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N Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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In Alphabetical, not historical order - (a work in progress)

NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated


Louis Felix NAGAN - born France, m. 1907 Mary Ellen MORAN - Nat. 1937

Johann Carl Friedrich Theodor NAGEL, b. hamburg Arr. 1882 AUSTRAL - Melborune > House Steward @ Warrnambool, NAT.1897

Friedrich NAGEL - Nat. 1902

Johann Wilhelm NAGEL - born Bremen, Germany,
married Anna NAGEL 1906 NAT.1901 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, Miner

Robert NAGEL - Nat. 1897

Wilhelm Carl Friedrich NAGEL born Germany, married Isabella NILSON 1887

Wilhelm Charles Frederick NAGEL - born Germany, married Hetta BISHOP 1904

Heinrich Henry NAGELSMOLLER - Hamburg > Melbourne 1893 bootmaker

Richard NAGLE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 20

Heinrich Henry NALDT born Hamburgh, married Margaret COOPER 1887

Herr NANQUETTE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 30

Julius Ferdinand NASEBANDT - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Janet Agnes McKAY 1900 Vic. Naturalised: 1890

Carl NATZKE -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 22

Rudolph NATZKE -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 25

Pierre NAUDY b.27 Dec 1867 Orgeix, Ariege, France Arr. 3 Jun 1893 Melbourne > NSW

Gustav NAUMANN = Nat. 1904

Heinrich Henry' NAUMANN - Born Hamburg, Bairnsdale Vic Nat. 1902

Jacob NAUMANN b.18 Nov 1881 Hessen, Hessen-Darmstadt Arr 17 Jan 1887 Brisbane QLD > Myrtletown, Brisbane QLD

Johannes Carl NAUMANN - b. Frankenberg, Hessen-DArmstadt No. 350 Bridge Road,
Richmond, Vic Tailor Arr. 22 Sept 1860 from Hamburh SOPHIA

Oscar NAUMANN b. 4 May 1873 Tresten, Saxony Arr.1911 Pt Adelaide > Miner, NSW

Oswald NAUMANN b. 4 MAy 1872 Dresden Saxony Miner Richmond Main Collery, NSW

Heinrich Henry NAVELL
Heinrich Henry NAVELL was born in the city of Hannover, in the Königreich Hannoveron the 23rd September 1855. Navell followed the cll of the sea, and emigrated out of Deutschland by way of the interim hub of seaports of refuge in England, from where he shipped his way to Wales. After times at sea, he embarked for the Port of Crdiff, Wales on the British Steamship "DULICH' and arrived at the Port of Williamstown, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria in February 1900. He was unmarried, working as a Labourer and Seaman, and residing at No.2 Morris Street, Williamstown, Victoria when he took the Oath in his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation before Justice Read Murphy, Police Magistrate for the State of Victoria, on the 4th June 1914. 'Harry Navell died at age 68 in Williamstown in 1923.

Josef NEBEHAY - B. 23 Feb 1860 Tzezeden , Gramma Komella, Hungary, Österreich - Austro-Hungarian Reich Arr 1892 from ort Louis, Mauritius, in Sydney NSW - 2 mmnths Sydney, 3 mnths Melbourne > Western Australia

Johann Georg Friedrich Peter NEBEL b. Magdeburg Nat. No. 13 McKay St, Richmond Vic Arr

Eduard NEBENDAHL -from Hamburg, m.1894 Bridget Elizabeth MACKEY Nat.1900 Daylesford, Vic.
Gustav Heinrich NEBENDAHL
Gustav Heinrich NEBENDAHL - born 7th August 1889 Krokau, Kreis Plön, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Arr. FREMANTLE' in 11 Aug 1911 fremantle RES, WA Freo, VIC Melbourne, NSW Sydney, SA Adelaide, Koolunga, Hahndorf. Nat. 16th October 1913 Hahndorf, SA

Julius NECKER von Königreich Württemberg, m.1886 Anna ZANDER

Julius NECKER arrived 1st Decemebr 1881 on the ship BARCELONA from Hamburg . Baker bytrade. > Footscray, Vic

Franzis NECLEK born Austria, married Sarah RYAN 1873

Carl Wilhelm NEHER -von Bettenfeld, Germany, m,1893 Rachel Eliza SCHRAMM Nat: 1894

August NEHRENHEIM, -b.10 Feb 1832 Greben, Gumbinnen, Koenigsburg, East Prussia  - - Emigrated  to arrive 9 March 1872  - - NATURALISED: 24 Aug 1876 Goulburn Street, Hobart Town, Tasmania, - CARPENTER @ age 44 yrs

Oscar NEILSEN, seaman, died at age 40 on the 24th September 1908 at Rum Jungle, Northern Territory

Jens NEILSON - born Germany, married Jessie STEWART 1898

Thomas Peter Ludwig NEILSEN -born Germany, m.1886 Caroline TAYLOR

Oswald NEITZ -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 25

Alfred Georg NELDER

Friedrich Augustus NELL - von Bavaria

'Jack' Johannes NELL
Jack Johannes NELL - from GeestMunde, Hannover Reich Born 25th april 1872. Arrived 17th March 1899 per the sailing ship 'McCALLUM MOORE' to Melbourne. Labourer, Unmarried. Lived: Brunswick 1 year, Bourke Street 8 yrs and 6 years at 43 Droops Street, Footscray. Aliens Memorial on 11 August 1914. Fifteen years in Australia

Alphred NERHOEGH -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 30

Johann NESLINGER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 33

Lorenz Laurell NESSY NESSE HESSE - born Germany, married Thrya ARTHUR 1911

Friedrich Wilhelm NENKE

Otto NESTLER - born Germany, married Maria CLARK 1892

Heinrich Wilhelm NETTE - from Hannover, married Cristiane BOLLE 1894 Vic.

Daniel NEU - born Kusel, Germany, married Margaret WILLIAMS 1892

Johann Georg NEUBECKER born Germany, married Catharine Elisabeth MARX 1888

Otto Albert Hermann NEUENDORF -born Germany, m.1886 Alberta Emilie MATTINGLY


Heinrich Tobias NEUHAUS - born Germany, married Rebecca Anna TAYLOR 1892

Otto NEUHAUS/ NEWHAUS -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 30

Saloman NEWHEIM / Solomon NEUHEIM - born Germany, married Adelaide Constance JACOBY 1898

Carl Charles NEUMANN born Germany, married Elizabeth NEILSEN 1888

Carl Wilhelm Hermann NEUMANN

Herr NEWMANN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 35

August NEWMANN/NEUMANN - born Prüßen (Prüssia), married Louise Paulien NEWMANN 1898 Vic.

Felix NEUMANN born Germany, married Marion GOUDIE 1887

George NEWMAN / Georg NEUMANN - born Germany, married Annie ADAIR 1895

Henry NEWMAN / Heinrich NEUMANN - born Germany, married May JONES 1912

Wilhelm NEUMANN -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 29

Fritz Friedrich NEUSTETAL / NEUSTEADTAL born Germany, married Kate MARTIN 1887

Raymond Arnold Raoul Henri Marie NEUTS - aka RAOUL b. Belguim
Raymond Arnold NEUTS - aka RAND born 13th September 1890 Antwerp, Belguim. A lucky and a clever man to get out of Belguuin, NEUTS arrived from London on the ship 'S.S' BELTANA' on the 10th April 1915, disembarking at the Port of Melbourne. His occupation was that of Motor Mechanic working at Scheps Bros. Motor Engineers, ats St Kilda Junction. He resided at No. 142 High Street, St Kilda, Victoria when he was Naturalised on the 20th January 1918.

Ludwig Carl Wilhelm NICHOFF

Friedrich Gustav NICKEL - to Melbourne, Miner, Perth WA
Friedrich Wilhelm NICKEL, son of Friedrich Wilhelm Nickel was born on the 15th March 1869 at Jodlauken, Insterburg, East Prussia. Nickel Emigrated out of Deutschland and embarked at the Port of Bremerhaven on the Nord Deutscher Lloyd Steamshop 'S.S.HABSBURG' to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria in early November 1886. On disembarking Nickel remained in Victoria for about ten years. Friedrich Gustav NICKEL was married to Bendigo-born Emily PRIOR in 1896 and went to Walhalla in the Gippsland Goldfields of Victoria. Th efirst two of their four Children were : Doris Nickel born 1896 at Walhalla (later Mrs BYRNE); Evelyn Nickel born 1898 Walhalla, (later Mrs MOORE). The Nickels then headed up the line through New south Wales for two years and then to Queensland for two years before transhipping to Western Australia for the duration. Their children born in WA were Friedrich Wilhelm Nickel, born 1903 Perth, WA; Emilie Nickel, born 1908 Greenbushes, Western Australia. Nickel went out to Mount Morgan for five years, back in Perth for a year, then three years at Greenbushes, a year in Meekatharra and then at Cue for a part of another year, the at Ravensthorpe, at Midland junction for five years, and to Kalgoorlie for three years, and then to Perth again, a total of 23 years in Western Australia. Age 55 a Miner, at No.54 Lake Street, Perth, Western australia

Pastor Theodor August Friedrich Wilhelm NICKEL
Pastor Theodor August Friedrich Wilhelm NICKEL was born on the 21st July 1865 at Güstrow, in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Deutschland – Nickel was the son of Dr Thedoore & Mathilde NICKEL. He received his education at Güstrow High School. And then, travlleing to the USA, graduated from Concordia Seminary, in St Louis in 1888. He became the Lutheran Pastor at Shawano, Wisconson, USA; Stockbridge India Reserve 1898-1901. Nichel married in the USA to The Nickels travelled back to Mecklenburg for a short sojourn and their eldest a son was born while their. Two daughter were born in the USA. The NickELs Emigrated from the USA on the vessel “RHEIN” to arrived on the 13th October 1901 at Largs Bay, Adelaide, South Australia. Nickel became the Lutheran Pastor at Eudunda SA from 1901-1917; and then at Hochkirch (now Tarrington), near Hamilton Victoria from 1917-1923; Later, he was Called back to Deutschland, where he became Pastor at Wittingen and Hamburg. President of South Australian District 1902-1913; President of E.L.C.A 1903-1922; President of Free Church of Saxony 1924-1930. Editor of Kirchenbote and the Australian
Lydia Maria Rosina NICKEL – born 13th July 1873 Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA naturalised at Eudunda {on behalf of my wife who left for ameica a fortnigt ago a beg to acknowledge receipt of Certificate of Naturalised No 13458. Th. Nickel] – born United States of America. . Emigrated from the USA on the vessel “RHEIN” to arrived on the 13th October 1901 at Largs Bay, Adelaide, South Australia. Residing at Eudunda. Married Three children: two femaless one male, Son attending College at Adelaide. Naturalised a 18th March 1912 Adelaide, South Australia Resident Clergyman at Tarrington., near Hamilton Victoria 1919 also Lydia Maria Rosine NICKEL Tarrington., near Hamilton, Victoria 1919. Their daughter Margartte Clara Meta Luise Nickel was married in 1917 in Victoria to Philipp Friedrich Rudolph (died 1952 Manly NSW). Sackville, near Albury NSW 1936 1937 – 1943 1949- retired. Lutheran. Pastor Theodor August Friedrich Wilhelm NICKEL died at Albury NSW in 1953. His wife Lydia Maria Rosina Nickel survived him to die in the same place in 1957.

Theodor Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Gustav NICKEL-HOELTY – Lutheran Pastor, Hamilton Vic & USA
Pastor Theodor Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Gustav NICKEL-HOELTY born 31 August 1894 Güstrow, Mecklenburg, Deutschland. Son of Dr T. A. F. W. NICKEL of Albury, Australia. Concordia College 1908-1915. Ordained 12 March 1916. Assistant at West Coast, Eudunda, Trungley Hall, New Zealand; Ülzen, Hannover; 1912-1925; Studied at Liepzig Conservatorium. Professor of Church Music, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, USA; Concordia Seminary, St Louis, Mo., USA; Valparaiso University, Ind. Resident Clergyman at Tarrington., near Hamilton Victoria in 1919 –TAF Resident

August NICKELS - born Holstein, Germany, married Elise DRUCKRE 1893

Wilhelm William NICOL born Germany, married Emma MIHAM 1887

Johann John NICOLAI - born Germany, married August HILLE 1893

Renzo NICOLAI Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 22

Friedrich NICHOLS - from Prüßen (Prussia), married Florence STEWART 1912


Andreas 'Andrew' NIELSEN - born Schleswig-Holstein, married Alice TAYLOR 1890 Vic.

Hans Johannes Friedrich NIELSEN - born Germany, married Louisa FLETCHER 1894

Ignatz NIELSEN - born Germany, married Jessie STEWART 1898

Johann Jacob NIELSON - born Germany, married Mary Jane ARNOLD 1889

Carl August Emil NIEMBERG - born Germany, married Alice Margaret SCHONELL 1896

Neils Ipsen NIELSEN -born Germany, married 1882 Mari Victoria Ischofen NEYER

Franz Stein NIEMANN born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1885 Mary Charlotte MAYER

Theodor Reinhold NIER from Wittgensdorf, Chemnitz, Saxony
Chemnitz, Saxony, circa 1912
Theodor Reinhold NIER, son of Oswald Theodor NIER, was born on the 9th June 1894 at Wittgensdorf, Chemnitz, Saxony. Neir emigrated to Australia on the steamship 'S.S.ROON' arriving at Port Melbourne on the 12th November 1913. Nier was caught out by the enmity in the Declaration of the War. He was Registered as an Enemy Alien during the War at Russell Street Police station, Melbourne. He lived for seven year sin the city of Melbourne from where he could make his weekly report to Police for the duration of the war, before moving out to Thornbury. When he applied to be Naturalised the report on him by Inspector Rowland S. Browne, said he was a person of good report, had a fiance in Germany, and states that "Nier visited Germany in 1921 on a Permit from the Home and Territories Department, in company with his present employer, for the purpose of examining and purchasing special machinery. He states he may return there for a similar purpose in a year or so from date. He is a successful and progresive young man of sound education." Brown concluded: 'No objection.' Nier finally submitted his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at Age 28 years, when working as a Mechanic and residing at 21 Flinders Street, Thornbury, on the 4th December 1922.

Gustav Wilhelm NILLSON - born Germany, married Marie Therese HACKE 1903

Alfred Julius NILSON - born Germany, married Louisa ANDERSON 1902

Carl NILSEN / Charles NILSON born Germany, married Catherine KENELY 1888

Carl Axel Charles NILSSON - born Germany, married Eliza Agnes WESTAWAY 1906

Georg Friedrich NILSSON - born Germany, married Marie Theresa HACKE 1903

Joseph NIMBS - born Germany, married 1881 Helen SOUTHON

Heinrich Henry NINK - born Germany, married Alice Maude BANKS 1912

Carl Peter NISSEN - von Ottensen, Germany, married Wilhelmine WEISSER 1895

Carston Peter NISSEN - born 28 August 1868 Norborg, North Schleswig, Germany, Arr.10 July 1893 "STRATFORD' at Melbourne > Locksley 8 yrs Wahring, Victoria married Eliza Jane McCARRON 1905 13 year Grazie

Friedrich Andreas NISSEN - von Ottensen, Germany, married Florence MURPHY 1900

Ingvert Hansen NISSEN - born Schleswig, Prüssia, married Mary Dinah FEARON 1893 Vic.

Johannes 'John' NISSEN - von Ottensen, Germany, married Louisa Alice PEACHEY 1895

Johann Jorgen NISSEN - - born Germany, married Minnie wilhelmine SEIFFERT 1891

Rasmus Christian NISSEN - born Germany, married Mary COWARD 1892

Luis Ludwig NITCHIE/NITSCHKE - von Berlin, Brandenburg, Prüßen

Johannes NITZ

Carl Axel NOBELIUS - von Finland > Emerald, Gembrook Nurseries

Christian Davidson NOBEL, Naturalised 1895

Alexander NOBEL / NOBEL - Naturalised 1895

Heinrich NOESKE - b. 1837 Schoda, Posen -Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879 @ age 42 Kutscher - with wife and 3 Kind

Heinrich NOESKE son of abover b. 1878 Schroda, Posen - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879 age 1 yr

Albert Carl Theodor NOFFKE born Germany, married Mary Ann HOWELL 1888

Otto Ferdinand NOFFKE - Naturalised 1906

Albert Carl Theodor NOHLKE / NOLFKE - born Germany, married Mary Ann PRICE 1896

Heinrich NOLDT

Franzis Frohwald NOLL
Franz Frohwald NOLL (aka Franz Frohwald WOLL - in correctly!) – b.2nd Feb 1866 at Schlema, Sachsen, (Saxony) Deutschland, the son of Friedrich August NOLL. Five foot two, blonde & blue-eyed, Franz Noll left Saxony for Australia, arriving in Sydney, New South Wales on the vessel “S.S. WESTPHALEN’ on the 5th August 1908. On disembarking he went up to Queensland, where he lived in Texas, Qlfd for one year, and then, back down south, staying for a year at Gunalha, NSW, and another year in the NSW Riverina, at Henry, before crossing into Victoria and settling in the Ovens valley at Harrietville. After twelve years in Australia, Franz Frohwald NOLL was a farmer at Harrietville, in north-east Victoria when he made the Oath of his Alien’s Memorial to be Naturalised on the 6th July 1921. His a character has given this attestation: “I have known the aplicatnt for 2 ½ years. He is a hard-working and law abiding man. He has left Germany for good and intends to reside in Australia for life and to take up land as soon as he may legally do so.”- Franzis Frohwald NOLL died in Bright, Victoria in 1949 at the age of 79 years.

Ernst Hermann Eduard NOLTE - FreelinG SA Nat 1918-1920

Heinrich NOLTE - born Germany, married Mary NOLTE 1891

Nicolaus Robert VON NOLTING
Nicolaus Robert VON NOLTING cam of a noble family of Hannover. He was born on the 6th December 1890 at Verden in Hannover, Koenigreich Hannover. He arrived in Australia at the Port of Geelong, in the Corio Arm of Port Phillip Bay, on the ship 'MERIE-MACKFIELD" on 25th March 1908. When he submitted his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the brink of War, it was already the 10th August 1914, he had been in Australia for six years, and he was then unmarried, working as a Mechanic, and living at 47 Autumn Street, Geelong, Victoria.
Joseph NOLTON / NOLTING -born Germany, married 1882 Susan DOHERTY

Nommen Friedrich NOMMENSEN - born Germany, married Elizabeth WALDEN 1890 [Alien Registered 9 October 1916 Certificate No, 26]

Henrik Anton NORDSTROM

Carl Charles Otto NORLING - Naturalised 1905

Andrew NORMAN / Andreas NAUMAN - Naturalised 1883

Alfred NORMAN / NAUMANN - Nat. 1914

Charles NORMAN / Carl NAUMANN Finland Arr, 1889 Melbourne > Claremont, WA

Charlie NORMAN / Carl NAUMANN Nat 1915

Johann Victor NORMAN / NAUMANN Nat.1 916

Joseph Elias NORMAN / NAUMANN - Sweden - NAt. 10-6

Robert NORMAN / NAUMANN - Arr. 1911 Freemantle , WA. Pierbuilder. Hawksburn, Melbourne

Leon NOWACKI born Posen, Prüßen, (Prussia) m.1883 Isabella GRINHAM

Friedrich NOWLAND - von Prüßen (Prussia), married Mary Jane LARDLOW 1911

J L NUISTERN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Oktober 1881 age 29

Gustav Carl NUNGESSER born Germany, married 1883 Agnes KIDSTON

Albert Julius NUSKE - born Germany, married Clara Christiane ZSCHECK 1911

Carl Julius NUSKE -born Germany, m.1886 Dorothea Ernstine NUSKE

Georg Friedrich NUSKE - born Germany, married Adelheide Dorothea RUDOLPH 1909

Alfred NYBERG born Prussia, married 1880 Alice CRAWCOUR

Isaac Alfred NYBERG - von Prüßen (Prussia_, Married Alice CRAWCOUR 1880


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