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V Surnames: émigrés 1870-1920

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In Alphabetical, not historical order - (a work in progress)

NOTE: Marriages are in Victoria unless otherwise stated

- Wilhelm VOIGT was never an Australian, though he could have been. We would have welcomed him. There are, however, many other Voigts here, however spelt: Vogt, Voght, Voigt, Voight - or Voit.


Ernst VAGEL - Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Januar 1897 age 33

Paul VALENTIN Barman, b. 1 December 1889 at Nowawes, Postdam, Brandenburg. Wife Marie MATSCHALL b.2 Juen 1893. - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1912- 1914.


Heinrich VALTINK - b. 1853 Neustadt, Mecklenburg - Departed Hamburg on 11 May 1879 per "SOPHIE" Arrived Adelaide 22 August 1879 @ age 26 Mueller/ Miller

Benoit VAN HOUTTE - Arr. Pt Melb. per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Januar 1897 age 39

Bene or Rene Alexandre Marie VAN DER KEBEN / KELEN - born Belgium, married Bessie Eleanor BARBER 1910

Benno Sluyterman VAN LANGENEYDE from Germany, married Ludawinka Antonia STIER 1895

Franzis VEASNAFSKA - born Prüssia, married Elizabeth McDERMOTT 1892 Vic,

Johann Heinrich VEEN - from Hannover, married Helena Friedericke Sophia Beckmann 1890 Vic.

Valentin VEIT - Naturalised 1904 / 1905

Wilhelm VEITH b. Rohrbach, Heidelberg
Wilhelm VEITH – born abt 1856 Rohrbach, an urban district of the City of Heidelber-am-Neckar, in the Grand Duchy of Baden, Deutschland- now the state of Baden-Wurttemberg – Saddler – Arrived att Port of Adelaide – SA in about 1877 – Naturalsed 28th September 1895 South Australia “ age 44 – 18 years in SA

Karl Jakob VEITH
Karl Jakob VEITH - born 27th October 1863 at Meinz [Mainz], Hessia, Hessen-Darmstadt, in central Deutschland. Mainz was once the Roman City of " Mogontiacum.
Howard, QLD Bricklayer / Emigrated ‘S.S.ORONTES’ Arrived 11th February 1908 Port of Brisbane > Baffle Creek 2 yrs > Howard QLD 18 mnths Naturalised 11th September 1911 - before Mr Matthias Kalmund, Justice of the Peace of Queensland.

Ernst Emil Schulze VELLINGHAUSEN- from Germany, married Alice MURPHY 1891 - Naturalised 1894

Louis Ludwig VENATOR, Hairdresser, - b.20 Juli 1875 Wattenscheidt, Westphalen. Res: 32 Albert St, Abbotsford. Mother: Alwine b. 2 Marz 1844. Adopted sister Luise b. 5 Juli 1892. - - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1892 - 1906

Carl 'Charles' VENT - from Hannover, married Candid CLARK 1890 Vic.

A. G. VENZ - -File 1904-1916

Carl August 'Charles' VENZ
Carl August 'Charles' VENZ & wife, Bertha Mathilde POLITZ - and their soldier rebel sons: Wilhelm Friedrich Charles VENZ - born 5th June 1889 at Ipswich Queensland - enlisted 1914 AIF Rockhampton QLD & Heinrich 'Harold' Albert VENZ - [File - 1914-1923 ? ] born 14th August 1894 at Boonah, Queensland? - enlisted in the AIF at Adelaide, South Australia 1914
Hermann Julius VENZ
Hermann Julius VENZ was born on the 11th July 1898 at Zechin, (Kreis Debier?) Neumark, Brandenburg, Deutschland and married in Germany. - To avoid the Military authorties Venz left his wife behind and emigrated out of Deutschland via the Port of Hamburgh on the vessel "RENDSBURG" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Adelaide on the 9th July 1911. On disembarking Venz resdided in Adelaide, for four months and then at Calotte 3 mnths , at Bowhill 12 months, and Port Augusta for a month, and at Port Pirie for 6 months, and then to the Murraylands, at Mannum for 4 mnths, and then he went up to Loxton where he took work as a Labourer on a road-grubbing contract. After 3 years in Australia Venz took the Oath of his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised on the 22 September 1914 at Loxton, SA. On the 21st October 1914 a Police Report tells of him leaving Loxton on the 13th October 1914 with 7 other German Reservists, bound for Queensland. This report by Mounted Constable R. A. Lenthall, of Loxton, S.A., states : "Venz refused to give any information about himself and stated that when the war is ended he will leave Australia and go back to Germany. In my opinion, Venz desired to become naturalized so as when he returned to Germany he would be exempt from Military Training as he deserted from Germany when he was ordered by the Military Authorities into Barracks. Venz is a laborer and apart from his earnings has no other means of support." Nothing further of Venz's story has as yet been found.

Heinrich VERNAHOLZ - from Hannover, married Isabella WADE 1892 Vic.

Isaac David VERNER /WERNER from Germany, married Ewieka Isabel SICREE 1897

Friedrich Heinrich Hermann VESTRIS Teacher, b.22 October 1819 Berlin .from Germany, married Caroline Margaretha Johanne VORRATH 1890 . - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1869

Charles VETTER . res. Bond st Abbotsford, nea Grovenor schools - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1869-1876

Julius VETTER -
Julius VETTER - was born on the 12th day of April 1886 at Golßen (Golssen), near Luckau, Kreis Dahme, in the Spreewald district of the Neumark of Brandenburg, in the Deutsch Reich of former Prußia. Vetter emigrated out of Deutschland and arrived in Australia on the ship "PORT CURTIS" on the 12th September 1911 at the Port of Adelaide. On disembarking Vetter went up to Tanunda for a year and then immigrated to Sydney, New South Wales for six months, but then returned to South Australia, working at the Smelter Town of Port Pirie. After two years in Australia, Julius Vetter was unmarried , then working as a Fitter at age 28, residing at Solomontown, near Port Pirie, when he took the Oath of his Alien's Memorial to be Naturalised before Mr Simon McBeath, Justice of the Peace of south Australia, on the 15th September 1913.

Theodor Wilhelm VETTER -

Theodor Wilhelm VETTER was a Cabinet Maker and Builder. He may have come to grief by this factory fire tragedy - unless it was an insurance fraud

From 1909 to 1912 he was the President of the South Australian Germany Association and entertained the then Governor at their 25th Anniversary celebrations in 1911. Born Deutschland was married at age 49 to the 33 year-old Mary May BRICE at the Registry Office Adelaide, SA on the 17th June 1920 by which time Mary May had already borne him two children. It appears that his public image as a community builder was different to how the family remember him, which was as an unpleasant character. In fact he is thought of as a man whose son ran away at age 14 and changed his name so that he couldn't be found. It seems that he became a smalltime villain in Adelaide as a petty fraudster. - And the following suggests that he may have been a threatening fellow.

Apparantly he wasn't naturalised before WW1 so he got arrested in in 1941 as an illegal alien when he tried to apply for naturalization (he was unsuccessful). Theodore died in Adelaide in 1943. Family data courtesy of descendant, Kevin R. Brady.

Kurt Oswald VETTERLEIN Saxony> Queensland -
Kurt Oswald VETTERLEIN b. 7th Feb 1894 Lauenheain, Sachsen, _ arrived p[er "SYDNEY at Pot Brisbane 29th October 1911 Gin Gin< QLD
Otto Ferdinand VETTERLUND Arr per ORUBA- Fremantle WA > Boulder WA. Nat. 1912

Heuptmann Johann VETTLER Naturalised 1874

Karl Carl VICK - born Stalsund, Pommern (Pomerania), Prussia Stevdores Labourer resding at No.9 Thomson Street, Footscrsay, VIC. Arr. 15tH August 1892 INDIA at Port Adelaide, SA Married- 4 daughters 2 sons Johann Karl Heinrich VICK from Germany, married Martha MOORE 1897

Johann VICK - Naturalised 1897

Wilhelm Theodor VIC - Naturalised 1900

Carl Hermann VICKERS born Hannover, married Isabella TAYLOR 1912 - Caterer . restaurant manager, Parkville, Victoria

Otto VIEBAHN / VICBAHN from Germany, married Ada TURPENNY 1901

Ernst Julius VIESER
Ernst Julius VIESER, son of Theodor VIESER born 4th January 1890 Lürich, Canton Lürich, Switz. Emirgated out of Deutsch or Switz_Deutsch territories in about 1911 Resided in France for one year, England for two years & USA for two years Pastry Cook - Usher's Hotel, Castlereugh St, Sydney, Arr.per 'COPENHAGEN - Glen Line at the Port of Sydney on the 28th December 1916 from New York - b, Switzerland. A916 Perth - Naturalised at No.92 Doncaster Avenue, Kensington, Sydney, NSW
Heinrich VEITH / Harry VIET -born Germany, m.1886 Alice LOWDAY / LOVEDAY

Carl Hermann VIETZ - born Germany, Züllichau, Kreis Züllichau. Neumark (Ost Brandenburg) Prussia married Clara Mabel MOORE 1903 Inverloch, Baker

Christian VIETZ - b. Züllichau, Kreis Züllichau. Neumark (Ost Brandenburg) Prussia > Port of Melbourne, Australia > Inverloch, South Gippsland

Heinrich Henry VEITHEER - b. Altona,
Heinrich Henry VEITHEER born Altona on the estuary of the Elbe, below the Port of Hamburg, Deutschland. Seaman, Melbourne

August Bernhardt VIETMEYER - Silversmith, born Hannover,
August Bernhardt VIETMEYER - Silversmith, born Hannover, arr. 1878 Port Adelaide, South Australia Naturalised Adelaide 15th September 1885

Leopold VILLAIN - Naturalised 1894

Theodor VIGENSER - Wangaratta. - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein re Alfred Hosp. 1904

Carl 'Charles' VILLARD from Germany, married Johanne Bertha DANECKE 1901 - Naturalised 1898

Siegmund Israel VILLIERS - born Germany, married Elsie Alice ARNOLD 1911

Wilhelm VILLINGER from Germany, married Mary Ann GAMBLE 1892

Adrien VILLOT - born France - m. 1903 Franzesca Elisabeth Emilie KRAUSS

Ludwig August Ferdinand VITZDAMM

Joseph VIZE -arrived Port Melbourne per the "CHIMBORAZO" Januar 1881 age 31

Christian Friedrich Georg VOCKENSOHN - born Königreich Württemberg, married Ernestine Caroline SIEBEL 1874


Christian VOGES born 28 January 1838 Goslar, Hannover, married Mary Ann LINEHAM 1888 - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1870-1923

Adolph VOGT - born Germany, married Alice Mary Lindsay OSBORN 1908

Adolph Carl Sophus VOGT

Peter Paul VOGT

Georg Leonhardt VOGT

Karl Adolph VOGT

Friedrich Wilhelm VOGT

Hermann RObert Carl VOGT. basket Maker - b. 16 dec 1860 Bunzlau, Silesia Res No.46 Villier sSt Nth Melb - Wife: Anna Emilie Auguste GAERTNER b. 27 April 1862 .Children: Anna selma Margarethe b. 27 Aril 1886; Margareth Anna Clara b. 7 Feb 1888; Oscar Robert Laurenz b.7 Dec 1909; Selma b.28 aug 1901. Adopted son Leslie Vincent Laurie b. 7 Dev 1909. - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein > Sydney. NSW

Joseph VOIGNEAU - born France - m. 1905 Margaret HAWORTH

Adolf Carl SOPHUS VOIGHT - born Germany, married Jessie COOK/ KOCH 1902

Adolph Conrad Christian VOIGT

Friedrich Wilhelm MARTIN VOIGHT from Germany, married Margaret O'BRIEN 1890

Matthies VOIGT - born Germany, married Louise Wilhelmine GRETZ 1910

Otto Friedrich VOIGT - born Germany, married Elsie Gerte SCOTT 1906

Henrich VOLAND, Res: 137 FLinders St, West, Melbourne - - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1865 age 20

August VÖLKEL (VOELKEL), married . b. 19 March 1849. Res. Denmarl St, KEw - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1884 Wife age 25 in 1884

Richard VON BECKERATH from Germany, married Millicent Rachel CROSSE 1890
Richard VON BECKERATH as born on the third of July 1851 At Krefeld, Rhineland, Prussia, Deutschland. He arrived from Germany on the ship "CITY OF BERLIN" (BERLINSTADT) in April 1875 at the Port of Adelaide, South Australia. He resided at the northern Barossa miningtown of Kapunda for a yeara, and then one year in Adelaide and the 37 years in various parts of Victoria. He married Millicent Rachel CROSSE in Victoria in 1890. Their children were: - 1. Otto Von Beckerath b.1901 Bright, Vic; 2. Richard Fabian Von Beckerath (1893-1894) Bright; 3. Lorna Von Beckerath b.1895 Bright, Victoria. After 39 years in Australia, when working as a clerk and living at No. 113 Queen street, Melbourne, Victoria, he took the Oath in his Aliens memorial for Naturalisation, tempting the brink of war's fate, as late as the 3rd of August 1914.

Johann Heinrich Auguste VON BERGIN -born Germany, m.1886 Edith BRETTELL

Wilhelm Georg Conrad Von BRUSSLER - born Germany, married Ann Hannah CLANCY 1906 see BRUSSLER

Ernst Johann Nepomuck Joseph VON BULLER - from Bavaria, married Marthe Wilhelmine Dorothea BORRMANN 1888

Ernst Johann Victor Nepomuck Joseph VON BULLER - von Bavaria, married Mathilde Auguste REIPER 1907


Otto Johannes Hans Joseph VON DEM BUSCH from Germany, married Catherine Isabella McDONALD 1891

Silvester Wilhelm Gotthard VON DER ROPP - born Saxony, married Ruth FISHER / FISCHER 1910

Wilhelm Carl Von DOHREN

Peter Jakob Von DOHREN

Hermann VON DOHRING Arr.Pt Melb.per 'FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE' Nov 1898 age 30

Heinrich Johann Vincent VON DURKAP from Germany, married Mary Letitia PHILLIPS 1897

Carl Charles VON DER ELTZ

Georg Oswald Von HALLITCHACK - born Germany, married Rachel BROOKES 1912
Georg Oswald Von HALLITCHACK was born on the 25th Ppril 1866 at Dresden, Königreich Sachsen, Deutschland, about five years before Saxony was integrated into the militerised Deutsch Reich. His agent wrote the place name on his papers as 'Draston'. Von Hallichack emigrated out of the Deutsch Reich on the ship "AMERICA" to arrive in Australia at Port Jackson, Sydney on the 14th December 1890, seeming determined to fossick for gold. Upon disembarking Von Hallitchack residied for two years in New South Wales at the Lucknow goldfield near Orange, and then immigated to the goldfields of Western Australia where he remained for eight years. He then returned east, taking up in Queensland for one year before settling in Bendigo, Victoria, and afterwards northeast of Melbourne at Eltham. After 23 years in Australia, at the age of 48 Von Hallitchack took the Oath and was Naturalised in his Aliens Memorial of 31 August 1914 at No.244 Mcintyre street, Bendigo. His wife Rachel was naturalised at 'Glen Park' Eltham, Victoria in 1921.

Rudolph Louis Von HANSTEIN - born Germany, married Mare Elizabeth HONNER 1908

Friedrich Alexander Von HOLSTEIN - born Germany, married Mary Dorothea GREGAN 1909

Hermann Conrad Erick KILLISCH VON HORN - from Berlin. Married Maria IRWIN 1895 Victoria.

Georg Oswald Von HULLICHESK - born Germany, married Rachel BROOKES 1912

Viktor Johannes Von LARWICK

Hugo VON MUELLER - from Hamburg, married Anna Margaret SCHNEIDER 1889 Vic.

Nicolaus Robert VON NOLTING - see NOLTING

Friedrich CarlVON PRESSENTIN from Germany, married Jenny HOLMES 1890

Friedrich VON REDLICH from Germany, married Elizabeth BELL 1901

Silvester Wilhelm Gotthardt VON DER ROPP - from Saxony

Thomas Eduard VON SCHOPPE - see SCHOPPE

Luis Alexander Ludwig Von SCHULZ

Carl Johann Ehregott 'Charles' VON STANKE from Germany, married Elizabeth GOLLEY 1889
Carl Johann Ehregott 'Charles' VON STANKE arrived from Cape Town, South Africa in Australian at the Port of Semaphore, Adelaide, South Australia on the 18th February 1881 on the ship "S.S. CAROLA.' He was born on the 26th August 1861 at Köslin, Pommern (Pomerania), Prussia. He worked as a Bacon Curer, and seems to have moved around Southern Australian in that employ, for he married Elizabeth GOLLEY in 1889 in Victoria. The Von STANKEs had two children born in Ballarat in the next years: Aurelia Agnes Ariadne Von Stanke in 1890, and Carl Hercules Wilhelm Von Stanke in 1892. But he gives his usual place of residence was Adelaide before he moved with his family to Mount Gambier. At the age of 42 after being in Ausralia for 21 years, he submitted his Aliens Memorial and was Naturalised at Mount Gambier on 22nd February 1904.


Joachim Carl Friedrich Von STREIGER

Alfred VON STUBENAUCH was an American by birth, but had taken Deutsch Nationality and become a German Subject through his Naval Service, so he would have had a double dose of bitterness if he had been declared as an enemy alien. Stubenach was born on the 18th August 1867 in New York City, New Yourk state, USA. He arrived in Australia from England on the merchant ship 'S.S.CONQUEROR" in 1890 and disembarked at Port Pirie, South Australia. Afterwars he resided in South Australia for three years, then Western Australia for two years, Tasmania for seven years, then in Victoria. He was aged 46 years, and was a married man with four sons who had been in Australia for 22 years on the 4th March 1904 when he fulfilled his Aliens Memorial for Naturalisation, he was working as a gardener, residing at the town of Cunninghame, near Lakes Entrance, Gippsland, Victoria.

Jakob VONOW 7 Emilie HELMANN

Heinrich Hippolyte VOUMARD from Berne, Switz, married Catherin Winifred BYRNE 1896

Walter Victor Carl 'Charles' VON WANGENHEIM
was married to Harkaway-Berwick-born Clara Anna Agnes EDEBOHLS in 1889

Wilhelm VORHAUER from Germany, married Minna Wilhelmine WOLFF 1891

Johannes VOS born Holland, married Emily Annie Derippe SHEPHERD 1888

Carl Martin Christian VOSS born Germany, married Sarah Jane FOLLET 1901

Friedrich Karl Eduard VOSS - from Hamburg, married Diesel LENTELL 1896 Vic.

Heinrich Martin VOSS born Germany, married Marion McDONALD 1901

Johannes VOSS - Stevedore & Baker - b. 7 Jult 1843 Hamburg . Res. Sandridge. - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein 1882-1883

Johannes Peter VOSS born Germany, married Annie MONTGOMERY 1901b. 15 Nove 1941 Hamburgh, - Melbourne Deutscher Krankenverein

Karl Wilhelm VOSS - Seaman.

Andri VIKOSIH / VUKAASIH - born 1865 Nergorach, Dalmatia, Austria - Arr. 1902 Sydney NSW

Jure VUINA -arrived Port Melb. Vic. per "KARLSRUHE" August 1893 age 26

Bene VULIN - born Tribunj, Dalmatia, Austria 18 March 1893- Arr. Fremantle WA 21 May 1912 by German Steamer - market Gardener

Johann John VULITA - born 27 Dec 1885 Vlaka, Dalmatia, Austria - Arr 22 April 1910 Perth WA Miner, > Kalgoorlie/ Boulder, Hill End


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