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Q Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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In Alphabetical, not historical order - (a work in progress)

NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated


Albert QUALISCHEFSKI & Margaritha ULRICH d. QLD / married Anna KREBS in Queensland- 5th June 1907 Children: Philipp Bernard Qualifschefski b. 1897 QLD m.18 Nov 1902 Queensland to Agnes Elisabeth SCHMIDT; Albert 1881' Alphons 1884 QLD.

Andreas Heinrich QUALISCHEFSKI & Henriette WELKE: children: Hermann Rudolph Qualifschefski b.1881 QLD married 8 Aug 1901 Queensland to Elisabeth Wilhelmine SOLOMON; Franz Gustav Qualifschefski b. 1886 QLD married Martha Elisabeth ROSE Queensland 13 January 1907;

Joseph QUALISCHEFSKI m. 21 April 1904 QLD to Emma Anna KLATT

Wilhelm Friedrich QUALISCHEFSKI m.24 May 1894 QLD to Louise FROSCHLE

Wilhelm QUANDT, - naturalised 1913

Ernst Axel QUARFORDT - from Sweden, Naturalised 1919

Carl Eduard QUARN - Naturalised 1904

Friedrich QUASS - Naturalised 1885

Philipp Hermann QUAST - & Christiane Sophie HELLMUTH - Queensland

Samuel QUATT - Naturalised 1911 - Perth, WA

Dorothea QUECKENSTEDT - b. abt 1853 Knesebeck, nr Wittingen, Königreich Hannover. Arrived October 1877. Naturalised 1877 Bethany, Sth Aust. Farm Servant & Spinster.

Carl Charles QUENEAU - naturalised 1877 or QUEANEAN 1976

Albert Osmar QUEITZSCH,

Ernst Oskar QUEITZSCH naturalised 1922

Ernst Paul QUEITZSCH - naturalised 1913


Wilhelm QUEITSCH was married to Kathe HAUN in Queensland on the 4th September 191

Friedrich Wilhelm QUELHORST
Friedrich Wilhelm QUELHORST - wife Pauline Agnes KUNZE, Queensland - Australian-born children August Wilhelm Quelhorst (1885-1885) QLD; Friedrich Carl Quelhorst b. 1887 QLD; Marie Quelhorst (1890-1892); Carl Heinrich Quelhorst (1892-1892); Sophia Katherin Quelhorst d. 1898 QLD. Pauline Agnes Kunze Quelhorst dir in Queensland on the 8th June 1911.

Georg Paul QUELHORST - born Germany, married Franziska Martha MEHLHOSE onthe 22 March 1913 Queensland

M. M. QUEMENER - naturalised 1930

Yenik QUIDO - born, Luitmischl, Bohemia, Austria - see Quido YENIK -

Gustav Adolph QUICK - naturalised 1907

Friedrich Ferdinand QUICK - wife Friederike GRIESBACH -QLD

Karl Heinrich QUICKENSTEDT - Hawthorn, Murrumbeena
K. H. 'Charles Henry' QUICKENSTEDT was born in about 1859 in the Nieder Rheinish village of Wathlingen, Kreis Celle, Westphalia, (now in the German State of Lower Saxony). He emigrated to Australia from the Interim refuge and Port of London on the ship "LIGURIA" to arrive at the Port of Melbourne on the 7th June 1880. He was married to Mary Jane GARDNER in 1886 in Melbourne. Karl and Mary had six children born in Melbourne between 1887 and 1898, the later five in Hawthorn. At age 41, after spending twenty years and a few days in Australia, he complete an Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation from his family address at No 2 Edward Street, Hawthorn, Victoria on the 7th June 1900. He then declared his occupation to that of Miner, so he presumably spent his working life away from home. Quickenstedt's eldest son, Victor Charles, born in 1887 in South Melbourne, enlisted in the Forces in 1914 giving his ocupation as carpenter, and his address as Neerim Road, Murrumbeena.

H. QUILLERATS - naturalised 1928

W. QUINERT - Naturalised 1923

Peter QUINT b.1843 Hohenlohe, Barthenstein, Königreich Württemberg - Arr. Sydney 1865. Naturalised 1909

Abraham QUINTNER - Naturalised 1925

Samuel QUINTNER - b. 1881 Warsaw, - Arr. 1912 Sydney Naturalised 1928

Albert Heinrik QUIST - Naturalised 1927

Axel Rudolph QUIST naturalised 1914

Claes Albert QUIST - Carpenter, Rutherglen, Victoria

Peter Heinrich QUITMEIER - Naturalised NSW 1914

Franz Frank QUIX - Naturalised 1914

F. C. L. QUIX - Naturalised 1933

Adolph Felix QUOD from Alsace via Algeria

Eugen Franzis QUOD from Alsace via Algeria

F. C. QUOD from Alsace via Algeria - naturalised 1908

Jules Edouard QUOD - from Alsace via Algeria - naturalised 6 August 1934

Raoul Constantz QUOD from Alsace via Algeria

Jens Petersen QUORP - born Germany, married Auguste KITWAKD 1897

Maximilian Richard QUOSDORF - Naturalised 1914


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  1. Hi Wayne, I hope you are still working on this wonderful resource. My ancestors are QUALISCHEFSKI's, Albert Johannes (first on your Q list) is my Gx2 grandfather and I would love to chat with you and get his details, and his brother Andreas Heinrich, completed. You can email me any time about this - as I would love to pick your brain. :)

  2. Thanks for that - I can be contacted: Wayne D Knoll - email: [AMPERSAND replace with @]