Darwin, NT 1919

Felix Victor STEINMETZ, Prahran

Carl STEINMEYER - born Germany, married Alice WEAVER 1906

Wilhelm Carl STEINMEYER -from Germany, married Charlotte Bridget BROOKS 1900

Johannes STEIS / STIES -from Germany, married Mary KENNELL 1894

Wilhelm STELLNER - born Germany, married Sarah Maria CHURCHYARD 1902

Carl Christian STEMP, Footscray > Cockatoo

Gustav Martin STEMPEL - born Prüssia, married Marie UBERGANG 1892 Vic.

Gottlieb Martin STENDER -from Germany, married Elizabeth Alexandrina RHODES 1889

Joachim Carl Adolph STENDER - born Germany, married Annie Lorraine MORRIS 1905

Peter Heinrich Elias STENDER -from Germany, married Cecilia Amanda MILLAR 1895

Diedrich STENDT - born Germany, married Johanne DAVISON 1909

Carl Charles Hermann STENMANN

Clemens / Clemenz STEPHAN -from Germany, married Ellen BRIDE 1894

Friedrich STEPHAN -from Germany, married Auguste SICHTING 1892

Johannes Heinrich Ernst STEPHAN born Germany, married Marie Elizabeth NENER 1888

Wilhelm 'Willy' STEPHAN - from Hamburg, married Fanny Elizabeth BARBER 1891 Vic.

George STEPHAN / STEPHENS born Austria, married Mary BURT 1880

H STERKENS -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 38

Aaron STERN, Ballarat

Christian Friedrich Wilhelm STERN born Germany, married Jane TATE 1887

Herr W STRAEDE -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 63 with Frau A Straede 18

Arthur STRAUSS born Austria, married Harriet WHITE / WEISS 1888

Heinrich STEUVE / STREUVE -from Germany, married Louisa COLLEY 1893

Carl Charles Hermann STIEBRITZ, Prahran

Doctor Albert Von STIEGLITZ & Mary Crosbie Cresswell Von Stieglitz
Doctor Albert Von STIEGLITZ was born in about 1854 in Dresden, Sachsen, Deutschland. Von Stieglitz emigrate dout of the Deutsch Reich to the interim humb of refuge in ENgland. Von Stieglitz married in about 1888 in England to Mary Crosbie Cresswell REYNOLDS, who was born at Taradale, Victoria on the 10th July 1865. IN about 1896 Albert and Mary von Stieglitz emigrated to Auustralia. Their daughter Stella Von Stieglitz was born in 1902 in Castlemaine, Victoria. Albert Von STIEGLITZ, son of Otto Von Stieglitz and Mathilde Murichausen, died at age 59 at Surrey Hills, east of Melbourne, Victoria in 1913. His wife, though English-born, as a widow if an unnaturalised German, then had the legal problem of having taken her husband's nationality. She took the Oath to be re-admitted to British nationality and was Naturalised in her Aliens Memorial of 28th December 1916 at Castlemaine, before Mr Harry Sutherland Wightman Lawson, and Justice of the Peace, indeed, the Attorney-General (later Premier) of Victoria.

Heinrich STIELOW, Gembrook

Otto Karl Christian STIG , Arr. from New York, USA - 'GREAT ADMIRAL' at the Porto f Newcastle NSW in 1888 Sailor/Seaman. Woolhara, Sydney - Nat. 3rd Nov 1904

Johannes STILLER

Otto STILLER was born on the 9th February 1879 at Hertwigswaldau, Provinz Liegnitz, Silesia, Prussia. Hertwigswaldau is now called Snowidza, in Western Poland. Stiller emigrated out of Deutschland to arrived in Australia in October 1911 per the "S.S. WISMAR' at the Port of Melbourne. On disembarking he became a Timber Worker, at Yarra Junction. One the brink of the decalration of War Stiller was residing c/- No. 319 Swanston Street, Melbourne, and he then completed his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation, taking his Oath on the 2nd July 1914. He was then aged 35, unmarried, and had been in Australia for a little over two years.

Friedrich Wilhelm Adolph STOBANS / STOBAUS

Ralph STOBANS / STOBAUS born Prussia, married Margaret PRENDEGAST 1887

Carl STOCK - Naturalised 1901

Friedrich Wilhelm Adolph STOCKMANN, - from Hamburg, married Amelia SHEPHERD 1898 Vic > Footscray

Carl Charles STOLL born Germany, married Elizabeth Fanny WARNER 1887

Karl Friedrich ‘Charles’ STOLL's Naturalisation letter Crossover, Upper Latrobe Valley, above Neerim, towards Mt Baw Baw, West Gippsland)

Sept 9th 1915

To: Mr Attlee Hunt Secretary, Department of External Affairs
-[ Received Sep 11 1915]

Dear Sir,

Would you kindly look into the true facts of my Application for Naturalization just after the declaration of War between England and Germany. Constable Ellis came to see me to inquire was I a British Subject. I said ‘Yes’ for about 34 years. He asked me for my Papers. I told him I either lost (them) in my travels or left them behind in Cape Town with some of my other things. I had to leave in a great hurry to catch the Boat I was coming out by. I only had one hour from the time I seen the Chief Officer on Board the Boat in the Bay till he left Anchor and Sailed.

At the Constable’s suggestion for me to get naturalized again, I took the Oath before Mr Harris, P.M., sent in my application.

I was born in Hanover not far away from Hamburg on April 7th 1861, left Germany by my Father’s wish in 1875 to England and stayed there about 4 months, took to the Sea, sailed on the American Coast 3 ½ years, arrived at Cape Town 1879, sailed on the Coast for some time, got Naturalized in 1880, enlisted Cape Town Mounted Rifles for a time of service in the Basuto War 1881 to 1882.

Got a letter through my father from the Prussian Government informing me to come home within six months for service or be struck off and forfeit all rights to German Citizenship. Sent reply: ‘I am a British Subject now and cannot serve two Masters. I am always going to live under the British Flag and willing to forgo all all rights to Germany.

Arrived in Australia in 1883 by ‘How & Smith’ new ‘S.S.Gabo’ on the Coast in Haward, Smith, 'Huddam' Parker & Tasmanian Company’s for some years.

I got married to an Australian Girl by British Parents and gave up the Sea, started on my own Carting , later mining, and now settled on the Land.

Now, Sir, I have been living under the British Flag from the Age of Fourteen, naturalized 35 years, always been proud to be a British Subject and enjoyed all the privilege and my vote in Australia. Always been true and Loyal to our own Flag ad always shall be. I never speak nor mix in German society, all my Friends and Relations are British.

My Father died in 1882. my Mother in 1884. I have no tie to that Country and never communicated since.

Sir, if I cannot be a British Subject I will have no nationality if the Prussian Government honour their word.

I wish the Government would see into my case and restore me to to my Friends as a Britisher, not put me back to the Prussian that my poor Father sent me away for 40 years ago, and he had to suffer for.

I have the honour to be

Yours respectfully

Fred’k C. Stoll, Farmer, Crossover

Emil Jacob STOLL -from Germany, married Amelia NETTLETON 1892

Friedrich Carl Moritz STOLL, Buln Buln, Drouin

Gottlieb STOLZ born Germany, married Sophie RAFf 1887

Carl STOPP -from Hannover

Heinrich STORM, born Germany, married Catherine Jane CATHCART 1888

Julius Karelius (Rarelius?) STORM Internee/ Prisoner of War 1916 West Maitland/ Rutherford NSW

Carl Albert STORMER was born on the 30 July 1878 at Schönau, Kreis Allenstein, Öst Prüßen (Allenstein is now Olsztyn, in northeastern Poland. Stormer trained in Prussia to be a Carpenter (Tischler/Zimmermann). Carl Albert STORMER emigrated out of Deutschland on the vessel "DARMSTADT" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne of the 9th July 1903. At age 28 Stormer was unmarried and working as a Carpenter in the mountains northwest of Hobart at Glenlusk when he took the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of the 12th March 1907 at Hobart. Carl Albert STORMER later returned to Victoria and settledfor some time in the Yarra Valley at Yarra Junction or Gilderoy where his brother Franz Stormer and associates the Kobiolke brothers had based themselves as experts working in the timber industry. On the 8th April 1926 Carl Albert STORMER made an official application for wartime Reparations

Franz STORMER,born at Schönau, Kreis Allenstein, Allenstein is now Olsztyn, in northeastern Poland. Warburton, Vic.

Johann Karl August STÖRMER -
Johann Carl August STÖRMER was born on the 12th August 1853 at Danzig, West Prüßen (now Gdansk in northern Poland). Johann Karl August Stormer emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich by way of he Antlantic crossing to America from where he embarked on the ship "CARL COPPER" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 22nd December 1885. On disembarking J.C.A.Stormer spent two years in Melbourne, then about equal trails of two years in Sydney and three years in Adelaide before emigrating to Queensland. He was in Bundaberg for four years, Irvinebank on the Atherton Tableland for two years, at Townsville for two years, and then for thirteen years in Southern and Western Queensland variously at Hughendon, Maryborough, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay and Laidley. At the age of 60 after 27 years in Australia STÖRMER was a widower with no children working as a Labourer while living at the Empire Hotel, Laidley, Queensland, when he took the Oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of 9th September 1913.

Georg Johannes Kurt STOVING - born Germany, married Beatrice Emily BLUNDELL 1904

Johann Heinrich STRACK -from Germany, married Julia BECKHAUSEN 1893

Alexander Paul Detlef STRANGb. Schleswig-Holstein - Skipper, Master Mariner, Sea captain, Arr, 1912 SEYDLITZ sydney NSW. Single

Alexander STRANG - & Ellen STRANG - paying rates in Warragul Shire at Darnum, Bloomfield, & Drouin East.


Rudolph STRASSBURG -from Germany, married Christiane ORDNER 1889

Carl STRATMAN /STRATTMANN -from Germany, married Ellen Mary BATES

Carl 'Charles' STRAUB -from Germany, married Lottie BRYANT 1890

Walter Franzis Gottfried STRAUCH - born Germany, married Anna Catherine Christian FREHSE 1907

Johann Georg Friedrich STRECKER/ STRECHER -from Germany, married Frances Annie CURTIS 1895

Heinrich Moritz STRECKFUSS born Germany, married Lina LOHSE 1887

Peter F STREGER - arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 26

Wilhelm Theodor STREHLAU - Eudunda, SA m.Marie Katherine Philippine Margarete SCHMIDT. - Daughter Magdalene Ruth Strehlau- born 6th February 1914 near Eudunda

Reverend Pastor Carl Friedrich Theodor STREHLOW, Lutheran Missionary, Hermannsburg Mission, Central Australia
Reverend Pastor Carl Friedrich Theodor STREHLOW was by rumour accused of 'lecturing and expounding to the Aborigines of the Hermannsburg Mission that the Germans were their true brothers. But this rumour was found to originate, not from Aboriginal witnesses, but from Europeans in Alice Springs. Carl Friedrich Theodor STREHLOW was born on the 23 December 1871 in Fredersdorf, Märkisch-Oderland, Brandenburg, Prussia. Young Pastor Strehlow emigrated out of Deutschland to arrived in South Australian in month of May 1892. On the 25th September 1895 Carl Strehlow was married at age 24 to 20-year old 'Frieda' Friedericke Johanne Henriette KEYSSER (born 13 August 1875) daughter of Carl KEYSSER, at the Immanuel Lutheran Church at Point Pass, South Australia. Frieda Keysser had arrived in Australia only ten days previous on the 15th September 1895. Strehlow immediately went up with his wife via the Oodnadatta Track to Hermannsburg Mission Station in the remote West MacDonnell Ranges of Central Australia. The Strehlow's family were all Australian-born. The children: 1. Friedrich Johannes Alfred Strehlow - born 24 March 1897 Hermannsburg; 2. Rudolph Carl Theodor Strehlow - born 12 October 1900 at Hermmansburg; 3. Carl Paul Hermann Strehlow -born 15th June 1902 at Hermannsburg; Hermann Ernst Wilhelm Strehlow - born 15 May 1905 at Hermannsburg; and Theodor Georg Heinrich 'Ted' Strehlow - born 6th June 1908 at Hermannsburg, Central Australia. After nine years in Australia, a Missionary of ages of 29, he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 19th August 1901 before Mr Alexander McFeat, Justice of The Peace in Alice Springs, Central Australia. Pastor Strehlow - even though Naturalies, for some reason was registered as an Enemy Alien at Alice Springs in 1916. Pastor Carl Friedrich Theodor STREHLOW died on the Finke River at Horseshoe Bend, now in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Friedrich STREICH b.1856 Clausdorf, West Prussia - - Emigrated departing Hamburg 25 Feb 1878 per "EDUARD" in To arrived Adelaide SA 18 June 1878 @ age 22 Arbeiter/ Worker

Father Anton 'Anthony' STRELE - born Austria. Rector, Missionary, Roman Catholic Priest.
Father Anton 'Anthony' STRELE was born in about 1845 at Nassereit, in the Tyrol District of the Österreiche, (Austrian Empire). At age 57 after 15 years in Australia, Father Strele swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation when he was Rector at St Aloysius College, Seven Hill, Clare, South Australia on the 28th April 1882. Later he was the Jesuit Roman Catholic Missionary and Priest, at Rapid Creek, Northern Territory.

August Wilhelm STRENGE -from Germany, married Hetta campbell LLEWELYN 1901

Herr E STOCKHEIM - Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Januar 1897 age 30

Leonardt Ver. STROETES - born Belgium, married Edith Emma Holmes HUDSON 1902

Emerich STROHMAYER - St Kilda

Eduard STROSCHIEN, Box Hill

Friedrich Julius Ludwig STROWN STRAUN -from Danzig, Germany, married Kathleen Annisitia SULLIVAN 1893

Robert STRUHS born Germany, married Kate Gertrude TAYLOR 1888

Rudolph Georg STRUCK -from Germany, married Emma SENGELMANN 1900

Gustav STRUCKMEYER b. 1861 Hamburg - Arr per SOPHIE 20 Sept 1879 Sydney NSW, @ age 17 Kaufmann / merchant

Johannes Eduard STUBBE - from Hamburg, married Elizabeth NICHOLAS 1894 Vic.


Albert Benjamin STUBER, Melbourne

Johann John STUCKFUSS / STRECKFUSS - born Germany, married Agnes Teresa CHEEVERS 1904

Emil Heinrich STUDEMANN, Prahran

M F STUECKGOLD Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 23

Thomas Caspar STUHR, Trentham

Albert Ihde STULPNAGEL - naturalised 1890

August STURKEN - -from Germany, married Pauline DUBBERKER 1894 > Berwick, Vic.

Johann Ferdinand STURKEN

Otto Emil Alexander STURMHOEBEL, Geelong - born Germany, married Selina Ellen Jane Mathilde DEAN 1906

Otto Emil Alex STURMHOBEL - born Germany, married Elizabeth Anne CLARKE 1910

Johann Franz Friedrich STUVEN / STUWEN -from Germany, married Helen Clara YEHN/JEHN 1892

Johann Heinrich STYRING -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 26

Christian SUDEKUM - from Hannover, married Catherine Louisa Sangester 1889 Vic.

Heinrich SUDHOLZ -from Germany, married Anna Sophie MILLER/ MULLER 1892

Herbert SUFFERN - Sea Captian

Frank Franzis SÜLBERG - Chef, born Germany,
Frank Franzis SÜLBERG, son of Carl Wilhelm & Julia SÜLBERG, was born on the 30th August 1885 at Langendrer, Westphalen, Prussia (now Bochum-Langendreer im Raum Niedersachsen, Nieder Sachsen Stadt, Deutschland). Franz SÜLBERG emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich on the Nord-Deutscher-LLoyd steamship "SIEDLITZ" and arrived at the Port of Fremantle, Western Australia in May 1907. After disembarking and a short time in Perth he trans-shipped east to Melbourne where he stay for nearly two and a half years. From Melbourne he went up to Warwilla, at Hay, NSW for six months, and then to Sydney for two months, to Tangie for seven and a half months, back to Sydney for a month, and then to Lockhart near Wagga for a month, before returning to Melbourne. He was married to Patience Alice REILLY in Victorian in 1911. He then went up to Moree for eight months, to Sydney for two months, and then returned to the Riverina, to the town of Boree Creek. After six years in Australia at the aged of 28 he was following his profession as a CHef when he swore the Oath to be Naturalized at Boree Creek, in the Riverina of New South Wales in his Aliens Petition of the 5th August 1914 at and address c/- T. Lawrence, Boree creek. Frank SÜLBERG died a Bondi, NSW in 1955. His wife Alice Patience SÜLBERG survived him to die in Sydney in 1977.

Gottlieb Konrad SULZBERGER Tasmania

Johann Heinrich SUNDERMANN - born Germany, married Jean SANDELLS 1903
Joseph SUSS -born Baden, m.1886 Mary FLYNN

Joseph SUSS -from Germany, married Mary Hamilton 1897

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm SUSSBIER

Heinrich SUSSMAN - von Poland

Johannes SVENSSON -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 18

Ernst Heinrich Ludwig SWIEKE -from Germany, married Wilhemine GRIMM 1898

Louis Ludwig SYMON -born Germany, m.1886 Martha Ann HUTTON

'Harry' Heinrich Detlef Christian SYNNBERG -born Germany, married Ann Catherine WINDLEY 1887

Jakob Theodor Johann 'James John' SZALALNAY born Austria, married Alice Mary JOHNSON 1884


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