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Sa-Sc Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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In Alphabetical, not historical order - (a work in progress)

NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated


Herr J SAABS -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 33

Herr SABERSKI -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 40

A A SACH -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 26 with wife

Julius SACHS -born Germany, m.1886 Annie Louisa GOOD

Martin SACHS -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 25

Rupert SACK - Naturalised 1933

Luis Emil SADEWASSER - from Hamburg, married Beatrice Lily hetta Siendeburg 1892 Vic.

Heinrich August SAGEBIEL - born abt 1851 Germany. Miner in Northern territory 1881 age 30, at Pine Creek NT 1891 age 40, at Driffield NT 1901 age

Wilhelm SAGER - born Germany, married Alice Ann EVANS 1889

Carl Gustav SAGASSER - born Prüssia, married Mary COOK/KOCH 1889 Vic.

Mattheas Karlsten SAHLSTEN - from Finland

Carl Erdmann SALAN born Prussia, married Caroline Pauline PEUKER 1888

Christoph Carl 'Charles' SALDER - born Bavaria m. 1875 ELizabeth Ann MURRAY

Salomon SALINGER -born Germany, m.1886 Sidonie HEYMEMANN

Heinrich August Hugo SALOMO
Heinrich August Hugo SALOMO was born on the 22 June 1851 at Steinau-am-Oder, Kreis Steinau, Provinz Breslau, Schlesien, Prussia. Steinau is now Ścinawa, Poland. Heinrich trained to be a Mechanical Engineer. Salomo emigrated by way of the interim hub of refuge and freedom in England and embarked at the Port of London on the ship 'CUSCO' to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 19th April 1880. After disembarking Salomo lived at No.280 Bourke Street, Melbourne for 7 years, at Moonee Pomds for 7 years, at Lobb St, Brusnwick for 7 years, and then atm Edward street Brunswick. Henry August Hugo SALOMO was Natrualised on when residing at No.55 Edward Street, Brunswick.


Georg SAMBRALO born Austria, married Mary BARROn 1875


Baron Bernhardt Traugott Leberecht VON SANDEN
Baron Bernhardt Traugott Leberecht VON SANDEN was born on the 11th November 1850 at Tussainen (Lithuanian: Tusainiai/ Russian: Čiapajevo) East Prussia. Von Sanden emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich on the vessel "LAOY PAIRNS" to arrive in Australian ate the Port of Melbourne on the 4th April 1874. On disembarking in Melbourne Von Sanden went up to the Riverina district

Adolph SANDER - from Hamburg, married Agnes Kate EDWARDS 1893 Vic.

Ernst friedrich heinrich SANDER - born Germany, married Elisabeth Ann JENSEN 1894

Emil Christian Clarenz SANDER

Johann Michael Richard SANDNER - from Bavaria, married Emile Maria BEYER 1891 Vic.

Friedrich Wilhelm SANDMANN - born Germany, married Alice Maude STANLEY 1892

Cardel Heinrich Eduard SANDNER - born Germany, married Ellen CUNNINGHAM 1890

Johann Michael Richard SANDNER - born Germany, married Emilie Maria BEYER 1889

Paul SANDOFER Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 25

Victor SANDOZ -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 20

Herr W SANDSTEIN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 29

Eduard SANGAL, Dandenong

Friedrich Emil SAPEL - born Germany, married Rose SHORE 1897

Gideon Jan DU MARCHIE SARVAAS - born Germany, married Florence Eliza SADLER 1910

Hermann SASS - born Germany, married Fannu O"BRIEN 1890

Johannes Hans SASS.
Johannes Hans SASS, son of Ferdinand Sass, was born on the 8th May 1877 in the Deutsche Reich Capital, Berlin.. Electrical Engineer, Sass emigrated out of Deutschland by way of the interim hub of refuge in Great Britain and embarked with his wife and family from a Port in South Wales, on the Nord Deutscher Lloyd steamship vessel 'GNEISENAU" arriving in Australia at the Port of Fremantle, Western Australia on the 25th March 1912. Sass had formerly lived for nine months in London, for 30 months in Cardiff, and for 15 months in Tonmawr, in Neath District, near Cardiff, South Wales. After disembarking in Fremantle, the Sass family lived at Maylands, Perth for nine months, then at Serpentine, W.A. for 16 months, at Addington for three and a half years, and then again in central Perth. Sass was Registered as an Enemy Alien in Kelmscott, Wastern Australia - (Certifacte No 03105) in about 1916. He wife Lina Margaretha Sass, born in Berlin, lived with him and their three children in at Bennett Street, Perth. The children were Karoline Margareth Sass, born on 19th January 1906 in Berlin; Robert Ferdinand Sass born 20th December 1910 at Tonmawr, Neath district, South Wales, and Hermann Friedrich Sass, born 7th Secember 1916 in Perth, Western Australia.
In Perth Sass was employed as and Electrical Engineer by the Australia Electrical Company Ltd of No. 130 Bennett Street, Perth. WA. Finally, after years of Alien status under week by week reporting conditions, Sass was living at his workplace when he was finally allowed to take the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation in Perth on the 23rd February 1921. After being Naturalised Sass was expected to take over the management of the Australian Electrical Company in Perth, where in 1921 he was attested to be amost desirable citizen, doing good working as the Electrical expert teaching returned soldiers the electrical business. It must have been a culturally interesting situation for both sides, as Sass explained his own status to the veterans was they came back to Australia to find themselves under the tutelage of German national who was retraining them for their Austalian life.

Gerhard SASSE - born Germany, married ELiza LEWIEN 1890

Friedrich SASSING - born Germany, married Margaret AYLMER 1891

Paul SAUL -born Germany, m.1886 Mary Ann MOORE

Meyer SAUNDERS -born Poland, m.1886 Mary Anna MYER

Wilhelm SAVADE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Oktober 1881 age 50

Luis Claude SAVILLE - born France m.1906 Christina McCUSKER

Christian SCEGER: - born Königreich Württemberg, married Ellen SPOONER 1891 Vic.


Ludwig Arthur SCHAAD, Melbourne

Joseph SCHABERT - born Germany, married Sadie BLOOM 1909

Wilhelm Eduard SCHABINGER

Johann Nikolaus Wilhelm SCHACK - born Hohnstorf, Lüneberg, Hannover, married Mary Hannah WORRALL 1910

Johann Nikolaus Wilhelm SCHACK was born on the 6th May 1860 at Hohnstorf, nr Bullendorf, Lüneberg, in the Königreich Hannover, the kingdom which then became Hannover Provinz of the Deutsch Reich in 1871. He arrived in Australia at Port Adelaide on about the 10th November 1883 for he was Naturalised just two days later, then reporting his occupation as that of Mason, and his age 23, - his place of residence as Adelaide. His son Sydney Schack writes: "While a boy he was skating on the frozen river Rhine. His skates became unfastened and, while hot, he stopped to fix them and after contracted Scarlet Fever which left him practically deaf in one ear. This placed him in Reserves of Military training for national service and he was never called up. This did not worry him as he was not of a war-like nature. After leaving school he served his apprenticeship as a bricklayer. He worked in various parts of Germany. He was very fond of dancing and related that often he danced until early morning, getting home and climbing in the window so as not to disturb his parents. He would then change, have breakfast and walk five miles to start work on time. He had a keen sense of humour and I will relate some of the humorous incidents in his long life later. He had a spirit of adventure and enterprise so it was not surprising that one weekend he asked his father for his bank book, saying that he wanted to draw some money as he was going to see Port Hamburg. He did not want to tell his father that he intended to go further than Hamburg and on to Australia. He knew that it was intended that he would later carry on with the farm which his father owned. This was the custom in Germany and probably still is - that is, namely for the eldest son to take over when the old folk were too old to do the necessary work. So ... he sailed for London, the first stage of his journey. Landing there he had the usual battle with the confidence men who were ever ready to catch the unwary. Eventually he embarked on the long journey to Australia, leaving behind all his relations except his sister and brother-in-law who were already in Australia. He arrived in Adelaide with 19 shillings and tried to get work at his trade of bricklaying." J. N. W. SCHACK married Sophie Catherine PASSOW in South Australia, and had a substantial family. Later, after she died, he remarried to Mary Hannah Worrall as mentioned above.
Subsequent to his South Australian Naturalisation, J. N. W. SCHACK mislaid his papers and with the Advent of the 'not-so Great WAR his nationality status was challenged, his Alien enemy origin asserted as a default, so that in Melbourne on the 24th February 1916 he was compelled for his own freedom to sign a declaration asserting that he wad been Naturalized in South Australia 'in about 1886' - but that his Certificate had been lost while travelling. - His descendent, Michael Schack writes of the 'Stat Dec he made during the first World War attesting to his naturalization. No doubt necessary to in the war environment." Another descendent writes: "He did marry Mary Worrall- I think that was his third or second wife. He also married Hannah Worrall. Mary's sister. He spent the last of his years with my Auntie Lorna, Uncle Bert and their daughter Muriel living in Geelong, Victioria. Muriel is still very much alive and my family lives in Geelong." Detail courtesy of Debbie White - and the SCHACK FAMILY Story online:

Carl Friederich August SCHACHTSCHABEL, from Schleswig

F SCHADHORST -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 43

Frau SCHAEF -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 38, with fraulien Schaef 24

Carl August Manilius SCHÄFER

carl Bruno Ernst SCHAEFER - born Germany, married Ada Mary GLEESON 1912

Franz SCHAEFER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 31

Hermann Carl Wilhelm SCHÄFER

Johann John SCHAEFER - born Germany, married Alice Maude Mary HUNT 1893

Paul Ernst SCHAEFER - born Germany, married Maggie THOMSON 1895

Reinhold Felix SCHAEFER - born Germany, married Alberta Hannah Victoria JENKINS 1910

Wilhelm Felix SCHÄFER

Johannes SCHÄFER

Reinhold Felix SCHAEFER - from Dresden, Saxony, married Florence Kate Alexandra BILTON 1894 Vic.


Carl Friedrich Paul SCHAEFER - born Germany, married Frances Sarah LYSTER 1898

Friederich SCHAFFERT - born Germany, married Jane YOUENS 1898

Gottlieb SCHAFTER, Doncaster - born Germany, married Lilian Gerte LAPHAM 1892

Eugen SCHALLERT - born Germany, married Eliza KORNEMANN 1890

Zacharias SCHANZ -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 27

Karl Theodor Eduard SCHARF - born Germany, married Olive alce May DE HUGARD 1898

Franz Otto SCHARFENORT - Arr. S.S.HOHENZOLLERN at Pt Melbourne 8th June 1889 ? Wooloomooloo, Hairdresser

August Wilhelm SCHARLEMANN - born Germany, married Margaret Agnes GRAY 1909

Vincent SCHARMER Born 1860 Tyrol, Österreich. Carpenter, Daly River NT 1891. age 31

Walter SCHARNHORST/ SHARNHORST born Germany, married Margaret O'CONNOR 1888

Johann Israel SCHARRER, from Austria

Emil Ferdinand SCHATZ

L. SCHATZ -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 15

Johannes SCHAUM

H SCHAUMANN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 38 , with Frau 29, Fraulien 9, Sohn 2

Jacob Karl Valentine SCHAUPP Enemy Alien File [district register W95/2/33) 1914-1918

Johannes SCHECKER -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 28

Georg Friedrich Wilhelm SCHEELE born Germany, married Louise ILSEMANN 1888

Joseph Wilibror Martial SCHEER - born Germany, married Agnes WILSON 1908

Friedrich Christoph SCHEFFER - born Prüssia, married Ann PITCHER 1894 Vic.

Friedrich Wilhelm Julius Oscar SCHEIBEL born Germany, married Elizabeth Jane ANDERSON 1887

Emil SCHELBLE / SCHEIBEL, - born Baden, married Ellen BRITT 1899 Vic.

Joseph SCHELLENBERG - born Germany, married Annie MORGAN 1900

Christian SCHELLER married? Mary O’SULLIVAN - daughter Josine 1884-1891 died Prahran

Johannes 'John' SCHELLER, born, Interlaken, Switzerland

Isaac SCHELLER / SHELLER Nat. 1903

Mendel SCHELLER / SHELLER born Wilmer, Russia. Jewish Bootmaker @ Carlton

August Wilhelm SCHENGE -from Germany, married Henrietta Campbell LLEWELLYN 1901

Moritz SCHENZENGER - born Germany, married Susan Cecilie FRASEWR 1907

Friedrich SCHEPKE / SCHAEPKE - von Prussia, married Sophie RASMUSSEN 1907

Heinrich Bernhardt SCHEPS / SCHEPZ - born Germany, married Alice May LANGDON 1912

Christian SCHERFLER -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 37

Carl Louis Ludwig SCHERWITZ - born Germany, married Luise Auguste BRANDSTADTER 1899

Hermann Ludwig - von Prussia, married Matilda Elizabeth LEESON 1907

Matthias SCHEURER, Riddells Creek

Hermann Ludwig SCHERWITZ - von Prussia, married Dorothea GRANDENT 1898 Vic.

Georg SCHICKERT - from Bavaria, married Carol BRYANT 1894 Vic.

Maxwell SCHICKERT / SCHICKERL - born Germany, married Bertha Grace FORREST 1909

Hermann SCHICKIDANZ -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 41

Johann Georg SCHIEDER, from Prussia

Franz Ottomar SCHIEBLICH - born Germany -
Franz Ottomar SCHIEBLICH - born about 1872, Deutschland, the son of Johannes Ernst SCHLIEBLICH & Amelie Alma HUHN. He was married in Victoria, Australia in 1899 to Melbourne-born Adelaide Irene WINDSOR. - Children: 1. Alma Adelaide Irene Schieblich -b.1901 Albert Park, Melb.- d.1906 Melb South @ 5 yrs; 2.Gretchen Maide Bertha Schieblich -b.1902 Melb.South; 3. Franz Sydney Ernst Schieblich -b.1903 Albert Park; 4. Irene Lily Carmen Schieblich -b.1906 Melbourne south; 5.Hansel Edouard Schieblich -b.1907 Malvern.

Eduard SCHIELBLICK - from Dresden, Saxony, married Mabel HARDING 1889 Vic.

Lilly Ernestine SCHIEBLICH - born Germany, married 1890 Swedish-born Gustav Oscar ANDERSON

Otto Franzis SCHIEBLICH - born about 1882 Germany, the son of Oscar Johann SCHIEBLICH & Marie WEITHAUSER. He married in Victoriam in 1909 to Dimboola, Victorian-born Ottilie Sophia FECHNER, the daughter of German-born Christian Augustus FECHNER & Maria Auguste ELisabetha GRASKE. Children in the Wimmera: 1. Olga Marie Ottolie Schieblich -b.1911 Dimboola; 2.Ada Theresa Schieblich -b.1925 Dimboola; 3.Ruth Isabelle Schieblich b.1919 Dimboola, Victoria. More children were born after 1920. Otto Frank SCHIEBLICH died in 1933 at Dimboola, Victoria aged 50 years.

C G SCHIER -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 38

Albert SCHIERBAUM - born Germany, married Mary Louisa CRITTENDON 1892

August SCHIESLING - born Germany, married Emma Wilhelmine HUSPETH 1900

Adolpf SCHIFFMANN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 43

Ernst SCHILD -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 22

F SCHILLER -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 26

Joseph SCHILLER - born 1 Januar 1866 Freystadt, Silesia, Prussia > Geelong Vic.- Foster, Gippsland - Narrabri, NSW

Wilhelm Carl SCHILLER

Friedrich SCHILLING -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Feb. 1901 age 23

Friedrich Albert SCHILLING - born Germany, married Eunice Eva May COUTLAS 1903

Paul Adolph SCHILLING - from Berlin. Married Bertha Caroline Frost 1901 Vic.

Robert Adolf SCHILLING - born Germany, married Louise Maria HARDERS 1909

Carl Alexander SCHIMMELBUSCH born Germany, married Mary Ann Teresa BERNASOCHI 1887

Gustav SCHINCK - from Cologne

Richard SCHINGER -from Germany, married Rosena Franzesca KLUNDER 1896

Georg Eduard SCHINTLER, Footscray > Adelong, NSW

Moritz SCHINZINGEN - born Germany, married Susan Cicely FRASER 1907

Benedict SCHIOK -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 26

Michael SCHIOK -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 29

Heinrich Henry SCHIRING born Germany, married Emma ALTMANN 1888
Alfred Franz Francis SCHLAGER

Heinrich SCHLAKER / Harry SCHLAIKIER born Schleswig Holstein, married Lucy Mary O'CONNOR 1888

Christian Martin Leopold SCHLAGER - born Germany, married Margaret LANHAM 1900

Friedrich SCHLAICH - born Germany, married Agnes COLEMAN 1899

Franz 'Frank' Xavier SCHLAMP
Franz 'Frank' Xavier SCHLAMP born at Lippertshofen, Bavaria. t arriving on teh 16th June 1902 per the G.M.S. OLDENBURG at Sydney, NSW. No.21 Napier St, Fiztroy, Travellor,

Hermann Heinrich SCHLAPP

Wilhelm Friedrich SCHAUFFELE -born Königreich Württemberg, married Anna Magdalene SCHUMACHER 1882

Carl Gottlieb SCHLEICHER - born Germany, married Louisa MADDERN 1912

Josef SCHLEISSINGER - von Bavaria, married Helen Marie Martha STRAUCH 1905

Gustav SCHLENSTER born Germany, married Florence COLLINS 1888

Heinrich Arthur SCHLICHTING - born Germany, married Sarah MATHEIU 1896

Johann Augustus SCHLICHTWEG, from Sax-Coburg-Gotha

Carl/Charles Melville SCHLIEDELL,

August SCHLIESING, South Yarra- born Germany, married Emma Wilhelmina HUDSPETH 1900

Doctor R SCHLINK -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 31

Clemens SCHLINK -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 22

Clemenz SCHLINK -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 20; with Frau F Schlink 52 and Fraulien T Schlink 20

Johann Heinrich Gustave SCHLIPPE born Hamburgh, married Mary Anne HUNT 1888

Ernst Johann Hugh SCHLITZ, STeeles Creek, Yarra Glen

Heinrich Henry SCHLOGELL - born Germany, married Charlote Ann MATTHEWS 1911

Georg Friedrich SCHLOO, Hawthorn

Ferdinand SCHLOTTERLEIN, Port Melbourne

Heinrich SCHLUTER - born Germany, married Elizabeth Jane GILLIGAN 1898

Franz SCHONFELD/SCHONFEILD - from Berlin. Married Annie Jones 1896 Vic.

Ernst Rollos SCHLYDER, Collingwood

SCHMADDEBECK, from Mecklenburg-Schwerin

franz Friedrich Wilhelm SCHMAELING - born Germany, married Mary Ann GARNER 1891

Adolphus SCHMAHL born Germany, married Helena WAGNER 1887

Adolphus Friedrich Anton SCHMAHL - from Hamburg, married Mary Ada DEBT 1893

Friedrich SCHMELZLE - born Germany, married Maria MARGENREUTER 1891

Emil SCHMERBERG - born Germany, married Henriette SCHOOF 1912

Friedrich Leonhardt SCHMEYR - from Bavaria, married Thereza Elizabeth CRANE 1892 Vic.

Melchior SCHMID -
Melchior SCHMID b. 15th November 1884 at Hünenberg, Canton Kug, Switzerland Arr. ship 'SS GNEISENAU' 10 Jan 1911 at Pt Melbourne > On disembarkation he went to Warrnambool and resided at Dennington for the next five years and eight months. He was married in 1920 to Ann JONES in Victora. Naturalised 24 August 1916 Warrnambool. Melchoir Schmid died in 1972 at Warragul, West Gippsland @ 87 years.

Adolphus Friedrich SCHMIDT

Albert SCHMIDT born Prussia, married Nellie McKENZIE 1888

Albert Otto SCHMIDT - von Hamburg m.1904 Eva Janet FOGARTY 1904

Carl Charles SCHMIDT - born Germany, married Ellen GOLDSWORTHY 1905

Carl Adam Eduard SCHMIDT, Hawthorn > Schnapper Point

Carl Charles SCHMIDT - born Germany, married Amelia Allen FEUTRILL / FENTOULL 1911

Carl Christian SCHMIDT - Woods Point

Carl Ernst Wilhelm SCHMIDT - born Germany, married Agnes Margaret JARROLD 1905

'Charles Harry' Karl Hermann Heinrich SCHMIDT - born Germany, married Caroline
Wilhelmine JANICK 1889

Conrad SCHMIDT - born Germany, married Frances Letitia BROPHY 1902

Ernst Wilhelm Friedrich SCHMIDT born Germany, married Emma Sophie Friedericke LANGHOFF 1888

Carl Richard SCHMIDT - von Berlin, married Edith Mabel WALLACE 1910

Christian Karl SCHMIDT - born Germany, married Charlotte Ann GARLICK 1899

Claus Johannes Joseph SCHMIDT - born Germany, married Elisabeth SEEGER 1893

Conrad SCHMIDT -born Germany, m.1886 Mary ROBBIE

Ernst Wilhelm Friedrich SCHMIDT, Malvern

Ernst SCHMIDT -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" October 1878 age 24

Ernst Ernest SCHMIDT - born Germany, married Margaret Emma HUNT 1912

Ernst Emil SCHMIDT -born Germany, m.1886 Catherine Rose GODENZI

Frank Franzis SCHMIDT. Born Germany- Registered Enemy Alien at Pine Creek, NT 1919

Franzis Heinrich SCHMIDT - born Germany, married Elizabeth BUTLIN 1892

Franz SCMMIDT - arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 40

Friedrich Georg SCHMIDT - born Germany, married Hanorah Kennedy 1894

Friedrich Wilhelm SCHMIDT born Germany, married Johanne Emilie TEPPER 1887

Gustav August Wilhelm Martin SCHMIDT - von Prussia, married Gretchen Laura Sophia KOEVE / KEEVE 1907

Johannes SCHMIDT

Johann Carl/Charles SCHMIDT - from Prussia

Johann Friedrich Christian SCHMIDT - born Germany, married Elizabeth Anne WIGNEY 1890

Karl Johann SCHMIDTborn Baden, married Alice JOHNSON 1896 Vic.
Karl Johann SCHMIDT - born Baden Baden, Deutschland -Carl or Karl SCHMIDT - EMIGRATED with his family at age one to arrive in Australia 28th October 1865, married Alice JOHNSON 1896 - NATURALISED as a Selector at Wanalta, beteen Colbinabbinn and Rushworth, Vic. 18 August 1897 at age 32, after 31 year sin Australia. Four children born Rushworth: Franz Johann SCHMIDT 1897; Barbara Katherina SCHMIDT 1898, Maria Johanne Anna SCHMIDT 1900, Elsiabetha Anna SCHMIDT 1902-1902; Karl Johann SCHMIDT 1903.

- born 1852 Germany. Corella Downs, Northern Terriory 1891 labourer Age 39

Richard August Carl Ludwig SCHMIDT - born Prüssia, married Clara LUNGEWITZ 189o Vic.

Robert Julius Carl SCHMIDT - from Hamburg,

Robert SCHMIDT- from Hamburg, married Magdalene WORMER 1898 Vic.

Rudolph Otto Christian SCHMIDT - born Prüssia, married Augsute Charlotte Henriette JACOBSEN 1890 Vic

Theodor Gotthelf Hugo Paul SCHMIDT - von Germany m. 1914 Emma JOHANNES

Walter Hugo SCHMIDT
Walter Hugo SCHMIDT was born 8th Dec 1862 Leipzig, Sachsen. Arr. from Frankfurt-am-Main, 30th March 1896 per steamship BAYERN - > Melbourne Traveller in Australia Res. Nat. 11 August 1914 No. 43 mercer Rd, malverm Investor. Manager of the Australian Metal Co. Ltd

Wilhelm SCHMIDT/Wiljeam SMITH - from Hannover, married Marie Ellen McCLURE 1890 Vic.

Walter SCHMIDT Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 22

Carl Adam Eduard SCHMIDTH - from Denmark

Ferdinand Johann Christian SCHMITT, Kew, Hawthorn

Georg Sebastian SCHMITT, alias Paul George CLAUDE, alias Emil LOREMOE, Internee, Prisoner of War, appilcation to drive a motor car 1917 Spalding, South Australia Naturalised 1924

Johann Gottlieb SCHMITT / SMITH - from Prussia

JOhann SCHMITZ - from Hannover, married Mary McGovern 1896 Vic.

Wilhelm SCHMITZ - born Prüssia, married Horah GALVIN 1892 Vic.

Gustav Adolph Heinrich SCHMODE born Germany, married Maggie Weddell Turnbull WHITE 1887

Maximilian SHOH born Germany, married Elizabeth Sarah HARRISON 1887

Carl Heinrich Julius SCHMOJE - from Hamburg, married Kate Annie ROBERTSON 1896 Vic.

Carl Johann Friedrich SCHMOLLING
Carl Johann Friedrich SCHMOLLING - son of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Schmolling and Johanne Luise Zimmermann was born in 1871 at Dobersaul, Kreis Krossen, Neumark, Ost Brandenburg, Prussia (now Dobrosułów, north of Krosno, Western Poland). Carl Schmolling emigrated out of Deustchland from the Port of Bremen on the ship "HOHENSTAUFEN" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 6th August 1887. He emigrated along with his widowed mother Johanne Luise Schmolling and his sister Johanné Augusté Pauliné Bertha Schmolling, who were coming out to be with kinfolk, the Klienert, Paech, Schulz, and Tillach families of Scoresby North, who originated in Dobersaul, in Kries Krossen, or nearby villages such as Beutnitz. Carl Schmolling was married to Queensland-born, Mathilde Pauline MAGDALINSKI, daughter of Carl August Magdalinski and Rosalie Garski, in 1903 in Victoria. The Schmollings worked an orchard and farm in Scoresby North, now Bayswater, east of Melbourne. Their children were: - Hermann Friedrich Schmolling b. 1908 Scoresby North, 2. Eda Rose Schmolling b. 1905 Scoresby North; 3. Albert Carl Schmolling b. 1907 Scoresby North; and, 4. Anna Dorothea Schmolling b. 1912 Scoresby North, Victoria. His sister, Johanné Augusté Pauliné Bertha SCHMOLLING was married to a local orchardist-son, Scoresby-North (now Bayswater-Wantirna)-born Wilhelm Jakob PÄCH (or PAECH), in Bayswater, Victoria, in 1902. Carl Johann Friedrich SCHMOLLING died in 1852 at Ringwood, East of Melbourne, Victoria. His wife survived him to die at Bayswater, Victoria in 1973.

Alphons Rudolph Hugo SCHMUDE -born Germany, m.1886 Alfrieda Charlotte PETERSON/ PEHERSAN

Leberecht Ferdinand SCHNABEL born Germany, married Evelyn Julia CHADWICK 1888

Richard Maximilian SCHNAUDER
Richard Maximilian SCHNAUDER - Naturalised 1898. Paying Rates on Lot 42c of 102 acres Neerim East, West Gippsland, Victoria [also SCHNAUNDER ] 19th Feb 1897 Warragul Guardian. Richard Maximilian SCHNAUDER died at age 51 in 1910 at Poowoong, South Gippsland.


Albert Ernst Christian 'SNOWFOOT' SCHNEFUHS - born Schwerin, Mecklenburg

Ernst August 'SNOWFOOT' SCHNEFUHS - born Schwerin, Mecklenburg

Karl Wilhelm SCHNEFUHS - born Schwerin, Mecklenburg (Dentist, York, WA)

Jacobus Friedrich SCHNEIDER born Germany, married Hannah GRIFFITHS 1888

Johann Wilhelm 'John William' SCHNEIDER born Germany, married Caroline Sophie MACARDY 1888

Joseph SCHNEIDER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" April 1880 age 21

Raymond Oscar SCHNEIDER / TAYLOR - born Berlin, married Martha Emma WEGENER 1912
Wilhelm SCHNEIDER, Prahran

Georg SCHNEIDER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 26
Georg Luis SCHNEIDER, Fitzroy

Louis Wilhelm SCHNEIDER, Narre Warren

Heinrich Otto SCHNEIDER - born Germany, married Agnes MORRISSEY 1897

Julius SCHNEIDER - born Hettein, Germany, married Honorah ENGLISH 1891

Louis Georg SCHNEIDER - born Germany, married Ellen Frances CORRIGAN 1900

Vincent SCHNEIDER - born Germany, married Minnie O'CALLAGHAN 1903

Otto Friedrich Wilhelm SCHNUR - b. 23rd January 1859 Rugen, Pommern, Prussia - Napperby South Australia, Arr. 20 October 1889 VENDURE, via Cardiff, at Port Pirie, STh Aust

Albert SCHOBEL - born Germany, married Eileen BOYCE 1912

Otto SCHOBER - born Germany, married Minnie WALSH 1903

Hans SCHOEN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Oktober 1881 age 29; with wife 22

Georg SCHOER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 28

David SCHOFELD - born 1840 Germany. Methodist Missionary, Palmerston, NT 1901 - with Mary SCHOFELD

Gustav Maximilian SCHOH -
Gustav Maximilian SCHOH married to Geelong-born Elisabeth Sarah HARRISON in 1887 in Warragul, Victoria. He died at age 27 at Warragul, West Gippsland in 1888. His widow, Elizabeth Sarah Schoh remarried to William George POPE in 1890 in Victoria.

Pastor Carl Heinrich M. SCHOKNECHT - Lutheran Clergyman, Natimuk, Vic.
Pastor Carl Heinrich M. SCHOKNECHT, son of Johann Peter Schoknecht & Marie sophie Tempelin, was born 15 Februar 1841 Dargun, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Deutschland. Graduated Hermmansburg Free Church Seminary, Ülzen, Deutschland 1870. Became an instructor at Hermannsburg. Served tow years as Missionary in Central Australia. First resident Lutheran Pastor in the Wimmera, Victoria. Served various congregations there 1874-1904. Carl Schoknecht was married at age 32 to 21-year-old Marie Louise Auguste EHLERS, daughter of Georg Heinrich Diedrich Ehlers on the 28th January 1874 at the Lutheran Church (Evangelische), Bethanien (Bethnay) in the Barossa valley of South Australia.
Their children were: 1. Marie Louise Auguste Schoknecht 1875 Horsham – 1875 Natimuk, Victoria). 2. Marie Louise Auguste Schoknecht died at age 22 in the Wimmera of Victoria in 1875.
At age 38 Carl Schoknecht remarried on the 12th October 1880 to Bertha Luise Ottilie NICHTERLEIN, at her father Ludwig Nichterlein’s residence in Mount Gambier, South Australia. Their children were : - 3. Helene Bertha Alma Schoknecht, born 1883 Natimuk, Victoria; 4. Johannes Carl Edmund Schoknecht, born 1884 Natimuk, Victoria; 5. Paul Gerhardt Schoknecht, born 1886 Natimuk, Victoria. 6. Minna Wilhelmine Gertrude Schoknecht- born 1889 Natimuk, Victoria. Pastor Carl Heinrich M. SCHOKNECHT died at age 63 at Natimuk, Victoria, on the 27th November 1904. His second wife Ottilie Bertha Luise Schoknecht survived him to died at age 97 years in Armadale, in the Prahran district of Melbourne, Victoria.

Gottfied SCHOLTZ,

Richard SCHOLZ - born Germany, married Emma Mathilde MOSIG 1894

Robert Gustav SCHOLTZ,

Wilhelm heinrich Richard SCHOLZ - born Germany, married Auguste Berthe FIETZ 1893

Carl Adolph Charles SCHOLZKE - born Germany, married Antonie MULLER 1906

Martin SCHON - born Germany, married Lillian Louise LOWE 1909

Herr E SCHONBOLD -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 37

Franz SCHONFELD born Berlin, Prussia, married Annie HICKEY 1887

Ludwig SCHONHEIMER - arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" September 1877 age 24

Bernhardt SCHONSKE - born Germany, married Margaret Hannah LAWSON 1910

Wilhelm SCHOOF, Sth Melbourne

Wilhelm SCHOOF

Friedrich Wilhelm SCHOOF

Thomas Eduard VON SCHOPPE
Thomas Eduard VON SCHOPPE was born in Boston, U.S.A. but was careful to be Naturalised so as not to be declared an Enemy Alien or taken for a native German. was maried to Annie HOUSE in Victoria. Their Australia born son Stephen Wilhelm Von Schoppe was born in 1895 in Malmsbury, Victoria.

Friedrich SCHORATH - born Prüssia, married Christiane KULPER 1889 vic.

Herr SCHOESSLER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 32

Nathan SCHOTT -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 27

Ferdinand SCHOTTERLEIN/ Schlotterlein -born Germany, m.1886 Mary Ann HYNES

Knut SCHOU - b. Schleswig-Holstein
Knut SCHOU - Robert Wuchatsch writes: "A more unfortunate case was that of Michael Zimmer's former Danish employee. Knut Schou who had been employed by the Preston Shire Council (Victoria) prior to his discharge in March 1916 for being a 'German.' All subsequent motion urging his reinstatement was defeated, only the mover, Councillor Allchin and seconder Councillor Warr, voting in its favour. In defence of the Council's action Councillor Braithwaite stated 'Australia was honey-combed with spies, and it is the duty of public bodies to abstain from employing men who have come from enemy countries. Mr Schou was legally a German.' - However the matter did not rest thre, A solicitor's letter to the Council clearly set out the facts. 'Mr Schou was not legally a German. He was a British subject by virtue of his naturalisation on the 5th day of February 1900. His natural origin was that of a Dane.' The letter went on to explain that Schou had been forced to swear allegiance to the German Emperor after Schleswig-Holstein had been annexed by Prussia but that he had been in Australia for over thirty-three years and had been a ratepater of Preston for twenty-eight years. He had brought up a large family in the district, all well respected, and had one son, Elias, who had offered his services to his country and they had been accepted. - The letter was received but no action was taken, Councillor Braithwaite sarcastically commented that at least it was to Mr Schou's credit that he did not want to be thought of as a German, but that he had no doubt that he was.' Source: pp.94 'Westgarthtown- The German Settlement at Thomastown, by Robert Wuchatsch, Melbourne 1985. [Notes on the Perpetrators : 1. Braithwaite Street, Reservoir - Previous name McDonald St. Changed by Council. 2. Allchin Street - Reservoir. Previous name Harmer St. Changed by Council. 3. Charles H. Warr (1862 – 1939) was born in Preston, his father running a store from the corner of High Street and Warr Avenue, Preston. Warr was one of the original pupils at the South Preston State School in 1866. In 1904 Warr was elected to the Preston Council and continued to serve as Councillor for the next twenty one years. He was Shire President in 1906-7 and again in 1916-17. A staunch Rechabite, Warr was a member of the Preston Rechabite Lodge from 1881 to 1935, serving for many years as the Lodge Secretary. Data from: Preston Historical Society. Brief biographies of prominent Preston People. Preston(Vic.):Preston Historical.]

Johann SCHOUROCK -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 42

Arthur Friedrich SCHRÄDER b. Ceylon m.1883 Frances Maria RUDD. Vic. [SCHRAUDER?]

Hermann SCHRÄDER / SCHRAEDER b.abt 1863 Hamburg - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879,@ age 16 Lehrer/Teacher

Maurice Eduard SCHRÄDER, Prahran. ran

Wilhelm SCHRÄDER b. Germany - m.1882 Jane JONES - Children: Friedrich Carl Wilhelm SCHRÄDER b. 1883 Ballarat; 2. Wilhelm SCHRÄDER d. @ 1 yr 1888 Ballarat East.

Ernst SCHADTER/ SHRATER born Germany, married Kate HURLEY 1888

August von SCHRAMM

Emil SCHRAMM - born Germany, married Martha DUNKER 1901

Wilhelm SCHRAMM - von Hamburg m.1902 Ellen WHITE

Heinrich Wilhelm SCHRECK, West Melbourne

Julius Carl Alexander SCHREIBER,

Carl Mauritz SCHREIBER,

Friedrich SCHREMPP - born Germany, married Charlotte VON DER ELTZ 1905

Bernhardt SCHRÖDER / SCHROEDER - born Germany, married Catherine Ann BARTON 1892

Carl Georg Theodor SCHRÖDER/ SCHROEDER, South Melbourne - born Germany, married Johanne Mathilde REICHMAN 1900

Eduard Franzis SCHRÖDER/ SCHROEDER - from Berlin. Married Eliza FOSTER 1892 Vic.

Eugen SCHRÖDER - Business Manager, Sydney NSW & Adelaide SA

August Wilhelm SCHRÖDER/ SCHROEDER, Upper Beaconsfield

August SCHRÖDER/ SCHROEDER - born Germany, married Mary Jane HALL 1894

Bernhard SCHRÖDER/ SCHROEDER, Footscray

Christian Friedrich SCHRÖDER/ SCHROEDER - born Königreich Württemberg, married Ann Jane KIDD 1876

Frank John SCHROEDER / Franz Johann SCHRÖDER - born Germany, married marie Hermiene ELisabeth ACHILES 1896

Friedrich Wilhelm SCHRÖDER, Seville, Wandin Yallock
Wilhelm Friedrich SCHRÖDER was born in about 1842 at Hannover, Stadt Hannover, Niedersachsen, Deutschland. Wilhelm Friedrich SCHRÖDER emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich on the steapship "S.S. POTOSI" to arrive at the Port of Melbourne, Australia on the 16th August 1880 with his wife Caroline Christiane Conradine nee ROHRS and their children: 1. Emma Amelie Wilhelmina SCHRÖDER born 1873 Hannover (later Mrs LANNING of Wandin) died 1957 Geelong, Victoria; 2. Gustav Georg Carl SCHRÖDER, born 1879 Hannover, died 1906 in Wandin Yallock. Their 2nd daughter Bertha Martha Beatrice SCHRÖDER was born on 14 April 1881 in Fitzroy, Melbourne - later to become Mrs Edward William JOHNSON of Wandin. (She died at Wandin Yallock in 1852). At age 61, after 23 years in Australia, Wilhelm F. SCHROEDER on the 20th March 1903 at Seville, Wandin Yallock, in the Upper Yarra valley of Victoria. Wilhelm F Schroeder died at age 81 on the 7 February 1923 in Wandin Yallock, nr Lilydale, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia. His wife predeceased him dying in 1916 in the same place.
Their son Gustav Georg Carl SCHRÖDER was Naturalised at the same time in 1903 only to die three years later.

Heinrich Ernst Gustav SCHRÖDER
Heinrich Ernst Gustav SCHRÖDER was born prior to German Unification, at Gronau, Lauenberg, Deutschland on the 10th September 1860. Heinrich Ernst Gustav SCHRÖDER emigrated out of Deutschland on the steamship "S.S.CATANIA" to arrive in Australia on the 5th June 1881 at the Port of Melbourne. Upon disembarking Schroeder resided in in Melbourne for some years, before immigrating to Sydney, NSW and from there to the outback mining town of Broken Hill, and from thence in about 1905 to White Cliffs NSW. At the age of 50, after 30 years in Australia, H.E.G.SCHROEDER was unmarried working as Miner, at White Cliffs, NSW when he took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 8th July 1911.

Heinrich Friedrich Conrad SCHRÖDER/ SCHROEDER
Heinrich Friedrich Conrad SCHRÖDER / SCHROEDER, son of Johann Wilhelm SCHRÖDER, was born on the 4th April 1888 at Bruchhausen, Hannover, Deutschland. Heinrich Friedrich Conrad SCHRÖDER emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich on the vessel "KARLSRUHE" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 7th May 1903. Upon disembarking SCHRÖDER went up to Glenlee, near Lorquon, west of Jeparit, Victoria where he worked in farming. He was Registered as an Enemy Alien (Certificate 20) as a Farmer at Murrayville, in The Mallee, Victoria in about 1915 and Interned for a short period. SCHRÖDER held papers of Denaturalisation from Deutschland and he wrote: " I have been denaturalised in Germany since I was 19 yeasr old. My parents applied for denaturalisation for me. This was granted." Heinrich SCHRÖDER was finally Naturalised when he took the oath of his Aliens Memorial on the 19th July 1921 at Murrayville.

Heinrich Bernard Wilhelm SCHRÖDER / SCHROEDER - White Cliffs, NSW
Heinrich Bernard Wilhelm SCHRÖDER was born at Bremen

Hermann SCHRÖDER/ SCHROEDER - born Germany, married Carolina MEYER 1902
Hermann SCHRÖDER was born at Bremen, in the Hanseatic Free City, Bremenstadt, Deutschland. Hermann SCHRÖDER emigrated out of Bremerhafen Deutschland on the ship 'HABSBURG" to arrive on Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the26th October 1890. He was married to Carolina MEYER in 1902. At age 20 after five years and two months in Australian, Hermann Schroeder was working as a Quartz Crusher in the Gold Mine at Wattle Gully, Chewton, near Castlemaine, Victoria, when he took to Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 23rd January 1896.

Johann Franz Otto SCHRÖDER/ SCHROEDER, Collingwood

Wilhelm SCHRÖDER was born on the 14th December 1880 at Bremen, in Bremenstadt, Westphalen, Deutschland. Wilhelm SCHRÖDER emigrated out of Deutschland at age 18 from the Port of Bremen on the vessel "WEIMAR" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 1st June 1898. Upon disepbarking he went up to Chewton, in Central Victoria, and then to the nearby Green Valley, between Muckleford and Newstead. At age 30, and unmarried after 12 years in Australia, Wilhelm SCHROEDER was working as a steam Engine Driver when he took the oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at Green Gully (Green Valley), in the Loddon Valley of Victoria.

Hermann SCHRUHM, Bendigo, Footscray

Johann Ludwig SCHUBACH, Mordiallock - born Germany, married Marion RATCLIFFE 1898

Nicolaus Nicholas SCHUBACH - born Germany, married Ethel Emily Frances SMITH 1908

Joseph SCHUBERT - born Germany, married Sadie BLOOM 1909

August SCHUCH / SCHUCK / SCHACHE/ - born Germany, married Helene Louisa Mary Lucy DUKE 1896

Maxwell SCHUCKERT - born Germany, married Bertha Grace FORREST 1909

Johannes Jacob SCHUH -born Holland, m.1886 Mary Garrick PHILLIPS

Maximilain SCHUDER - born Germany, married Maud ROONEY 1909

August SCHUELE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" October 1878 age 21

Heinrich SCHULDT -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Oktober 1881 age 23

Jakob 'James' SCHULER - born Germany, married Ethel YEOMAN 1898

Gottlieb Friedrich Heinrich SCHULER born Germany, married Sarah Deborah STRAHAN 1888

Philipp SCHULER - born Bavaria, Germany, m.1886 Mary DOYLE



J SCHULSTADT -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Oktober 1881 age 30

Carl SCHULTE - born Germany, married Ada Isabel JACKSON 1901

Charles SCHULTE - born Germany, married Freida Martha NEEDHAM 1907


Albert SCHULTZ / SCHULZ - born Germany, married Mary Elizabeth GOOLD 1896

Carl Ludwig C. SCHULT

August SCHULTZ / SCHULZ - born Germany, married Elizabeth BELL 1896

Carl 'Charles' SCHULTZ - from Hamburg, married Anna Veronica Schutz 1900 Vic.

Carl Luis August SCHULTZ - born Germany, married Isabella Drever McKENZIE 1905

Pastor E SCHULZ – Lutheran Clergyman
Pastor E SCHULZ - graduated Hermmansburg Free Church Seminary, Ülzen, Deutschland – arrived Adelaide 7th May 1906. Ordained: 13 May 1906. Apilla- Booleroo Centre 1905-1910. Lobethal 1910-1928. North Queensland 1929 -?

Friedrich August SCHULTZ - from Bremen > Dandenong Crk

Friedrich SCHULZ -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 33
Friedrich Auguste SCHULTZ -born Germany, m.1886 Matilda Katherine TRIVETT

Frederich SCHULTZ / Friedrich SCHULZ - born Germany, married Emily NELSON 1901

Gottlieb Friedirch Heinrich SCHULZ born Germany, married Therese Josephine GUST 1888

Gustave Robert SCHULTZ - born Germany, married Bertha Ann RISSMANN 1910

Heinrich 'Henry' SCHULTZ - from Munich, Bavaria, married Louise Wilhelmin HAIG 1891 Vic.

Hermann Johann August SCHULTZ, Richmond, Vic. - born Prussia, m.1886 Ellen SIMPSON

Hugo SCHULZ -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 34

Jacob SCHULTZ - from Hamburg, married Elizabeth Emma BRYAN 1894 Vic.

Johann Wilhelm Gotthilf SCHULZ -born Germany, m.1886 Anna KHUNE

Waldemar Wilhelm SCHULTZ - from Riga, Prussia

Albert Julius Carl SCHULZ -born Germany, m.1886 Marion WOLSTENHOLME

Auguste Ernst SCHULZE - born Prüssia, married Anna ELisabeth ZOLELR 1894 Vic.

Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm SCHULTZE - born Germany, married Caroline Ann Milner BIGNELL 1905

Ernst SCHULZ Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 24

Leopold Otto SCHULTZE - born Germany, married Amelia Louisa WISE 1892

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm SCHULZ - born Germany, married Emma Ottilie GUST 1890

Carl Wilhelm Bernhardt SCHULZ - born Germany, married Theresa Margaret HAYDEN 1908

Friedrich Wilhelm SCHULZ - born Germany, married Johanne Lousie KELIM 1893

Friedrich William SCHULZ - born Germany, married Christiane Elisabeth DOMASCHENZ 1910
Christian Ferdinand SCHULZE - born Germany, married Elizabeth Ann BILLINGHAM 1897

Albert Friedrich SCHULZE - born Germany, married Eleanor Marwood MAXWELL 1911

Carl Albert SCHULZE - born Germany, married Bertha Johanne Martha STASINOWSKY 1907

Heinrich Robert SCHULZE - born Germany, married Kathleen Elizabeth REYNOLDS 1895

Pastor Louis Gustav SCHULZE,– Lutheran Missionary & Clergyman
Pastor Louis Gustav SCHULZE, son of Gustav Adolph SCHULZE born 1st Marz 1851 Kleinvoigtsberg, Sachsen, Deutschland. Graduated Hermmansburg Free Church Seminary, Ülzen, 1877/ To Australia – Finke River Mission 1878-1891. To Victoria: Germantown (grovedale) 1893-1912. At the age of 29 Luis Ludwig Gustav Schulze was married to 25-year-old Charlotte Elisabeth Henriette Margarette GUTMANN, daughter of Wilhelm Gutmann, at the Lutheran (Evangelische ) Kirch at Bethanien (Bethany), in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Children were: 1. Maria Charlotte Dorothea Schulze – born 25 Feb 1882 in the MacDonnell Ranges, Central Australia. 2. Gustav Wilhelm Johannes Schulz – born 18 Aug 1884 at the Hermannsburg Mission Station, Central Australia; 3. Heinrich Friedrich Christian Schulze – born 28 April 1887 Hermannsburg (NT); 4. Anna Maria Schulze – born 21 July 1889 at Hermannsburg Mission Station (NT); 5. Christiane Marie Louise Schulze – born 26 March 1891 at Hermannsburg, NT; 6 . Hermann Luis Wilhelm SCHULZE – born 1893 Geelong, Victoria; and 7. Dorothea Henriette Louise Schulze – born 1897 Geelong, Vic. Pastor Luis Gustav SCHULZE died in 7 November 1924.

Herbert SCHUM -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 19

Gerhardt SCHUMACHER - Enemy Alien. Internee - Died 5th August 1916

Heinrich Adolph Wilhelm [Harry] SCHUMACHER - from Hamburgh

Karl Heinrich SCHUMACHER, Richmond, Vic. born Germany, married Margarethe Christiane MEYER 1887

Herr SCHUMANN -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 28

Paul Hermann SCHUMANN

Wilhelm SCHUMANN - born Germany, married Sarah WILSON 1904

'Harry' Heinrich SCHUPPAN / SHUPPAN -from Germany, married Rosanna ANDERSON 1894

Carl Charles Nathan SCHURECK - born Prussia, m.1886 Fanny LEVI

Matthias SCHÜRER, Sunbury, Vic.


Gotthardt SCHURMANN, Longwarry

Ernst Heinrich SCHURR or SCHÜRR
Ernst Heinrich SCHURR or SCHÜRR was born at Knittlingen, Kreis Enz, near Maulbronn, Königreich Württemberg on the 14th May 1889. Schurr emigrated out of Württemberg and the Deutsche Reich on the steamship "ZIETEN" and arrived at the Port of Melbourne four days before Christmas in 1912. After disembarking Schurr went up the the Wimmera, where he was two years at Winiam, and then for one year at Alectown,in New South Wales, before returning to the Wimmera where he was one year at Nhill, one year at Pimpinio, three years at Dimboola, and one year at Wail by 1922. Schurr was first Registered, and then Interned for a short period as an Enemy Alien during 1916, at Langwarrin Prisoner of War Camp, as it is recorded "owing to his conduct' but afterwards released on bond. The report on him records that his conduct afterwards was satisfactory, and that by 1922 Schurr could read and write in English, and could speak it well. His character was given good report even though he had ar one stage broken his parole. No objection was raised to his final petition for Naturalisation. Ernst H. Schurr was married in 1917 in Victoria to Id Marie MELKE, who was born at Nilma East, near Warragul, West Gippsland, Victoria. The Schurrs had three children by 1922: Karl Heinrich schurr, born 1918 Dimboola; Rosa Anna Schurr, born 1919 Dimboola, and Ernst Georg Schurr, born 1920 Dimboola.
At age 33, after ten years in Australia, while working as a Farm Labourer for Mr. C. B. Petschel at Wail, The Wimmera, Victoria, Ernst Heinrich Schurr finally swore the Oath in his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 30th August 1922. Ernst Heinrich SCHURR, son of Georg Schurr and Rosa Bils, died in Mildura, Victoria, in 1948 at age 58. His wife survived him to die at age 68 in Mildura in 1966.

Friedrich Labor SCHUSSLER - Naturalised 1904

Julius Peter SCHUSSLER
Rev. Julius Peter SCHUSSLER b. Deutschland / Methodist Home Missioner. Naturalised 1899/1900 when residing at Taggerty, Alexandra. In 1916 he was a Presbyterian Missionary at Brunswick, Vic.

Wilhelm SCHUSTER -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 32; with wife Antoinette 32 and kind: Wilhelm Schuster 2; & Eleonore Schuster 1.

Carl SCHUTH -arrived Port Melbourne per "CHIMBORAZO" March 1882 age 18

Johann Ludwig SCHUTTACH - born Germany, married Marion RATCLIFFE 1898

Louis Johann Dely SCHUTT, Gembrook

Heinrich Ludwig SCHUTZ, Melbourne

Georg Heinrich August Carl SCHUTZE, Ballarat, Prahran

Georg SCHUTZE - born Germany, married Ellen MAry McDEASE 1897

Albert Robert Thomas SCHWAB - from Switzerland

Karl Jakob SCHWAB - - born Germany, married Catherina REITZ 1891

Ludwig SCHWAB Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ 27 June 1908 age 33

Samuel Eduard SCHWAB - from Switzerland

Johann Heinrich Christian SCHWARK, Lilydale, Vic.

Friedirch Gustav Wilhelm SCHWARTZ - born Germany, married Charlotte Sabitha ROGERS 1906

Gustav August SCHWARTZ, Melbourne - born Germany, married mary Jane Beatrice SMALLWOOD 1890

Carl Julius Georg 'Charles' SCHWARZ
Carl Julius Georg 'Charles' SCHWARZ died at age 52, at Scott Creek, off Waterloo Road, Umbrawarra, Northern Territory on the 6th October 1910.

Emil SCHWARZ - born Germany, married Catarina Elisabeth RODER 1889

Pastor Wilhelm Friedrich SCHWARZ,- Lutheran Missionary & Clergyman
Pastor Wilhelm Friedrich SCHWARZ, son of Johann Friedrich SCHWARZ, was born 20 March 1842 Duermenz, Königreich Würrtemberg. Graduated Hermmansburg Free Church Seminary, Ülzen, Deutschland. To Australia. Schwartz was a Missionary at Finke River Mission 1870 - 1889. On the 31st May 1878 at age 36, Pastor Schwarz was married to Miss Anna Wilhelmine Charlotte Dorothea SCHULZ, daughter of Heinrich SCHULZ at the Hermansburg Mission Station in the MacDonnell Ranges of Central Australia. Their children were: 1. Karoline Rosine Dorothea SCHWARZ born 19 March 1970 at the Hermannsburg Mission station in the MacDonnell Ranges of Central Australia. 2. Hermann Wilhelm Friedrich SCHWARZ born on the 11th July 1882 Hermannsburg Mission station in the MacDonnell Ranges of Central Australia. 3. Christian Heinrich Johannes SCHWARZ – born 22 Febriary 1886 at Hermannsburg NT; and 4. Paul Heinrich Ernst SCHWARZ – born 27th November 1887 at Hermannsburg Mission Station.
Schwarz was sent to the Upper Moutere, New Zealamd 1891-1901. He was then the Travelling Missionary in South Australia 1905-1915. Pastor Wilhelm Friedrich Schwarz Died 20 March 1920 at Eudunda, South Australia, age 78. His wife Wilhelmine Dorothea Schwarz survived him to die at age 83 at Eudunda on the 16th November 1934.

Samuel SCHWARZBERG, Carlton

Franz Joseph SCHWARZMAN, Collingwood

David Friedrich SCHWEINLE -born Germany, m.1886 Bridget Alicia FEGAN

Heinrich Christian SCHWELTZE - born Germany, married Elizabeth Ellen O'LEARY 1908

Ernst Von SCHWERIN Count, Naturalised 1911 Innisfail, Queensland - 1914 Interned-Prisoner of War

Friedrich SCHWERIN naturalised 1914 -1934 - aka Frederick SMITH

Helmuth Conrad Carl SCHWERIN 1911 Perth WA

Walter SCHWERIN - Naturalised 1900

Hermann SCHWERWETZ - born Prüssia, married Dorothea GRADERT 1898 Vic.

Carl Louis Ludwig SCHWEWITZ - born Germany, married Louise August BRANDSTADTER 1899

Wilhelm Ernst SCHWERDFEGER -b.1856 Schlawin, Kries Sagan, Silesia, Prussia, Deutschland - NATURALISED 26 Nov 1880 Adelaide, SA @ AGE 23, Labourer- after 3 Days in SA - (m.Tanunda,SA 29 March 1892 Johanne Anna Elisabeth GRUENBERGER (1868–1944) - -d.28 Dec 1915 Kapunda, North Barossa Valley

Carl Charles SCHWERDFEGER -born Hannover, m.1886 Margaret DENNISON

Lucas Luke SCOGLIAR -born Spallatts, Austria, m.1888 Jane TYRELL


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  1. Hi Wayne, I emailed you recently about Karl Johann SCHMIDT born Baden, married Alice JOHNSON 1896 Vic (for some reason I can't find my email now..). I see you have put up more information about Karl on this page! Thank you. I would greatly appreciate you emailing me any of this information to: We are trying to track down what happened to our great Grandparents as they placed all of their children into care and we would like to understand why (lots of painful ghosts in the closet). Thanks again, this is great information! Dr. Merryn Smith

  2. Hi,
    Heinrich Schultze, in your list, was an ancestor. He and Louise Wilhelmina had three children, Anna, Frederich and Elise Louise. Frederic was my father, and Anna, my Aunt who never married. Louise Wilhelmina's father was Dr William Haig, who became a prominent figure in the life of the Victorian colony. Among other positions he was president of the Medical Association in Victoria, and when he died he was one of the wealthiest men in the colony..
    I believe the marriage of Schultze and Louise broke up and they subsequently divorced, I think early in the 1900's, and that Wilhelmina then became a naturalized Brit. But I do not have the naturalization papers of Wilhelmina. I also think Schultze may have gone to Fiji.
    Any Information about the naturalization of Wilhelmina and the nationalization of Schuktz would be appreciated.
    If it should be of interest I have a pretty full pedigree for Haig including Louise.
    Thanks, Bryan Haig,

  3. Do you have sources for your information?
    This is the first time I have found information about Heinrich Friedrich Conrad Schroeder (he married in 1924 but i do not think they had any children), but I am particularly interested in his brother, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Schroeder who was born in 1885 and also immigrated to Australia at some point.

  4. Do you have sources for your information?
    This is the first time I have found information about Heinrich Friedrich Conrad Schroeder (he married in 1924 but i do not think they had any children), but I am particularly interested in his brother, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Schroeder who was born in 1885 and also immigrated to Australia at some point.