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R Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920



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NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated


Barend Abraham RAAP - Naturalsied 1886

M. RAASCH - Naturalised 1938

Robert RAASCH - b.1888 Gross Kollen, East Prussia BAKER, Arr, Sydney

Friedrich RAATZ - born Prussia,-arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 27 m.1886 Louise BOCKELMANN

Johann Friederich Carl RAATZ - Richmond, Vic.

Friederich Wilhelm RABACH
Friedrich Wilhem RABACH was born about 1846 at Wittenberg, the town Luther made famous, in the Bundesland Saxony-Anhalt, on the river Elbe, Prussia, Deutschland. Rabach emigrated out of Deutschland on the Steamship 'PROCIDA" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 15th September 1885. He went to the Warrnambool district of Victoria and was in 1888 there married to Emma Auguste Friedericke ZIEGLER, daughter of August Zeigler & his wife Louise Richmann of Allansford, Victoria. Their children were : Clara Johanne Rabach 1889 Nirranda; Margaratte Marie Rabach 1891 Allansford; and Carl Wilhelm Rabach born 1892 Allansford. Sadly, Emma Ziegler Rabach died at age 27 in 1896 at Warrnambool's lower Hopkins River-crossing town of Allansford, Victoria. After 10 years in Australia at age 40 years, Rabach was working in Allansford Victoria, as a Factory Manager, working at mechanical production with the inventor ZIEGLER, when he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation, at Allansford on the 4th February 1896. Friedrich Wilhelm RABACH was remarried in 1898 toMargaretha Bertha Wilhelmine BLOHM. She was born on the 20th September 1871 at Itenhoe, Holstein, Deutschland and was Naturalised at age 41 after 29 yrs in Australia on the 15th March 1913 at Allansford, nr Warrnambool, Victoria. Wilhelm Percy Rabach was born to them in Allansford in 1899; and Evelyn May Rabach in 1903 at Condah, Victoria. Friedrich Wilhelm Rabach, son of Gottfried Friedrich Rabach and Janna Wasserleben, died at age 75 in 1913 at Allansford, Victoria.

Carl Hermann August RABE - b. 17th Aug 1892 Hamburg, Arr.1912 Sydney NSW > Portland NSW, Parkes, Condobilin, Bogan Gate, Bush Worker, Grudgery, Forbes BSW

Dr. Heinrich RABL - Doctor of Medicine, Physician.
Doctor Heinrich RABL was born in about 1857 at Münchshöfen, in the Königreich Bayern (Bavaria). Rabl trained in Deutschland as a Physician. He emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich via the British Asian Colonies, and embarked from the Port of Singapore on the ship "TIMOR" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 3rd June 1884. After three months in Victoria, Doctor Rabl took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at Age 27 in Melbourne on the 8th September 1884. Doctor RABL was married in 1885 in Victoria to Helene DEGENHARDT,who was born at Tarpeena, north of Mount Gambier, South Australia on the 2 January 1864, the daughter of the early South Australians, Johann Friedrich Heinrich Degenhardt and his wife Auguste Henriette Phillipina Schwanecke. The Rabl's had gonet up to the Wimmera town of Murtoa where their children were born: Maria Auguste Rabl 1886-1886; Hermann Joseph Friedrich Rabl 1888; Elisabeth Helene Rabl 1890-1890; Sophia Emilie Rabl 1891; Siegmund Heinrich Rabl 1892; Viktor Rabl 1894; and Friedrich Oscar Rabl 1895 at Murtoa, Victoria. Doctor Heinrich RABL died in the influenza epidemic of 1919 - on the 18th May 1919 - and was buried at Murtoa, Victoria. His wife predeceased him by just three days, also taken by the same epidemic. Their son Seigmund RABL became a Doctor and took over the practice at Murtoa, and then town now takes pride in the Memorial Clock and plaque in memory of Dr. Siegmund Rabl who followed his father, Dr Heinrich Rabl as Murtoa physician. After his father`s death in the influenza epidemic of 1919 Doctor Siegmund Rabl served the district for 49 years until his own death in a road accident in 1968.

Alexander Wilhelm RABY, Arr.1888 Sydney > Townsville QLD, Soap Boiler

Jules Claude RABY - born Germany, married Margaret SMITH 1899

Joseph RACCA - born France m. 1902 Agnes THORNE

Waldemar Norman Albert RACHELL - born Germany, married Ethel May BOYD 1912

Wilhelm RACHOR- born Germany, married Dina MEYER 1902
Wilhelm RACHOR was born at Mainz, Hessen-Darmstadt, central Germany on 1st Dezember 1874. His father, Jakob Rachor, was a leading merchant of that city. On the 14th February 1900 Rachor arrived in Melbourne, Australia on the Clyde steamer 'NEEDLES' from the United States of an 'Amerika' to which he had already immigrated, found wanting, and so, departed. He was married to the Gembrook-born Swiss-German Australian girl, Dina Sophie MEYER in 1903 in as part of the German-Australian religious refugee community at Harkaway, in Berwick, Victoria. The Rachors lived at Bayswater in the Dandenong Creek area of Victoria for about five years. In 1914 when Wilhelm Rachor was naturalished in South Yarra, just after the outbreak of the 'Great' World War, he was working there in the humble role of laundryman. Wilhelm and Dina afterwards had 3 sons and 3 daughters, later settling at Healesville on the Yarra Valley, east of Melbourne, where 'Bill' ran a butcher's shop while Dina conduct a commercial laundry. Wilhelm Rachor died in his beloved Healesville home in 1944, during the tragic grief of World War Two.

Leonhard RACHOR > Sydney, NSW
Leonhardt Carl RACHOR arrived entirely separately to his kinsman Wilhelm, above. He was born 19 November 1874 in Mainz, so exactly the same age as the above. It seems likely that Wilhelm wrote from east of Melbourne to his kinsman in Mainz, and Leonhardt arrived to join him in Melbourne on the 'S.S. Medic' from Liverpool, England on 24th March 1907. He seems to have lived with his kinsman's family in Bayswater, Victoria, for about 12 months. When he was naturalised on 5 March 1910 as a British, for there was not such thing as an Australian, citizen, he was employed in the meat trade as a 'Smallgoodsman' in Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW. He appears to have died at age 48 as 'Charles' Rachor in 1923, Sydney.

Houban RACHHOFF, b. Bulgaria Austro-Hungarian Empire. Arr, 1913 Melbourne. Nat. Mannum SA Pompoota, SA

Paul Alexander RACHOW -b.1866 Berlin, Prussia. Arr.1911 Sydney NSW

Hyman RACHTMANN - Dealer, b. Russian Poland Bridge Road, Richmond,

Albert RADDATZ b. 1851 Pelznich or Pelzmoh, West Prussia - Emigrated departing Hamburg 25 Feb 1878 per "EDUARD" in To arrived Adelaide SA 18 June 1878 @ age 21 Dienstmagd

Christian Albert RADEMACHER - born Germany, married Anora MUDFORD 1891

Robert Albert Adolf RADEISEN -born Germany, m.1886 Harriet TYLER

Ludwig Luis RADINGER born Austria, married Arabella FEELY 1881

Hugo RADISCHATT -West Prussia
Hugo RADISCHATT b. 7th Sept 1877 Langfuhr, West Prussia, -> German mother, Russian-German Father, Johann Radischatt, Went to England for 4 years - > Arr. 17th September 1812 from London per 'SCHAMHORST' at Melbourne - Baker, Res 13 Walker street, Northcote

Robert RADKA / RADKE - born Germany, married Rose GARDNER 1893

Ernst Emil RADKE - from Berlin. Married Elizabeth Jane Cochrane 1896 Vic.

Louis Gustav Albert RADICHEI - born Germany, married Alice Maud LEARY 1896

Johann John RADST born Austria, married ELiza DUFFY 1888

Luis Gustave RADÜCHEL - Narre Warren, Victoria

Heinrich Louis RAECKE - Prahran

Friedrich RAECK - born Germany, married Marie KIEFEL 1892

Martin Franz Johann RAHn born Germany, married carol SELLE 1888

Karl Heinrich RAITT - Caulfield

Friedrich Julius Theodor RAKOW - born Balzen, Prüssia, married Flora Susan SIMMONS 1889 Vic

Christian RALEE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 21

Ernst Heinrich Johann RANDOW - born Germany, married Frances Mary RITCHIE 1903

Heinrich Harry RANDOW - born Germany, married Maggie McLEAN 1906

Peter RANSON born Austria, married Emma BISHOP 1874

Abraham Bernhard RAPKE - von Poland

Georg Bernhardt RAPS - born Germany, married Sarah Brierly FLETCHER 1901
Georg Bernhardt RAPS was born on the 2nd April 1876 at Bayreuth, Bavaria. He trained and qualified in Deutschland as an Engineer. RAPS departed from Deutschland per the 'G.M.S. WEIMAR" arriving at Port Melbourne on the 22nd July 1897. On disembarkation he went up the line to Walla Walla, in the Riverina of New South Wales near Albury for thirteen months. He then returned to settle in Melbourne. He was married in Victoria to Sarah Brierly FLETCHER in 1901. Their son, Harold Bernardt Raps was born in Richmond in 1903. At the age of 32, after eleven and half years in Australia, Georg Bernardt RAPS took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial and Was Naturalized from No. 9 Berlin Street, Richmond, Melbourne on the 15th March 1909. I cannot find a record of his death, but his wife died in Nunawading in 1966 at the age of 87 years.

Bertel RASMUSSEN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Oktober 1881 age 29

Hans Johannes RASMÜSSEN b.1849 Aegerso, Danem, Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, @ age 30

Christian RASMUSSEN - born Germany, married Rosetta QUINN 1909

Johannes John RATHJEN - born Germany, married Amy May Marie WHITE 1898

'Fritz' Friedrich RATZ - born Germany, married Anna Marie HEBER 1901
Friedrich RATZ was born 2nd Novemember 1870 in Gambach, Wetterau, in the former Grand Duchy of Hessen, Germany, which was just two months before his native State was incorporated into the Deutsch Reich. Fritz RATZ emigrated out of Deutschland on the Nord-Deutscher-Lloyd ship "Nürnberg" or "Nuremberg", arriving in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 15th March 1889. He was a Schumacher and Bootmaker by occupation. He was married in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on the 14th February 1901 to Anna Marie HEBER, the widow of Freidrich Ernst HEBER who died in Western Australia on the 30th April 1898. She brought her daughter, Ida Amelia HEBER (b.10 Oct 1891 Adelaide) into the marriage.

After 20 years in Australia Fritz RATZ took the Oath to be Naturalised well before the outbreak of the European catastrophe, making his Aliens Memorial on the 25th February 1909 at Goodwood, Adelaide, South Australia. By then he had resided firstly in Melbourne, Victoria for two and a half years, then for nine months in Adelaide after which he was for nearly two years in Western Australia. In about 1896 he returned to Melbourne and lived there for nearly ten years. In about 1907 he went back to Adelaide and had been there for two years by the time of his Naturalisation.


- In 1917 RATZ was found to have a large quantity of I.W.W. (International Workers of the World) literature in his hut. He pleaded guilty to being a member of the I.W.W. RATZ was sentenced to six months imprisonment in September 1817. He had by then been resident in Australia for nearly 30 years, and Naturalised here for ten years. He was not deported as his wife was resident here and no evidence or allegations of disloyalty could be found. He was discharged from prison in Februaury 1918, but he was again arrested at the Crown and Anchor Hotel in Adelaide, South Australia on the 5th March 1918 and Interned as an Enemy under the Alien Instruction Regulations 1815, No. 2 paragraph 6 (1). - He was Interned from the 5th March 1918 in the Concentration Camp Prison at Fort Largs, Largs Bay, Port Adelaide.

In 1919 the Department of Defence Authorities of the Commonwealth of Australia recommended the De-Naturalisation of Prisoner-of-War No.11049, Fritz or Friedrich RATZ for being a 'prominent I.W.W. extremist.' But somehow he managed to stay in Australia for life.

'Fritz' Friedrich RATZ died in Goodwood, Adelaide, South Australia on the 20th July 1944. His wife Anna Marie Heber RATZ was born in Heidshiem, Deutschland as Anna Marie GRAMM, daughter of Michael GRAMM, and was first married at age 20 to 28 year-old Freidrich Ernst HEBER on the 23rd May 1891 at the Registry office in Adelaide, South Australia. She died in Goodwood, South Australia on the 31st October 1947.

Martin RATZ born Austria, married Eleanor Nicola TWEEDIE 1886
Martin RATZ was born in about 1853 in Klagenfurt, Corinthia, Austria. He left the Osteriech by way of the freedom of England, an there embarked from the Port of London on teh ship "NORTHUNBERLAND" to arrived in Melbourne, Australia on the 30th April 1879. He married in Victoria in 1886 to Eleanor Nicola TWEEDIE. After ten years in Australian he was took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised on the 12th August 1889 when living at No.194 Hoddle street, Abbotsford, Collingwood in Melbourne, from which address he carried on a Business as a Marine Dealer.

Johann Gotthilf Ernst RAU -born Germany, m.1886 Minnie BAENSCH

Carl Alexander RAUBER - born Prüssia, married Anna Clara KELESKE 1889 Vic.

Herr RAUSCHENPLAT -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 34

Jacobus RAVELING & Dorothea Helene Maria FRANZ RAVELING
Jacobus RAVELING was born 3rd November 1882 in Amsterdam, Nord Holland, Netherland. He emigrated from Europe to Egypt, where he embarked on the German steamship "SEIDLITZ" arriving in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 26th August 1907. On disembarkation Raveling settled in Melbourne where he plied his specialised profession in the garment trade as a Ladies Cutter. He was married to German-born Dorothea Helene Maria FRANZ, a daughter of Felix Franz, in Victoria in 1909. Their daughters Frieda Dorothea Raveling (b.1909 South Melbourne), and Elsa Myra Helena Raveling (b.1913 Camberwell) were born in Victoria. After six years in Australia, Jacobus Raveling took the oath of his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised on the 18th December 1913 on the eve of the declaration of war. His Naturalised status also then applied to his German-born wife, so she was freed from official enmity. They Ravelinsg were then living at Prospect Hill Road, Canterbury, Melbourne. Dorothea Helene Maria Franz Raveling died in Camberwell in 1845, aged 61 years. Jacobus Raveling died in 1953 in Greensborough, Victoria, aged 71 years.

Gottfried RAWILLER /RAUILLER from Berne, Switz, married Elizabeth Grace STEPHENS 1892

Carl Friedrich RAWOLLE - born Germany, married Emith Firth SMITH 1890

Heinrich Ernst Conrad REAPER - from Hamburg, married Elizabeth Jane KITCHENER 1891 Vic.

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm RECHENBERG

Johannes RECHTER - Sunbury


Daniel REDENBACH - born Bavaria , m. 1879 Mary Elizabeth BOYD

Jakob REDENBACH - born Bavaria , m.1878 Alexina BOYD

Bernhard Gustav REETZ - born Germany, married Auguste Doris LUNGWITZ 1907

Johann Friedrich REFARDT, from Hannover > Walhalla, Gippsland

Friedrich Wilhelm Valentine REGNIER - from Saxony, married Annie Louisa FISHER 1893 Vic.

Friedrich REICH -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 23

Martin Emil August REICH - born Germany, married Constance Elisabeth Rose OHLSON 1911
Martin Emil August REICH - born 11 Jan 1885 Hamburg, Germany,  - EMIGRATED per the ship "S.S. BRENDA" to arrive Dec 1905 at Newcastle, NSW  - NATURALISED 15 March 1911  at 225 Nott Street, Port Melbourne, Victroia,- Occuatopn GRIPMAN for the Melbourne Tramway & Omnibius Co. - married in Victoria, 1911 Constance Elisabeth Rose OHLSON 

Robert REICH - born Germany, married Marie Emilie REINMANN 1902

Georg Bruno Carl REICHE - born Germany, married Marie FEIGE 1891

Friedrich Wilhelm REICHELT, - Gembrook & Lilydale, Vic.

Waldemar Hermann Albert REICHELT - Carlton - born Germany, married Ethel may BOYD 1912

Herr S. REICHENBACH -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 27

Julius REICHERT - Naturalised 1919-1929

Leo REICHERT - from Austro-Hungary > Footscray - Naturalised 1893

Friedrich Wilhelm REIHER - born Germany, married Rosetta Estelle MAY 1889

Karl August REIMANN - born Germany, married Elizabeth Lucy PALMER 1900

Wilhelm REIMANN - born Germany, married Maria Elisabeth ZERBST 1912

Heinrich Christian 'Henry' REIMER born Hamburgh, married Dagma Juliana Christiane BAADE 1888

August REIMERS -born Germany, m.1886 Anna DOMASCHENZ

Julius REIMERS -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 23

Ernst Johann REIN - born Germany, married Mary GLEESON 1895

Ernst REINECKE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 23

Franz Oswald REINELT - from Saxony, married Minnie Sybil KERR 1909

Georg REINHARDT - born Germany, married Charlotte WACKER 1890

Remigius REINHART - born Germany, married Marie BRISTEL 1892

Marton REINHEIMER - born Germany, married Pauline TESSIER 1910

Adolph REINKE was born on the 25th March 1875 at Mariampol in the then Russian part of Poland annexed by the Czarist forces. Mariampol was formerly in the Biała Podlaska County in Lublin Voivodeship (east Poland), and is now Marijampolė in Lithuania. REINKE departed eastern Europe for the freedom of England, and embarked from London on the ship "Star of Australia' arriving at the Port of Melbourne on the 14th July 1903. He was a butcher by trade and occupation, setting up, first in Footscray, then in Latrobe Street, Melbourne, later moving his premises to No.390 Elizabeth Street, in downtown Melbourne. After just three years in Australia Reinke took the Oath of his Alien's memorial to be Natralused on the 19th June 1906 in Melbourne.

Bernhardt Melchior REINKE - died 1918 Richmond Vic. @ 61 yrs

Johann John REINKOWSKY - born Danzig, m.1875 Sarah CRACK

Georg Jurgen REISLER - born Holstein, married Mary DOOLEY 1890 Vic.

Friedrich REISS - von Prussia, married Alice TRATER 1903

Ludwig REISS -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 37

Anton Friedrich REITER -
Anton Friedrich REITER was born 14 August 1861 Böhmenkirch, Geislingen, Kreis Göppingen, Königreich Württemberg. Anton REITER emigrated August 1867 to - North America [Württemberg Exit Permit Number: 572046] and then married in 1889 in Victoria, Australia, to Clara Henrietta Wilhelmine STENDER (1867-1909).

Anton REITER - born Germany, married 1911 to Mary ELizabeth MATTHEWS nee MARSHALL (1867-1911)
Anton REITER married 1912 Harriet BAMBURY, nee SIMMONS (1867-1936).

Carl Charles Vincent RIETSCHEL - born Prussia, m.1886 Elizabeth Ann BONE

G REITZ -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 33

Luis Ludwig REITZENBERGER -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 26

Hermann REMMERS - born Germany, married Rosine JENKE / BOLSCH 1891

Martin Paul Gerhard RENNER - born Germany, married Alice Eva ASHTON 1905

Carl CHarles RENTE - born Germany, married Caroline MILNE 1899


David RETTICH - born Württemberg, married Emma Lenkersdorff FINGER 1884
David RETTICH, son of Joseph RETTICH & Agnes ROLLER, was born on the 6th April 1851 in Daugendorf, Riedlingen, Königreich Würrtemberg. Rettich emigrated out of Wuerrtemberg and Deutschland by way of the interim hub of safety and peace in England, and there embarked at the Port of London on the the vessel "BROTHERS" to arrive in Melbourne, Australia on the 6th May 1881. On disembarking David Rettich went out to the Germanic settler district of Doncaster, in the parish of Bulleen-Bulleen, where he spent the next 20 years, marrying a local-born, though motherless, and so adopted daughter of the well-known Finger family, Emma Johanne 'Lenkerstorff' FINGER (1861-1918) in 1884. She was the daughter of Christian Gottlieb FINGER (1823 – 1886) and his wife Johanné Caroliné HEIDRICH (1825 – 1864). Emma was raised by the childless LENKERSTORFFs in Doncaster. David & Emma Rettich were to produce four sons and three daughters. They were: 1. Albert Joseph RETTICH (1885 – 1949); 2. Emma Wilhelmine RETTICH (1886 – 1929); 3. Justine Eleonore RETTICH (1888 – 1923); 4. Julia Caroline RETTICH (1889 – 1957); 5. Oswald David Wilhelm RETTICH (1891 – 1970); 6. David Hermann RETTICH (1894 – 1961); and 7. Lawrence Alexander RETTICH (1896-?).
Though all the children seem to have been born while they were in Doncaster, in about 1900 the Rettich's moved to the Dandenong Ranges town of Emerald, nearby to where they had taken up Crown Allotment 106c, in the Parish of Narre Warren, County Mornington, located in the Aura Vale - Paradise area of Narre Warren North, Victoria, Australia. The date of the 19th November 1909 was the Final settlement date on Ten year Gov't lease-buy to D. & A. Rettich for Lot 106C - of about 136 acres, taken up with his eldest son, Albert Joseph RETTICH. The Rettich family senior were seven years in the Dandenongs, the first four in Emerald, and then for three years Rettich family lived on the farm at Paradise. It seems likely that a son, or sons and daughters, stayed on the land at Paradise (now Clematis) after 1909.
In about 1908 the Rettich's senior moved into Boroondara parish, Melbourne, for they had been living in Camberwell and then at Hawthorn for six years by the time of the outbreak of War in Europe. After 33 years in Australia, at the age of 62, David Rettich was working as a Gardener and living at No.18 Launder Street, Hawthorn, Victoria, when he swore the oath to be Naturalised in his Aliens memorial of the 6th March 1914. David Rettich died on 8 August 1933 in Hawthorn East, Boroondara. His wife predeceased him, having died in 1918 in Hawthorn.

Carl RHEINHEIMER born Jellinbach, Bavaria - Brewers Employee. Arr. by Rail from Adelaide south Australia 2 Jan 1891 Nat. Montague Street, Collingwood, 8th/ 10th Oct 1900


Arthur RHODES - born Germany, married Amelia Frances DOWIE 1906

Karl Charles RHODES - born Prussia, m.1886 Julia KELLY

Reni Ernst RICHARD - born France m.1911 Mary BRENNAN

Johannes John RICKHARDT/ RICHARDS - born Germany, married Annie REYNOLDS 1889

Carl Auguste Adolph RICHEN - born Germany, married Mary Ann COWLING 1897

Kurt RICHERT - born Germany, married Martha GRIESLER -1911

Carl Georg RICHTER born Germany, married Emily MURPHY 1887

Carl Rudolph RICHTER - born Germany, married Gerte Maud BUNBURY 1908

Emil Maximilian RICHTER - born Germany, married Emma Anna SCHUTT 1895

Friedrich Carl RICHTER - born Germany, married Anna Martha WEBSE 1905

Gustave RICHTER - from Hamburg, married Margaret GRAY 1895 Vic.

Kuns RICKERS - born Germany, married Martha GEISELER 1911

Linus Hermann RICHTER - born Germany, married Elizabeth PRITCHARD 1894

Max RICHTER -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 19

Paul Theodor Carl RICHTER - born Germany, married Theresa Jane LEE 1890/ 1894

Carl Wilhelm RIDER

Friedirch Theodor Julius RIEBELING born Germany, married Ernestine SCHMUTSCH 1888

Heinrich RIEDL - born Germany, married Blanche HILDEBRAND 1900

Johannes RIEDEL/RIEDL - born Prüssia, married Hedwig Agnes Charlotte Henriette BURCKNER 1889 Vic.

David REIGER - born Germany, married Ruby May LEE 1909

Franzis Frank RIEGER - born Germany, married MAthilde JAENCSH 1894

Georg Philipp REINDEL -born Germany, m.1886 Johanne Pauline SCHULTZ

Hyman REYNOLDS - von Poland

Carl Gustavus RIECK - from Hamburg, married Mary Elizabeth BARBOR 1894 Vic.

Ferdinand RIEHE /RILBER - born Germany, married Rebecca BLUMENSTEIN 1898

Heinrich Friedrich RIEPER - born Germany, married Mathilde Auguste THOMPSON 1894

Joseph RIEPON - born Hamburg

Hermann Heinrich RIMMEL - born Prüssia, married Mary Jane ANSON 1892 Vic.

Heinrich RINDSKOPF -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 19

Heinrich August RINNE - born Bremen m.1907 Bertha Auguste Sophie HEINZ

Carl August RISSINICH - born 1st September 1860 Germany, Arrived in Australia August 1890 - married 1893 Margaret Ann Teresa CONNOLLY born 9th December 1863 Geraldton, Western Australia. > Residence; Warburton, Yarra Junction, Launching Place, Upper Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia. Declared Enemy Alien 1915, 1916-1921 Naturalised 1936.- five files Melbourne.

Albert RISSMANN - born Germany, married Caroline Dorothea BURGER 1897

Frierich Adolf Reinhold RISSMANN born Germany, married Anna Maria SPLENTS 1888
Friedrich Adolph Reinhold RISSMANN - born Germany, married Ernstine Wilhelmine VOLLPRECHT 1892

Carl Tudor Gustav RISSMANN - born Germany, married Amelia ELLIOTT 1909

Johannes 'Hans' RITTBERGER b.1842 Lorch, Königreich Württemberg - Emigrated departing Hamburg 25 Feb 1878 per "EDUARD" in To arrived Adelaide SA 18 June 1878 @ age 34 Landmann/Farmer

Reinhold RITTER born Germany, married Margarethe FEGEBANK 1888

Wilhelm Robert August RITTER born Germany, married Ada Jane BEHRMANN 1888

Magus Carl 'Gagus Charles' RITTMANN born Germany, married Louisa YATES 1887

Franzis Eduard 'Frank' ROATCH / ROACH - born Germany, married Hannah Esma SYMMONS 1893

Dirk ROB - from Hannover, married Ann WHITE 1889 Vic.
Dirk ROB - born Germany, married Ann WHITE 1905

Carl Friedrich ROBERT - born Germany, married Jessie Dudley JOHNSON 1894

Harold Johann ROBERTSON -von Prussia, married Mabel Florence READ 1912

Mark ROCKSTEIN -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 32, with Sarah age 9.

Heinrich RODENOWSKI / RODENOVSKY - aka Harry RODEN, 1914, born 20 Jan 1889 /

Louis Ludwig RODER - born Germany, married Elizabeth RUMPF 1891

Jacques Ludwig Harmsen RODDICK - born Germany, married Alice LAWLESS 1908

Johann Albert ROE - voN Berlin, married Emma EDWARDS 1908

Gustav ROEVENSTRUCK -born Germany, m.1886 Sarah Jane CARMODY

Wilhelm RÖGER / ROEGER b. 1922 Berlin - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, @ age 57 Tischler/ Cabinetmaker

Nathan ROGALASKY - von Poland

Joseph ROGERS - from Hannover, married Johanne Pauline DOHNT 1898

Carl Johann ROHDE Internee/ Prisoner of War, queensland

Ernst Ernest ROHL born Germany, married Margaret REID 1888

Edwin ROHT -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 45, with Frau 36

Heinrich Henry ROLFS born Germany, married Maria RAWSON 1888

Georg ROLLAND -born Germany, m.1886 Helena Alice BRADY


Moritz ROOSE b.1855 Rostock, Mechlenburg, Deutschland - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879 @ age 24 Küfer/Cooper

Friedrich Wilhelm ROPEKE / ROPKE - born Germany, married Anna Margarette SEVERS 1891

Morritz Aaron ROSATHY /ROSALKY - von Poland

Carl Friedrich ROSE - from Hannover, married Sylvia CLARK 1889 Vic.

Johann 'John' ROSEL - from Saxony, married Anne WILLIS 1889 Vic.

Alban Joseph ROSENBAUM - born Germany, married Lilian frances MATTHEWS 1907

Friedrich Feodor ROSENBAUM born Hannover, married Annie SALOMON 1888

Bernhardt Bernard ROSENBERG -born Poland, m.1886 Olive Amelia Margaret BROOKS

Adolph ROSENFELD - born Prüssia, married Mary Henderson WILSON 1900 Vic.

Gustav Adolph ROSENOW - from Berlin. Married Catherine Elizabeth Nichols 1895 Vic.
Adolophus Gustav ROSENOW Adolophus Gustav ROSENOW (1842-1904) emigrated to Melbourne from Berlin in 1863. He married Bertha Blanche Louisa BUCHECKER (1850-1895) in Vic in 1866. Two of their six children died in infancy - Will (b/d 1868) and Albert (b/d 1883). The surviving children were: Gustav Edward (1867-1936), Alexander Otto (1869-abt 1926), Herbert Lionel (1872-1959) and Adolphus Augustus (1877-1936). The youngest surviving son, Adolophus jnr, was born in St Arnaud, Vic, where relatives of his mother Bertha (nee Buchecker) appears to have lived. After the death of Bertha, Adolophus senior married Catherine Nicholls (1866-1938). Adolophus Gustav Rosenow became a mining assayer and moved with his family to the gold-mining town of Gordon near Ballarat in about 1880. He opened the Gordon Pyrites Mine in 1882. His son, Lionel also had a mine in Gordon - in 1916 he was extracting pipe-clay (kaolin). In about 1900, Adolophus snr and two of his sons, Adolophus jnr and Otto, went to the Kalgoorlie goldfields. An item in the Kalgoorlie newspaper that year refers to ‘Rosenow and Sons’ and there are numerous other mentions of ‘Rosenow’, including an item in 1906 relating to Otto Rosenow. Otto seems to have died in WA in about 1926. Adolophus jnr married Sophia Junghenn in Victoria in 1900. Sophia died in 1909. They did not have any children. He served the Aust Army in WWI and just after the war, he married a widow, Maud Staniforth (nee Martin) in WA. He died in WA in 1936. Adolophus Gustav Rosenow died in WA in 1904, a few years after arriving in Kalgoorlie from Gordon. His son, Lionel Rosenow, stayed in Gordon. Lionel was a local councillor and became Ballan Shire President in 1906. In about 1940 Lionel’s son, Eric Rosenow (1895-1972), opened a shop in Gordon and ran it for over twenty years. He then retired to Ballarat. - Rosenow Street, Gordon, Victoria, is named after the Rosenow family.

Eugen ROSENTHAL b. 1852 Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia - Arr per SOPHIE 20 Sept 1879 Sydney NSW, @ age 27 Landmann / Farmer

Ernst Wilhelm ROSENTHAL, from Berlin, married Anna RUDNITZKI 1905

Samuel ROSENTHAL born Germany, married Annie Amelia DODSWORTH 1888

Sigmund ROSENTHAL born Austria, married Cornelia DINELLI 1877

Simon ROSENTHAL - born Germany, married Sylvia CLARK 1889

Alwin Albert Otto ROSER b. 15th Feb 1874 Herbskeben, Duchy of Sax-Coburg-Gotha arr> 'DARMSTADT' 30 May 1895 Pt Adelaide > Blomberg , Labourer . Spalding? Burra> Mount Bryan SA

Herr A ROSHOF -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 28

Carl Charles ROSS - born Germany, married Ada Mildred PIKE 1898

Heinrich Harry ROSS born Austria, married Maria MORRISEY 1885

Johann John ROSS born Germany, married Margarethe SCHUBACH / SCHULBACk 1888

Joseph ROSS born Prussia, married Emily Jane BEER 1888

Friedrich Wilhelm ROSSAU - born Germany, married Hannah Amelia SMITH 1905

Frau ROSSBACH -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 51- with Frauline Rossbach 11, and sohn A Rossbach 4

Wilhelm Carl Louis ROSSEL - born Germany, married Florence Anna ELizabeth LAPTHORNE 1900

Hugo RÖSSLER- born. 24th December 1887 Hennersdorf-am-Gablonz,, BÖHMEN, (Bohemia) Österreich - AUSTRIA Painter/ >Arr. 7th Auguys 1889 per Steamship 'SALIER' at Port Adelaide Eudunda SA - Nat. Unmarried 20 Nov 1908 befre Justive Robert Homberh, Judge of the Supreme Court of South Australia

Louis Ludwig ROTH - born Germany, married Marguerite Elisabeth BISSON 1890

Thorkild ROTHER - born Germany, married Mary HILL 1900

Johannes ROUGAL - born France m.1903 Myra Hyde ARCHDEACON

R ROULTEG -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 22

Hermann Heinrich ROWE / ROE - born Germany, married Ida Pauline FRANKE 1898

B. RUBENSTEIN Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 40 with Masters Robenstein, age 12, and age 9

Elias RUBENSTEIN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" April 1879 age 17

Eli RUBENSTEIN -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 32

Herr RUBINSTEIN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 44 with Frau 36

Joseph RUCHES/ Joseph RUCKES - von Prussia, married Evan Frances URBAN 1911

Carl Wilhelm RUCHLAND - from Berlin. Married Margaret Cameron 1889 Vic.

Melchior RUCY - born Germany, married Gerte WYLD 1905

Herr J RUDNITZKI Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1897 age 35- with Frau Rudnitzki 32, and daughter Anna Rudnitzki 8

Carl Valentin RUDOLPH - born Germany, married Theresa AULD 1894

Christoph RUDOLPH - born Germany, married Margaret LEWER 1896

Franz Heinrich RUDOLPH - born Berlin, married Drusilla JEANES 1900
Franz Heinrich RUDOLPH was born on the 16th October 1877 in the City of Berlin, Berlin Stadt, Brandenburg, in what used to be Prussia, by then the Deutsch Reich. Franz Rudolph emigrated as a young child with his family out of Deutschland to arrive in Australia at the Port of Adelaide in 1882. After disembarkation he spent four years in South Australia and them immigrated east to Victoria in about 1886. Rudolph became an Engineer by profession and he had followed that calling about the State of Victoria for 27 years by 1914. He was married to Drusilla JEANES in Melbourne in 1900. By 1914 they had two sons. The eldest, Heinrich Franz Julius Rudolph, was born in the 'Portland Ward' Adelaide, South Australia on the 27th September 1900. His brother, Albert 'Jack' Johannes Rudolph was born in 1902 in Fitzroy North, Victoria. At age 36, when residing at No.7 Brooks Crescent, Fitzroy North, Melbourne, -Victoria, the Engineer, Frank Henry Rudolph, swore the Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 14th August 1914 in Fitzroy, before Mr William Collings, Justice of the Peace of Victoria. Franz Heinrich Rudolph died at age 74 in Regent, Reservoir, Victoria in 1952. His wife Drussila survived him to die in 1966 at age 85 in Preston, Victoria.

Luis Ludwig RUDY - born Baden, married Wilhelmien HINZ 1892 Vic.

Carl August Adolph RUHEN - born Germany, married Mary Ann COWLING 1897

Carl Wilhelm RULER - born Germany, married Marion jane FREW 1908

Charles William RULER - born Germany, married Jane O'CONNOR 1910

Heinrich Adolphus RUMLER - von Prussia, married Mary Ann CADDY 1905

Johann Ludwig Luis RUMMEL Scientific Inventor, Entrepreneur & Piano Tuner
Johann Ludwig Luis RUMMEL - Birth abt 1837 in ? ? Prussia, Deutschland - Arrived at Port Melbourne aboard the ship "SEA CHIEF" from Europe at Age 31 in October 1868. Application for two Patents: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
1. Specifications for registration of patent by Leopold Hesse and Ludwig Rummell titled - The deodorisation and utilisation of night soil and the manufacture therefrom of artificial manures and other products - [National archives - Item details for: A13150] 2. 1873 Application for registration of a Patent by Ludwig Rummel and Leopold Hesse titled - "The Manufacture of Illuminating and Heating Gas from Australian and other hard woods." Naturalization 1881 Melbourne. Rummel was married in 1882 to Norah Agnes McCORMACK (Birth abt 1854 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia -Death 1920 in Drummoyne, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia). Child: Clara Agnes Marie RUMMEL (1883 Melbourne– 1952 Prahran) later Mrs Harold Marshall. Residence: 1903 - 85 Park Street, Emerald Hill South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Occupation: PIANO TUNER. Death 1904 in East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia @ 67 yrs

Karl Eduard RUMMER - born Germany, married Lydia AYLWIN 1911

Heinrich Adolph RUMP - born Germany, married Marie Adrienne CALAINE 1900

Johann Georg RUMPF - born Bavaria, Germany, m.1886 Alice WINTER

Johannes 'John' RUMPF -from Frankfort-am-Main, married Florence PRICE 1892 Vic.

Louis Ludwig RUMPF - born Germany, married Frances Fanny WORTHY 1901

Carl RUMROESE - born Germany, married Elizabeth HOSKING 1905

Albert RUNGE b.1851 Nakel /Nackel, West Prussia - Emigrated departing Hamburg 25 Feb 1878 per "EDUARD" in To arrived Adelaide SA 18 June 1878 @ age 27 Schaefer/Shepherd

H S RUNHARDT -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 22

Franz Xavier RUPP - Alien Registered. Naturalised 10 August 1934

Conrad RUPPEL / RUPPELL - born Germany, married Ada MArtha STRACHAN 1889 - Nat. 1895

Carl Albert RUPPERSBERG , Cabinetmaker, born 23rd april 1882 Frankfort-am-Main, Prussia Arr. from Bremen per 'SS SCHARNHORST' 10th Oct 1908 at Pt Sydney, NSW single Nat. at 61 Pitt Sr, Redfern, NSW 28 June 1912

Heinrich Henry RUPPERT b. 3rd Oktober 1850 - Spiers, Deutschland - arr. from New York USA per 'E.O.CLARK' 1886 to the Port of Melbourne, Australia. 12 yrs Melbourne > Fremantle WA 16 yrs by 1914. Nat. Marmion street, East Fremantle WA Single 20 October 1914 Lumper

Carl Charles RUPPRECHT born Austria, married Bridget Mary MURPHY 1874

Carl Taden Gustav RUSSMANN - born Germany, married Amelia ELLIOTT 1909

Wilhelm RUTHSATZ - born Prüssia, married Emily Jane HART 1893 Vic.

Hermann Heinrich RUWE - born Germany, married Ida Pauline FRANKE 1898

Ernst RUWOLDT Arrived in Australia on the ship "BREMEN" on 26th November 1908 at the Port of Melbourne. After landing he lived for six weeks in Melbourne, and then he overlanded northwards into the Australian interior, first to the Moree District of New South Wales for eighteen months, after which he went over the State border bridge to Cunnamulla, Queensland, for a year, and on through the Darling Downs of Queensland to St George. When he made his Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation in Brisbane, Queensland, on the 2nd October 1911, his attestation was made in Toowoomba, but he was then living at Narangba, on the North Coast Line, and he had been three years in Australia, was unmarried, and a farmer. Ruwoldt wa sthen 30 years old, haveing been born on the 6th July 1881 near the German Baltic Coast, at Schwaan, in the Circle of (Kreis) Bad Doberan, in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, of the Deutsch Reich (now the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).

Hermann RUWOLDT - born Germany, married Margaret LYNCH 1890
The RUWOLDT name seems to originate on the Baltic Coasts of Germany. Even the variant name RIEWOLDT, well-known in Australia for a champion Australian Rules footballer or two, originates on the Baltic Coast. For a player like Nick RIEWOLDT is a descendant of Freidrich Albert Hermann RIEWOLDT, who was born in 1898 further east of Mecklenburg, in the Baltic Coastal village of Schulzenhagen, Pomerania, (now Śmiechów, near Koszalin, Poland) but he did not arrive in Australia till after the Second World War, on a refugee-emigrant flight into Melbourne in 1964. By contrast, Hermann RUWOLDT came from a tad further west, born just four years before the Franco-Prussian War that brought his native Realm of Mecklenburg into the general Unification of Germany. He was was born on the 16th July 1867, in the Baltic German Port and City of Rostock, in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, then a player in the Nord-Deutscher Bund, which morph in the Deutsch Reich. Rostock is now the largest city in the German State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Hermann Ruwoldt was a watchmaker by trade, who emigrated ahead of his coming maturity, just before he turned 21 years of age, out of this sometimes celebrated Unified German Empire, departing on a ship of the Nord-Deutscher Line, the "HOHENZOLLERN," to disembark at the Port of Adelaide, South Australia on the 26th of September 1886. Ruwoldt soon made his way overland to Victoria, via Mount Gambier where he spent six months, after which he was at Horsham for two years, in Melbourne for eighteen months, and then he settled in Bendigo for the next twenty years. Hermann Ruwoldt married Margaret LYNCH in 1890 in Victoria and by 1911 they had four Australian-born Ruwoldt children, two boys and two girls. In Bendigo, on the 24th April 1911, as if catching a puff of the wind of the war and the enmity towards Germans that was to come, Ruwoldt completed his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation. He was then aged 43 years, of which the majority had been lived in Australia, for by then he had been in Australia for 24 years.

Johann Ernst Christian RUWOLDT
Johann Ernst Christian RUWOLDT arrived in Adelaide, South Australia in about 1878. He was born in about 1843 in the Baltic Coast village of Satow, in the Circle of (Kreis) Bad Doberan, in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, of the Deutsch Reich (now the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). This is very near to Schwaan, the birthplace of Ernst Ruwoldt (above), but I am unsure of any relationship. J.E.C. Ruwoldt was aged 49 years, employed as a labourer, and living at Mount Gambier, South Australia, when he made an Oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 16th June 1892. He arrived with his family, his wife was Maria Christiane Anna ENGEL. He and his wife had thee Australian-born daughters, born either in Mount Gambier, or nearby at Arno Farm.

John RYAN / Johannes REYIN - born Hamburg, married Sarah Ann McCONVILLE 1891 Vic.

Hugo RYAN -see Hugo Seraphim DEHRENDORF born Bonn, Deutschland.


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