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Z Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated

Carl Ferdinand ZABEL 1887-1921


Carl Ferdinand ZABEL
Karl Ferdinand ZABEL born 1887 Armadale, Prahran, Victoria-1921, "Charles Ferdinand Zabel was a geologist and manager of manganiferous iron mines at Bingerbruck (Germany) when war broke out and "was interned at Ruhleben, where he distinguished himself by his exertions for the welfare of his fellow-prisoners and ably maintained the honour of the country to which he owed allegiance." Barbara Kearns, Perth, Western Australia.
Zabel went to Canada after the war, as is indicate din the second citation, above." He was the son of Kunibert Leopold & Francesca Friedericke ZABEL listed below.

Kunibert Leopold ZABEL (1852-1914) -born Germany,
Kunibert Leopold ZABEL -born Germany, m.1886 Francesca Friedericke SEEBECK.
[Applied 1896 for Trade Mark depicting a sheild containing a man with a pick- in respect of wines, beers, spirits and liquors by Otto Heidepriern and Kumbert Zabel trading under the name of the Pioneer Aerated Water Company] Naturalised 1889.
Died 1914 Warburton, Yarra Valley, Victoria.

Abraham ZANDER - arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 18

Andreas ZANDER from Germany, married Anna Wilhelmine HAYES 1896

Andreas ZANDER from Germany, married Emma KAY 1899

Hugo August Ernst Karl ZANDER - born Germany, married jane Letitia JUKES 1902

Isaac ZANDER - arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 16

Julius ZANDER b. 1863 Genthin, Sachsen - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879 @ age 16 Arbeiter/ worker

Wilhelm ZANDER born Prussia, married Amy Florence LEVINSON 1888

Gustav ZANKER from Germany, married Johanne Pauline BURGER 1897

Karl Otto ZANKER - born Germany, married Anna BURGER 1903

Gustav August Friedrich ZARTH born Prussia, married Louisa Matilda CUMMINGS

August ZASTROW - b. 1852 Pagenkopf. Pommern - Arr per SOPHIE 20 Sept 1879 Sydney NSW, age 27 Landmann/farmer

Paul Carl Oscar ZAWADZKY - born Prüssia, married Florence Ada Maude AUSCOMBE 1895 Vic.

Georg Heinrich Maximilian ZEITINGER - from Hamburg, married Minna DOBERT 1889 Vic.

Carl ZELOW - born Germany, married Bessie BURNS 1907

Franzis ZENKER

August Wilhelm ZENNER

Friedrich August ZENTZSCH from Germany, married Catherine SUTTON 1889

Karl Friedrich ZERBST , born Posen m. 1875 Johanne Christian HUNDRACK

Leo Carlos Friedrich ZEVICKER from Germany, married Frances HOARE 1896

Theodor ZICKER


August ZIEGLER- born. Magdeburg, Deutschland - Storekeeper at Allansford, Warrnambool, Vic. - arrived PROCIDA 16th Sept 1885

Cezar ZIEGLER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 22

Gottlob Friedrich ZIEGLER - born Germany, married Nellie Helen CAHILL 1905 - Naturalised 1889

Johann Georg ZIEGLER

Johannes Carl ZIEGLER

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm ZIEGLER

Franzis Gustav Bogilsav ZIELKE - born Prüssia, married Frances Maude CARPENETR 1893 Vic.

Albert Heinrich ZIELSKE - - Farmer, Mundunna, Tasmania
Albert Heinrich ZIELSKE was born on the 11th March 1884 at Sagerke, Posen, Prussia. He emigrated out of Deutschland via the German Colonies on the the African continent, and embarked there in German South-West Africa on the vessel ANGORIRA to arrive in Australia at Hobart, Tasmania on the 25th April 1910. On disembarking Zielske went to Mundunna and took up as a farmer. After four years in Australia, at the ag eof 30 years he was Naturalised on the 12th August 1914 at Hobart, Tasmania. afterwards Zielske moved to Dunalley, Tas

Albert ZIEMANN - born Prussia, m.1886 Sarah GRIFFIN - Nat. 1905

Karl Heinrich Joseph ZIESING

Maximilian Bertholdt ZIETZOLDT
Maximilian Bertholdt ZIETZOLDT was born on the 25th July 1861 at Wronke, Posen, Prussia. ZIETZOLDT emigrated out of Deustchland by way of the interim freed of Great Britain and there embarked at the Port of cardiff on the vessel SERIOL WYNN and arrived in Australia at the Port of Newcastle, NSW on the 21st March 1886

Johann Heinrich Leberecht ZILLMANN

Richard ZILLMANN -born Germany, m.1886 Kate Agnes LYTTLETON

Conrad ZIMMER from Germany, married Elizabeth BOOTH 1890

Hermann ZIMMER - born abt 1852 Peterswaldau, Kries Reichenbach, Silesia, Prussia. Tischler by profession/ Cabinetmaker. Arrived south Australia per ' SOPHIE' September 1879 age 27 . Wife Pauline Emma ZIMMER - died @ age 70 yrs 10 August 1924 at Adelaide, South Australia.

Johannes Heinrich ZIMMER born Germany, married Henriette Anna BECKMANN 1887

Carl ZIMMERMANN - born Germany, married Annie BRYAN / BRYANT 1902

Oscar Augsut Waldemar ZIMMERMANN from Germany, married Mary Ann GRIBBLE 1889

Paul Theodor ZIMMERMANN born Germany, married Mathilde ALPERS / ALBERS 1887

Franz Georg ZIMMERMANN from Germany, married Daisy Wilhelmine CURNOW 1889

Carl Julius ZINNER - from Saxony, married Sarah Jane MAPLESON 1890 Vic.

Ferdinand Robert ZITTINGER -from Frankfort-am-Main, married Maggie BRYAN 1889 Vic.

Heinrich ZOBEL

Robert ZOLL -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 26

Friedrich ZOLLER from Germany, married Mary GILLIGAN 1893

Edmund Erdmann ZOLLNER - from Berlin, married Annie MADER 1894 Vic.

Friedrich Bruno ZUMPE b. Dresden. m.1886 Anna Martha Louise ANDERSON
Otto Ernst ZUMPE - from Saxony, married Emilie Johanne PAECH 1891 Victoria
Richard Hermann ZUMPE b. Dresden. m.1903 Leisel Elise Erna Caroline SCHNEFUHS

The ZUMPE BROTHERS originated in the Dresden Sachsen village of Mobschatz (Saxony, Germany), where one of their relatives famously invented the Upright Piano and manufactured the well-known Zumpe Piano. Their father though, anwered to the profession of Schuhmacher (Shoemaker), though two of his sons became well-known builders. He was Friedrich August ZUMPE (1821-1889) born Dresden, died in Richmond, Victoria, and their mother Emilie FLEMMING (1825-1895) born Dresden, who died in Hawthorn, Victoria. The family did not emigrate as a collective, but arrived in Australia in fits and starts in a piecemeal fashion, as they followed their militarily eligible young men far away from the incubating militarism that was infecting Europe.

The first to arrive was Friedrich Bruno ZUMPE, born 14 Februar 1858 at Mobschatz, Dresden, who emigrated at age 24 from Hamburg on the ship "CATANIA" arriving at the Port of Melbourne in January 1883. He travelled on that ship's voyage with his brother-in-law, Friedrich Hermann GABSCH, who married his elder sister, Bertha Emilie Stella Zumpe, who emigrated at a later date. F. B. Zumpe was married to Anna 'Marthe' Luise Johanne ANDERSON in 1886 at the German Lutheran Church, Eastern Hill, Melbourne, and they subsequently produced three Australian-born daughters and one son, the first one born in Richmond and the last in Hawthorn in 1901. F. B. Zumpe died on the 11th September 1907 in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

The second comer was Otto Ernst ZUMPE, born on the 9th September 1861 at Mobschatz, Dresden. He emigrated on the ship "S.S.PROCIDA to arrive in the Port of Melbourne on the 12th July 1884. He was a tischler (joiner /cabinet-maker, or carpenter by occupation. He married the Nunawading-born Emilie Johanne PAECH in 1891 at the Trinity German Lutheran Church, Eastern Hill, Melbourne, Victoria. The O. E. Zumpe family raised seven Australia-born children in Kew, Boroondara. After 20 year in Australia, at age 43, he swore the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation, while residing at No. 18 Scott Street, Kew, on 24th September 1904. Otto Zumpe died 9th May 1930 at Kew and is buried in the Boroondara Cemetery.

The third Zumpe emigration involved Richard Hermann ZUMPE and his mother Emilie Zumpe, who arrived together in the Port of Melbourne on the ship "S.S.HOHENSTAUFEN" in August 1887. He was born on the 31st July 1867 in Mobschatz, Dresden. Richard Zumpe was also Tischler (cabinet maker) by trade. The Zumpe's lived at first in Burnley area of Richmond, and then in Glenferrie and afterwards in the Kew area of Boroondara. He was married to fellow German emigre Australian, Leisel Elise Erna Caroline SCHNEFUHS, in Perth, Western Australia in 1903. They then returned from there to live in Kew, Victoria, where their native Australian son Friedrich Bruno Zumpe was born in 1904. Richard Zumpe took the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation while living at 24 Ruffs Avenue, Kew, on the very eve of the maelstrom of the war, on the fifth August 1914. He died in 1937 in Kew, Boroondara, Victoria.

Hermann Von ZUMSTEIN

Ernst Georg August ZURMUHLEN - from Hannover, married Louisa May Ward 1892 Vic.

Leo Carlos Friedrich ZURIEKER from Germany, married Frances HOARE 1896
Heinrich ZWICK

Theodor ZWICKER born Germany, married Emma ARONSEN 1888



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