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J Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated


Carl Heinrich Otto 'Charles Harry' JÄCKEL from Padligar, Brandenburg, Prüßen (Prussia)

At the Teutonia Bar, Padligar ? C. H. Otto Jäckel is at front with the dog.
Carl Heinrich Otto JÄEKEL or JÄCKEL was born in 1885 in the village of Padligar, Brandenburg, Prüßen (Prussia). Padligar is now the Polish town of Podlegórz, in the Gmina Trzebiechów district, Zielona Góra County, Western Poland. From Padligar, JÄCKEL emigrated out of Deutschland and arrived 1911 in Port Adelaide, South Australia where he took work in Runde Street, Adelaide as a fireman. After a period in Adelaide he went up to the Gulf St Vincent seaboard of South Australia at Port Pirie where new smelting works were providing employment. Like many refugees of Teutonic militarism, he married out of the émigré German community, to Beaconsfield, Tasmania-born, Florence May JOBLING, daughter of John Wales & Elizabeth Dickinson Jobling, The marriage took place at Port Augusta in 1913, Afterwards he became known as Charles Harry JACKEL. The Jackels had two daughters born around the time of the outbreak of dying in the maestrom of enmity and grief that came somehow to be called The Great War. The girls were Rubina Florence Jäckel (1914-1992) born Semaphore, Port Adelaide; and Edna Louise Jäckel (1916-1916) born Adelaide, and died in infancy. After his wife died in 1918 in North Adelaide, South Australia, Jäckel went outback to the Barrier Range mines, and remarried at Broken Hill, New South Wales, to Alice Gwentha HUGHES, a teacher, born on the Mount Korong Goldfields in Wedderburn, Victoria. After a time the Jäckels moved east through New South Wales to Sydney, where C. H. Otto Jäckel worked as a Seaman, and his wife as a Teacher, residing at No.722 Forest Road, Peakhurst, Sydney. Charles Harry JÄCKEL worked in the thick of cosmopolitan Australian and in frontier workplaces across three states. He and his family and his descendants entirely integrated into the British Australian appearance. He died on the 23rd September 1962 at La Perouse, Sydney. Alice Gwentha Jäckel survived him to die at Peakhurst, Sydney in 1974. [Details & Photographs courtesy of Pamela Graham]

C. H. Otto Jäckel & Australian daughter Rubina Florence Jäckel

Friedrich Wilhelm JÄCKEL born 1848 Bolkenhain, Silesia, Prussia

Friedrich Wilhelm JÄCKEL was born in about 1848 in Bolkenhain, near Hohen Friedeburg, Kreis Jauer, Schlesien, Prüßen, Deutschland (Silesia, Prussia). Bolkenhain is now Bolków, Gmina Bolków, in the Jawor district of southwestern Poland . Like many an émigré from his part of the Eastern Europe, F.W. Fritz Jaeckel was a Tischler, (Joiner / Cabinet-Maker) by profession. He emigrated on the vessel “KONOOWARRA’ and arrived at the Port of Sydney, New South Wales on the 31st July 1881. Friedrich Wilhelm JACKEL was married in 1889 in Sydney, New South Wales to Sarah Jane STEPHENSON. She was born in 1858 at Milton Farlam, Cumberland, England. In Sydney the Jackel’s settled first at Granville and then at Kogarah and produced four sons in four years: Karl Heinrich ‘Charles Henry’ 1890 Granville; Frederick Leslie Lindsay Jackel born 1891 in Kogarah; Wilhelm ‘William’ Norman Jackel born 30 Jan 1893 in Kogarah; and Gordon Arthur Jackel born 5 Apr 1894 Kogarah. Friedrich Wilhelm JÄCKEL became a widower with four young sons on the death of Sarah Jackel in 1896. How he managed to work and look after the four boys is unknown, but work he did, as a Cabinetmaker for Anthony Hordern and Sons.
Friedrich Wilhelm JÄCKEL died from injuries received in a train derailment at Sydenham, NSW on the way home from work. The terrible accident occurred Friday evening the 15th February 1901 and nine people died as a result. F. W. Jaeckel lingered in hospital to die on Sunday 19 February 1901. I have not discovered whom then raised the Jackel boys, but it may be it was their grandmother Jane Stephenson for she lived in Kogarah until she died in 1936. Though their father died before he was ever naturalised, the lads were born in Australia of a British-born mother and so had British citzenship themselves. The Jackel boys came to manhood right on the cusp of the Outbreak of War, and the younger three of them enlisted, and all survived the maelstrom to return to Kogarah.

Karl Wilhelm JÄCKEL b.1862 Russendorf, Silesia Pilbara, Western Australia
Karl Wilhelm JÄKEL, son of Carl 'Charles' JÄCKEL, was born about 1872 in Russendorf, Kreis Waldenburg, in the Owl Mountains (Eulengebirge) in the south of Provinz Breslau, Schlesien, Prüßen (Silesia, Prussia). Russendorf is now called Rusinowo, and Waldenburg is Walbrzych, in southwestern Poland. Carl Wilhelm JÄKEL is reported to have immigrated with the wife and family of the Music Teacher, August Gottfried FIEBIG, who from the nearby Russendorf town of Peterswaldau, Schlesien, Prüßen. Frau FIEBIG and four FIEBIG children embarked with young Karl Wilhelm JÄKEL on the ship "MARSALA" which arrived in the Port of Adelaide, South Australia, in mid 1882. August Gottfried FIEBIG had emigrated some months earlier on the 'BARCELONA' arriving in March 1882. Karl Wilhelm JÄKEL was naturalized at the age of just twelve (12) years, in Angaston, in the Barossa valley, South Australia on the 24 February 1884. At the age of 28 Karl Wilhelm JÄEKEL was married on the 10th January 1901 to 32 year-old, Ada May FRANK, daughter of Francis FRANK of Adelaide, at the Residence of R. Ransom, Port Adelaide, South Australia.
Later, in the Pilbara of Western Australia ,in 1915- 1916 Karl Wilhelm Jackel was suspected of being an Enemy alien and interrogated and put under investigation. On the 8th February 1916 Karl Wilhelm JÄKEL wrote asking the Government agency to forward a copy of his Alien's Naturalisation Memorial, saying that the original Oath of his Aliens Memorial which was taken in 1884 under the agency of Commissioner Von Bertouch in Tanunda, South Australia, after he arrived as an emigrant in the ship 'S.S.MARSALA' in 1882. In the 20 March 1916 Jackel wrote from Holden, near Meekatharra, Western Australia saying he had lost the original of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation as it was destroyed by what may well have been a crimnal persecution act of arson in a fire in which his Miner's Camp was completely burnt at Meekatharra on the 12th August 1915.

Paul Carl JÄCKEL -born German Empire, Victim of an Official Australian Enmity
Paul Carl JÄCKEL was born in Germany on 1st August 1885. He arrived in Melbourne, Victoria on the brink of war, on 29 May 1914, or about one month before the assasination of the Austrian Hapsburg Archiduke Ferdinand in 29 June 1914, which soon led to the declaration of War on Germany. Paul Carl Jaeckel was first registered as an Enemy Alien in 1916-1917 at Berwick, Victoria. Co-incidently, where members of the wider Jackel clan had pioneered for fifty years. [Civil Alien Victoria, C.A.V. number 3756]. This did nothing to help him. for he was Interned at the Prisoner of War Camp at Langwarrin for the duration of the 1st World War. After the tragedy of World War One, he was freed. He became a professional fisherman at Gipsy Point, near Cann River in East Gippsland, where he was known to also befriend men from the nearby Aboriginal community at Lake Tyers. It seems that Paul Jaeckel never married. Unfortunately, living a life of peace and close to nature, he never managed to become naturalised. Maybe, having endured the enmity of his adopted country for any so called allegiance to the homeland he had fled, he thought it impossible to happen again. After the 2nd World War was declared he was again Interned, in about 1942, this time as a 'slave' compulsory worker, first of all at the Macedon Forest Camp, and then at the Mt Disappointment Forest Camp. He walked out of that camp one Sunday morning on the 19th May 1945 and threw a rope of the branch over a gum tree and hung himself. World War Two ended about three months later. His death at Mt Dissapointment was registered at Kilmore, but he was buried at the Fawkner Cemetery, in northern Melbourne. An inquest into his death concluded that he had no relatives in Australia.

Johannes JACOB -born Germany, married MArie Matilda SCOTT 1901

Fritz Albrecht JACOB from Schlesien, Prüßen (Silesia, Prussia). Married Ann Tomkins 1894 Victoria.

Johann JACOBB -born Germany, married Catherin LAYDEN 1897

Hermann JACOBI -born Germany, married Elisabeth Mary Jane WALSCH 1892

Peter JACOBI / JACOBE - born Germany, married Johanne Jacobina Margareth WEICKHARDT 1904

Friedrich JACOBITE born Prüßen (Prussia), married 1885 Anna LYNCH

Christian Carl 'Charles' JACOBSON born Germany, married Annie FUSSELL 1887

Jakob Christian JACOBSEN

Herr JACOBSEN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 40, with Frau Jacobsen 35, Three kind; A Jacobsen 4, H Jacobsen 3, A Jacobsen 1,



Isaac Myer JACOBSON born Prüßen (Prussia), married Jenneta DAVIS 1887

Julius JACOBSOHN -born Germany, married Mary Ann Whittingham CRAVEN 1883

Peter JACOBSON , Sailor, -born 1854 Gravenstein, Germany, Res. No.1 Rogers St, Richmond. Member of the Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society) from age 22 on 8 March 1876 until 10 December 1879 when he was struck off. married Emma Georgina HUGHES 1880

Carl Albert Stanislaus JACOBY

Carl Heinrich JAECKE
Carl Heinrich JAECKE was born on the 4th May 1843 at Baerwalde, in the Provinz of Brandenburg, Prussia, Deutschland. He emigrated via his interim place of Jouney's arrival, from South Africa on the vessel (schipf) Fleur de Mauritz, arrived on the Sunday before Christmas in the year 1885. Jaecke was a bootmaker by trade, and he first went to live in the bootmaking capital of Australia, in Collingwood, for ten years. In about 1895 he went east to Neerim South, in West Gippsland, where forest country was then being opened up for new farming, and he was their for about 6 years before he returned to live in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Jaecke was unmarried, aged 63, and had been in Australia 21 years when he took the Oath in the Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation before Police Magistrate, Mr Patick J. Dwyer, Esquire, at Fitzroy on the 29th December 1906/ Carl Heinrich JAECKE died in Carlton at age 65 soon after the Outbreak of War in 1914.

Luis Lucien JAEGER -born Germany, married Viola VINCENT 1901

Karl Charles JAEGER -born Germany, married Kate DUNN 1875

Philipp JAEGER -born Germany, married Bridget SPELLACY 1879

Richard JAENTSCH - born 1856 Germany . Plantation Manager at Shoal Bay, Northern Territory 1891, age 35

Conrad JÄGER -married. Resident at 84 Johnson St, Collingwood - Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society)member from age 24 on 6 December 1871 untul 2 July 1873 when he was struck off.

Herr T G JAEGER -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 18

Carl Heinrich Theodor Adolphus JAGER -born Germany, married Maria Louisa BROWN 1900

Ernst JAGER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Sept 1879 age 19

Johann Anton JAHN, -born Germany, married ElisabetH FRIEDLIEB 1883

Wilhelm Christian Theodor JAGER / JAIER /JAJER - born Germany, married Frances Sarah RESEIGH 1911

Paul Friedrich Wilhelm JAGERT
Paul Friedrich Wilhelm JAGERT was born on the 3rd april 1868 at Stavenhagen, in Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg_Schwerin. Jagert emigrated from Germany on the ship 'S.S.SEYDLITZ' to arrive in Fremantle, Western Australia on the 3rd January 1910. After embarking he lived for five months in Perth before immigrating east to Adelaide where he stayed for six months, and then further, to Victoria, where he stayed for the duration. Jagert was unmarried when he swore his Oath in the Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at 398 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Victoria on the 30th April 1913 when he was working as a Ladies Handbag Maker. Paul JAGERT was married to Isabella SNELL in Victoria in 1913. On 21st August 1914 Jagert wrote from the Waterloo Hotel, Yarragon, Gippsland asking for a duplicated Naturalisation paper was he had lost the Brunswick originals. On the 29th September 1914 Jagert signed a Statutary Declaration at Bairnsdale, Victoria, to the same effect. He was then working as a Carpenter at Bairnsdale, East Gippsland.
Fraulien JAHL -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 31

Hermann JAKOB - Nominated for Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society) september 1909, withdrew.

Wilhelm Friedrich JAKOWSKI -born Germany, married Georgina DUGINS 1879
Wilhelm Friedrich JAKOWSKI, son of Nikolaus Jakowski, was born in 1839 at Klein Marienau, in Silesia, Prussia. He appears to have arrived in Australia in about 1875, or, at least by 1879 when he was married to Georgina Dugins in Victoria. They may have struggled in their early years of family life for a 'Mrs JANKOWSKY' who is probably Georgina Jakowski, recieved assistance from the Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society) in 1884. It is known that Wilhelm F JAKOWSKI 'was at first a baker and had a bakery in Melbourne.' He also is said to have had a farm in the Yarra Valley at Kangaroo Ground. 'In 1889 he sold his bakery, bought some more land in Kangaroo Ground and then sold to a lady named Rose Coleman'- but the reasons for the comings and goings are not known. How he obtained land without being Naturalised is a mystery, but he may have waited to the end of lease-improvement-buy land scheme, and so, become Naturalised in 1904, and maybe he had used an alias, for a 'Harry Jakovsky' took his Aliens Memorial that year. If so, it was also on the brink of his own end, for W. F. Jakowski died in 1905 in Kangaroo Ground, near Melbourne. After he died the 'great secret of his life before 1879 came out.' For he still had another wife and family back in Germany. 'He disappeared overnight from Berlin in Germany in 1873 leaving his German(!) wife, his little son and his little daughter. His story, in terms of the how and when he left Germany is unknown, and a mystery also surrounds the way and the timing of his arrival in Australia. 'When he married Georgina Dugins he told lies about his age and his family status.' After he died the truth was found out.' It seems he tried to represent himself as having a Jewish mother. In fact his whole in Germany was and still is Roman Catholic. Quotes from, and family information courtesy of his German descendant, Dr. Andreas Hösch, of Berlin, Germany, October 2011.

Alexander JAMIESEN - from Berlin, Prüßen . Married Elizabeth Newbound 1897 Vic.

Hans Johannes JANDZEM - born 1895 Germany. Arrived Australia 1912. Lutheran on the Rankine River, Northern Territory 1921 age 26.

Ernst Gotthild JANETSZKI -born Germany, married Anna Susanna FIETZ 1880

Heinrich JANET/JANETSKY? -born Germany, married Lena PATTERSON 1897

Johann August JANETSKI - from Prüßen (Prussia) -maried Susanna Debora MACKENZIE 1877

Johann Auguste JANETZKI - von Prüßen (Prussia), married Caroline Wilhelmine JANETZKI 1908

Leo Herbert Lothar JANICKE Civil Engineer
Leo Herbert Lothar JANICKE - born 4th February 1883 at Magdeburg, Sachsen, De Germany, Arr. 29th March 1909. per N.D.L Steamship ZIETEN at Fremantle WA Married Ernestine BUNSEN 1909 in Victoria. Res. Perth 2 weeks > Melbourne, VIC. Married. son. ny 1914 Nat. as a Civil Engineer on 18th Feb 1914 @ 499-501 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Albert Wilhelm Gustav JAENICKE
Albert Wilhelm Gustav JAENICKE arrived in Australia at the Port of Adelaide, South Australia from Hamburgh on the ship "ERLINGEN" arriving in May 1887. He was born on the 13th August 1870 in Hamburgh. After living a short time in South Australia, he immigrated to Victoria were he was for five years and then to Barraba, New south Wales, where married and lived with his family , working as a merchant draper. It was in Barraba that he Swore his Oath in the Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised on the First of March 1904.

Werner Wilhelm Wolfgang JANICKE - single, CLerk, b. 23 Juni 1889 Magdeburg. Member of Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society) from age 22 on 12 June 1912 until 7 Sept 1916 when he was struck off.

Adolph JANITZRY -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 23

Eduard JANITZRY -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" June 1881 age 25

Andreas JANS -born Germany, married Eleanor Theresa HANSEN 1882

Johannes JANS -born Germany, married Luise Marie HANSEN 1882

Wilhelm William JANSEN -born Germany, married Jane BALDWIN 1880

Johann JANSSEN Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1897 age 28

W. JARGER - Refused membership Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society) 1878

Heinrich JARICK -born Germany, married Emma Elisabeth HABY 1895

Frau JARSENS -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 26

Robert JASCHINSKI - Naturalised 1931

Bernhard JASPER born Prussia, married 1882 Emily FORD

Herr JATOWASCHK -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" April 1893 age 35

Friedrich Wilhelm Rudolph JEFSEN -born Hamburgh, married Emmalea ANDERSON 1908

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm JEGGEL - von Prüßen (Prussia), married Marie Barabara ARNOLD 1902

Carl Ernst JENDE - born Germany, married Martha Dorothea Charlotte HAMPE 1902

Carl Reinhold I G JENDE -born Germany, married Emma Luise POHOLKE 1897

Johann carl Ferdinand JENDE -born Germany, married Johanne Mathilde WORTH 1883

Melchior Arthur JENNI / JENNY b. Austria nr Switz border Registered Enemy Alien 1915 Naturalised 1893 > New Zealand 1890 > 1913 Hobart, Tasmania

Adalbert JENKSCH or JENTZSCH - Baker, Single, b.4 Februar Wuerzburg. Member of Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society) from 15 aug 1924 until 14 June 1928. Struck off.

Joachim Ernst JENS born Germany, married Clara Johanne PANNIFEX 1887

Adolph Theodor JENSEN born Germany, married Emily PHILLIPS 1887

Christoph JENSEN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 44; with Frau & Kinder

Engelke JENSEN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 17

L JENSEN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 12

T JENSEN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 16

Friedrich JENSEN -born Germany, married Margaret MUNGOVAN 1900

Jens P JENSEN -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 19

Peter Harry Heinrich JENSEN - born Germany, married Edith Speller BARNES 1903

Friedrich August JENTZSCH War Precautions Regulation 49DC 1916 Tasmania

Theodor Ferdinand Jacob JEPEN -born Germany, married Anna BRIETZMANN 1898

Eduard JESCHKE -
Eduard JESCHKE was born on the 9th May 1875 at Gilwe, near Elblag, in the Mariewerder County of West Prussia, Deustchland. Gilwe is now in Poland. Jeschke emigrated from Deustchland by way of the interim hub of refuge in England to embark on thevessel "S.S.BEDFORDSHIRE" arriving at the Port of Brisbane, Queensland in 1896. After disembarking Jeschke lived at Toowomba, Queensland for four years, and then immigrated by way of Melbourne, to Tasmania, where he settled at Mangalore, Tasmania, as an Orchardist. He had been in Mangalore 13 years by 1913. After 17 years in Australia, at age 38 years, Eduard Jescke, unmarried Orchardist, Swore the oath for his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation on the 24 August 1913 before Mr. Thomas Whitesides, Justice of the Peace of Tasmania at Bagdad, in a petition attested to by Trooper George Hildyard, at Hobart, Tasmania. Eduard JESCHKE was married to Beatrice ROSE, and had children in Tasmania: David Eduard Jeschke born, 10 October 1916 at the Alexandra Hospital, Hobart, and Doris Jean Jeschke born 10 May 1919 at Nareen, Gretna, Tasmania.

Hermann JESKE -from Germany, married Annie HOWARD 1888

Peter August JESSEN -born Germany, married Frances Adelaide Sheppard DYMOND 1889

Johann Jakob JESTRIMSKI . JESTRIMSKEI & Amelia Rosalie KLOCK She was born $th September 1844 at Schöeneck, Prussia Nat, Age 62,. 20 yrs in Australia - St Helens, Tasmania.

Alfred Hermann JESTRIMSKI
Alfred Hermann JESTRIMSKI was born on the 2nd March 1880 at Kiel, Holstein, Deutschland. He emigrated out of Deutschland with his family on the steamship "S.S. PROCIDA to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 17th September 1885. On disembarking Jestrimski resided in Melbourne before takingthe New Zealand schooner to Tasmania, where he was at Campania for 13 months, on Maria Island, and Pyengana for 18 years by 1906 Jestrimski was married to Janet BEECHEY on the 11th September 1907 at St Michaels Church, Pyengana, Tasmania. Their son Ronald Wilfred Jestrimski was born on the 25th September 1908 at St Helens, Tasmania. At age 26 after 20 years in Australia working as a farm labourer in Pyengana, Jestrimski took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised on 4th September 1906 at St Helens, Tasmania.
Hugo JESTRIMSKI was born on the 30th May 1878 at Kiel, Holstein, Deutschland. was married to Saisy Eliza TERRY on the 29th April 1908 in Pyengana, Portland, Tasmania
The three Jestrimski's obvious and openly published donations to Belgian Relief were typical of the 'national' effort German-Australians were often at pains to endorse, as if in an anti persecution campaign to prescribe the latent anti-German disquiet in their neighbourhoods.

'Ralph' Rudolph Emil JESTRIMSKI Danzig to Tasmania
'Ralph' Rudolph Emil JESTRIMSKI was born on the 17th April 1870 at Danzig, West Prüßen, Prüßen, Deutschland, less than a year before the Unification of Prüßen into the Deutsch Reich. He was married on the 24 February 1897 to Mathilde Amanda NICHLASON in Portland, Tasmania. By 1916 he was married with three Australian sons and three Australian daughters. After 20 years in Australia at the age of 36 years, Jestrimski ws a farmer at Pyengana, Tasmania when he swore the Oath of his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at St Helens aon the 4th September 1906.

Georg JESTY / JESTE- died 1900 Melbourne age 77

Gottlieb JINGER/JINGKER - born Königreich Württemberg, married Josephine BURRUS 1891 Vic.

W JOASEN - Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society) - 1890 - benevolent asylum

Carl JOB -born Germany, m.1886 Dorothea Ernstine Wilhelmine GRADERT

JOCKCKE - Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society)assist 1887

Augustus Johann JOCKEL - died 1923 Dandenong age 68,

Heinrich JOCKEL b. Deustchland married in London, his wife Emma Louise Friedericke CASTORF, b. 17 January 1863 Deutschland - Register Enemy Alien 1916 Footscay West. Naturalised in 1935, died Burwood 1939 Aged 76 - son ?

Hans Johannes Friedrich August JOCHIMSEN - born Schleswig, Prüßen (Prüssia), married Edna Evelyn HALL 1894 Vic.
Detlef Johannes JOCHIMSEN -from Germany, married Ada Ellen FAGIN 1888
Jakob Heinrich 'James' JOCHIMSEN -born Germany, married Anna ZIMMERMAN 1889
Johannes Peter 'Hans' JOCHIMSEN
Johannes Peter 'Hans' JOCHIMSEN Arrived in Port Melbourne on the 4th September 1884 on the ship 'LIGURIA.' He was a musician by profession, aged 44 and Single, living at 86 Richardson Street, Albert Park in Melbourne when he applied by way of an Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation as a 'British' Citizen, running just ahead of Enmity and War, on the 14th July 1914. He had then been in Australian for 29 years. Jochimsen was born on the cusp of the Unification of Germany, for he was born on the 4th February 1870 in Gross Quern, Schleswig Holstein. On the 13th July 1909 his widowed mother, Christiane Magdalene Jochimsen, was living at number 19 Richardson Street, Albert Park. Hans was one of the three of her four sons in Australia, the other was in America, according to the declaration on the Alien Memorial she made at age 72 for Naturalisation. His mother seems to have emigrated a month later than Hans for she arrived on the ship 'S.S.GARRONE,' arriving 29th October 1884.

Christian JOHANNES / JOHANNIS -born Germany, married Esther DAWSON 1873

Carl Albert Franzis JOHANNES -born Germany, married Maggie Isabelle GAUNT 1896

Wilhelm JOHANNING b.1856 Stettin, Pommern, Prussia - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879, @ ag 23 Kaufmann/ merchant

August JOHNSON / JOHANNSEN -born Germany, married Mary O'DEAN 1891

Gerhardt Andreas JOHANNSEN from Schleswig to Alice Springs
Gerhardt Andreas JOHANNSEN was born on the 14th November 1876 at Husum, (North Frisian: Hüsem), known as "the grey town by the sea" in Nordfriesland, Schleswig, in the State of Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland. Though born in Schleswig after it was annexed from Denmark in the Prusso-Danish wars (1848-1864) and so, incorporated in the Deutsch Reich, he recorded his father, Matthias Johannsen's nationality as Danish. Johannsen emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich on the vessel "ANGBUNG" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Adelaide on the 1st September 1900. Upon disembarking Johannsen went up to the Barossa valley, residing at Stockwell for eight years, and then taking the Oodnadatta Track into Central Australia.

Carl Victor JOHNSON / JOHANNSON -born Germany, married Louise Jeanne ROYER 1893

Carl Charles JOHANSSEN Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1897 age 37 - with Frau Johannssen age 32

Ernst Gustaf Friedrich 'Fritz' JOHANSSON
Ernst Gustaf Friedrich 'Fritz' JOHANSSON was born at Guttenberg, Sweden, onthe 24th June 1880. He emigrated to Australia from his interim time of sojourn in Amerika, embarking on the vessel 'GREAT ADMIRAL" to arrive on the 10th April 1901 at the Port of Melbourne, Victoria. He was a master mariner by profession and soon took up the important positiion of being a Port Phillip bay pilot with Pilot steamers Victoria. After disembarking Johannsson went to reside in South Melbourne where he had been five years by 1901. After five years in Australia, stille a single man at the age of 25, Pilot Johannsson swore his Oath in the Aliens Memorial to be Naturalised on the 10th November 1905 at South Melbourne.

Gerhardt JOHANSEN - German Enemy Alien- Registered at Alice Springs NT 1922

Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Carl Maximilian JOHFF - from Berlin. Married Margaret Helen CUFFE 1900 Vic.

Johannes JOHNSON / JOHANNSON -born Germany, married maria HOGAN 1890

Hans Johanes Peter JOHNSEN / JOHANNSEN -born Germany, married Mary WHITESIDE 1890

Julius Ernst JOHNSON / JOHANNSON - born Germany, married Clara Letitia AH CHOW 1909

Herr JOMALDIN -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" Nov.1892 age 19

Eduard Friedrich Wilhelm JONAS -born Germany, married Emma PRICE 1895

Gottfried Christian JONAS -born Germany, married Mary GAYLARD 1890

Heinrich Johann Ludwig JONES / JONAS -born Germany, married Emily Agnes Seyman HANCOCK 1891

Gottfried JONGEBLOED / JUNGEBLOED -born Germany, married Marie Anoinette SHEBLER 1889

Nikolaus Nicholas JONGEBLOED - Arr. Port Melbourne per SEYDLITZ October 1908 age 36 - witf son Jacques JONGEBLOWED age 6. Naturalised 1917/1918

Ivan JORDAN -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 18

Jakob James JORGENSEN -born Germany, married Marie JENSEN 1879

Johannes John Hansen JORGENSEN -born Germany, married Hannah Elizabeth SWEETLOVE 1873

Karsten JORGENSON -from Germany, married Frace Jane ROSE 1888

Hans Christian Johannes JORGENSON -from Germany, married Kathleen Hannah ROSE 1888

Karl Johannes Otto JOOSTEN - born Germany, -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Dec.1899 age 23 - married Margarette Valeska gerte VEINEM 1907

Johann Wilhelm JØRGEN JANS


Hans Christain JORGENSEN

Larenze Laues JORGENSEN -born Germany, married Anna Maria SCHLEDT 1878

Ornern JORNSSAN -born Germany, married Ellen HUTCHINS 1874

Johann Heinrich JÖRS/ JOERS

Christian JOSCH, b.1878 Westerwald > Carways, Mildura, Vic.
Christian JOSCH, son of Johann Adam Josch, was born on the 19th July 1896 at Darmbach, in the Westerwald, on the right bank of the River Rhine, in Provinz Weisbaden, Rhineland, Germany. Josch emigrated via the interim hub of refuge in England where he had gone in about 1900. Christian Josch was married in England to London-born Gertude SNELL and their eldest, Gertrude Doris Josch was born in England in about 1901. The Josch family embarked from London on the Nord-Deutscher-Lloyd vessel "ZIETEN" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on the 7th April 1909. After disembarking Josch resided at Altona Bay, near Melbourne, for three years, then in the Upper Yarra Valley at Launching Place for a year, before taking up a Block in the Mallee Irrigation District at Carwarp, near Mildura. He was then a Farmer. Their Australian-born children were Christian John Josch, born 1915 Mildura, and Erwin Josch born 1918 Mildura. Josch made his first petition to be Naturalisd after the outbreak of war, in Mildura, on the 1st December 1914, but they petition was disallowed because of his enemy status. When he made a further petition to be Naturalised after the war the Police report stated: ' Conduct good, He resided in Carwarp during period of war and reported regularly. This man is regarded as a good citizen by all who know him."Josch was Registered as an Enemy Alien in Mildura He was finally able to take the Oath in the Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation at melbourne on the 11th April 1921. Gertude Josch died in Melbourne in 1956 at 75, and her husband Christian Josch died four years later in 1969 at age 82, in Melbourne.

Jacob JOSEPH -born Germany, married Rosetta Elisabeth ALEXANDER 1889

Oscar JOSEPH -
Oscar JOSEPH - Importer. born 28 Februar Stettin, Pommern, Germany, married Florence Victoria BUTTERESS 1904 (b.3 Oct 1885): Children: Maximilian b. 10 Jan 1905; Clara b.29 July 1906; Leopold b. 5 Oc 1907. A member of the Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society) from age 26 on 22 Sept 1909 until 21 May 1911 when he was struck off.

Walter JOSEPH - Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Januar 1897 age 45; with wife age 38: Kind:- Ernst JOSEPH age 10; Minnie JOSEPH age 3

Ernst 'Ernest' JOSKE - born Berlin, Prüßen (Prussia) m.1886 Evelyn RICHARDS

Ernst JOSKE - from Berlin. Married Meta Campbell Thresher 1898 Vic.

Carl Charles JOST

Herbert Vogelstrom JOURMEAUX - von Prüßen (Prussia), married Ethel Evelyn COE 1912

Carl Augst Ferdinand Wilhelm JUCKERT
Carl Augst Ferdinand Wilhelm JUCKERT was born 5 Oktober 1841 at Coepenick, Prüßen (Prussia). Arrived 3 April 1867 per 'MISTRESS OF THE SEA'. Residence: Castlemaine Hotel, Little Bourke st, Melbourne. Occupation, Gardener, later Hotel Keeper. He married in Victoria in 1881 to Johanne NISSEN (b.2 Feb 1852 - d.4 October 1936): Children: Carl Georg Louis Otto Jucket b.12 April 1884 (who became an Engineer); Louise Ida Jucket b.20 Sept 1886; Rudolf Heinrich Jucket b.15 November 1888. He was a member of the Melbourne Deutcher Krankenverein (Sick & Relief Society) from age 30 on 22 December 1871 until he died on 8 March 1924.

T H JUCKES -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 23

F. JUMPERTZ - Naturalised 1929

Arnold Heinrich 'Henry' JUNCK - born Hamburgh, m.1886 Mary ANGLIN

Otto August JUNCK -born Germany, married Selina Mary FORRESTER 1895

Friedrich JUNG -Arr.Pt Melb.per'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 36

Adolph Bernhardt JUNG
Adolph Bernhardt JUNG b. 2nd Dec 1876, Wiesferden, Nassau, Deustchland Arr, Oct 1882 at the Port of Melbourne per 'Shipp Winifred' Melbourne > Sydney > Summerhill NSW, Cook

Ewald JUNG - born 22 March 1859 Halver, Altona, Deutshcland Arrived 1887 at Port Melbourne, > Collingwood > St Kilda > No.147 New street, Brighton, Victoria - Laundryman

Friedrich August JUNG -born Bavaria, Germany, m.1886 Frieda Charlotte Dorothea HARDENACH

Friedrich JUNGBLUT
Friedrich 'Fritz' JUNGBLUT, who arrived in the Port of Melbourne on 21st August 1911 on the ship "SEYDLITZ" from Deutschland with his family, had emigrated under contract to an Australia Glass Manufacturer. He was the son of Heinrich JUNGBLUT of Wittenburg, in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg. Fritz was born in Wittenburg, in the Ludwigslust District of Mecklenburg, on 20th November 1868. This is not the more famous large town of Wittenberg of Luther's story. In terms of occupation Jungblut was an artisan, though he calls himself a labourer on his memorial, it is shown that others considered him to be a highly-sought-after and professional Glass-Blower. On the 26th May 1924 when he completed his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation as a British subject in Australia he was aged 55 years, was 5 foot 6 inches in height, with grey eyes, grey hair, and living at No. 8 Globe Street, Yarraville, from where he was working as a Labourer at the Australian Glass Manufacturing Company, in Spotswood. He was then living with his wife, Louise Auguste Jungblut, aged 50, who was born at Brunshausem bei Stade, Deutschland,and they intended to settle permanently in Australia. One of his testimonials was given by the Melbourne-born Henry Schober, Hotelkeeper of Yarraville. During the period of the 'not so' Great War, Fritz Jungblut was Registered as an Alien at Yarraville, where he had to make an Alien's report every week at the local Police station. The Jungbluts then had two daughters, Mrs Rosa Macregor of 45 Francis St, Yarraville, and Elli Elisabeth Emilie Jungblut, who lived at the Globe Street address. He had lived in Yarraville for 13 years with the family since they emigrated in 1911. He was investigated throughly during the war, and was found to be able to read and write in English He provided the investigators with complete referees and registration cards. It was concluded that the Jungbluts were quiet hardworking people, who though they had no property (luckily for them or it would likely have been confiscated during the war), but hoped to be able to buy their own home once they were naturalised. His daughter Elli, born on 17th November 1899 at Wirges, Westerwald, Germany, and who was then working for the Australian Jewel Case Company, in Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne was naturalised in 1924 at the same time.

Herr JUNGER -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" August 1880 age 42

Maximilian JUNGHANNS born Hamburgh, married Madeliene RAWSON 1887

Wilhelm Huber JUNKER -born Germany, married Emily Eliza JACK 1893

Johannes Wilhelm 'Hans' JURGENS -born Germany, married Mary Jane WERRY 1890

Carl Charles Albert JURGENSEN -born Germany, married Sarah COMMOFORD 1872

Simon Peter JURGENSEN -born Germany, married Ann SANDERSON 1901

Johann JUSCHKAT or JURSCHAT- Naturalised 1904 - wife Wilhelmine died @ 60 Fitzroy 1934

Theodor Maximilian Johann Friedrich Emil Ernst JURSS -born Germany, married Theresa Emily LEEK 1901, Victoria [ or JURISS?]

Johann JUSCHKAT - Naturalised 1904

A. L. JUST - Naturalised 1928

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm JUST - Naturalised 1913

Maximilian Alexander JUST - Naturalised 1922

Franz JUSTEL - naturalised 1914

Gustav A JUSTER -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "CHIMBORAZO" August 1882 age 23

Klaus Heinrich JUTEMAN

Wilhelm 'Willy' JUTRZENKA - Naturaalised 1934


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