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A Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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In Alphabetical, not historical order - (a work in progress)

NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated


Herr C G AABERG - Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Januar 1897 age 26

Carl 'Charles' ABEL - born Siklos, Hungary, Milling Engineer

Freidrich Hermann Ferdinand ABEL - b. Zernikow, Pommern, Prüßen (Prussia). Arr. Pt Pirie SA

Heinrich Martin ABEL

Robert S. ABEL -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 21

Johann Carl ABERLE /ABERLY -born Germany, married Annie COLWILL 1894

Otto Luis Ludwig Moritz ABRAMOWSKI, Medical Doctor, Mildura, Victoria

Otto Louis Moritz ABRAMOWSKI was born about 1852 at Österode, Ost Prüßen, Prüßen (East Prussia, Prussia). The town of Osterode, on Lake Drewenz, was 75 miles by rail northeast of Thorn, and at the junction of lines to Memel, Elbing and Schonsee, towards Konigsburg. Osterode had a castle built by the Teutonic knights in 1270, to whom the town owed its birth. Osterode is now called Ostróda, in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship of northeastern Poland.
Abramowski was a graduate of both the Universities of Konigsburg and Berlin and had been a medical doctor since graduation. Abramowski had spent eight years as a surgeon in the Prussian and German Army, including service in the Franco-Prussian War. He arrived in Australia in 1884, and went up from Adelaide to Terowie, South Australia. His wife Martha Dorothea Miranda née WECKWARTH (1857 -1891) came with him from Prüßen (Prussia), with their older children, Rolf Abramowski and Nora Rosalie Miranda Abramowski. Their daughter Christel Eva Clara Abramowski was born on the 26th December 1885 at Terowie, South Australia. Abramowski swore the oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation while working as a Medical Doctor in Terowie, on the 13th August 1886. Terowie, South Australia.
In about 1887 the Abramowskis immigrated from Terowie up the Murray River to Mildura, Victoria, where Doctor Abramowski practised for about twenty years. The last two of their five children, the twins, Martha Miranda Dorothea Abramowski 1891 and Otto Luis Ludwig Abramowski 1891 were born in Mildura, Victoria. His ideas on diet were ahead of the times, and he showed somthing of this mindset when he took out Australian copyrights for a book entitled 'Eating For Health' see Dietary Reformers - in Mildura on 28 September 1907. His wife sadly died at age 34 in Mildura after the birth of the twins on the 26th March 1891. Doctor Abramowski remarried in the Murray-Darling River Junction town of Wentworth, New South Wales in 1894 to Caroline Pauline Antonie Helene ZEMBSCH, and their son Hermann Otto Waldemar Ambramowski was born in 1895 in Mildura, Victoria. After the Federation of Australia two more children were born in Mildura, Victoria: Alixa Helena Valeska 1905; and Olaf Werner Moritz Abramowski in 1907. Doctor Abramowski continued for many years serving the people of Mildura, but eventually he moved to Melbourne where he died in Elsternwick, near Caulfield, Victoria on the 14th December 1910. His German-born son, Rolf Abramowski, is recorded as having ask special permission of the Home and Territories Department to enter Australia in 1925. His second wife Caroline Pauline Antonie Helene Abramowski died at age 65 in 1932 in Mildura, Victora. Tragically, their son, Friedrich Abramowski, then of Ballarat, died in late January 1910 in the miasmic and primitive conditions experienced by the Tanami Gold Prospecting Party in The Tanami Desert of the Northern Territory in the summer of 1910. The circumstances of his death nevertheless illustrate an intrepid attitude inherent in the Abramowski's purpose. The humanely thoughtful rejection of all persecution deriving from the considerate and anti-chauvinistic mentality of the Abramowski household is well illustrated below by this open letter by Dr. Abramowski's son, Hermann Otto Waldemar Abramowski, as published in the Melbourne 'Argus' on Saturday 3rd April 1915 : - '
Sir, I note that it is proposed in Great Britian to give a badge disclosing the fact to all those who have volunteered but failed to pass the medical test. I should like to suggest the distributing of "active service" badges to all those who have been mobilised for special duty since the outbreak of war. There are hundreds of young fellows who, I though unable to enlist, have done the next
best thing, and answered the call to duty for such work as patrolling the coasts, &c., at the various forts, and have done their work well, and they ought to be spared the indignity of being declared to have "cold feet" when in reality they have done all in their power and what they have been asked to do. Praise of course they do not ask for, as duty is duty, but it would in make a difference it they could show something when asked pointedly "What have you done for your country?" - Yours &c., H. ABRAMOWSKI, A.S.C. Trainee. Caulfield, March 31[1915].

Myer ABRAHAMS - b. 19th May 1862 Poland. Arr: 20 Dec 1902 steamship at Melbourne, Vic. Occ: Tailor/Draper. Nat.28 March 1907 Bendigo, Victoria.

Robert Friedrich ABRECHT -from Württemberg, Deutschland, Jeweller
Robert Friedrich ABRECHT was born on the 14th Februar 1855 at Stuttgart, Württemberg, Deutschland. Abrecht was married to Sarah Anna LINDSAY in 1878 in Melbourne. He emigrated out of the Detsch Reich, from England on ship YORKSHIRE, arriving in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 18th November 1877. As if he saw the writing on the wall, he tried to circumvent coming trouble and was naturalised in Melbourne as early as 1897. By then the Abrechts had at least five Australian children. His Capital enthusiasm for things Australian and the Abrecht's Australian nationalism is celebrated in the remarkable litany of the childrens names:
1. Bertha Sarah Anna Abrecht b. 1880 Carlton;
2. Elsa Adelaide Estella Abrecht born 1882 Carlton,
3. Hermann Melbourne Lindsay M. Abrecht born Collingwood 1884;
4. Herbert Brisbane Jannz Abrecht born 1887 Collingwood;
5. Gertrude Maud Auguste Abrecht b.1889 Abbotsford, Vic;
6. Percy Edgar Sydney Abrecht b.1891;
7. Irene F E Abrecht b.1893 Abbotsford, Vic;
8. Doris L Violet Abrecht b. 1895 Abbotsford, Vic;
9. Electra Gladys Helene Abrecht b.1897 Abbotsford, Vic;
10.Frieda Thelma Hermione Abrecht b.1898Abbotsford, Vic; and
11. Friedrich Otto Abrecht, b.1900 Collingwood.
From 8th August 1877 to 19 November 1913 Robert Friedrich Abrecht was a member of the Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein - The German Sick and Relief Society of the German CLub (Turnverein).

In 1909 Robert Friedrich Abrecht was an importer, his son, Hermann, a diamond setter, and the Abrechts lived at No. 12 Grandview Grove, Auburn, Hawthorn. Still, when the age came to the needle of Enemy Alien times, R. F. Abrecht, a jeweller, of 329 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, was suspected and accused by the fabulously and darkly-named informer, E. Grimm, of the crime of dealing with the enemy - by getting precious stones from Austria, and the Official Australian Censor and the Comptroller-General of the Australian Department of Trade and Customs were notified by official correspondence from the Attorney-General with a sense of gathering importance in the still young Commonwealth of Australia in Confidential Memorandums, to be on alert, an alert to which they readily agreed, for gemstone importations, postal or otherwise, ready to catch Abrecht out in any such dangerous enemy transaction.


Carl Otto ADAM - of Adelaide, Engineer

Friedrich 'Fritz' ACKERMANN - Arrived Port Melbourne at age 24, NOV 1901 per the ship "NECKAR"

Carl Otto ADAM was born in about 1850 at Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia. Adam arrived in Australia at Port Adelaide in about 1876. At age 31, after five years in Australia he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at Adelaide in October 1881.

Johannes ADAM / ADAMS -from Germany, married Isabella STEWART 1888

Johann Heinrich ADAM b. Freischstadt, Silesia, Prüßen/ Breakfast Creek, QLD
Johann Heinrich ADAM was born on the 16th April 1842 at Freischstadt, Silesia, Prüßen. Adama emigrated to Australia to arrived at the Port of Brisbane on the ship HUMBOLDT on the 13th November 1870. Upon disembarking he resided at Ipswich for 6 months, then Toowoomba, 14 years and then near Brisbane for 25 years. After 40 years in Australia, at age 48 He was a labourer living at Breakfast Creek, C/0 Albion Post Office, Brisbane, Queensland Adam took the oath of his aliens memorial for Naturalisation on the 29th July 1910 at Toowoong, Brisbane, Queensland. He was then married with three sons and two daughters.

August Johannes ADAMEK
August Johannes ADAMEK, son of Leonardt Johannes ADAMEK, was born on the 6h August 1884 at Reichthal, Posen, Prussia. He emigrated to Australia from Chicago, USA arrived on the 2nd September 1909 at Sydney, NSW. He went up to Queensland wheere he took work as a Butcher at Upper Melbourne Street, Brisbane QLD.

Johann Eduard ADAMS -born Germany, married Mary Jane STEPHENS 1901

Johann Wilhelm ADAMS - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married May Elizabeth RATCLIFFE 1900 Vic.

Matthias ADAMCZEWSKI was born 9th November 1881 at Wittenberge, Kreis West Prignitz, Prussia. Adamczewski emigrated out of Deutschland per the ship MORAVIAN to arrive in Australia at Brisbane, Queensland on the 5th April 1905. Upon disembarking he reside at Beenleigh, at Tent Hill and Kirchheim. After two years and nine mnths in Australia, at age 27, Adamczewski was residing at Kirchheim, near Ipswich and working as a farm labourer, on the 8th February 1908 before Mr Friedrich Carl Eisenmenger, Justice of the Peace of Queensland at Kirchheim.

Yudor ADAMOVICZ -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 24, with Frau 20

Johann Heinrich ADLER 'John Henry' born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1880 Mary Ann SEEDSMAN

August ADUASKE - born Posen, Prüßen (Prüssia), married Sophie Marye Uhbrock 1892 Vic.

Antwerp Markt
Friedrich ADOLPHSON was born at Vestra (or Västra) Sweden in about 1860. As a young man he worked in Baltic ports where he got a sense of the trouble to come. He embarked for Australia from the Port of Antwerp in Belgium on the ship "CLONARD" and arrived in Melbourne in the middle of winter on 28th June 1885. In 1891 he married Sarah LOVETT,a woman of English ancestry, in Victoria, and they settled east of Melbourne where they took to the land nearby the largely Germanic settler community at Scoresby North. When he was Naturalised on 21 April 1897 he described himself as aged 37, a farmer of Ferntree Gully, Victoria. The Adolphsons seven children were born in he district they farmed.

Wilhelm Reickman AEUCKENS

August AHDERS b. Carlton labourer
August AHDERS was born on the 26th November 1838 at Neuhaus, Hannover, Deutschland. he emigrated out of Deutschland by way of England and embarked on the steamship GREAT BRITAIN to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 18th December 1873. After disembarking he went up to Dunolly in the Victorian Goldfields for about 25 years and then took work in the close suburbs of Melbourne as a Gardener and Labourer. At age 67, after 32 years in Australia, Ahders was unmarried and living at No. 6 Findlay Place, Lygon street, Carlton, when he took the oath of his aliens memorial for naturalisation on the 5th march 1906 at Carlton. August AHDERS died at age 71 in East Melbourne in 1909

Fritz Friedrich AHLBERG b.1863 Orthfresen/ Othfresen, Braunschweig -- Arr per SOPHIE 20 Sept 1879 Sydney NSW, @ age 16 Tischler / Cabinetmaker/Joiner

Georg AHLERS - born Bremen m.1909 Jane FORD Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1906 assistance

Herr AHLERT -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 25

Adolph Theodor AHLESTON

Johann Friedrich Theodor AHLZWEIG -born Germany, married Carolina ROMANOFF 1901

Carl Auguust Siegfried AHNEMANN -born Germany, married Johanne BAHLMABB 1905

Albert AHRENDT -born Germany, married Margaret Anne BORTHWICK 1905

Christie AHRENKIEL - b. Schleswig, Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1877 age 34

Reinhold Carl Peter AHRENS
Reinhold Carl Peter AHRENS was born in about 1859 in the Baltic Lakes District of Fuhlendorf, west of Barth, Pommern (Pomerania) Prüßen (Prussia), now within the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Deutschland. He arrived in Australia on the steam-ship "AMALFI" in Port Adelaide in 1881. On the 10th October 1881 at age 22 Ahrens sore the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation in Adelaide, where he was working as a Grocer's assistant. He certainly showed intiative in his new land, for he had by then been in Australia just thirteen days.

Ernst Nikolaus ALBERS -born Germany, married Annie Elizabeth GREVE/GREENE 1900


Otto Jansen ALBERS -born Germany, married Gerte Mabel MARTON 1906

Arnold Carl ALBERT b. Luckenwalde, Prüßen (Prussia)
Arnold Carl ALBERT was born on the 31st January 1859 at Luckenwalde, Brandenburg, Prüßen (Prussia). ALBERT emigrated from the interim refuge and Port of Antwerpen, Belguim on the ship 'PREUSSEN; arrived in Australia in December 1886 at the Port of Melbourne. he spent three years in Melbourne before immigrateing to Sydney, where he worked as a Painter and Decorator. He was unmarried, and living at No.115 Princes Street, Sydney, a Painter with out children when he took the oath for his aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 19th September 1914.
Friedrich Heinrich ALBERT -born Germany, married Margaret McITHENY 1895

Heinrich Bernhardt ALBERT -born Germany, married Eleanor FIDDES 1894

Ewald ALBERTZ -born Germany, married Ellen KENDALL 1896

Joseph Heinrich ALBRAND -born France, married Louisa BARR 1903

Adolph ALBRECHT -born Germany, married Martha KLIENKE 1891

Ferdinand Julius ALBRECHT, Engine driver of 10 Lynch St, Footscray in 1919 with Wife Christina

Friedrich ALBRECHT - Metal Presser, b.27 July 1860 Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1891 Res: No.55 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Gustav ALBRECHT -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" April 1893 age 28

Heinrich Johann or 'Henry John' ALBRECHT, labourer & wife Annie Mary living at 14 Sydenham St Footscray in 1919
Robert Otto ALBRECHT


Christian Uldric ALBREDSEN - Naturalised 1913, Mooora, Western Australia

Heinrich ALDAG -born Germany, married Alice Wilhelmine Victoria PORTER 1905
Heinrich ALDAG was born on the 10th February 1869 at Hannover, Deutschland. Aldag emigratd out of Germany via the Port of Hamburg on ship CATANIA to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on te 12th July 1883. He was married Alice Wilhelmine Victoria PORTER 1905 Victoria. After 31 years in Australia, at age 45, working as a Driver, and residing at No.278 Napier Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, married with two daughters and two sons when he took the oath of his aliens memorial for naturalisation on the 19th August 1914.

Franzis Heinrich ALDENDORFF
On the 30th of March 1883 when Franz Heinrich Aldendorff made his 'Alien's Memorial' for Naturalisation as a 'British' Australian it displayed a surprisingly keen sense of his purpose, cause and priority, for it was just four days after he had arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia. Aldendorff, who had arrived in Australia on the steamer "MARSALA" declared that he was an Upholsterer by trade, born in the village of Wolbeck, nr Münster, Westphalen, Prüßen, now Western Germany.
His German-born & wed wife, was Catherine SCHMIDT, who produced: 1. Gertrude Luise Marie Aldendorff, born 7th June 1884 at Goodwood, Adelaide, South Australia - died 4th May 1883 Stepney, Adelaide, SA.
Altendorff was in Melbourne, Victoria by the mid eighteen-eighties for he and Catherine had a child, Richard Francis ALDENDORFF in 1889 in Prahran, Victoria. Richard Franz ALDENDORFF was married to Beatrice Ellen HERING in South Africa. Died 1947 South Africa.

It seems likely that a kinsman, Carl Aldendorff, joined him in Melbourne, where Carl married Catherine Whelan in 1891. But the brothers do not show up after Federation in 1901 on the Australian Electoral Rolls.

Though, there is a Frank ALDEN, iron turner, living at 102 Charles Street, Footscray, and a Charles ALDEN, engineer, living at 80 Charles Stret, Footscray listed in the Roll for 1919, so it seems that they have gone to ground as Germans, playing for invisibility from persecution as 'Enemy Aliens' under an Anglo-circumcised hybrid version of their name. Maybe not.

An Aldendorff family member was known to be an inventive technician and innovative craftsman. It seems likely, they are related, but it is unclear what relationship they might have to the Charlotte Aldendorff who in 1927-1928 took out multiple Australia patents for 'Improvements in electro-mechanically controlled telephone and remote switching systems and switching apparatus' but it seems the Aldendorffs were on their way to a mobile phone.

The Aldendorffs emigrated to South Africa, where Gertrude and Franz Richard are known to have died. But what became of Franz Aldendorff is unknown.[ ALTENDORFF]

Carl ALDENDORFF -from Hamburg, married Catherine WHELAN 1891 Vic. - IN July 1892 at age 56 C. Aldendorff left Melbourne on the ship 'HOHENSTAUFEN' bound for Southhampton via Ports.

Marie Elise ALDENHOVEN m. 1882 Gustav Hugo Edmon ORTLEPP

Alfred ALDENHOVEN - m.1916 Annie veronica CASEY Vic.
Son Bernard Durham Aldenhoven b.1920 Wycheproof

Johann Wilhelm ALEXANDER


Oscar ALEXANDER - Naturalised 1897

Moses Alexander ALEXANDER - Inventor, Trademarks, cigarettes 1887 on Cigars, 1890 Paper machines 1900 etc


F C ALGAR -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 24

Karl Hermann ALISCH

ALLHUSEN, Mr G. arrived at age 28 November 1901 at Port Melbourne per the ship "NECKAR"

Wilhelm ALNGEN -born Germany, married Adela Lillian DUNLOP 1898

Jurgen Heinrich Ernst ALPERS Lutheran Pastor, Mannum, SA
Jurgen Heinrich Ernst ALPERS was born on the 13 February 1856 at Wahrenholz, Kreis Gifhorn, Königreich Hannover, Deutschland. His homeland of Hannover was incorporated into a Prussianised Deutsch Reich in January 1871. Jurgen Alpers then felt a 'Call' and went into training in Divinity to be a Lutheran pastor. He Graduated from the Hermmansburg Free Church Seminary at Ülzen, Hannover, Deutschland in 1887. Afterwards Alpers decided, because of Right Royal Political meddling and latitudarian attitudes, to be separated from the Prussian State Church for reasons of Conscience. Alpers emigrated to South Austraia in about that year and was Ordained at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, at Rosenthal, South Australia on the 2 February 1888. He went immediately to be the Lutheran Pastor at Mannun and served there from 1888 until 1930. Jurgen Heinrich Ernst Alpers was married to Hulda OSTLER in South Australia. It was at Mannum, after seven years in Australia, and at the the age of 39, that Pastor Alpers too the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 24th september 1895. Jurgen Heinrich Ernst Alpers died on 2 October 1939 at Mannum, S.A. His son, Dr. Jakob Philipp Alpers, born 12 February 1895 at Mannum, served from 1941 as a Medical Officer Grade 1 with Australian forces in Papua & New Guinea during World War two.

Heinrich Hermann ALPHRED -born Germany, married Mary FARRELL 1908

Paul VON ALTEN arrived in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 1st April 1879 on the ship "ELLEN STEWART" from Germany. He was born at Spandau, in Brandenburg, Prüßen (Prussia) on the 30th November 1847. After 29 years in Australia he fulfilled the requirements for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation, at Rainbow, in the Mallee of Victoria on the 5th May 1908. He was the unmarried and working as a bookkeeper. He had lived for eight years at Minlaton, on Yorke Peninsula in South Australia and then in the Wimmera-Mallee areas of northwestern Victoria at Dimboola, Donald, St Arnaud, and for nine years at Rainbow

Charles Karl ALTENDORFF - Arrived age 46 per ORIENT January 1880 from London, Via Sues & Adelaide.

ALTENDORFF, C -arrived at age 54 per NURNBERG from Bremen July 1890
ALTENDORFF Katherine - age 33 - Arrived July 1896 per "DARMSTADT: from Bremen via ports with children: Julius Altendorff age 6 and Albert Altendorff age 1.

Luis Ludwig ALTMANN of No.38 Bourke St, Melbourne - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1869 > Adelaide SA

Phillipine Von AMBRO
Phillipine Von AMBRO (nee DENELLI) was born on the 5th Janury 1856 at Vienna, Austria, of an Italian father and an Austrian mother. Phillippine Von Ambro was married in Austria but widowed in 18901. She emigrated out of Europe on the steamship "KARLSRUHE" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melborune on the 25th May 1897. On disembarking she remained in Melborune. After 23 years in Australia, she was working as a cook and housekeeper at age sixty three and a half living at No.244 Mary Street< Richmond, Victoria when she took the Oath to be Naturalised in her Aliens Memorial of the 20th April 1829 at Richmond. Phillippine Von Ambro died at age 78 in Melbourne in 1933.

Georges AMIN Arr.Pt Melb.per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 21

Ludwig Ferdinand Christain Luis AMINDE

Gustav Adolph AMPT -born Germany, married 1883 Emilie Clara Adelaide SANDER

Herr F AMSCHEL - Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Januar 1897 age 30

Heinrich ANDERS -born Germany, married Emilie REIZCH 1902

Hermann Paul ANDERS -born Germany, married Agnes Jane FAIR 1893

Hermann Paul ANDERS - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Anna Dorothea Elisabeth DUNKEL 1899 Vic.

ANDERSEN, A. C. - arrived Port Melborune at age 27 September 1891 per the ship NECKAR

ANDERSEN, Carl -arrived Port Melborune at age 25 September 1891 per the ship NECKAR

Joseph ANDERSEN -born Germany, married Mary Ann McMAHON 1891

August ANDERSON born Germany, married Alice ROBINS 1887

August ANDERSON -born Germany, married Elizabeth MAIN 1909

Christian Ferdinand ANDERSON -born Germany, married 1882 Anna HANSEN

Johannes 'John' ANDERSON -born Germany, married Annie Elizabeth SQUIRES 1891

Johann Hinrich ANDERSON - Cabinet Maker - born Süsel, Holstein. Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1880 age 39

Melchior Ferdinand ANDERSON - d. 1946 St Kilda @ 83 yrs

Peter Karl Konrad ANDERSON b. 9 October 1858 Free City of Lübeck, (later Holstein) Deutschland. ü Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1898-1913 Wife Annie DEAN b.21 June 1864 Longford, Tasmania. Children Dora Alice Anderson b.1886; Carl Wilhelm Hermann Anderson b. 1997

Emil ANDERSSON -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 32

Andreas ANDRASS b.1846 Raebnitz, Posen - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879 @ age 33 Landmann/Farmer- with wife & three daughers

Heinrich ANDREWS/ANDREAS -from Hamburg, married Catherine ELLIOTT 1892 Vic.

Johanness John ANGEL born Austria, married Eleanore Louisa CLEMENTS 1885

Johann Heinrich ANJOU - von Hamburg, m.1902 Clara Selina TURNER

Joseph ANNAKIN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 24

Mr ANRIP -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" October 1878 age 22

Franzis August ANSPACH - born Baden, married Anna Catherina BRANDT 1890 Vic

Albert ANTONIN b.16 April 1886 Ratibor, Deutschland, Confectioner. Wife - Martha MAKOWSKY Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1916-1922

Raphael ANTONY -born France, married Marie LEGAY 1908

Maximilian ANWELL Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1892 asist

C. ANWELL - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1897 Assist

Jens Christian APPEL

Hans Peterson APPEL

Richard ARMUS -born Germany, married Helena Ellen DEARNLEY 1901

Gustav ARON - from Berlin. Married Georgin B Prior 1890 Victoria.

Johann 'John' ARNDT -born Germany, married Beatrice Frances WILLIS 1895

Julius August Gotthelf ARNDT - born Posen, Prüßen (Prussia), married Julia May STOPPIA /STOPPRA 1899 Vic.

Karl ARNDT -born Germany, married Monica Beatrice ROCKLIFF 1895
A Surveyor by trade through completion of both articles and education, Karl Arndt was born in about 1859 in the Eulengebirge (Owl Mountains) city of Waldenburg, in Breslau Province, Schlesien, Prüßen (Silesia, Prussia), (now Wałbrzych, in southwestern Poland). He arrived in Hobson's Bay, Melbourne on the 29th September 1879 on the ship 'DURHAM" out of Hamburgh. When he was naturalised at the age of 39 years on the 25th April 1897 he was residing at Baxter Street, Coburg, Victoria.

F. ARNOLD - b. 11 Juli 1838 Berlin, Prussia - Upholsterer - Res.216 st Georges Rd Fitzroy; Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1889 - 1890

Hermann Carl ARNOLD

Valentine ARNOLD

Georg Hugo Felix Wilhelm ARNOLD -born Germany, married Alice JENNINGS 1889

Georg Heinrich ARNOLD -from Hamburg, married Clara Sophia HOCKING 1891 Vic.

Heinrich Harry ARNOLD -born Germany, married Mary Jane FILDAY 1906

Hermann Carl ARNOLD -born Germany, married Elisabeth Eder WIEGMANN 1904

Johann Friedrich August ARNOLD -born Germany, married Jane GROVE 1898

Johann Eduard ARNOLD -born Germany, married Clara Jane PREBBLE 1894
Johann Eduard ARNOLD was born on the 13th May 1859 in the Hanseatic City of Hamburgh (or Hamburgh Statdt) which was later incorparated into the Deutsch Reiche after 1870. He arrived in Australian on the ship 'S.S. CUSCO. on the 14th October 1880 and disembarked at the Port of Melbourne. He spent the next 16 years in Melbourne, marrying Clara Jane PREBBLE in 1894. From Victoria the Arnolds immigrated to Western Australian where they lived variously at : Albany for five and half years, in Collie for three years, at Midland Junction for three years, in Perth for a year and a half and then in Fremantle. Arnold was age 53 a General Labourer living with his wife and two daughters at No. 49 Bellevue Terrace, Fremantle when he swore the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 17th July 1911. By then he had been in Australai for 31 years.
Michael ARNOLD, -born Germany, wed 1880 Johanne HUBBORT

Valentine ARNOLD -born Germany, married Annie Blanche NORRIS 1905
Valentine ARNOLD was born 25th June 1876 in Kalkofen, in the Donnersberg Kreis, of the Rhineland-Palatinate [then the Bavarian Rhineland, now Rheinland Pfalz]. Arnold arrived Melbourne from Deutschland from where he had taken pilgrim refuge via France and Italy, out of the Italian Port of Naples on the Steamship 'G.D.S. FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' arrived at the Port of Melbourne on the 5th February 1901. He was a Mechanic by profession and settled at first at Clifton Hill and later in Emerald Hill, South Melbourne. He was married to Annie Blanche NORRIS in 1905 in Melbourne. Their Australian sons: Valentin Norris Arnold, born 1906 Clifton Hill, and Clarence Andreas Arnold, born 1910 Melbourne South completed their family. Valentine's wife Annie Blanche Arnold died at age 83 in 1962 in Richmond.


Leonhardt ARON / AARON born Berlin, married Elizabeth Ada Emily TALBOT 1888

Johannes 'John' ARP -born Germany, married Beatrice COOK/KOCH 1889

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm ASCHE

Johann Karl Ludwig ASMUS

Heinrich Jakob ASMUS

Richard ASMUS -born Germany, married Helene Ellen DEARNLEY 1901

Asmus ASMUSSEN -born Germany, m.1886 Caroline Louise MALTZAHN

Peter Jakob ASMUSSEN -born Germany, married Gertrude Edith Minnie SCHOOF 1912

K ASSMUS Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1904 assist

August ATHENS -born Germany, m.1886 Bertha PFLEIDERA

Carl Charles ATTENDORFF -from Saxony, m.1881 Margaret LE PAIGE

Ludwig AUCKENBAND - Prisoner of War 1917 [File89/725]

Friedrich AUCHINSKI - naturalised 1902

Friedrich Carl AUE - Naturalised 1913 / 1939

Doctor Ing Lazlo AUER - Scientist / Chemist - 1928

Leonhard AUGUSTIN, Upper Bavaria
Leonhardt AUGUSTIN b. 21 Okt 1881 Emmering, Ober Bayern, Son of Gregor Augustin. arrived from Italy, 25 Mach 1912 'GNEISENAU' at Fremnatle WA . Nat. 21 June 1921 age 40, Farmer, Buntine WA - Formerly a Sailor for 7 years.

Peter AUGUSTIN -born Germany, married Sarah Ann CAIN 1900

A. T. AUGUSTINUSEN - Nat. 1935

A E AUJARD -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" March 1878 age 21

Lars AUKER b. 4 Jul 1892 Grinstad, Norway - Arr. August 1911 from NZ at Pt Melbourne Occ. Seaman

Carl 'Charles' AULICH Silesia to Tasmania

Ernst AULICH Silesia to Tasmania

Heinrich Henry AULICH Silesia to Tasmania

Wilhelm 'William' AULICH Silesia to Tasmania

AULICH BROTHERS: - sons of Wilhelm Friedrich & Luise (Mitmach) Aulich from Münsterberg, Schlesien Prüßen (Silesia, Prussia) (Ziębice, Poland).

1. Carl 'Charles' AULICH was born about 1856 in Münsterberg, Provinz Breslau, Schlesien, Prüßen (Silesia) Prussia (now Ziębice, Księstwo Ziębickie, southern Poland). Carl Aurich emigrated at age 14 with his family from Hamburgh on the ship 'FIGARO' arriving at the Port of Hobart on the 26th October 1870. At age 32 years Carl 'Charles' AULICH married to 21 year old Bessie ELizabeth TARGETT on the 16 May 1888 in Fingal, Tasmania. Their daughters Eslie, 1886 and Emily Louise Aulich 18887 were born at Fingal, as were their sons: Carl Charles James Aulich 1891, and Leslie George Aulich 1898. - Naturalised 1897.

2. Ernst 'Ernest' AULICH was born about 1857 at Münsterberg, Provinz Breslau, Schlesien, Prüßen Prussia (now Ziębice, Księstwo Ziębickie, southern Poland). He emigrated at age 12 with his family from Hamburgh on the ship 'FIGARO' arriving at the Port of Hobart on the 26th October 1870.At age 21 years Ernst AULICH was married to then 20 year old Grace DALLEY on the 16 May 1883 at George Town, Tasmania. Between 1878 and 1894 Ernst & Grace produced ten children born, after the first two in George Town, for the most part in Beaconsfield, Northern Tasmania. Sadly, four died in infancy. His naturalisation was pending when the enmity of war was declared, so his Alien Registration was made at Beaconsfield, Tasmania. He attempted to be Naturalised after 18 August 1914 and so was postoned, then considered on 4 December 1914, but not completed till 1918.

3. Wilhelm Johann AULICH born about 1863 Münsterberg, Provinz Breslau, Schlesien, Prüßen Prussia (now Ziębice, Księstwo Ziębickie, southern Poland). He emigrated at age 7 with his family from Hamburgh on the ship 'FIGARO' arriving at the Port of Hobart on the 26th October 1870. He was married at age 22 to to then 20 year old Charlotte Jane Elisabeth TOOMBS on the 14th October 1885 at Fingal, Tasmania. Wilhelm & Charlotte produced five children in Tasmania: Ernst Wilhelm Aulich 1886; George Leslie Aulich 1888; and Ethel Maria Aulich 1890, Ernest Leslie Aulich 1893, and Lorna May 1898, who died the next year, all born in Fingal, Northern Tasmania.

4. Julius Heinrich Henry AULICH was born on the 13th April 1870 at Münsterberg, Provinz Breslau, Schlesien, Prüßen Prussia (now Ziębice, Księstwo Ziębickie, southern Poland). Henry Julius AULICH emigrated at age 3 with his family from Hamburgh on the ship 'FIGARO' arriving at the Port of Hobart on the 26th October 1870. He was working as a Sawmiller at St Marys, nr Queenstown, Tasmania when he swore the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 7th August 1909. He was married to Luise Henritte KOGLIN on 16 October 1895 at Fingal, Tasmania. Their first three sons, Hasker James aulich 1896, Friedrich Wilhelm Aulich 1897 and Willian August Aulich 1899 were born in Fingal. By 1909 they had three Australia sons and three Australian daughters.

Franz AULMICH b.1868 Mannheim, Baden ,Arr. 1902 Fremantle WA Wharf LAbourer, Fremantle West Australia

Emile Heinrich Fritz AUMANN b.1882 Menden, DE Arr. 10 Oct 1911 Brisbane QLD, Farmer, Gladstone

George AUODE, born 22 May 1860 Perouse, Nord, France, Arr, 1875 Pt Melbourne > Richmond > Painter, Camberwell Nat, 1909

Friedrich Wilhelm AURISCH born Prüßen Prussia, married 1885 Charlotte ZANDER

Philipp AUSSENHOFER born 7th Sept 1861 Mannheim, Baden, Germany, married Anna MULLER (born Heidelberg, Baden) 1887 Nat. 27 Jul 1891 Clerk, Melbourne {aka HOFER of 19 Pental rd, Caulfield]

Gustav Hermann AUST- b. 21 Aug 1889 Breslau, Silesia, Prüßen (Prussia) Arr. from Antwerp, Belgium, 28 Oct.1911 'S.S.HANAU' at Melbourne
? Bundaberg, QLDF, Emerald, QLD Nat. Benhide QLD 27 oct 1914

Maximilian Julius AUSTEL b. 28 Jun 1858 Saxony, germany - Carpenter - Arr.14 Jan 1892 HOHENZOLLERN at Pt Melbourne > Melbourne > Dimboola > Nat. 22 Augs 1911 Rainbow

Walter AUTENRIETH - b. 9 Aug 1868 Weingarten, Wuerttemberg, Arr, 5 Jan 1906 Fremantle > Melbourne > Perth <> Busselton Nat. 1908 - Hotel Keeper (Freemasons Hotel, Busselton)

Mattias AXER, b. Overdrees, Rheinland Provinz, Arr, two days Nat. AdelIDE 11TH jULY 1884 per Friedrich Eduard Heinrich Wulf, KRICKHAUFF, Justice of the Peace. Occ. Tischler, / Carpenter and Joiner

Henrich Rinni AUTNER born Germany, married Charlotte STEPHENS 1887

The AXNICK family, other than husband and father Carl, a Bootmaker, arrived from Hamburg in the Port of Melbourne on the ship 'SORRENTO' in October 1882 listed under the name ASSMEK. The AXNICK Family then consisted of Carl Andreas,(then about 34) who presumably came out ahead of his wife, Auguste Christiane Luise Wildfang (28); daughters Marie Auguste Axnick (6) and Luise Mathilde Ida Axnick (4), and son Carl Joachim Peter Friedrich Franz Axnick (18 mnths). Their second son Albert Axnick was born in 1883, in Fitzroy, Victoria, and he later trained to be a baker.
Carl Andreas originated in Östprüßen (east Prussia) as seen above, but his wife was born in Schonberg, in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, then a State within the Nord-Deutscher Bund. The family later were in Fitzroy in 1903, but later, before the outbreak of the European War, they moved adjacent to the inland waterway of the Fishing-Fleet basin on the Esplanade West, Port Melbourne, where Port Phillip Bay fishing was always on option to top up a thin stream of income.

Carl Andreas AXNICK
Carl Andreas AXNICK< was born on 29 July 1850 at Braunsberg, Östprüßen, Deutschland. Braunsberg (German) is now called in Polish, 'Braniewo,' in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship of northeastern Poland. -He was a bootmaker - schumacher by professsion. His wife Luise née WILDFONG emigrated with him and their children. When he joined the Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein in 18th July 1883 he was living at No.139 Gratten Street, Carlton. Later he lived at No.213 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 1903.

Carl Joachim Peter Friedrich Franz AXNICK -
Carl Joachim Peter Friedrich Franz AXNICK cutter, b. 18 December 1880 at Schonberg, in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
No. 213 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 1903 married Luise Mathilde KOCHENDORFER 1910. He joined the Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1907-1963 .


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